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Production Weekly – Issue 885 – Thursday, February 13, 2014 / 224 listings – 49 pages

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“#Famous”, “100 Things…To Do Before High School”, “45 Years”, “7 Chinese Brothers”, “Ad Inexplorata”, “Agatha”, “Alive Alone”, “Always On My Mind”, “American Ultra”, “Amityville”, “Angel On My Tree”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “The Art Of Racing In The Rain”, “Astronaut Wives Club”, “The Athena Project”, “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”, “B.O.O.S.T.”, “Babylon Fields”, “Backstrom”, “Bad Judge”, “Bambi Cottages”, “Battle Creek”, “Black Fly”, “The Black Gate”, “Black Mass”, “Blood Mountain”, “Blowback”, “The Bottoms”, “Boychoir”, “The Brink”, “Business Trip”, “Cake”, “Captive”, “A Christmas Horror Story”, “Close Range”, “Cocked”, “Coercion”, “Comes The Krampus”, “Constantine”, “Crazy House”, “Cuz-Bros”, “The D-Train”, “Damaged Goods”, “Danger Close”, “Dead Boss”, “Den Of Thieves”, “Dominion”, “Dominion”, “Don’t Mess With Texas”, “The Dorm”, “Drumline: A New Beat”, “The Dubber”, “El Landlord”, “Ellen More Or Less”, “Empire”, “The Erotic Fire Of The Unattainable”, “Exfil”, “Expendabelles”, “Extant”, “Eye Candy”, “A Fall From Grace”, “Fathers And Daughters”, “Fifth Wheel”, “For Better Or Worse”, “Gaffigan”, “Good Kill” (aka “Drones”), “Good Session”, “Goosebumps”, “Gotham”, “The Great Gilly Hopkins”, “Gridlocked”, “Hand Of God”, “He’s Fuckin’ Perfect”, “Hear My Voice”, “Heart Of Indiana”, “Here’s Your Damn Family”, “Heroes Don’t Come Home”, “Hieroglyph”, “Hoke”, “Hollidaysburg”, “Home”, “How And Why”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Hunter Killer”, “I Smile Back”, “Identity”, “Installation”, “Insurgent”, “The Intern”, “Into The Forest”, “Irreversible”, “Jane Austen’s Love & Friendship”, “Jane The Virgin”, “Jennifer Falls”, “Jingle All The Way 2”, “The Joy Womack Story”, “Jurassic World” (aka “Ebb Tide”), “The Keys To The Street”, “Kirby Buckets”, “Knight Rider”, “Last Cab To Darwin”, “The Last Man On Earth”, “Lifesaver”, “Little Rootie Tootie”, “Liv”, “Lost In The Sun”, “The Lottery”, “Madame Secretary”, “Maggie’s Plan”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Man On Carrion Road”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Manhattan”, “Marco Polo”, “Marine 4”, “Married”, “Marry Me”, “Matador”, “Max”, “Max Steel”, “Meadowland”, “Mechanic 2”, “Merlin: The Lost Years”, “The Messengers”, “Mine 9”, “The Mistake”, “Mohawk Salon”, “The Money Pit”, “The Monkey Wrench Gang”, “The Moon And The Sun”, “More Time With Family”, “National Treasure 3”, “The Naughty List”, “Nerve”, “The Nest”, “North”, “Now You See Me 2”, “Old Soul”, “On The Horizon”, “One Big Happy”, “One Small Mistake”, “Our Kind Of Traitor”, “Outlaw Prophet” (aka “When Men Become Gods”), “Pearly Gates”, “The Phenom”, “Point Break”, “Preacher”, “Priceless”, “Pride And Prejudice And Zombies”, “Prima” (aka “Dance Of The Mirlitons”), “Promoted”, “Proof”, “Race”, “Radio Mistletoe”, “Red Band Society”, “Red Billabong”, “Red Squad”, “Reign Of The General”, “Relentless”, “A Reliable Wife”, “Risk”, “Road To Capri”, “Save The Date”, “Schitt’s Creek”, “Scorpion”, “Seashore”, “Secrets & Lies”, “The Septembers Of Shiraz”, “Sex, Drugs, & Rock & Roll”, “Shangri-La Suite”, “Sharknado 2: The Second One”, “Shuddering The,”, “Silence”, “Sing Street”, “Sleeping On Stones”, “Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac”, “Snow White & The Huntsman 2”, “The Something”, “Spotlight”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Stockholm, Pennsylvania”, “Straight Outta Compton”, “Summer Camp”, “Sweet And Sour”, “Take Down”, “Taken 3”, “The Tank”, “Tarzan”, “The Ten O’Clock People”, “Testament Of Youth”, “Texas Heart”, “A Three Dog Life”, “The Time Of Their Lives”, “Time Out Of Mind” (aka “Vintage Muscatel”), “Tooken”, “Trainwreck”, “Transporter”, “Tribeca”, “Tribes”, “Tulip Fever”, “Two To Go”, “Un-Real”, “The Undoing”, “Union”, “Untitled Jeff Lowell Project”, “Untitled KZK Series”, “Untitled Nikki Toscano Project”, “Untitled Russell / Grant Project”, “Untitled Tupac Shakur Biopic”, “Vernon God Little”, “Vice”, “Visions”, “The Visitors”, “Wargames”, “Warriors”, “The Way Of The Eagle”, “Weird Loners”, “Welcome To Happiness”, “Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun”, “The Wright Girls”, “Xmas”, “Young & Hungry”, “Young Santa”, “Your Family Or Mine”

