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Production Weekly – Issue 1105 – Thursday, August 9, 2018 / 231 Listings – 49 Pages

“10 Minutes Gone”, “A.J. And The Queen”, “Abby’s”, “Alcatraz”, “The Ambassador”, “Ambitions”, “American Jesus”, “American Soul”, “The American”, “Animal Farm”, “Annabelle 3”, “Apalachin”, “The Arrivals” (aka "No Walls"), “Avalanche”, “Babylon Berlin” 03, “Ball Street” (aka “Black Monday"), “Bancroft” 02, “Baskets” 04, “Batwoman”, “Beast Mode”, “Betty In New York”, “Billions” 04, “Bios”, “Black & Blue”, “Blood Brothers”, “Boomerang”, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Breckman Rodeo”, “Broad City” 05, “Bulletproof” 02, “Call Of The Wild”, “Can You Keep A Secret”, “Castro's Daughter”, “Charm City” (aka “12 O'Clock Boys”), “Christmas In Evergreen 2”, “Christmas Pen Pal”, “City On A Hill”, “Cobra Kai” 02, “College”, “Commanders In Chord”, “The Conners”, “Coroner”, “Cortes”, “Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey” 02, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “The Cradle”, “Creeped Out” 02, “Creepshow”, “Critical Thinking”, “The Crossword Mystery”, “Dare Me”, “Das Boot” 02, “Daybreak”, “The Dead Girls Detective Agency”, “Death Of A Cheerleader”, “Deep State" 02, “Deep Water”, “Desperados”, “Devs”, “Dhaka”, “Dickinson”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Dogs Of War”, “Doom Patrol”, “The Dougherty Gang”, “Drunk Bus”, “Drunk History” 06, “Dutch”, “The Eddy”, “The Education Of Fredrick Fitzell”, “Embattled” (aka “Heart Of A Champion”), “Endlings”, “The Enemy Within”, “Eve”, “Family Reunion”, “Fargo” 04, “Fencer”, “The Finish Line: A Boston Marathon Survivor’s Story" (aka “Perfect Strangers”), “The First Wives Club”, “The Flash" (aka “Flashpoint”), “Florida Girls”, “For All Mankind" (aka “NASA”), “For The People” 02, “Fracture”, “Free Hunter”, “Fugitive Dreams”, “The Girl In The Third Floor Window”, “Give Or Take”, “Gold Digger”, “The Good Nurse”, “Good Sam”, “Grace And Frankie” 06, “Grand Hotel”, “Grown-ish” 02, “Halo”, “Hands That Bind”, “Here Are The Young Men”, “The Hill”, “Hit And Run”, “Hobbs & Shaw”, “Homecoming” 02, “Honest Thief”, “Hope” (aka “Sadness”), “How Higher”, “Hustlers”, “I Feel Bad”, “In The Vault" 02, “The Innocents” 02, “Island In Space”, “James The Second”, “Jerk Off”, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Jungleland”, “Jupiter’s Legacy”, “Keyhole Garden”, “Kiss & Cry”, “Krypton” 02, “Kung Fury”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Larry”, “Last Man Standing” 07, “Last Night In Old City" (aka “Kill Chain”), “Legacy Of Lies”, “Legion” 03 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “Let Him Go”, “The Letter For The King”, “A Life In Men”, “Limetown”, “Limited Partners”, “Living With Yourself”, “Locke & Key”, “Lucifer” 04, “Mainstream”, “Man With A Plan” 03, “Marlene”, “Michael Moore's TV Nation”, “Midway”, “Minecraft”, “Missing Emily”, “Mixtape”, “Modern Love”, “Mr. Iglesias”, “Mr. Robot” 04, “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries”, “The Mustard Seed”, “My Father's Daughter”, “Mystery Society” (w/t “October Faction”), “Narcos” 05, “The