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Production Weekly – Issue 1079 – Thursday, February 1, 2018 / 192 Listings – 42 Pages

Download Sample Issue

Download Sample Issue

“$1”, “Abby’s”, “The Aeronauts”, “All The Little Things We Kill”, “All Things Bright And Beautiful”, “American Vandal” 02, “Amos Daragon”, “Anastasia”, “Bad Boys For Life” (aka “Bad Boys 3”), “The Baxters”, “Bermuda Triangle”, “Big Little Lies” 02, “Blood & Treasure”, “Blow The Man Down”, “The Bold Type” 02, “Boss Level” (aka “Continue”), “Cagney And Lacey”, “Call Jane”, “Call Of The Wild”, “Catch-22”, “Catherine The Great”, “Charmed”, “Chemistry”, “The Chi” 02, “Chiefs”, “Children Of Satoshi”, “Chimerica”, “Compliance”, “Conceivable”, “The Corrupted”, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “Creed 2”, “Curfew”, “Daddy Issues”, “Dan The Weatherman”, “Dangerous Matrimony”, “Dead Inside”, “Dead To Me”, “Deadwax”, “Delfino's Journey”, “Depraved”, “Descendant”, “The Deuce” 02, “The Devil May Care”, “Die In A Gunfight”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Doon”, “Doyle Pilot”, “The Dreadful”, “Drunk Bus”, “The End Of The World As We Know It”, “Every Other Holiday”, “The Exorcism At Lincoln High”, “F.B.I.”, “False Profits”, “Fam”, “A Fighting Chance”, “Five Feet Apart” (aka “Breath Me”), “The Fix”, “Flasher”, “Foe Paw”, “Fonzo”, “For Love”, “Friends-In-Law”, “Fuller House” 04, “Get Shorty” 02, “The Gilded Age”, “The Gloaming”, “God Friended Me”, “The Greatest American Hero”, “The Grudge”, “Guess Who Died”, “Hacktivist”, “Hag”, “Happy!” 02, “Harmony”, “Her Smell”, “History Of Them”, “Holiday Calendar”, “Homecoming”, “How To Live An Authentic Life”, “I Mom So Hard”, “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”, “The Impossible”, “In The Dark”, “In The Tall Grass”, “Intelligent Life” (aka “The Ambassador”), “Jeff Who Works In Accounting Is Immortal”, “Jojo Rabbit”, “Journal For Jordan”, “Jungle Cruise” (w/t “Elixir”), “Kelvin’s Book”, “The Kingkiller Chronicle”, “The Last Black Man In San Francisco”, “Last Moment Of Clarity”, “The Last Summer”, “Les Fashionables”, “Like Family”, “The Little Drummer Girl”, “The Lodge”, “Looks That Kill”, “Magic Max”, “Magnum P.I.”, “Manifest”, “Marlon” 02, “Mary For Mayor”, “Messiah”, “Metropolis”, “Mexico City”, “A Million Little Things”, “Most Likely To”, “Mosul” (aka “SWAT” / “Picnic”), “Motherfatherson”, “Mrs. Otis Regrets”, “Mrs. Wilson’ (aka “The Wilsons”), “The Mule” (aka “The Sinaloa Cartel’s 90-Year-Old Drug Mule”), “Murder Room”, “My Name Is Dolemite”, “The Neighborhood Watch”, “Neverwhere”, “Nicole And O.J.” (aka “An American Mystery”), “No Name Restaurant”, “Oasis”, “Only”, “The Painter”, “Palm Springs”, “Palomino & Swissy”, “Pandas In New York”, “Paradise City”, “Playing Dead”, “Poacher”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “The Purge” (aka “The Night”), “Queen Sugar” 03, “Radioactive”, “Random Acts Of Flyness” (aka “Black Rest”), “Redcoats”, “The Rookie”, “Roswell”, “Royally Screwed”, “Russian Dolls”, “Safe Harbor”, “Salvage”, “The Same Sky”, “See You Next Week”, “Semper Fi”, “Senior Year”, “The Seven Five”, “Skinny Dip”, “Snow Blind”, “Spencer”, “Spider In The Web”, “Spider-Man 2” (w/t “Fall Of George” / “Bosco”), “Star Trek: Discovery” 02 (w/t “Green Harvest”), “Staties”, “Strange Angel”, “Suits” 08, “The Sunlit Night”, “Sunny”, “The Surrogate”, “Tacoma FD”, “Tarot”, “Threshold”, “To Hell And Gone”, “To The Stars”, “True Detective” 03 (w/t “Outlaws”), “True Fiction”, “Tsunami LA”, “The Turkey Bowl”, “Two Dreams”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” 04, “Unsafe House”, “Untitled Aretha Franklin Biopic”, “Untitled Damien Chazelle Drama”, “Untitled Donald Trump Project”, “Untitled Gabrielle Union Spinoff” (aka “Bad Girls”), “Untitled Holmes Sisters Drama”, “Untitled Mary Harron Manson Family Project” (aka “The Family”), “Untitled Sean Baker Project”, “Van Helsing” 03, “The Village”, “Vox Lux”, “Watchmen”, “Weathered”, “What We Do In The Shadows”, “Whiskey Cavalier”, “Wine Country”, “World War Z 2”, “Yes, God, Yes”, “You Are My Friend” (aka “I’m Proud Of You“)

