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Production Weekly – Issue 1021 – Thursday, December 1, 2016 / 214 listings – 46 pages

“10×10”, “1989”, “Above & Beyond”, “Accident Man”, “Adam”, “Affinity”, “The Alienist”, “All The Devil's Men”, “American Animals”, “American Woman” (aka “Liberation”), “Aquaman” (w/t “Ahab”), “Atlantic Wall”, “Atlas Of The Soul”, “Avatar 2”, “Bad Samaritan” (aka “No Good Deed”), “Bancroft”, “Beast Of Burden”, “The Beast”, “Beats”, “Becoming Burlesque”, “The Best Of Enemies”, “Beware That Girl”, “The Blacklist: Redemption”, “Bobbi Kristina”, “The Break”, “Breaking And Exiting”, “Breaking Evil”, “Bride Or Groom”, “Brown Girls”, “Bucket”, “Callas & Onassis”, “Captive State”, “Chaos Walking”, “Christopher Robin”, “Chronicles Of Jessica Wu”, “Chucky 7” (aka “Cult Of Chucky”), “City Of Angels” (aka “Protect & Serve”), “Come Hell Or High Water”, “Come Sunday” (aka “Heretics”), “The Competitors”, “Crossface”, “The Crow Reborn”, “The Current War”, “Daddy Issues”, “Den Of Thieves” (aka “Outlaw Juice”), “Detective Pikachu”, “Dias: The Javelin Squad”, “Disobedience”, “Do You See Me?”, “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot”, “Doolittle’s Heroes”, “The Door In The Woods”, “The Down Beat”, “Drunk Girl/High Guy”, “Dumbo”, “Embassy Down”, “Empress Of Serenity”, “The Enemy Within”, “Escape Room”, “Euphoria” (aka “Recalculating Euphoria”), “Exhibit A”, “Extinct”, “Fandemonium”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2”, “The Far Edge Of The World”, “Fighting Thomases”, “Final Vision”, “Five Against A Bullet”, “Four Kids And It”, “Funny Cow”, “Future Man”, “The Get”, “Godforsaken”, “Gone” (aka “One Kick”), “Greed”, “The Greener Grass”, “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story” (w/t “Red Cup”), “Happy!”, “Hard Boiled”, “The Haunted”, “A Haunting At Silver Falls II”, “Hell's Acres”, “Her Forgotten Daughter”, “Here, Now”, “Highlander”, “His Wives And Daughters”, “Holmes And Watson”, “Horse Soldiers”, “Hotel Artemis”, “The House That Jack Built”, “The Humanity Bureau”, “Hunch”, “I Can Only Imagine”, “I Want My Baby Back”, “Imprisoned”, “Impulse”, “In The Ring”, “The Incoherents”, “Irreplaceable You”, “Island Of Last Resort”, “It Girls”, “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”, “Kevin Hart's Guide To Black History”, “Kings”, “Knuckleball”, “LAbyrinth”, “The Lady And The Panda”, “Last”, “The Last Full Measure”, “Last Will”, “Le Chambre”, “Lez Bomb”, “Libby & Malcolm”, “Life, Itself”, “Lifeline”, “Light Of My Life”, “The Little Ones”, “Looking Glass”, “Lost In London”, “Lost In Space”, “Lost Shepherd”, “Lou”, “Love Type D”, “Love, Lies And Records”, “Luncheonette”, “The Machine”, “Magic Camp”, “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, “Man’s Search For Meaning”, “Manifesto”, “The Merciles”, “Miles”, “The Moe Norman Story”, “Mope”, “Morgan’s Milk” (aka “Slizzard”), “Mortal Engines”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Mr. Mercedes”, “Nancy”, “The Nemesis”, “No Volveré”, “Nola”, “Nostalgia”, “The Oglivy Fortune”, “Oklahoma Salsa Project”, “Overexposed”, “The Pact” (aka “Cherries”), “Perfect Soulmate”, “Pinch Of Love”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “Puberty”, “Reagan”, “Red Sparrow”, “Rellik”, “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?”, “Robin Hood: Origins” (w/t “Riverbed”), “Rovaniemi”, “A Royal Christmas”, “The Run”, “The Rundown With Robin Thede”, “Salamander”, “Sas & Jake”, “Seal Team 6”, “The Secret Life Of Houdini: The Making Of America's First Superhero”, “Seven Seconds”, “Sharp Objects”, “Show Dogs”, “Sick For Toys”, “Sid & Marty Krofft’s Sigmund And The Sea Monsters”, “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”, “Snowpiercer”, “Southern Christmas”, “Spinning Man”, “Stan & Ollie”, “Stapleton & Montgomery”, “A Star Is Born”, “Star Trek: Discovery” (w/t “Green Harvest” / “Tennessee Honey”), “Stonefly”, “The Storm”, “Stray”, “Superstition: The Rule Of 3's” (aka “Final Chance”), “Swimming With Men”, “The Syndicate”, “Ten Days In The Valley”, “The Terror” (aka “The Fear”), “There’s Johnny!”, “Thin Ice”, “Through Black Spruce”, “To The Beat”, “The Tomb Raider”, “The Trap”, “Trauma”, “Trautmann”, “Trial By Fire”, “Troy – Fall Of A City”, “The Tsar Of Love And Techno”, “Undermajordomo Minor”, “Untitled Alison Cross Drama”, “Untitled Allison Kiessling Comedy”, “Untitled Chris Morris Project”, “Untitled Dick Cheney Project”, “Untitled High School Project”, “Untitled Mike Daniels Drama”, “Untitled Mobile Medical Unit Drama”, “Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project”, “Untitled Taylor Elmore Drama”, “Untitled Zak Schwartz”, “Valley Girl (Like, Totally, A Musical)”, “A Vigilante”, “White Boy Rick”, “Widows”, “Wisdom Of The Crowd”, “Yardie”

