Production Weekly – Issue 1019 – Thursday, November 10, 2016 / 202 listings – 44 pages

“10×10”, “Abeyance”, “Absentia”, “Across The River And Into The Trees”, “All Stars”, “All The Devil's Men”, “All These Small Moments”, “American Woman” (aka “Liberation”), “Annette”, “Apostle”, “Astro”, “Austen”, “Avengers 4” (aka ““Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2” / w/t “Mary Lou”), “Bach”, “Bad Samaritan” (aka “No Good Deed”), “Based On A True Story”, “The Bastard”, “The Bell Jar”, “Birthmarked”, “Black 47”, “Black Angle”, “The Blacklist: Redemption”, “Blue Crush”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Bright”, “Brownstone”, “Burning At Both Ends”, “Bye Bye Birdie Live!”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, “Canyon City”, “The Chi” (aka “Chiraq”), “Christopher Hope And The Secret Of Napoleon”, “The Classic”, “Crazy Deany And The Day She Strangled Her Boss”, “Crazy Love”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” 09, “The Current War”, D.O.A. Blood River”, “Dead In A Week (Or Your Money Back)”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Disjointed”, “The Divorce Party”, “Doc Bollywood”, “Doorman”, “Down In The Valley”, “Drama Kings”, “DTLA”, “Duplicity”, “Entry Level”, “The Equalizer 2”, “Exposure”, “Fever Heart”, “The First”, “For God & Country”, “The Fort”, “Get Shorty”, “Girl Games”, “The Girl In The Spider's Web”, “Gone” (aka “One Kick”), “The Good Nanny”, “The Good Nurse”, “Gunpowder”, “Hacker”, “Hairspray Live!”, “Hangman”, “Happy”, “Harriet”, “Heiress”, “The Henchman”, “Here Are The Young Men”, “High Life”, “His Wives And Daughters”, “Holmes And Watson”, “Homicide Special”, “Horse Soldiers”, “Howard”, “I Want My Baby Back”, “Idol's Eye”, “Inversion”, “Jigsaw”, “Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood”, “Journey's End”, “Jurassic World 2” (w/t “Ancient Futures”), “The Jury”, “Keepers”, “The Kill Team”, “King Charles III”, “Klown”, “Knights Of Astoria”, “The Lady And The Panda”, “Land”, “Last Mile” (aka “Double Blind”), “The Last Mission”, “Linda From H.R.”, “Lodge 49”, “Lying And Stealing”, “M:I 6 - Mission Impossible” (w/t “Gemini”), “Magic Camp”, “Making Babies”, “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, “The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes”, “Manifesto”, “The Manor”, “Marlon”, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, “Men”, “Mermaid”, “Middle Earth”, “Milk & Honey”, “Missing American Woman”, “Molly’s Game”, “The More You Ignore Me”, “Morning Has Broken”, “Mr. James Goes To Washington”, “Murder Mystery”, “Muse”, “Naked Pursuit: The Wrong Bed”, “New Yorkers”, “Nostalgia”, “Office Uprising”, “Open Arms”, “Opus Zero”, “Otis The Potus”, “Out Of Season”, “Palmer”, “Paws P.I.”, “Positively Speaking”, “Possum”, “The Predator” (w/t “Ollie”), “Puberty”, “Public-Schooled”, “Rampage”, “A Royal Christmas”, “Royalties”, “Salamander”, “The Sandman”, “Savior”, “Secret Sky”, “Sensory”, “Seven Seconds”, “Shoplifters Of The World”, “Show Dogs”, “Silence”, “Slizzard”, “Solis”, “Speed-The-Plow”, “Spin”, “Spin The Bottle”, “The Split”, “Stand By”, “A Star Is Born”, “Star Trek: Discovery” (w/t “Green Harvest” / “Tennessee Honey”), “Starfish”, “The Steps”, “Strike Back”, “Succession”, “Sweet Country”, “The Swimmer”, “Swimming With Men”, “Tempest”, “Ten Days In The Valley”, “The Third Wave”, “Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan”, “Tranzloco”, “Treasure”, “Trench 11”, “Triangle”, “Triple Threat”, “The Trustee”, “Uncharted”, “Under The Law”, “Under The Silver Lake”, “Untitled David Feeney Project”, “Untitled Frankie Shaw Project” (aka “SMILF”), “Untitled David O. Russell Project”, “Untitled Don Scott Project”, “Untitled Family Comedy Project”, “Untitled High School Project”, “Untitled Jon Beckerman Project”, “Untitled Kourtney Kang”, “Untitled Mehdi Francois Drama”, “Untitled Michael Jackson Project”, “Untitled Mike Rosolio Project”, “Untitled Mindy Kaling Project”, “Untitled Rob Klein Project”, “Untitled Scott Weinger Project”, “Untitled That's So Raven Spinoff”, “Untitled Trae Crowder Project”, “Valley Girl (Like, Totally, A Musical)”, “A Vigilante”, “Vox”, “The War With Grandpa”, “War Wolf”, “What/If”, “What About Barb”, “Wild Woman”, “Winchester”, “Witchblade”, “Witness 33”, “Witness Protection”, “The Woman In White”, “Wormwood”

