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Production Weekly – Issue 1010 – Thursday, September 8, 2016 / 124 listings – 27 pages

“1922”, “Action #1”, “All The Rage”, “Altered Carbon” (w/t “Sleeves”), “American Assassin“ (aka “The Long Walk”), “Anne Of Green Gables: Fire And Dew”, “Anne Of Green Gables: The Good Stars”, “April's Daughter”, “The Beguiled”, “Behind The Glass”, “Bel Canto”, “Bigger”, “The Birdie Machine”, “Blotched”, “Born In The Game”, “Brad’s Status”, “Britney” (aka “Popstar”), “Budding Prospects”, “Burden”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, “Channel Zero”, “The Christmas Bucket List”, “The Circus” (aka “The Clown”), “Claws”, “Cliffs Of Freedom” (aka “The Sword And The Scarf”), “The Competition (aka “The Pig Theory”), “The Cormoran Strike Mysteries”, “The Crow”, “Damnation”, “The Darkest Hour”, “Death Wish”, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”, “Embeds”, “Fields Of Faith” (aka “All Saints”), “The First”, “The Food Market”, “The Game”, “Gerald’s Game”, “Get Shorty”, “The Girl With Pink Hair” (aka “A Wake-Up Call”), “The Greatest Showman" (aka "Barnum"), “The Guest Book”, “A Gulag Mouse”, “Gypsy”, “Heathers”, “Home Again”, “I Kill Giants”, “Ice”, “Impulse”, “Irreplaceable You”, “Jim Button And Luke The Engine Driver”, “Kickboxer: Syndicate”, “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”, “Kill Monster Go!”, “Kin” (aka “Bagman”), “Labyrinth”, “The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts”, “The Last Full Measure”, “Little Evil”, “Love Jacked”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Mating”, “Molly’s Game”, “A Moment To Remember”, “Monumental”, “Mope”, “The Mustanger And The Lady”, “Nanoeden”, “The Newness”, “Next Door”, “No Rest For The Wicked” (aka “Ballad” & “Godforsaken”), “Nola”, “Nutcracker”, “Palisade”, “Peter Rabbit”, “Picnic At Hanging Rock”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “The Poet”, “Pony With A Broken Wing”, “The Postcard Killings”, “The Professor And The Madman”, “Puberty”, “Radium Girls”, “Ride!”, “The Rising”, “The Ritual”, “Road Less Traveled”, “Rule Of The Bone”, “Run The Race”, “Runaway Sleigh”, “Running Out Of Angels”, “Savage Tales Of Frank MacGuffin”, “Saw: Legacy”, “Season's Greetings”, “Shanghai Dawn”, “Shock And Awe”, “Shooting In Vein”, “Show Dogs”, “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”, “The Sinner”, “Social Animals” (aka “F*cking People”), “Soldado” (aka “Sicario 2”), “Splitting Image”, “Stan & Ollie”, “Starbright”, “Stolen From The Cradle”, “Stranger Things” 02, “Suburbicon”, “Sweet And Sour”, “Think Like A Dog” (aka “Dog's Best Friend”), “Thirty Eight”, “Typical Rick”, “Untitled The Good Wife Spinoff”, “Untogether”, “Viking Destiny”, “The Wanting”, “Washed Away”, “The Washita Valley”, “WASP 16” (Woody Allen Summer Project 2016), “We Do Not Forget”, “Wheels”, “Winchester”, “A Wrinkle In Time” (w/t “Passage”)

Production Weekly – Issue 1008 – Thursday, August 25, 2016 / 158 listings – 34 pages

