Production Weekly – Issue 942 – Thursday, April 16, 2015 / 159 listings – 35 pages

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“11/22/63”, “13 Hours” (aka “The Tempest”), “Abducted Love”, “Advance & Retreat”, “The Alienist”, “Amber Alert”, “Amy Makes Three”, “Aquaman”, “The Art Of More” (aka “Sold”), “As Far As The Eye Can See”, “Ash Vs. Evil Dead”, “Avatar 2”, “Avengers: Infinity War – Part I”, “Beauty And The Beast”, “Being Charlie”, “Beyond”, “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “The Birth Of A Nation”, “Border Crossing”, “Burning At Both Ends”, “Byrd And The Bees”, “C Street”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me”, “Captain Marvel”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Circle Of Deceit”, “The Clan Of The Cave Bear”, “Clipped” (aka “Buzzy’s” / “Clipsters”), “Con Man”, “Confirmation”, “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist”, “Cradle Of Lies”, “Custody”, “The Dark Tower”, “Deepwater Horizon” (aka “The Long Night”), “Devil's Gate”, “Dinner In America”, “Doctor Strange”, “Dr. Ken”, “Eliminators”, “Emerald City”, “Evel Knievel”, “Evidence Of Truth”, “Fabulous Nobodies”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Fear Of Flying”, “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka “Cobalt” / “Stalwart”), “Ferrari”, “Ferrari”, “The Finger”, “First Girl I Loved”, “Flash Gordon”, “The Flash”, “Fletch”, “Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress”, “The Get Down”, “Get Out Alive”, “Ghostbusters”, “The Girl In The Photographs”, “Goat”, “The Godmother”, “Going In Style”, “Gorgeous Morons”, “Grand Theft Auto” (aka “Rockstar Games”), “Grease: Live”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” (aka “Guardians 3000”), “The Half Of It” (aka “Half Life”), “Hap And Leonard”, “Haunted Mansion”, “Heart Of A Woman”, “Heaven Sent”, “Hello It's Me”, “Highston”, “Hit”, “The Hollow”, “Home Is Burning”, “How To Be Single”, “Hurt Village”, “I Kill Giants”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1” (aka “IDR”), “Inferno”, “Into The Badlands”, “It’s Not My Fault And I Don’t Care Anyway””, “Keanu”, “La La Land”, “The Lake”, “The Last Animal”, “The Last Of The Tribe”, “Lavender”, “Letterkenny”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “A Life Lived”, “Lost Cat Corona”, “The Lost City Of Z”, “Love You To Death”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Mallrats 2”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Manny's Best Friend”, “Marco Polo”, “Me Before You”, “Mena”, “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “The Monroes”, “Murder Unresolved”, “The Music Room”, “Name: Human”, “The Names”, “A New York Story”, “Nine Lives”, “Noces”, “Odessa 13”, “The Perfect Match”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “Ports Of Call”, “Power Rangers”, “Preacher”, “Presto” (aka “Nerve”), “Project Eden”, “Recovery Road”, “Red Oaks”, “Reign Of Blood”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event”, “Rupture”, “Santa's Little Helper”, “Secret Summer”, “Sesame Street”, “The Shack”, “Shades Of Blue”, “Shadowhunters” (aka “The Mortal Instruments”), “Shot Caller”, “Significant Mother”, “So B. It”, “The Sound”, “Southside With You”, “Special Correspondents”, “Stagecoach”, “STDemons”, “Stratton: First Into Action”, “Suicide Squad” (aka “Bravo 14”), “Summertime”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” (aka “Half Shell”), “Telenovela”, “Their Finest Hour And A Half”, “They Found Hell”, “The Three Furies”, “Ties That Bind”, “Tokyo Vice”, “Travis McGee: The Deep Blue Good-By”, “TRON: Ascension”, “Unforgettable” (aka “Hell Hath No Fury”), “Untitled O'Shannon & Warren Project”, “Untitled Robespierre / Holm Project”, “Untitled William Fairbairn Project”, “War On Everyone”, “Wolves”, “Wonder Woman”, “The Woods”, “The X-Files”

Production Weekly – Issue 941 – Thursday, April 9, 2015 / 124 listings – 26 pages

