Production Weekly – Issue 961 – Thursday, September 3, 2015 / 163 listings – 34 pages

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“39 And ½”, “57 Hours”, “All Quiet On The Western Front”, “American Pastoral”, “American Wolf”, “Angels On Tap”, “Artemis Fowl”, “The Ashram”, “Assassin's Creed”, “Assisted Living”, “At War For Love” (In Guerra Per Amore), “Avalanche”, “Bad Vibes”, “Before I Fall”, “Below Her Mouth”, “Billionaire Boys Club”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “Blood Brothers”, “Blue Angel”, “The Bourne Enemy”, “Brides”, “Caesar”, “Camera Store”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Catfight”, “#Catfight”, “A Chance In The World”, “Chesapeake Shores”, “Chicago Med”, “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, “The Circle”, “Code Name Veil”, “Craftique”, “The Crosskiller”, “Cuba” (aka “Bahamas/Paradise Island”), “Darken House”, “The Death And Life Of Martin Quick”, “The Deep Web”, “Defending The Enemy” (aka “A Trial Of Generals”), “The Devil's Teeth”, “Doctor Strange” (aka “Eye See You”), “Doubt”, “Drama”, “The Drowsy Chaperone”, “Earthastrophe”, “Emma's Chance”, “Entanglement”, “The Exit”, “Fairyland”, “Fifty Shades Darker”, “First Round Down”, “Fist Fight”, “Five Against A Bullet”, “The Flaming Jerk”, “Flowers”, “The Fourth Reich”, “Frat Star”, “Garage Sale Mystery: Guilty Until Proven Innocent”, “Gifted”, “The Girl On The Train”, “Good Behavior”, “Good Time”, “Graves”, “Grease: Live”, “The Group”, “Haunted”, “The Headhunter's Calling”, “Hellbent” (aka “Hellified”), “The Hollow Season”, “Home”, “The House”, “Humantown”, “Inconceivable”, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, “The Journey”, “Junior Crew”, “The Kaiser's Last Kiss”, “The Kid”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Lady Dynamite”, “The Lambert Chronicles”, “Last Man In Tower”, “The Legend Of Yakatutch”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “Like.Share.Follow.”, “Line In The Sand”, “Live By Night”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lotawana”, “Love Is A Battlefield”, “Love You To Death”, “Love, Nina”, “Lovesick”, “Loving”, “Marjorie Prime”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (aka “Tiara”), “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, “Merry Matrimony”, “A Meyers Christmas”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Molly”, “Morning Sun”, “National Treasure”, “The Nest 3D”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “The Ones Above”, “Out Of This World”, “Overanalyzers”, “Overdrive”, “The Oxford”, “Painted Horses”, “Party Girl”, “Patriettes”, “People You May Know”, “Poor Richard’s Almanack”, “Pregnant At 17”, “Pupstar”, “The Purge 3” (aka “The Code”), “Queen Of The South”, “The Ranch”, “Ready Player One”, “Rebel In The Rye”, “Rec Therapy” (aka “Demonstrations In Mark Technique: Collected Recordings/Notes”), “The Revengers!” (aka “The Guardians”), “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?”, “Russ & Roger”, “Sadie's Last Days On Earth”, “Sadie” (aka “Compulsion”), “Sand Castle”, “The Seven Last Words”, “The Shallows” (aka “In The Deep”), “Shipwreck On A Hillside”, “”, “Skeleton In The Closet”, “Sneaky Pete”, “Star Wars: Episode VIII” (aka “Space Bear”), “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “A Storm In The Stars”, “Sully”, “Tag”, “Talk Nerdy To Me”, “Temple”, “This Time It Will” (aka “And Then I Go”), “Thor: Ragnarok”, “The Three Tenors”, “Time”, “The Titan”, “Trial”, “True Memoirs Of An International Assassin”, “The Twelve Cards Of Christmas”, “Twin Peaks” (aka “Rancho Rosa”), “Unsung The Forgotten”, “Untitled Dan Fogelman Dramedy”, “Untitled Lucille Ball Biopic”, “Untitled Steve McQueen Project”, “Untitled Swirl Hour Drama”, “Urban Cowboy”, “Valérian And The City Of A Thousand Planets”, “Viceroy’s House”, “Waiting In The Wings: The Musical Sequel” (aka “Still Waiting”), “Weightless”, “The Wizard Of Lies”, “You Me Her”

Production Weekly – Issue 960 – Thursday, August 27, 2015 / 211 listings – 44 pages