Production Weekly – Issue 1043 – Thursday, May 11, 2017 / 176 Listings – 39 Pages

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“13 Miles”, “13 Reasons Why” 02, “105 And Rising”, “2067”, “A.P. Bio”, “Aladdin”, “Alien: Awakening”, “All The Old Knives”, “American Hangman”, “Ana”, “Angel Of Mine”, “The Angel”, “Arc Of Justice”, “Artemis Fowl”, “The Assassination Of Fred Hampton”, “Avatar 2”, “Baseballissimo”, “The Best Of Enemies”, “Big Dogs”, “Billy The Kid Lives”, “Black Lightning”, “Black Narcissus”, “Blindspot” 03, “Book Club”, “Carmen”, “Carnival Row”, “The Carter Files”, “Channel Zero: Staircases”, “Chaos Walking”, “Chicago Fire” 06, “Chicago Med” 03, “Chicago PD” 05, “The Climb”, “Come Home”, “The Coolest Girl In The World”, “Countdown To Love”, “Crash & Burn”, “Crashing” 02, “The Dangerous Book For Boys”, “Days Of The Bagnold Summer”, “The Dead Spit Of Kelly”, “The Debt Collector”, “The Deepest Secret”, “Delco Proper”, “Detectorists” 03, “Distortion”, “Dogman”, “Dreamland”, “Dynasty”, “Eli”, “Escape At Clinton Correctional”, “Farming”, “First Chair”, “The First”, “Flowers” 02, “For God And Country”, “Frankie Drake”, “Georgetown”, “Ghosted”, “The Gifted”, “Giri/Haji” (Duty/Shame)”, “Girls Of The Sun”, “Godzilla Vs. Kong”, “Graves” 02, “The Halloween”, “Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen”, “High Life”, “Home For The Holidays”, “Honey 4: The Soloist”, “The Hummingbird Project”, “Ice Cream Man: King Of The South”, “Imposters” 02, “Imprisoned”, “In The Summertime” (aka “The Shell Sisters”), “Informer”, “Isn’t It Romantic” (aka “Bad Romance”), “Izombie”, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live!”, “Judge Dredd: Mega City One”, “The Kid Who Would Be King”, “Killerman”, “LA To Vegas”, “Lapham Rising”, “Law & Order: True Crime - The Menendez Murders”, “Liberty Crossing”, “Life Sentence”, “Little Dragon”, “The Little Stranger”, “Little Women”, “Little Women”, “Live Die Repeat And Repeat” (aka “Edge Of Tomorrow 2”), “Long Distance”, “The Lost Wife Of Robert Durst” (aka “Who Killed Kathie Durst?”), “Love You More”, “Major Crimes” 06, “Marcella” 02, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” 02 (w/t “Tiara”), “The Maze”, “Melrose”, “Mid-90s”, “Misfits”, “Modern Family" 09, “Mother”, “Mozart In The Jungle” 04, “Mrs. Mills”, “Mum” 02, “My Dinner With Herve”, “Never Grow Old”, “Ni'ihau”, “The Night”, “Nor'easter” (aka “The Post”), “Once Upon A Time”, “The One And Only Ivan”, “Ordeal By Innocence”, “The Originals” 05, “Out Of Blue” (aka “Night Train”), “Overshadowed”, “Palmer”, “Party Of The Century”, “The Passage”, “The Path” 03, “Peppermint”, “The Personal History Of Rachel Dupree”, “Poms”, “Princess Of The Row” (aka “The King And The Princess”), “Psych”, “Puzzle”, “Red Oaks” 03, “The Red Sea Diving Resort” (aka “Operation Resort”), “The Resident”, “Retribution”, “Richard Says Goodbye”, “Rise”, “River Runs Red”, “Riverdale” 02, “The Romanoffs”, “Saint Judy”, “Serenity”, “Silver Lake”, “The Sinner”, “The Sisters Brothers”, “Skin”, “Skyscraper”, “Slender Man”, “Snowpiercer”, “Someone Else’s Summer”, “Something In The Water”, “South Mountain”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “A Suitable Boy”, “Summer Of Rockets”, “Sweetheart”, “Tag”, “Taken” 02, “The True Don Quixote”, “Underground”, “Untitled Andy Mogel / Jarrad Paul Comedy”, “Untitled Dick Cheney Biopic”, “Untitled LCK Project”, “Untitled Sarah Jessica Parker Project”, “Valley Girl”, “Valor”, “A Very English Scandal”, “The War Of The Worlds”, “Wargames”, “WASP 17” (Woody Allen Summer Project 2017), “Westworld” 02, “Where'd You Go, Bernadette”, “The Widow”, “Widows”, “The Wilsons”, “Without A Crown”, “Wytches”, “X-Men: The New Mutants” (w/t “Growing Pains”), “You Can Choose Your Family”, “The Young Offenders”

