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PREVIEW – Production Weekly – Issue 1017 – Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Download Preview Issue

“Across The River And Into The Trees”, “Action #1”, “Atypical” (aka “Antarctica”), “The Ballad Of Richard Jewell”, “Ballers” (aka “Fantasy Basketball Camp”), “Beast Of Burden”, “Beautiful Voice”, “The Bell Jar”, “Beverly Hills Christmas 2: Chris Crumbles”, “Birthday Wish”, “Break My Heart 1,000 Times”, “Buck Run”, “Callas & Onassis”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, “Capsulae No 1.250.000”, “Christmas Eve” (aka “Christmas Story”), “Clifford The Big Red Dog”, “Counterpart”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Crown Vic”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Disjointed”, “Diverted Eden”, “Drunk Girl/High Guy”, “Friend Of Bill”, “Gaugin And The Canal”, “Glendale”, “Godzilla 2”, “The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society”, “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story” (w/t “Red Cup”), “Heathers”, “Holly Star”, “Hollywood Dirt”, “Home Again”, “Horse Soldiers”, “Humanpersons”, “Humboldt”, “I Think We're Alone Now”, “I, Tonya”, “Ice”, “Influx”, “Jackpot”, “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”, “Juliet, Naked”, “The Language Of Reason”, “Last Flag Flying”, “Laying Low”, “Legacy”, “Love On Ice”, “M:I 6 - Mission Impossible” (w/t “Gemini”), “The Machine”, “Magic Camp”, “Mail-Order Groom”, “Make A Wish”, “Maniac”, “Midsummer’s Nightmare A,”, “Miles”, “Mope”, “My Foolish Heart”, “Nightmare Time”, “One Night On The Hudson”, “Parallel”, “Public-Schooled”, “Rampage”, “Ravenous”, “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?”, “Ride Or Die”, “Rita Hayworth With A Hand Grenade”, “Salvation”, “Seven Seconds”, “Soldado” (aka “Sicario 2”), “A Song For Anna”, “Strange But True”, “Stray”, “Succession”, “Unicorn Store”, “Untitled Ernest Shackleton Project”, “Untitled Frankie Shaw Project” (aka “SMILF”), “Untitled Zombie Musical”, “The Untouchables” (aka “The Intouchables”), “The Virginian”, “Walking The Dog”, “Where'd You Go, Bernadette”, “A Wrinkle In Time” (w/t “Passage”), “Zelda”

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Production Weekly – Issue 1016 – Thursday, October 20, 2016 / 160 listings – 35 pages

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Download Current Issue

“The Abilene Incident” (aka “Militia”), “Accommodations”, “Agent Emerson”, “All-Star Weekend”, “American Crime Story: Katrina”, “American Crime Story: Versace/Cunanan”, “American Girl - Ivy”, “Android”, “Assassination Nation”, “Atypical” (aka “Antarctica”), “The Awakening”, “Awakening”, “The Batman”, “Beast Of Burden”, “Beautiful Voice”, “Beerfest”, “The Beguiled”, “A Bend In The Road”, “The Big Package”, “Birds Of Passage”, “Black Mirror” 04, “The Blacklist: Redemption”, “Bonfire Of The Vanities”, “The Book”, “Bright”, “Brown Girls”, “Cadaver”, “Charming The Hearts Of Men”, “Circus Kane”, “Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild”, “Confess”, “Crawford”, “Crime”, “D.O.A. Blood River”, “The Dark”, “Dark Web” (aka “Silk Road”), “Dark Woods” (aka “Pyewacket”), “Dateless”, “Deadly Exposé”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Death Metal”, “The Divorce Party”, “The Domestics”, “Drunk Girl, High Guy”, “Enchanted Forest”, “The Entwined”, “Escobar”, “Extinction”, “Fargo” 03, “Forgiving Kevin”, “Gerald’s Game”, “Get Shorty”, “Girlfriends”, “Godforsaken” (aka “Ballad” & “No Rest For The Wicked”), “Godzilla 2”, “The Greater Good”, “The Greatest Showman" (aka "Barnum"), “The Greener Grass”, “The Guest She Met On-Line”, “A Haunting At Silver Falls II”, “Heathers”, “High Life”, “The House That Jack Built”, “Howards End”, “Impulse”, “Incident In A Ghostland”, “The Indian Detective”, “Indian Horse”, “The Irishman" (aka "I Heard You Paint Houses"), “Jo, The Medicine Runner”, “Journey's End”, “Killer Weekend”, “Kin” (aka “Bagman”), “Knights Of Astoria”, “An L.A. Minute”, “Last Flag Flying”, “Last Man Out”, “Legacy”, “Let The Right One In”, “Lifeline”, “Lizzie”, “Long Shot”, “Lords Of Chaos”, “The Lost Year”, “Loudermilk”, “Love At First Bark”, “Love On Ice”, “Lucid”, “The Machine”, “Magic Camp”, “Mary Poppins Returns”, “McMafia”, “Miles”, “Molly’s Game”, “Monsters Of God”, “Moonlighter To Mars”, “The Mountain Between Us”, “Mr. Cranky”, “Mr. Mercedes”, “Mulan”, “Muse”, “Next Of Kin”, “Ocean’s 8” (aka “Ocean's Ocho” w/t “Linus”), “On The Run”, “One United”, “Orville”, “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom”, “Paddington 2”, “Patriarch”, “Peter Rabbit”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “The Pretenders”, “Public Schooled”, “Pure Country 3: Pure Heart”, “Reagan”, “Resurface”, “Rich”, “Ride Or Die”, “Rust Creek”, “The S.H.U.”, “Seven Seconds”, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered 7”, “Silent Night”, “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”, “Sinbad”, “Skin In The Game”, “Soldado” (aka “Sicario 2”), “Song Of Back And Neck”, “Songbird”, “Sovereign”, “Starfall”, “Starfish”, “Stem”, “Stingray”, “Stranger Things” 02, “Stray”, “Tales”, “The Tammi Terrell Story”, “The Tap”, “Til Death Do Us Part”, “Tom's Dad”, “The Tomb Raider”, “Trauma”, “Treasure Hound”, “UFO”, “Under The Silver Lake”, “Undone”, “Untitled Bolivian Cartel Project”, “Untitled Frankie Shaw Project” (aka “SMILF”)”, “Untitled Tracy Morgan Project”, “The Untouchables” (aka “The Intouchables”), “The War With Grandpa”, “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later”, “White Boy Rick”, “White Dragon”, “The Wife”, “The Wolf Man”, “Woman On The Run”, “Worst Birthday Ever”, “The X-Files” 11