“100 Yards”, “20th Century Women”, “22 Chaser”, “Absolutely Fabulous”, “Afraid”, “American Dresser”, “Annabelle 2”, “April 29, 1992”, “The Arrangement”, “Avalanche”, “Baby Driver”, “The Babysitter”, “Bad Moms” (aka “Troublemakers”), “Bad Santa 2”, “Baywatch”, “Beach House”, “Bearcity 3”, “Beneath The Leaves”, “Besties”, “The Bleeder”, “Blind”, “Blonde”, “Blue Angel”, “Book Of Henry”, “Boost”, “Brooklyn Animal Control”, “Camera Store”, “Caretakers”, “Chesapeake Shores”, “Chicago Med”, “CHiPs”, “Chokeslam”, “The Christmas Angel”, “The Circle”, “Classified”, “Cold Love In Barcelona”, “Cold Warriors” (aka “Back In The USSR”), “The Coldest City”, “Colossal”, “Compulsion”, “Confluence”, “Considering Love And Other Magic”, “Crazy Famous”, “Cruise”, “Currency”, “Day Of The Dead”, “Denial”, “Desired Moments”, “Diver”, “Doctor Strange” (aka “Eye See You”), “A Dolphin In Our Lake”, “Don't Help The Girl”, “Don't Think Twice”, “Doubt”, “Downsizing”, “The Drama Club”, “Dream Team”, “Drone”, “Emperor's Children”, “The Ex Games” (aka “The Ex Files”), “Extinction Event”, “Fairyland”, “The Fall & Rise Of Paul Polanski”, “The Family”, “Family Tree”, “Female Fight Club”, “Ferrari”, “Fifty Shades Darker”, “First They Killed My Father”, “Fist Fight”, “The Flaming Jerk”, “The Foreigner”, “The Foster Portfolio”, “The Frankenstein Code” (aka “Lookinglass”), “Freak Show”, “From Here To Infirmity”, “Frontier”, “Future Man”, “Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “Ghost In The Shell”, “Gifted”, “Girlfriend's Day”, “The Godmother”, “Good Behavior”, “Graves”, “Great Plains”, “Greenleaf”, “Hard Target 2”, “Harley-Davidson”, “Headhunter's Calling”, “HHhH”, “High Wire Act”, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”, “The Hudson Tribes”, “The Hurting Man”, “Ice Cream Man: King Of The South”, “Incarnate”, “Inconceivable”, “Insecure”, “It” (aka “Accordion”), “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, “The Jade Pendant”, “John Wick 2” (aka “Spear”), “The Kaiser's Last Kiss”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Ladylike”, “The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “Life Briefly”, “Little Darlings”, “Little Pink House”, “Live By Night”, “Locked In”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lovesick”, “Mad To Be Normal” (aka “Metanoia”), “Margie's”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (aka “Tiara”), “Marvel’s Most Wanted”, “Mascots”, “A Meyers Christmas”, “Midnight Sun”, “Moonlight”, “Mothers The,”, “Mythica 4”, “No Hearts Club”, “The Odyssey”, “Off”, “On The Island”, “One Mississippi”, “One Of Us”, “Orbiting Vigo”, “Overanalyzers”, “Permission”, “Plastic”, “Power Rangers” (aka “Shirt”), “Prometheus 2”, “Pursuit”, “The Ranch”, “Rapid Eye Movement”, “Relativity”, “Resolute”, “The Rosie Project”, “Russ & Roger Go Beyond”, “Saturday's Warrior”, “Sawyer & Huck”, “School Days With A Pig”, “Sequestered”, “Shimmer Lake”, “Shine” (aka “Toca: Our Latin Thing”), “Shoot The Messenger”, “The Shower”, “Sidekicks”, “Simple Simon”, “The Sisters Brothers”, “Solutrean”, “Something Like Summer”, “State Like Sleep”, “Still The King”, “Stranger Things” (aka “Montauk”), “A Street Cat Named Bob”, “Stronger”, “Sully” (aka “Miracle On The Hudson”), “Tatterdemalion”, “Testament”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Three Mississippi" (aka “Turkey Bowl”), “Three Seconds”, “Thursday The 12th”, “The Toll”, “Tri”, “Trial”, “Tupac”, “Tyler Perry’s Grace” (A Story Of A Woman Scorned), “Unbreak My Heart”, “Uncharted”, “Unforgettable!”, “Untitled Amy Poehler Project”, “Untitled Ava Duvernay Project”, “Untitled Claire Denis Project”, “Untitled Colin Warner Project” (aka “Darker Than Blue”), “Untitled Country Music Project”, “Untitled Elfont/Kaplan Comedy”, “Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project”, “Untitled Mira Sorvino Project”, “Untitled Sebastian Davis Project”, “Untitled Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff”, “Untitled Viking Project” (aka “Berserker”), “Untitled Wolverine Sequel”, “Valerian”, “Vigilante Diaires”, “War Machine”, “War Of The Planet Of The Apes” (aka “Hidden Fortress”), “The Well”, “Why Him?”, “Wilde Wedding”, “The Wilding”, “The Wildling”, “A Willing Patriot”, “Wonder Woman” (aka “Nightingale”), “World Breakers”, “XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage”, “The Year Of Spectacular Men”, “The Yellow Birds”, “Yellowstone Falls”, “You Me Her”, “The Young Karl Marx”, “Zoe Moon” (aka “Zoe Ever After”), “The Zookeeper's Wife”

