Please make copies of the attached forms and keep one as a “master copy” for updates, changes, and future film projects. Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible (typed is preferred). In order to be listed in the Film Production Charts, the following information must be included:

  • Start date of Principal Photography • Wrap date of principal photography
  • Phone number (although you may request not to have it listed in the charts)

We cannot guarantee that every film listing submitted will be listed, and we do not list films in development or documentaries. When making changes to your listing, do not resubmit the complete listing, only the new information needs to be submitted on the form. You can also use a blank sheet for updates, always include your contact information, film title, and production company. Please be clear, indicate next to each revision the type of change that needs to be made, i.e. addition, deletion or correction.

Please remember, we are a service to the film industry and as such we need your help in keeping the charts up-to-date and accurate. Films that have inaccurate information listed, or show no movement or updates within 90 days will be removed from the charts.
If the information is not legible, we cannot guarantee accuracy. Feel free to enter our form into your computer, but please keep the same or similar format.

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