Production Weekly – Issue 1018 – Thursday, November 3, 2016 / 185 listings – 40 pages

“.38” (aka “Thirty Eight”), “10×10”, “1989”, “The ABC”, “Aladdin”, “All Quiet On The Western Front”, “American Animals”, “Andorra”, “Angel Has Fallen”, “Apostle”, “The Baby”, “Bachelor Lions”, “Bad Samaritan” (aka “No Good Deed“), “Basket Case”, “The Beast”, “Beef”, “Behind The Glass”, “Birthday Wish”, “Black Earth Rising”, “Black Panther” (w/t “Motherland”), “The Black String”, “Blackfriars”, “Bloodlands’ (aka “Fractured Souls”), “Bobcat Goldthwait's Messed Up Stories”, “Born To Kill”, “The Bringing”, “Brown Girls”, “Bye Bye Birdie Live!”, “Cadaver”, “Chaos Walking”, “The Christmas Gift”, “A Cluster Of Wednesdays”, “Colette”, “Control”, “The Cormoran Strike Mysteries”, “Counterpart”, “The Current War”, “The Cut”, “The Darkness Within”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “The Defenders” (w/t “Group Therapy”), “Demons”, “Den Of Thieves” (aka “Outlaw Juice”), “Diamond Geezers”, “Dietland”, “Disobedience”, “The Divorce Party”, “Drago”, “Dumbo”, “The Empyrean”, “The End Of Romance”, “Entry Level”, “Escape Plan 2”, “Every Other Weekend”, “Exposure”, “Familiar”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2”, “The Favourite”, “Fever Heart”, “The Flash”, “Flock Of Four”, “Fonzo”, “The Forgiven” (aka “The Archbishop And The Antichrist”), “Forgiving Kevin”, “Four Kids And It”, “The Four Seasons”, “Fruit For The Butterfly”, “Funny Cow”, “G.L.O (The Giant Little Ones)”, “Galveston”, “Get Shorty”, “The Gliksmans”, “The Good Fight” (aka ”The Greater Good”), “Greek Gods”, “The Greener Grass”, “Greyhound”, “The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society”, “Hangman”, “Happy”, “The Haunted”, “Hawk”, “Heathers”, “Here & Now”, “Here, Now”, “Hinges”, “His Wives And Daughters”, “Holmes And Watson”, “Horse Soldiers”, “The House That Jack Built”, “Howards End”, “The Hunchback”, “I Am Frankie”, “Impulse”, “International Departures”, “Journey's End”, “Keepers”, “The Kid”, “Kiss Me First”, “Labyrinth”, “The Lady And The Panda”, “The Last Full Measure”, “The Last Witness”, “The Laureate”, “Law & Order: True Crime”, “Leaving Abilene”, “Leimert Park”, “Life Itself”, “The Lodgers”, “Looking Glass”, “The Looming Tower”, “Lost In Space”, “Love In The Time Of Irony”, “Love On Ice”, “Love Type D”, “Magic Camp”, “The Manny”, “Mary Goes Round”, “Men”, “Methuselah”, “The Miniaturist”, “Misfortune”, “Mr. Cranky”, “Need”, “The Nix”, “Odessa”, “Office Uprising”, “The Old Man And The Gun”, “Open House”, “Opus Zero”, “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom”, “Parallel”, “Patriarch”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “Play By Play”, “Polaroid”, “The Postcard Killings”, “Postcards From London”, “The Predator” (w/t “Ollie”), “Psycho Wedding Crasher”, “Puberty”, “Public-Schooled”, “Pupstar 2”, “Rambo: New Blood”, “Ride”, “Samson & Delilah”, “Search”, “Sharknado 5… Earth 0”, “Sharon Tate And The Manson Murders”, “She's In Portland”, “Sherlock Holmes 3”, “Sinners And Saints: Vengeance”, “The Sisters Brothers”, “Snow White”, “St. Agatha”, “Stan & Ollie”, “Star Trek: Discovery” (w/t “Green Harvest”), “A Surrogate's Nightmare”, “That’s So Raven 2”, “There’s Johnny!”, “Through Black Spruce”, “Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan”, “The Trainer”, “Triple World Score”, “The Trouble With You”, “Trust Me”, “Tupperware Party”, “Unchained” (aka “De Niro”), “Uncharted”, “Under The Silver Lake”, “Unicorn Store”, “Untitled Carlos Portugal Project”, “Untitled Hollywood Hills Project”, “Untitled Lou Pearlman Project”, “Untitled Tanya Saracho Project”, “The Untouchables” (aka “The Intouchables”), “A Vigilante”, “Villain”, “Walking The Dog”, “The War With Grandpa”, “The Watcher”, “The White Devil”, “White Gold”, “Wish Upon”, “A Worthy Companion”, “A Wrinkle In Time” (w/t “Passage”)