Production Weekly – Issue 879 – Thursday, January 2, 2014 / 30 listings – 6 pages

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“Air Disturbance”, “Anatomy Of A Love Seen”, “Batman Vs. Superman”, “Blood Red Sky”, “Clerks 3”, “Cook”, “Dirty”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “Geostorm”, “Helena Handbag”, “The Intruders”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Max Steel”, “Night At The Museum 3”, “Not Without Hope”, “Rampage 2”, “The Raven”, “Repose”, “San Andreas”, “Sea Isle”, “Secrets & Lies”, “The Shotgun Waltz”, “Something Wonderful: The Louis Armstrong Story”, “Terminator: Genesis”, “Ugly”, “The Unholy”, “Untitled Matt Hubbard Project”, “What Men Are Capable Of 2”, “Wraith”, “Your Voice In My Head”

Production Weekly – Issue 871 – Thursday, November 7, 2013 / 157 listings – 32 pages

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“1:30 Train”, “12 Monkeys”, “25”, “99 Homes”, “Abattoir”, “American Ultra”, “Bad Romance”, “The Best Of Me”, “The Boy Next Door”, “Brother’s Keeper”, “Bullrider”, “Burying The Ex”, “Bus 757”, “The Call-Up”, “Cell”, “Circle”, “The Confines” (aka “Lot 451”), “A Conspiracy On Jekyll Island”, “Dance Of The Mirlitons”, “The Dancing Bull”, “The Day Crew”, “Dead Quiet”, “Deadbeat”, “Dear Mister Obama”, “Deep Water”, “Devil’s Brake”, “The Diabolical”, “Dirt”, “The Disappointments Room”, “The Divide”, “Entertainment”, “Exit 147”, “Eye Candy”, “F*ck Valentine’s Day”, “Fade Out”, “The Family Fang”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “The Fast And The Furious 8”, “Fear Clinic”, “Following Darkness”, “The Forest”, “The Gambler”, “Godmachine”, “Goosebumps”, “Gracepoint“ (aka “Broadchurch”), “The Great Gilly Hopkins”, “H8rz” (Haters), “Harry And The Butler”, “He Never Died”, “Hieroglyph”, “Home Invasion”, “How To Talk To Girls At Parties”, “I’ll See You In My Dreams”, “iBoy”, “In My Dreams”, “In The Future”, “Intensive Care” (aka “Sick People”), “Irreversible”, “Isa”, “Isolated Victim”, “The Jungle Book”, “Kane & Lynch”, “Kidnapping Freddy Heineken”, “Knocked Undead”, “Lake Placid Vs Anaconda”, “Laughs Unlimited”, “A Light Beneath Their Feet”, “Little Black Dress”, “Little Rootie Tootie”, “Live By Night”, “Lockdown At Franklin High”, “Lonesome Dove: The True Trail Blazing Story” (aka “Lonesome Dove Church”), “Loomis Fargo”, “Los Muertos”, “The Lost City Of Z”, “Lost In The Sun”, “Louis”, “The Man On Carrion Road”, “Manhattan”, “Max Steel”, “Men, Women And Children” (aka “Pale Blue Dot”), “Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story” (aka “My Cross To Bear”), “Midnight Special”, “Midnight Sun”, “The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane”, “Mississippi Grind”, “Mohawk Salon”, “Money Monster”, “Monster Trucks”, “The Most Wonderful Time”, “Mozart In The Jungle”, “My Favorite Five”, “The Night Crew”, “No Man’s Land”, “Nobody’s Fool”, “Nothing Serious”, “Off The Grid”, “Open”, “The Optometrist”, “Ouija”, “Our Lady Of Jackson Heights”, “Panzer 88”, “Parked”, “Pet Sematary”, “Pete And Goat”, “Point Break”, “Pop Star Puppy”, “Regression”, “Retrace Your Steps”, “The Rise Of The Krays”, “Ruby Skye P.I.”, “Rush”, “Saint George”, “Salem”, “Savage”, “Sea Saw”, “Seal Team 666”, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, “The Secret Place”, “She Only Comes At Night”, “Shomer”, “Sister Cities”, “Songbyrd”, “Southpaw”, “Specter Of Fear”, “Spinning Gold”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”, “Spring”, “Star Trek 3”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Still Alice”, “The Strain”, “Strange But True”, “Super Awesome Katie”, “Tapestry”, “Term Life”, “Tokyo Vice”, “Trespass Against Us”, “The Tribe”, “Tribeca”, “Un-Real”, “Untitled Dworkin / Beattie Drama”, “Untitled Fey / Carlock Project”, “Untot: Fear Is A Five Letter Word”, “Urban Myths”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “Walt Before Mickey”, “The Well”, “When The Starlight Ends”, “Widow Creek”, “Wooden Lake”, “Work Mom”, “Wraith”, “Younger”, “Your Voice In My Head”, “Zen Dog”, “The Zone”