Production Weekly – Issue 1015 – Thursday, October 13, 2016 / 114 listings – 25 pages

“Action #1”, “Aladdin”, “Altered Carbon” (w/t “Sleeves”)”, “August Creek” (aka “A Wedding Of Second Chances”), “Babs”, “Bachelor Lions”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bad Dads”, “Beautiful Voice”, “Bel Canto”, “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, “Black Is Blue”, “Black Mirror” 04”, “Black Panther” (w/t “Motherland”), “Carmilla”, “A Christmas To Remember”, “County Line”, “The Dark”, “Dark Woods” (aka “Pyewacket”), “Dating Game Killer”, “The Defenders” (w/t “Group Therapy”), “Disenchanted” (aka “Enchanted 2”), “Disjointed”, “Disobedience”, “The Divorce Party”, “Down A Dark Hall”, “The Drone”, “Fish Without Bicycles”, “Flammable Children”, “Forgiving Kevin”, “Funny Cow”, “Garlic & Gunpowder”, “Gerald’s Game”, “Godforsaken” (aka “Ballad” & “No Rest For The Wicked”), “The Greater Good”, “The Greener Grass”, “Half To Death”, “Happy”, “The Haunted”, “Heathers”, “The Helicopter Heist”, “The House That Jack Built”, “The Hunted”, “I Can Only Imagine”, “I Love Dick”, “Impossible Odds”, “Inconceivable”, “Indian Horse”, “IO”, “Jackpot”, “Janis” (aka “The Gospel According To Janis”), “John Wick: Chapter 3”, “Knights Of Astoria”, “An L.A. Minute”, “The Lemon Grove”, “Let The Right One In”, “Letters From Rosemary”, “Light Of My Life”, “The Long Way Round”, “Lost In Space”, “The Machine”, “Magic Camp”, “Marlon”, “Mating”, “A Midsummer’s Nightmare”, “The Miserable Adventures Of Burt Squire Aboard The Horn High Yo”, “Misfits”, “Molly’s Game”, “Monster”, “Monsters Of God”, “Motherland”, “Mr. Mercedes”, “Naked Pursuit”, “Nanny”, “Nightmare Time”, “Other Monsters”, “Our Man On The Moon”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “Play By Play”, “Porridge”, “The Predator” (w/t “Ollie”), “The Pretenders”, “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women”, “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?”, “Ride Or Die”, “Riley's Peak”, “A Season In France”, “Senior Love Triangle”, “Silent Life”, “SMILF”, “Snowfall”, “Sound Of Christmas”, “Star Trek: Discovery” (w/t “Green Harvest”), “Stars 80, La Suite”, “Succession”, “Superior Donuts”, “Superstition: Final Chance”, “There’s Johnny!”, “The Trap”, “Treasure Hound”, “Untitled Manolo Caro Project”, “Unwanted”, “Vacation Friends” (aka “Dangerous Vacation”), “Valley Girl (Like, Totally, A Musical)”, “Vita And Virginia”, “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later”, “Wildlife”, “Willie And Me”, “Wish Upon”, “Woman On The Run”, “Wormwood”, “A Worthy Companion”, “Zealous”