Production Weekly – Issue 1111 – Thursday, September 20, 2018 / 142 Listings – 30 Pages

“17 Bridges”, “355”, “A.J. And The Queen”, “A.P. Bio” 02, “The Act”, “Annabelle 3”, “Arkansas”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “The Banker”, “Besa”, “The Betrayers”, “Birds Of Prey” (w/t "Fox Force Five"), “Blood’s A Rover”, “Blue Esme”, “Bonding”, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Breckman Rodeo”, “Can You Keep A Secret?”, “Chance Of Rain”, “Charm City” (aka “12 O'Clock Boys”), “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “The Chosen”, “Christmas In Grand Valley”, “Christmas In Vermont”, “Claws” 03, “Close Before Midnight”, “College”, “Connect”, “Constance”, “Danny Issues”, “The Dark And The Wicked”, “Dark Harbor”, “The Dead Of Night”, “Dead To Me”, “Dear White People” 03, “Designated Survivor” 03 (w/t "The White House Project"), “The Drummer”, “El Tonto”, “The Enemy Within”, “The Expanse” 04, “Fair And Balanced” (w/t "Lucite Desk"), “Fantasy Island”, “Florida Girls”, “Forever Alone”, “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, “Gabby Duran And The Unsittables”, “Ghosting”, “Gift Of Love”, “The Gingerbread Girl”, “Gingerbread Romance”, “The Good Girl”, “Gossamer Folds”, “Granny's Home”, “Greed”, “Greenland”, “Greenleaf” 04, “The Handmaid’s Tale” 03 (w/t “Rocket Woman”), “Harriet”, “Harry Haft” (aka “The Boxer”), “The Has-Been”, “Holly Day”, “Homegrown Christmas”, “The Husband”, “In A Pickle" (aka "Sell Out"), “Insatiable” 02, “Jingle Jangle”, “Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher" 02, “Killing Eleanor”, “King Me”, “Larry”, “Last Call”, “Last Christmas”, “The Letter For The King”, “Limited Partners”, “Living With Yourself”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lost Girls”, “Love Is __” 02, “Lucky Grandma”, “Magic Hour”, “The Mallorca Files”, “Man Like Mobeen" 02, “Max And Me”, “Military Wives”, “Milkwater”, “Mr. Iglesias”, “The Murders”, “New York Times Modern Love”, “A Nice Girl Like You” (aka “Porn-ol-o-gy”), “The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson”, “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”, “Our Lady, Ltd" (aka “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”), “P-Town”, “People Just Do Nothing”, “The Pleasure Of Your Presence”, “Power”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe”, “Princess Cut 2: Hearts On Fire”, “Prodigal Son”, “Ransom” 03, “Red Sonja”, “Richard Lovely”, “Run”, “SAS: Red Notice”, “Scarface”, “Sid Is Dead”, “Snowfall” 03, “Son Of Monarchs”, “Soulmate(s), “Space Jam 2”, “Spawn” (w/t "Toni Dynamite"), “Spinning Out”, “Stargirl”, “Sunny”, “Sweetbitter” 02, “Synchronic”, “The Tattooist Of Auschwitz”, “I Think You Should Leave”, “This Is The Year”, “Twenties”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Uncorked”, “Unstoppable”, “Untitled Day/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Dui Jarrod Project”, “Untitled Grumpy Old Men Comedy”, “Untitled Roger Ailes Project”, “Untitled Tessa Coates Comedy”, “Untitled Wes Anderson Project”, “The Upper East Side Murder" (aka "The Preppie Murder"), “The Village”, “War Of The Worlds”, “War Pigs” (aka "The Takedown"), “The Way Between”, “Wonderland”, “The Wrong Mans”, “X-Men: Gambit” (w/t “Forevermore” / “Chess”), “Yes Day”, “Zola”, “Zombieland 2: Double Tap”

Production Weekly – Issue 1110 – Thursday, September 13, 2018 / 194 Listings – 39 Pages