“6 Balloons”, “The 10th Date”, “12 Deadly Days Of Christmas”, “24: Legacy”, “The Aftermath”, “All The Creatures Were Stirring”, “All These Small Moments”, “All-Star Weekend”, “American Assassin“ (aka “The Long Walk”), “Angel In Training (aka “Christmas Angel In Training”), “Anne”, “Anne Of Green Gables: The Good Stars”, “Antarctica”, “April's Daughter”, “Asher”, “Avengers Of Justice”, “Avengers: Infinity War” (w/t “Mary Lou”), “Bad Student”, “Behind The Glass”, “Beyond The Sun”, “Bigger”, “Block Island”, “Breach Of Trust”, “Bright”, “The Bringing”, “Britney”, “The Building”, “Bundles Of Joy”, “Business Ethics”, “Camelot”, “Captain Marvel”, “Captive State”, “The Changeover”, “Chicago Justice” (aka “Chicago Law”), “A Christmas Romance”, “Claws”, “Condor”, “Cops”, “Corpsemen”, “Coven”, “Creep 2”, “Damn/Nation”, “Damnation”, “Dark Universe” (aka “Justice League: Dark”), “Daytime Divas” (aka “Satan's Sisters”), “Dear White People”, “The Deep”, “The Defenders”, “Descendants 2” (w/t “The Lair”), “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”, “Doppelgangers”, “Drink Slay Love”, “El Compadre”, “The Empty Man”, “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library”, “Everything Carries Me To You”, “Everything, Everything”, “False Flag”, “Family Blood”, “Feud” (aka “Best Actress”), “Finding Steve McQueen” (aka “Youngstown Boys”), “First Kill”, “Followed”, “Forever Boys”, “Friends From College”, “Furthest Witness”, “Gambit” (w/t “Chess”), “Garlic & Gunpowder”, “Get Shorty”, “Ghost Stories”, “Girl 10”, “Girl Games”, “Girlfriend Killer”, “The Greatest Showman On Earth" (aka "Barnum"), “The Guest Book”, “Gypsy”, “Hailey Dean Mysteries: Murder In The Family”, “Hairspray Live!”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “High School Lover”, “His Wives & Daughters”, “Home Again”, “Home Invasion”, “Hot Summer Nights”, “I Love My Mum!”, “Imaginary Mary”, “Jacob”, “Jim Button”, “Jonathan”, “Kinky”, “Lady Bird”, “The Lakehouse”, “Laveau”, “Let The Right One In”, “The Lost Boys”, “Love, Lies And Records”, “M:I6 Mission: Impossible” (w/t “Gemini”), “Making A Killing”, “The Man From Another Dimension”, “Mating”, “Me And My Grandma”, “Mech Champions”, “Mercy”, “Midnight, Texas”, “A Midsummer’s Nightmare”, “The Miseducation Of Cameron Post”, “Misfortune”, “Molly’s Game”, “Monster”, “Monsters Of God”, “Mute”, “My Name Is Myeisha”, “No Tomorrow”, “Ocean’s Eight” (aka “Oceans Ocho”), “On Chesil Beach”, “The Only Living Boy In New York”, “Orville”, “Other Monsters”, “Pretty Broken”, “Reagan”, “Rock-Paper-Dead”, “Room 104”, “A Rose Parade New Years”, “Scavenger Hunt”, “Shock And Awe”, “Shrink”, “Sit & Stay Pet Cafe”, “Slingshot”, “Snatch”, “Sound Wave”, “St. Henry's Promise”, “Star”, “Steel Country”, “Story Of A Girl”, “Suburbicon”, “The Sugar Daddy”, “Super Troopers 2” (w/t “Almond Benefits 2”), “Superstition: Final Chance”, “Sweet Virginia”, “Through My Eyes”, “The Trap”, “Tug Of War”, “Unhinged”, “Untitled Blade Runner Sequel”, “Untitled Drake Doremus Project”, “Untitled Nutcracker Project”, “Untitled Tyler Perry Project”, “Voyeur”, “The War With Grandpa”, “What Lies Ahead” (aka “Blind Spot”), “Wheels”, “White Famous”, “Wish Upon”, “Witness For The Prosecution”, “Woman On The Run”, “Woman Walks Ahead”, “Worst Birthday Ever”, “Zoo”

Production Weekly – Issue 1007 – Thursday, August 18, 2016 / 132 listings – 29 pages