Production Weekly – Issue 959 – Thursday, August 20, 2015 / 158 listings – 34 pages

“20th Century Women”, “The 70s”, “Abducted Love”, “Accidental Engagement”, “Action Park” (aka “Dangerous Amusement Park”), “Adrift”, “The Ambassador’s Wife”, “American Girl”, “American Pastoral”, “Andorra”, “Avon Man”, “Bad Girl”, “Bajillion Dollar Broker$”, “Bastards”, “Below Her Mouth”, “Better Criminal”, “Book Of Henry”, “The Bridge”, “Bronco Belle”, “Bumbleberry Lane”, “Cassidy Red”, “Catfight”, “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, “Chips”, “The Christmas Angel”, “The Christmas Note”, “The Circle”, “Coach”, “Code Name Veil”, “The Code”, “Collateral Beauty”, “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist”, “Dead People”, “Debt”, “Distortion”, “Don't Think Twice”, “Double Play”, “The Durrells”, “Enough Cocaine To Time Travel”, “Exorcism Diaries”, “The Family”, “Family Tree”, “Famous”, “FFC / Female Fight Club”, “Filth City”, “Fist Fight”, “Gifted”, “The Girl On The Train”, “Good After Bad”, “The Good Place”, “Gosnell”, “Graves”, “Great Plains”, “Harvest”, “Heat On The Delta”, “Hide In The Light”, “Holding Patterns”, “Home”, “The House”, “Humantown”, “Husk”, “I Kill Giants”, “I Shudder”, “Imperium” (aka “Aryan Nation”)”, “Jack Goes Home”, “The Jade Pendant”, “John Wick 2” (aka “Spear”), “Jungle Cruise”, “Knowing”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Kursk”, “Lazy Eye”, “LBJ”, “Little Things”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lucky Bastards”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (aka “Tiara”), “Masters Of The Universe”, “Merry Matrimony”, “Missed Connections”, “Mosaic”, “Mrs. Queen Takes The Train”, “My Owner’s Wedding”, “Neurotica”, “Never Go Back” (aka “Jack Reacher 2”), “Never So Alive”, “No Escape”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “The Odyssey”, “The Odyssey”, “One Night Only”, “The Only Living Boy In New York”, “Ouija 2”, “Out Of This World”, “Overanalyzers”, “Overnight” (aka “Overnight At 42nd Street”), “Paradise Pictures”, “Paterson”, “The Picture”, “Powerless”, “Presumed”, “The Promise”, “The Purge 3” (aka “The Code”), “Queen Of The South”, “Reagan”, “Rebirth”, “Robo-Dog 2”, “Roots”, “Runaway Princess”, “Running Wild”, “The Secret Lives Of Road Crews”, “The Sense Of An Ending”, “The Shee”, “Shine” (aka “Toca: Our Latin Thing”), “Shooter”, “Slo Light”, “Snowfall”, “Sully” (aka “Miracle On The Hudson”), “Super Troopers 2”, “T@gged”, “Taking Flight”, “Tender”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Tiger’s Curse”, “Till”, “Token Gestures”, “Tokyo Trials”, “Tommy's Honor”, “Training Day”, “The True Memoirs Of An International Assassin”, “Twelve Cards”, “Twin Peaks” (aka “Rancho Rosa”), “Untitled Aretha Franklin Biopic”, “Untitled Frat House Horror Project”, “Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project”, “Untitled Mother-Daughter Comedy”, “Untitled Nicole Byer Comedy”, “Untitled Strauss-Schulson Project”, “Untitled Tig Notaro Project”, “Untitled Tommy Lynch Project”, “Untitled Tracey Wigfield Project”, “Urban Cowboy”, “Valerian”, “Vita And Virginia”, “War Machine” (aka “The Operators”), “Weightless”, “Welcome To Willits”, “Whale”, “Why Him?”, “Wilde Wedding”, “The Wiz Live!”, “The Woman”, “Women Who Kill”, “World War Z 2”, “You Shall Know Our Velocity”, “Zechariah”, “Zoe Ever After” (aka “Zoe Moon”), “Zorro Reborn”