“11/22/63”, “All Eyes On Me”, “American Honey” (aka “Corey + Shaunte”), “American Horror Story: Hotel”, “Army Of One”, “As Far As The Eye Can See”, “Ava's Impossible Things”, “The Bad Son”, “The Belco Experiment”, “Better Things”, “Beyond Skyline”, “The Big Steal”, “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “The Birth Of A Nation”, “The Blue Mauritius”, “Brain On Fire”, “C Street”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Central Park”, “Chiraq”, “Civilian”, “Comancheria”, “Corrosion”, “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, “A Cure For Wellness” (aka “The Remedy”), “Custody”, “Darc”, “Dead Awake”, “Deadly Reunion”, “Deal Breaker”, “The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Part 1” (aka “Element”), “Doctor Strange”, “Eliminators”, “Emmett”, “The Entwined”, “Fallen Angel”, “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka “Cobalt”), “Finding Waldo”, “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “The Founder”, “Free Fire”, “The Free World”, “Fuller House”, “Ghostbusters”, “Goon 2”, “Grand Theft Auto” (aka “Rockstar Games”), “Greener”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” (aka “Guardians 3000”), “The History Of Love”, “How To Talk To Girls At Parties”, “I.T.”, “In High Places”, “Incorporated”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1” (aka “IDR”)”, “Indignation”, “Inferno”, “Jameson First Shot 2015 Shorts”, “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “Jingle Doggie”, “Keanu”, “The Keys To The Street”, “King Tide”, “Late In The Season”, “Lavender”, “The Layover”, “Let Me Make You A Martyr”, “Live By Night”, “The Long Home”, “Love Of My Life”, “Me And My Girlfriend”, “Me Before You”, “Measure Of A Man”, “Mena”, “Miracles From Heaven”, “Montauk”, “A Mother's Ordeal”, “The Music Room”, “Mutt & Stuff”, “My Blind Brother”, “My Sweet Audrina”, “Nothing Bad Happens In Dallas”, “Odessa 13”, “The Odyssey”, “Outcast”, “Paying Dues”, “President's Day”, “Presto” (aka “Nerve”), “Rampage”, “The Rhythm And The Blues”, “Riot”, “Rogue One”, “The Run”, “Rupture”, “Salt And Fire”, “Santa's Little Helper”, “Saturday In The Park”, “She’s All That”, “Shoot The Messenger”, “Shovel Buddies”, “Six Shooters”, “Slack Bay”, “Special Correspondents”, “Star Wars: Episode VIII”, “Storage Locker 181”, “A Storm In The Stars”, “Summertime”, “Tango Shalom”, “Terrific Trucks”, “Ties That Bind”, “Tramps”, “The Trap”, “Underground”, “Unleashed”, “Untitled Dan Schneider Project”, “Untitled DC Project” (aka “The Atom”), “Untitled Guillermo Iván Project”, “Untitled Muppets 2015 Project”, “Untitled Musical Romantic Drama”, “Untitled Navy Seal Project”, “Untitled O'Shannon & Warren Project”, “Untitled Robespierre / Holm Project”, “We Still Steal The Old Way”, “The Wolf Who Cried Boy”, “The Woods”

Production Weekly – Issue 940 – Thursday, April 2, 2015 / 129 listings – 28 pages

“All The Light We Cannot See”, “Alone In Berlin” (aka “Every Man Dies Alone”), “Apostle Paul”, “Baby Driver”, “Backstage Drama Of Hit 90’s Family Sitcom”, “The Ballad Of Richard Jewell”, “The Beaverton”, “Bed Of The Dead”, “Being Charlie”, “The Belco Experiment”, “Benders” (aka “Uncle Chubby’s”), “The Billionaire's Vinegar”, “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “The Birth Of A Nation”, “Book Of Henry”, “Border Crossing”, “Born Again Virgin”, “The Breaks”, “Camp”, “Captain America: Civil War” (aka “Sputnik”), “The Carmichael Show” (aka “Go Jerrod Go”), “Central Intelligence”, “Christine”, “Christmas In The Smokies”, “City Of Tiny Lights”, “Coach”, “Comedy Playground”, “The Current War”, “Custody”, “The Deaf Kid”, “Dearest Sister”, “Deep Water”, “Detroiters”, “The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Part 1” (aka “Amnesia” / “Element”), “Donny!”, “Dr. Del” (aka “Dr. Don”), “Duellist”, “The Dunes Club” (aka “Club Dunes“), “The Elephanta Suite”, “The Entwined”, “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka “Cobalt”)”, “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “Force Majeure”, “Forever Young”, “Ghostbusters”, “Half Magic”, “Hap And Leonard”, “High Value Target”, “Hot Summer Nights””, “Hurt Village”, “In The Radiant City”, “Island In The Sun”, “IT”, “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “Keanu”, “A Kind Of Magic”, “Ladyworld”, “The Lake”, “The Layover”, “Leatherface”, “Legend Of One”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “A Little Something For Your Birthday”, “Loserville”, “Lost In The West”, “Love”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Mallrats 2”, “Manchester-By-The-Sea”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage”, “Mena”, “Metal Gear Solid”, “Middle Man”, “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “Monty Comes Back”, “The Nightrunner”, “Nine Lives”, “Noel”, “Not Safe For Work”, “Nothing In Common”, “O.K.C.”, “Odious”, “Offer And Compromise”, “Patriots’ Day”, “Peace”, “A Perfect Wedding”, “Permissive Paradise”, “Presto” (aka “Nerve”), “Pretty Little Addict”, “The Remedy”, “Resolute”, “Retribution”, “Run Coyote Run”, “Scent Of Rain And Lightning”, “Septillion To One”, “Shadowhunters” (aka “The Mortal Instruments”), “Silencio”, “The Space Between”, “Stage V”, “Star Trek 3” (aka “Washington”), “Stephanie”, “Story Of Your Life”, “The Suicide Note”, “Suicide Squad” (aka “Bravo 14”), “Swallows And Amazons”, “Swing Away”, “Sylvester And Samantha”, “Take It From Us”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” (aka “Half Shell”), “Tell Me Your Name”, “Tell-Tale Lies”, “Temple”, “Their Finest Hour And A Half”, “Time Toys”, “Twelfth Man”, “Underground”, “Untitled DC Project”, “Untitled Miami Drug-Trafficking Project”, “Untitled O'Shannon & Warren Project”, “Untitled Rock 'N' Roll Project” (aka “The Long Play”), “Untitled Steve McQueen Project”, “WASP 15” (Woody Allen Summer Project), “The Way”, “When We Rise”, “Widows”, “Winners And Losers”, “With This Ring”, “The Wiz Live!”, “The Young Pope”