“12 Days”, “12 Deadly Days Of Christmas”, “21 Thunder”, “33 Days” (aka “33 Días”), “An Act Of Defiance”, “The Aftermath”, “Alita: Battle Angel” (w/t “The Dolphin Project”), “All Good People”, “All-Star Weekend”, “Alone Together”, “American Woman” (aka “Liberation”), “And Then I Go” (aka “Project X”), “Andi Mack” (aka “Andiland”), “The Angel Makers”, “Anne”, “A.P.B.”, “April’s Daughter”, “Autumn In The Vineyard”, “Avengers: Infinity War” (w/t “Mary Lou”), “Awakening”, “The Babysitter”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Beatriz At Dinner”, “The Beautiful Game”, “The Beaverton”, “Behind The Glass”, “Benji”, “Benji The Dove”, “Bite Me”, “The Bookshop”, “Born In The Game”, “Broken”, “The Changeover”, “Cliffs Of Freedom” (aka “The Sword And The Scarf”), “Damnation”, “The Darkest Hour”, “Darkest Minds”, “Dating My Mother”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “ Love Machine”), “Death Wish”, “The Deep”, “Den Of Thieves” (aka “Outlaw Juice”), “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”, “The Disappearing Girl”, “Ecstasia”, “Empress”, “Euphoria”, “Fearless”, “Feud” (aka “Best Actress”), “Finding Steve McQueen” (aka “Youngstown Boys”), “First Kill”, “First Light”, “Friend Of Bill”, “Gambit” (w/t “Chess”), “Genius: Einstein”, “The Girl With The Red Umbrella”, “Guap”, “The Guest Book”, “Gypsy”, “Hellfest”, “Holmes & Watson”, “Impulse”, “Insidious: Chapter 4”, “Jack Ryan”, “Jim Button And Luke The Engine Driver”, “Jumanji”, “Kayaking For Beginners”, “Kinky”, “Kodachrome”, “Lady Bird”, “The Last Champion”, “The Legend Of Master Legend”, “Let The Right One In”, “Life Itself”, “Life Of The Party”, “Lights Out”, “Little Evil”, “Logan Lucky”, “Lost & Found En Cuba”, “Love Is A Broadway Hit”, “Make A Wish”, “Marvel’s Runaways”, “Mating”, “Mine 9”, “Mogadishu, Minnesota” (aka “The Recruiters”), “Molly’s Game”, “Mope”, “Mute”, “A Mystery Guest In Paris”, “The Nightingale”, “The Nightingale”, “No Alternative”, “No Rest For The Wicked”, “Ocean’s Eight” (aka “Oceans Ocho”), “Party Crasher”, “Powerless”, “Probability”, “The Professor And The Madman”, “Proximity”, “Rock-Paper-Dead”, “Running Away”, “Shock And Awe”, “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser”, “Simran”, “Singularity”, “The Sleeping Shepherd”, “Small Victories”, “SMILF”, “Snowman: A Horse Tale”, “Solis”, “Spivak”, “Star”, “A Star Is Born”, “Starbright”, “Superior Donuts”, “Tales”, “Tales From The Crypt”, “The Tomb Raider”, “Travis McGee: The Deep Blue Good-By”, “Trial & Error” (aka “The Trail”), “Tully”, “Villa Capri”, “Virginia, Minnesota”, “The War With Grandpa”, “Washed Away”, “White Boy Rick”, “White Famous”, “White Girl Problems”, “Wish Upon”, “Wolf In The Wild”, “Woman Walks Ahead”, “Woolly”

Production Weekly – Issue 1006 – Thursday, August 11, 2016 / 158 listings – 35 pages