“1h20”, “The A Girl”, “A.J. And The Queen”, “The Act”, “Adventures Of A Mathematician”, “American Invitation”, “American Soul”, “Antlers”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bad Education”, “Bad Mothers”, “Baldwin Beauty”, “Ballers” 05, “Ballet Boys”, “The Banker’s Wife”, “Baroness Von Sketch Show” 04, “Birdie”, “Bitterroot" (aka "Big Hole"), “Blackbird”, “Breaking Fast”, “Bruised”, “The Brutalist”, “Bumbershoot" (aka "All Hail The Squash Blossom Queen"), “The Burnt Orange Heresy”, “The Capture”, “Cats”, “The Cave”, “The Chainbreakers”, “Chosenthe,”, “Christmas On Honeysuckle Lane”, “Crappy Mother's Day”, “Cursed”, “Dali Land”, “The Dead Of Night”, “Deadwood”, “Designated Survivor” 03 (w/t "The White House Project"), “The Devil All The Time”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Dolly Parton Theatre" (aka "These Old Bones”), “Dreaming Grand Avenue”, “The Drummer”, “Dune”, “The East”, “The Education Of Fredrick Fitzell”, “El Tonto”, “Emma Fielding Mysteries: MoW 2”, “Eve”, “Fencer”, “First Cow” (aka "The Half Life"), “The First Wives Club”, “Fosse”, “Fracture”, “Frances 2.O”, “Gingerbread Romance”, “Godfather Of Harlem”, “Godzilla Vs. Kong” (w/t “Apex”), “Greed”, “Greenland”, “Grown-Ish” 02, “Guest Of Honour”, “High School Musical: The Musical”, “His Dark Materials” 02, “Homekilling Queen”, “Honest Thief”, “I Think You Should Leave”, “Immaculate”, “Immortale" (Immortal), “Innocent Monsters”, “The Innocents” 02, “Insecure” 04, “Is God Is”, “Island In Space”, “Jangsa-Ri 9.15”, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Kindred Spirits”, “Knives Out" (aka “Morning Bell”), “Larry”, “Last Words”, “The Laundromat” (aka “Secrecy World”), “Layover”, “The Legend Of Ochi”, “Limited Partners”, “Little America” (w/t “Polar Landing”), “Lonesome Tonight”, “Lost & Found”, “The Lost Husband”, “Love Is A Gun”, “Lucky Grandma”, “M4M”, “Mainstream”, “Mali & Frank”, “The Mall”, “The Marsh King’s Daughter”, “Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger” 02 (w/t “Shadows”), “Medieval" (aka "Warrior Of God"), “Mexico City”, “Military Wives”, “Miss Fisher & The Crypt Of Tears”, “Morning Show Mysteries: Murder By The Book”, “The Murders”, “My Spy”, “Narcos” 05, “Nellie Bly" (aka "Blackwell"), “A Nice Girl Like You” (aka “Porn-ol-o-gy”), “Night Into Day”, “Nine Days”, “Nine Lives”, “No Place Like Home”, “The Novice”, “O’Connell And Liu Detective Agency”, “The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson”, “Oh Jerome”, “One Crazy Summer”, “The Orange Eats Creeps”, “Our Lady, Ltd" (aka “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”), “Outbreak Z”, “The Outside Story”, “Palm Springs”, “Palmer”, “Paradise Highway”, “Party Of Five”, “The Perfectionists”, “The Pleasure Of Your Presence”, “Port Authority”, “The Protector”, “Puggle Trouble”, “Pussy Valley”, “Rachel Getting Rejected”, “Rambo V: Last Blood”, “Ramy”, “Rattlesnake”, “Ready Or Not”, “Rio" (aka “Let It Fall Back”), “Ruin”, “Run Sweetheart Run”, “See”, “The Senior”, “A Shoe Addict's Christmas”, “The Show”, “Shriver”, “The Sisterhood”, “Sleighbell Sweethearts”, “So Much Love”, “Stage Mother”, “Stalker's Prey 2: Deep Trouble”, “Starlee, Starlee”, “Stones" (aka “The Manuscript” / "Paper Trail"), “The Subject”, “A Suitable Boy”, “Summer Gold”, “Supercool”, “Superthief”, “Surveillance”, “Swamp Thing”, “Tate" (aka “Sharon Tate And The Manson Murders”), “This Close” 02, “This Is The Year”, “Ticket To Nashville”, “Time For Me To Come Home”, “Top Gun: Maverick” (w/t "Island Plaza"), “Tornado”, “Trial Of The Infidel”, “Triple X 4”, “The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise”, “Uncorked”, “Uncut Gems”, “Untitled Banker Project”, “Untitled Catalina Mastretta Project”, “Untitled Family Comedy”, “Untitled Gymnastics Comedy”, “Untitled Kitty Green Project”, “Untitled Sally Potter Project”, “Untitled Sue Heck Spinoff”, “Vengeance 2”, “Venus As A Boy”, “Veronica Mars”, “The Vessel”, “Vivi” (aka "Super Retro Boy"), “Waiting For Helen”, “Walkaway Joe”, “Wardriver”, “Warigame”, “Warning”, “The Way Between”, “West Side Story”, “What We Do In The Shadows”, “A Wife Betrayed”, “Winter Ball”, “Wireless”, “The Worst Year Of My Life (So Far)”, “You Are My Friend”