filmThe showbiz industry is massive. A very conservative estimate of the number of films alone that come out of Hollywood each year nears 550-600. Add to it the 1000’s of Television shows and direct to TV films being made, it is an industry that adds 100’s of Billions of dollar to the economy each year. Along with the revenue, it employs 1000’s if not millions of people (Directly or indirectly) around the US and the rest of the world. Hollywood is just one cog in the worldwide showbiz industry though, and if you take into account all the work being done in the film & TV industry worldwide, you get numbers that boggle the mind.

Pertinent information with regards to the exact nature and current happenings of the showbiz industry are hard to find. With so much work being done out there, it is not easy to find required information about the films being made or in the pipeline, TV shows under production, and other important occurrences in the showbiz world all in one place. From the perspective of either experienced professionals associated with the entertainment industry or young budding graduates who are looking to get a leg into the world of showbiz, this information is crucial. Only if such people knew about the possible opportunities that existed in different aspects of the entertainment industry, they would be able to at least get a chance to apply to production currently taking place and slowly but surely work their way to the top. From the industry’s perspective, such information out at one place, gives it possible access to talented professionals that it might not have been able to source in any other way.

This is where we come in.. We at Production Weekly source exactly this pertinent information from our sources and expansive research team. Our experienced teams continuously track and compile up-to-date data on projects in various stages of development, both domestically and international. We offer our subscribers an insight of the best and most comprehensive production breakdowns available from all aspects of the showbiz industry.

We pride ourselves on having the most detailed and widespread information on all projects in pre-production, preparation and development, not only for major studios, but also ones that come out independently, on the network, cable television movies, pilots and series, both domestically and internationally. So be it a major production in Hollywood, an Indie film being shot in Canada, a film being shot in Bollywood (India’s film industry) or a drama series being worked in the UK, we have it all, in one place, at one time.

Published every Thursday, each issue is revised weekly with an average of over a 100 listings. Our magazine contains all the requisite details about the project, i.e, the title, production company information including phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, as well as the above-the-line crew (Producer, Director, Writer, Unit Production Manager and Line Producer) and talent in addition to the log line, location and start/wrap dates.

So if you are on the hunt for a job in film or TV industry, or someone associated with the Media & Entertainment industry at large, we are the source you need.