Production Weekly – Issue 1017 – Thursday, October 27, 2016 / 170 listings – 40 pages

“Absentia”, “Across The River And Into The Trees”, “Action #1”, “All-Star Weekend”, “American Girl - Ivy”, “American Hashtag”, “Angel Has Fallen”, “Atypical” (aka “Antarctica”), “Avengers: Infinity War” (w/t “Mary Lou”), “The Ballad Of Richard Jewell”, “Ballers” (aka “Fantasy Basketball Camp”), “Beast Of Burden”, “The Beautiful And The Damned”, “Beautiful Voice”, “The Beguiled”, “The Bell Jar”, “Beverly Hills Christmas 2: Chris Crumbles”, “Birthday Wish”, “Black Angel”, “The Book”, “Break My Heart 1,000 Times”, “Buck Run”, “Callas & Onassis”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, “Capsulae No 1.250.000”, “Captive State”, “Carteristas” (“Pickpockets”), “The Catman”, “Christmas Eve” (aka “Christmas Story”), “Clifford The Big Red Dog”, “The Cormoran Strike Mysteries”, “Counterpart”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Crown Vic”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” 09”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Disjointed”, “Diverted Eden”, “The Domestics”, “Drunk Girl/High Guy”, “The Fence”, “The Fifth Boro”, “Finding Your Feet”, “First Reformed”, “Forgiving Kevin”, “Friday The 13th”, “Friend Of Bill”, “Future Man”, “Gaugin And The Canal”, “Glendale”, “Godforsaken”, “Godzilla 2”, “The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society”, “Half To Death”, “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story” (w/t “Red Cup”), “Hangman”, “Happy Anniversary”, “Heathers”, “Holly Star”, “Hollywood Dirt”, “Home Again”, “Horse Soldiers”, “Humanpersons”, “Humboldt”, “I Think We're Alone Now”, “I, Tonya”, “Ice”, “Indiana Jones 5”, “Influx”, “Jackpot”, “Jane Millen”, “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”, “Juliet, Naked”, “Jurassic World 2” (w/t “Ancient Futures”), “The Kill Team”, “Killer Complex” (aka ““Killer Instinct”), “Kings”, “The Kissing Booth”, “The Lady And The Panda”, “The Language Of Reason”, “Last Flag Flying”, “The Last Witness”, “Laying Low”, “Legacy”, “Live Out Loud”, “Lizzie” (aka ”Lizzie Borden”), “Loaded”, “Looking Glass”, “Love On Ice”, “M:I 6 - Mission Impossible” (w/t “Gemini”), “The Machine”, “Magic Camp”, “Mail-Order Groom”, “Make A Wish”, “Man Alive”, “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, “Maniac”, “A Midsummer’s Nightmare”, “Miles”, “Missing Persons: The Woods”, “Monsters Of God”, “Mope”, “Mortal Engines”, “Mulan”, “My Foolish Heart”, “Naked Pursuit: The Wrong Bed”, “Nico, 1988”, “The Nightingale”, “Nightmare Time”, “Nobodies”, “Office Uprising”, “One Night On The Hudson”, “Orb”, “Orville”, “Parallel”, “Pinocchio”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “The Predator” (w/t “Ollie”), “Public-Schooled”, “Pupstar 2”, “Pyewacket”, “Rampage”, “Ravenous”, “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?”, “Ride Or Die”, “Rita Hayworth With A Hand Grenade”, “Rottentail”, “Rudolf Nureyev”, “The S.H.U.”, “Safe And Sound”, “Salvation”, “Search”, “Seven Seconds”, “Shadow Wolves”, “Show Dogs”, “Soldado” (aka “Sicario 2”), “A Song For Anna”, “Star Trek: Discovery” (w/t “Green Harvest”), “Strange But True”, “Stray”, “Succession”, “Summer Of ‘84”, “Suspiria”, “Tag”, “Ten Days In The Valley”, “Think Like A Dog” (aka “Dog's Best Friend”), “Unchained” (aka “De Niro”), “Uncharted”, “Unicorn Store”, “Untitled Alexander McQueen Project” (aka “Blood Beneath The Skin”), “Untitled Ernest Shackleton Project”, “Untitled Frankie Shaw Project” (aka “SMILF”), “Untitled Matthew Weiner Project”, “Untitled Stephen Gaghan Project” (aka “Tears Of Autumn”), “Untitled Zombie Musical”, “The Untouchables” (aka “The Intouchables”), “Vigilante”, “The Virginian”, “Waco”, “Walking The Dog”, “Where'd You Go, Bernadette”, “Will”, “Wish Upon”, “Woman On The Run”, “Wormwood”, “A Wrinkle In Time” (w/t “Passage”), “You, Me And Him” (aka “Fish Without Bicycles”), “Z”, “Zelda”, “Zoe”