Production Weekly – Issue 1014 – Thursday, October 6, 2016 / 143 listings – 30 pages

“1989”, “Action #1”, “Afterlands”, “The Alchemist”, “The Alienist”, “Alita: Battle Angel” (w/t “The Dolphin Project”), “Almost Home”, “The Beguiled”, “Bel Canto”, “Black Panther”, “Bliss”, “The Blue Mauritius”, “Brad’s Status”, “Bright”, “Burden”, “Business Ethics”, “Cadaver”, “Cherries” (aka “The Pact”), “The Children Act”, “Choke Hold”, “Christmas Carol”, “A Christmas To Remember”, “Counterpart”, “Crossbreed”, “The Current War”, “Dead Again In Tombstone”, “Derailed”, “Disobedience”, “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”, “Fargo” 03, “Federal Offense”, “Finding Your Feet”, “Flush”, “Followed”, “Forgiving Kevin”, “Garden Of Evil”, “Gerald’s Game”, “Get Shorty”, “Godforsaken” (aka “Ballad” & “No Rest For The Wicked”), “Gold Cross Network”, “Green Olds”, “Grown Folks”, “GT 390”, “Gunpowder”, “Gypsy”, “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story” (w/t “Red Cup”), “Hangman”, “Heathers”, “Hell's Acres”, “Home Again”, “Horse Soldiers”, “How I Got There”, “Hummingbird”, “I Love Dick”, “Ice Moon Rising”, “In Stranger Company”, “Inconceivable”, “Intelligent Life” (aka “The Ambassador”), “It’s Time”, “Jacob”, “Jurassic World 2” (w/t “Ancient Futures”), “Krypton” (w/t “Royal Flush”), “The Last Days Of Night”, “Last Flag Flying”, “The Last Post”, “Legacy”, “The Legend Of Master Legend”, “Let The Right One In”, “Let's Get To It”, “Liar”, “Lodge 49”, “Loudermilk”, “The Machine”, “Magic Camp”, “Midnights”, “The Miseducation Of Cameron Post”, “Misfortune”, “Mogadishu, Minnesota” (aka “The Recruiters”), “Monsters Of God”, “Mulan”, “Murder On The Orient Express”, “Naked”, “Nowhere Men”, “The Nutcracker And The Four Realms”, “Ocean’s 8” (w/t “Linus”), “On Chesil Beach”, “The Other Place”, “The Outpost”, “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom”, “Paper Year”, “Pony With A Broken Wing”, “Pretty Boy”, “The Prince Of Nothing”, “Quacks”, “The Quad” (aka “The Yard”), “Rita Hayworth With A Hand Grenade”, “Shadow Wolves”, “She’s Gotta Have It”, “The Shell Sisters”, “Shock And Awe”, “Shoot Like A Girl”, “Shooting Christmas”, “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser”, “The Silver Arrow”, “Snowfall”, “Sound Of Christmas”, “Star Trek: Discovery” (w/t “Green Harvest”), “Starbright”, “Strange But True”, “Stranger Things” 02, “A Surrogate's Nightmare”, “Suspiria”, “The Terror” (aka “The Fear”), “Think Like A Dog” (aka “Dog's Best Friend”), “The Ties That Bind”, “Together”, “Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan”, “Unlovable”, “Untitled CM Project”, “Untitled Fabien Constant Drama”, “Untitled Horse Mystery Project” (aka “Hat Hair”), “Untitled Israeli Drama”, “Untitled Mindy Kaling Project”, “Untitled Paul Murray Project”, “Untitled Thriller Project”, “Untogether”, “Unwanted”, “Upstanding”, “Vacation Friends”, “Valley Girl: The Musical”, “Vandal”, “Vox Lux”, “The War With Grandpa”, “Wet Hot American Summer, Ten Years Later”, “When I'm A Moth”, “Who We Are Now”, “Widows”, “The Wife”, “Wildlife”, “Wish Upon”, “A Worthwhile Life”, “A Wrinkle In Time” (w/t “Passage”), “Yucca And The Moth”