“6 Balloons”, “12 Days”, “24: Legacy”, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, “Altered Carbon” (w/t “Sleeves”), “American Crime Story: Katrina”, “American Housewife” (aka “The Second Fattest Housewife In Westport”), “And Then I Go” (aka “Project X”), “Andi Mack” (aka “Andiland”), “Anne”, “Atlas Of The Soul”, “Blood Surf”, “Brawl In Cell Block 99”, “Breach Of Trust”, “The Breaks”, “Broken”, “Brookhaven”, “Budding Prospects”, “Buy Bust”, “By Dawn”, “Captain Dad”, “Cargo”, “Chaos Walking”, “Chappaquiddick”, “Cliffs Of Freedom” (aka “The Sword And The Scarf”), “Clique”, “Created Equal”, “Criminal”, “The Crow”, “Curious George”, “The Dark”, “Daytime Divas” (aka “Satan's Sisters”), “Death Wish”, “Delicious”, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”, “The Disappearance”, “The Dog Walker”, “Dog’s Best Friend”, “Down A Dark Hall”, “Downward Dog”, “Each Precious Heartbeat”, “Every Other Weekend”, “Everything, Everything”, “Fall Of Gods”, “The Forgiven” (aka “The Archbishop And The Antichrist”), “Friday The 13th”, “Get Shorty”, “The God Four” (aka “Flat Water Tuesday”), “Going Places”, “The Great Casey Fallon”, “Great News”, “Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves”, “Gypsy”, “Hailey Dean Mysteries: Murder In The Family”, “Hairspray Live!”, “Haunted” (aka “The Turn Of The Screw”), “Hit A Lick”, “Home Again”, “Hostile”, “How To Pick Your Second Husband First”, “Huntsville”, “Ice”, “The Incident”, “The Invisible Life Of Euridice Gusmão”, “Ismael’s Ghosts”, “It Happened One Valentine's”, “Jackpot”, “JT Leroy”, “Jumanji”, “Kevin Can Wait”, “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer”, “Kin” (aka “Bagman”), “Kiss Me First”, “Krypton” (w/t “Royal Flush”), “L.A. Inferno”, “La Bronca”, “Lady Bird”, “The Ladykiller”, “The Last Boy”, “Late So Soon”, “The Legend Of Master Legend”, “Life Of The Party”, “Little Evil”, “Lodge 49”, “Lost In Space”, “Love & Everything In Between”, “Lullaby”, “Lumberjanes”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Mary Poppins Returns”, “Maybe A Love Story”, “McMafia”, “Meg”, “The Mick”, “The Mimic”, “Mission: Impossible 6” (w/t “Gemini”), “Molly’s Game”, “Moonland”, “A Mother’s Sacrifice”, “Movie #1”, “Murder On The Orient Express”, “My Friend Dahmer”, “Ocean’s Eight” (aka “Oceans Ocho”), “Our Souls At Night”, “The Outpost”, “The Over/Under”, “Paradise Garage”, “Peter Rabbit”, “The Predator” (w/t “Ollie”), “Pumpkin Pie Wars”, “Queen Of The Air”, “Red Sparrow”, “Rich Boy, Rich Girl”, “Ride Or Die”, “The Ritual”, “Riverdale”, “The Road Less Traveled”, “Robin Hood 2058”, “Room 104”, “The Ruins Of Gorlan” (aka “Ranger's Apprentice”), “Scarface”, “Seance”, “Set It Up”, “Sharp Objects”, “Shrink”, “The Show: The Horseman”, “Sick For Toys”, “The Sinner”, “Sniper 7: Homeland Security”, “Star”, “Suburbicon”, “The Tap”, “Ten Days In The Valley”, “Tragedy Girls”, “Tully”, “Ungodly”, “Unicorn Store”, “Untitled David O. Russell Project”, “Untitled James Strouse Comedy”, “Untitled Ms. Pat Project”, “Valentine”, “Victoria And Abdul”, “Vor”, “Vox Lux”, “Washed Away”, “Water”, “We Have Always Lived In The Castle”, “Wheelman”, “Who Is Jake Ellis?”, “Who Killed Jonbenét?”, “Wildlife”, “Winchester”, “The Witness For The Prosecution”, “Wolf In The Wild”, “World War Z 2”, “World's End”, “A Wrinkle In Time” (w/t “Passage”), “Z”