New Mrs. Keller”, “No Good Nick”, “NOS4A2”, “The Novice”, “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”, “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”, “Palmer”, “The Passage”, “Passing”, “The Perfect One”, “The Porter”, “Powers”, “Prescription For Love”, “Puppy Prep Academy”, “The Queen And I”, “Queen Sugar” 04, “Queens Of Mystery”, “The Rain” 02, “Rambo V: Last Blood”, “Ramy”, “Random Acts Of Violence”, “The Red Circle”, “The Red Line”, “Rel”, “Remember Me”, “Reprisal”, “Residue”, “Rex”, “The Row 2”, “Schooled”, “Search Party” 03, “The Senior”, “Shogun”, “Single Parents”, “Slaughterhouse-Five”, “Sorry We Missed You”, “Space Jam 2”, “Special”, “Stargirl”, “Stargirl”, “Strike!”, “A Suitable Boy”, “Suits - Second City”, “Swamp Thing”, “Tales From The Loop”, “Tall Girl”, “These Old Bones”, “Tigertail”, “Timewasters” 02, “Toff Guys”, “Transparent” 05, “Trinkets”, “The True American”, “Turned On”, “The Twilight Zone”, “The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise”, “Uncut Gems”, “Untitled Hedy Lamarr Project”, “Untitled Holiday Comedy”, “Untitled Improv Office Ensemble”, “Untitled McDonald’s Monopoly Project”, “Untitled Rosell/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Sade Sellers Project”, “Untitled Social Media Thriller”, “Untitled Star Trek Project”, “Untitled Star Wars Live-Action”, “Utopia”, “The Vessel”, “Walkaway Joe”, “Walking With Herb”, “Wander Darkly”, “We Summon The Darkness”, “What / If”, “Wheels Of Fortune”, “The Witcher”, “Wonderland”, “Y: The Last Man” (aka "Y"), “Yellowstone” 02, “You, Me & Her” 04, “You” 02

Production Weekly – Issue 1104 – Thursday, August 2, 2018 / 189 Listings – 42 Pages

“10 Minutes Gone”, “13 Reasons Why” 03 (w/t "Soundview"), “1917”, “6 Underground”, “Abby/Ann”, “The Act”, “The Affair” 05, “Alice + Freda Forever”, “All The Bright Places”, “Alter Ego”, “Altered Carbon” 02 (w/t “Sleeves”), “Amazing Stories”, “Antlers”, “Arkansas”, “Avalanche”, “Back To Life”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bad Education”, “Bad Hair”, “Beast Beast”, “Better Call Saul” 05, “Bitter”, “Black And Blue”, “Black Conflux”, “Bliss”, “Body Cam”, “Bonded”, “Briarpatch”, “Bright 2”, “The Bronze Garden” 02, “A Carousel Christmas”, “Cavendish”, “Caviar”, “Central Park 5”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Charmed”, “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “Christmas Lost And Found" (aka “The Tree Trimming Chase”), “The Climb”, “The Code”, “College”, “Condor” 02, “The Conners”, “Coroner”, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “The Crossword Mystery”, “Cruella”, “Daybreak”, “Dead To Me”, “Deadly Class” (w/t "Grape Hemlock"), “Deadpool 3”, “Deadwood”, “Death Of A Cheerleader”, “Death Of Me”, “Defending The Guilty”, “Detention Adventure”, “Dirt Music”, “Dispatches From Elsewhere”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Dollface”, “Doom Patrol”, “Dreaming Grand Avenue”, “Dune”, “Emma Fielding Mysteries: More Bitter Than Death”, “Endlings”, “Euphoria”, “The Expatriates”, “Fear The Walking Dead” 05 (w/t “Cobalt”), “The Flash" (aka “Flashpoint”), “For All Mankind" (aka “NASA”), “For