Production Weekly – Issue 939 – Thursday, March 26, 2015 / 141 listings – 31 pages

“The 46 Percenters”, “Angel From Hell” (aka “Amy The Drunk Angel”), “Army Of One”, “The Babymoon”, “The Bad Batch”, “Barbershop 3”, “Beyond Deceit”, “Billions”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “Blueberry Hall”, “The Body Tree”, “Boston Strong”, “Broken Links”, “Captain America: Civil War” (aka “Sputnik”), “Carnival”, “Central Intelligence”, “The Child Remains”, “Codes Of Conduct”, “Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life”, “Cuckoo”, “Dave Made A Maze”, “The Death And Life Of John F. Donovan”, “Defending The Enemy” (aka “A Trial Of Generals”), “Delores & Jermaine”, “Denton Harbor”, “Diamond Soles”, “Dice”, “The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Part 1” (aka “Amnesia”), “The Dunes Club”, “Exit 147”, “Family Fortune”, “Famous In Love”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “The Founder”, “Friday The 13th”, “The Funhouse Massacre”, “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything”, “The Girl In The Photographs”, “Gold”, “Hap And Leonard”, “Happy Life” (aka “Joe Time”), “The Healer”, “Hello Again”, “Hellstorm”, “Heroes: Reborn”, “A History Of Radness”, “Holy Shit”, “How To Be Single”, “Hunter-Killer”, “The Huntsman”, “I Kill Giants”, “In The Deep”, “In Their Own Hands”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1”, “The Inspectors”, “It”, “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “Josephine”, “Katie Says Goodbye”, “Katie's Story”, “Keanu”, “Kevin From Work”, “The Lake”, “The Layover”, “The Love Witch”, “Lullaby”, “Madero”, “Mallrats 2: Die Hard In The Mall”, “Man At Arms”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Manhunt”, “Me Before You”, “The Meddler”, “Men Of Granite” (aka “The Boys Of Lincoln Place“), “Morningstar”, “Ms. Sloane”, “MTX!”, “The Mummy”, “My Sweet Audrina”, “Narco Sub”, “Night Walk”, “nineteenseventysomething”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “Not Safe For Work”, “Now We Know” (aka “History Of The World”), “Off”, “One Drop”, “Origin Of The Fall”, “Paladin”, “Path Of Redemption”, “People Are Talking”, “Pilgrimage”, “Preacher”, “Radio Hype”, “Ready Player One” (aka “Oasis"), “Recovery Road”, “Reflex Action”, “Rogue One”, “Runt”, “Scream” (aka “Hush”), “Sharing”, “She Who Brings Gifts”, “Shivers”, “Shovel Buddies”, “The Silent Treatment”, “Sniper: Kill Shot”, “Sonata”, “Special Correspondents”, “A Star Is Born”, “Star Trek 3” (aka “Washington”), “A Storm In The Stars”, “Strange But True”, “Stratton: First Into Action”, “Stuck In The Middle”, “Sundown”, “Super Clyde”, “Super Troopers 2”, “Swipe”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”, “They Found Hell”, “Toby's Big Adventure”, “The Trap”, “The Tribes Of Palos Verdes”, “Tucht”, “Undercover”, “Untitled Silverman/Prebble Project”, “Untitled Tommy Johnagin Comedy”, “Vice Principals”, “Violated”, “The Way”, “Wedding Gown”, “Welcome Home”, “Welcome To Willits”, “Westworld”, “What Josiah Saw”, “Winnetou”, “The Wolves At The Door”, “X-Files”, “You Get Me”, “Youth In Oregon”