Production Weekly – Issue 896 – Thursday, May 1, 2014 / 136 listings – 29 pages

“The 36”, “55 Steps” (aka “Eleanor And Colette”), “The Adderall Diaries”, “Alone In Berlin” (aka “Every Man Dies Alone”), “The Anklebiter” (Aka “Zombie Baby”), “Anti-Claus” (aka “Comes The Krampus”), “Ascension”, “Assassin's Creed”, “The Astronaut Wives Club”, “The B Team”, “Backstage Drama Of Hit 90s High School Sitcom”, “Beasts Of No Nation”, “Ben-Hur”, “The Better Half”, “The Better Woman" (aka "The Younger Woman"), “The Big Friendly Giant" (aka "The BFG"), “The Big Stone Grid”, “The Black Count”, “Blue Goose Hollow”, “Blunt Talk”, “Boys In The Boat”, “Breaking News”, “Brilliance”, “Bug”, “The Childhood Of A Leader”, “Cocked”, “Cold War Requiem”, “The Comedians”, “Copy Kid”, “Criminal Activities”, “The Damned”, “The Danish Girl”, “Don’t Mess With Texas”, “The Driftless Area”, “Eloise”, “ESPN”, “Evan's Crime”, “Eye In The Sky”, “Facing The Wind”, “Food”, “Genius”, “Grace And Frankie”, “Grimsby”, “Halloween 3D”, “How To Be Single”, “In A Valley Of Violence”, “Installation”, “Insurgent” (aka “Mineral”), “It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong”, “The Jungle Book”, “Justice League”, “Killjoys”, “Kirby Buckets”, “Landmine Goes Click”, “Legend”, “Life Guard”, “Lockerbie”, “The Longest Ride”, “Low Rider”, “Marshall The Miracle Dog”, “Maudie”, “Max Steel”, “Mine”, “Mission: Blacklist”, “Moon Flower Of Flying Tigers”, “Narc”, “Navy Street”, “The Nest”, “New Babylon”, “Off The Grid”, “Off The Island” (aka “Descendants”), “The Other Side”, “Other Space”, “Palm Swings”, “Pan”, “Peace In Chaos”, “The Perfect Guy”, "The Phantom, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Pixels”, “The Possession Experiment”, “Race”, “Red Oaks”, “Red Squad”, “Remember”, “Responsible Adults”, “The Returned”, “Run For Your Life”, “Rush”, “Russell Mania”, “Salinger's War”, “Secret Life Of Me,”, “Shack The,”, “Sharknado 3”, “Sheriff Street”, “Sherman's March”, “The Show Me A Hero”, “Sicario”, “Sick Day”, “Sin City Saints”, “Sinister Six”, “The Snowman”, “Some Kind Of Hate”, “Sonata”, “Southpaw”, “A Special Kind Of Fall”, “Spectral”, “Standoff”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Sticky Notes From Heaven”, “Stitchers”, “Stolen Daughter”, “Strange Things Started Happening”, “The Sunday Horse”, “Survivor's Remorse”, “The Taking”, “The Tank”, “Ted 2”, “Teen Beach Movie 2”, “Threshold”, “Time And A Half” (aka “Thanks For Playing"), “Tooken”, “Tupperware Unsealed”, “Undergrowth”, “Untitled Cardillo/Keith Comedy”, “Untitled Cold War Thriller”, “Untitled Elvis Biopic”, “Untitled Halo Project”, “Vincent & Roxxy”, “Viral” (aka “Peste”), “The Walk” (aka “To Reach The Clouds”), “Which Brings Me To You”, “Yellow Cake”