The People” 02, “Fosse”, “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, “Good Girls” 02, “Greenhouse Academy" 03, “Greenland”, “Hands That Bind”, “Harriet”, “Hot Water”, “The Hot Zone”, “How Higher”, “Hunting Season”, “Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart" (ISOTH), “Intelligent Life”, “Isolve”, “iZombie” 05, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Jonah”, “Jungleland”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Larry”, “The Last Days Of American Crime”, “Legion” 03 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “Limetown”, “Little Voice”, “Little Women”, “Living With Yourself”, “Looking For Alaska”, “The Lord Of The Rings”, “Love Is __” 02, “Madam C.J. Walker" (aka “On Her Own Ground”), “Magic Hour”, “Malibu Rescue" (aka “Riptyde”), “The Mallorca Files”, “Midsommer”, “Midway”, “Monster Hunter”, “Motive For Murder”, “Mulan”, “The Mustard Seed”, “My Life Is Murder”, “My Spy”, “The Never List”, “October Faction”, “The Old Man And The Pond”, “Omega" (aka "Phasic"), “Panic”, “A Patriot”, “Percy Vs. Monsanto”, “Phobias”, “Plane”, “Point Blank”, “Power” 06, “Premature”, “Puppy Prep Academy”, “Queen Fur”, “Ramy”, “Rel”, “Rent: Live”, “Reprisal”, “Resident Alien”, “Robbie”, “Satanic Panic”, “The Secret Of The Universe”, “See”, “Servant”, “Sextuplets”, “Shock'em Dead 2: Blood And Bone”, “Shrill”, “Skyman”, “Slaughterhouse-Five”, “Snowpiercer”, “Spare Parts”, “Star Wars: Episode IX” (w/t “Black Diamond”), “Stargirl”, “Street Legal”, “Strike!”, “Superstore” 04, “Swamp Thing”, “Tacoma FD”, “Tall Girl”, “The Terror” 02, “Them: Covenant”, “Timeless”, “Togo” (w/t "Tenfold"), “Trust Me” 02, “Twenties”, “Under The Autumn Moon" (aka “Keep True”), “The Underground Railroad”, “Untitled 24 Prequel”, “Untitled Charles Randolph Project”, “Untitled Marvel Project”, “Untitled Nate Bargatze Project”, “Untitled Rosell/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Russo Brothers Project”, “Untitled Social Media Thriller”, “Untitled The Morning Show”, “Upload”, “Uptown Saturday Night”, “The Vampire Chronicles”, “Veep” 07, “Very Valentine”, “The Village”, “Voices”, “Walking With Herb”, “War Pigs” (aka "The Takedown"), “Welcome To Pine Grove!" (aka “Never Too Late”), “White Lines”, “The Wilds”, “Woke”, “Women Is Losers”, “Wu Assassins”, “You, Me & Her” 04, “Zombieland Too”

Production Weekly – Issue 1059 – Thursday, August 31, 2017 / 192 Listings – 40 Pages

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“The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared”, “1st Born”, “911”, “A.R.C.H.I.E. 2”, “The Aeronauts”, “The Affair” 04, “Alien Sleeper Cell”, “American Hashtag”, “American Huckster” (aka “Houses Of Deceit”), “Anomaly”, “Anya’s Ghost”, “Atlanta” 02, “Avatar 2”, “Bad Times At The El Royale”, “The Beach Bum”, “Bluegrass Spirits”, “Bottle Girl”, “Boy Erased”, “Brockmire” 02, “Bulletproof” (aka “Full Force”), “Calm Before”, “Carmen”, “Carmilla”, “Carnival Row”, “The Children”, “Cobra Kai”, “The Cool Kids”, “The Creatress”, “The Cry”, “Dad's Party”, “Damage Control”, “Dash”, “Deception”, “Destination Maitland”, “Dog Days”, “Emulation”, “Eric, Ernie & Me”, “Fantastic Voyage”, “The Fare”, “Fear Street”, “The Fence”, “Fiend”, “Finding Santa”, “Fire Me”, “First Love”, “First Man”, “Five Seconds To Go”, “Fixer Upper 3”, “Fleabag” 02”, “Freaky Friday” (w/t “The Hunt”), “Friends From College” 02, “Future Family”, “The Garden Of Last Days”, “Gaugin And The Canal”, “Gemini Man”, “Get Shorty” 02, “The Girl In The Spider's Web”, “Girls Life”, “Glass”, “Gloria”, “Goalie”, “Good Omens”, “Guardian”, “Guess Who Died”, “Guilty”, “Hang Ups”, “Hap And Leonard” 03, “The Hate U Give”, “The Haunting”, “Hellboy”, “Hellfest”, “Highwayman” (aka “Hamer”), “House Of Cards” 06, “The Hummingbird Project”, “Iceland Is Best”, “James And Lucia”, “Jemiyah Jones & The Kingdom Of Nir”, “Jerusalem”, “Jungle Cruise”, “Justice League Dark”, “The Kid”, “Killers Of The Flower Moon”, “The Kind Worth Killing”, “LA To Vegas”, “Legal Action”, “The Lego Movie Sequel”, “Let’s Get Physical”, “The Lifeboat”, “Lost Signal”, “Love Child”, “Lucky Day”, “Lucky Larry” (aka “Bad Trip“), “Lucky Man” 03, “Lucy With The Truth”, “Magical Christmas Ornaments”, “Major Pettigrew's Last Stand”, “The Man In The Woods”, “The Maze”, “Midway” (aka “The Battle Of Midway”), “Miracle Workers”, “Mustang”, “My Brilliant Friend”, “My Life In Dog Years”, “My Zoe”, “Nasty Women”, “A New Beginning”, “Nightflyers”, “No Activity”, “Nobodies” 02, “Nola”, “Nosferatu”, “Notorious Nick”, “The Old Way”, “Ozark” 02, “Pale Blue Dot”, “Peppermint”, “Perry Mason”, “Pet Sematary”, “Piano Lessons”, “Plus One”, “Plus One”, “The Pope”, “Power” 05, “The Punch Escrow”, “Red Letter Day”, “Red Platoon”, “Red River”, “The Rhythm Section”, “Rocketman”, “Romeos & Juliets”, “Room 104” 02, “Safe Spaces” (aka “Agatha”), “Same Difference”, “Santa Girl”, “Scream” 03, “Secret Santa”, “Shadow Girl”, “Shazam!”, “The Silence”, “Splitting Up Together”, “Starfall”, “Stargate Origins” (w/t “Goldie”), “Starsky & Hutch”, “Stillborn”, “Stranger Things” 03, “Street Dreams - Atlanta”, “Stuck In The Middle” 03, “Suicide Squad 2”, “Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays”, “Them That Follow”, “Thirty Eight”, “This Above All”, “This Blows”, “This Is Heaven”, “Through The Glass Darkly”, “Timeless” 02, “Titans”, “Tolkien” (aka “A Light In The Darkness”), “Top Gun 2” (aka “Top Gun: Maverick”), “The Tracking Of A Russian Spy”, “Transparent” 05, “The True Adventures Of Wolfboy”, “The Turning” (aka “The Turn Of The Screw”), “The Umbrella Academy”, “Unabomb”, “Uncut Gems”, “Under One Roof”, “Untitled Grey's Anatomy Spinoff”, “Untitled Jhoni Marchinko Comedy”, “Untitled Joker/Quinn Project”, “Untitled KFC Project”, “Untitled Pippa Bianco Project” (aka “Share”), “Untitled Rob Sudduth Comedy”, “Untitled Stephnie Weir Comedy”, “Untitled Tim Doyle Comedy”, “Untitled Tony Gilroy Project” (aka “Methuselah”), “Untitled Trae Crowder Comedy”, “Venom” (w/t “Antidote”), “A Very English Scandal”, “The Victim”, “Villains”, “Violent Hearts”, “The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle”, “Walk The Prank” 03, “Wanderlust”, “The Wild Geese”, “The Wind”, “The Winemaker's Son”, “Wonder Woman 2”, “XxX 4”, “Z” (aka “Zorro Reborn”)”, “Zombie Brother”