Production Weekly – Issue 1039 – Thursday, April 13, 2017 / 171 Listings – 38 Pages

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“9J 9K 9L”, “#211”, “Ad Astra” (aka “To The Stars”), “Adrift”, “Alexa & Katie”, “All The Old Knives”, “Always On My Mind”, “The Americans” 06, “The Angel”, “Ant-Man And The Wasp” (w/t “Cherry Blue”), “The Appeal”, “Arizona”, “Arrow” 06, “Atlanta” 02, “Bad Moms Christmas” (aka "Bad Moms 2"), “Bad Move”, “Barbie”, “Becoming Vader”, “Benjamin”, “Betting On The Bride”, “Blowback”, “Bond 25”, “Book Club”, “Bosch” 04, “Brampton's Own”, “Brockmire” 02, “Brothered Up”, “Burning At Both Ends”, “Carnival Row”, “Chance” 02, “The Climb”, “Code 8”, “Condor”, “Criminal Minds” 13, “Crossface”, “Dead Head”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Departures” (aka “Arrivals”), “Designated Survivor” 02, “Dogman”, “The Dream Merchant” (aka “Snowman: A Horse Tale”), “Drone”, “Dumplin’”, “Egg”, “Encounter”, “Entry Level”, “Epiphany”, “Escape Plan 3”, “Everything Sucks” (aka “Welcome To Boring”), “Extinction”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Falling Water” 02, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2”, “Federal Offense”, “Fire Me”, “Flarsky”, “The Flash” 04, “Flint”, “The Flood”, “The Forgotten Army”, “Frankie Drake”, “Freakish” 02, “Gallatin 6”, “Girl Clown”, “Godzilla: King Of Monsters” (w/t “Fathom”), “Goliath” 02, “Grasshopper Jungle”, “Griselda”, “Here, Now”, “Homeland” 07, “Honey 4: The Soloist”, “Hot Date” (aka “Hey You Up”), “Hotel Artemis”, “I Am Elizabeth Smart”, “I'm In Love With The DJ”, “Ice Cream Man: King Of The South”, “It’s Time”, “Jackpot”, “Juanita”, “Juliet, Naked”, “Jungle Cruise”, “Just Add Magic” 03, “The Last Ship” 05, “Law & Order: True Crime - The Menendez Murders”, “Legends Of Tomorrow” 03, “The Line Kings”, “Little Italy”, “Lore”, “Loro”, “Love At The Shore”, “Lovebirds”, “The Magicians” 03, “The Man In The Rockefeller Suit”, “Marcella” 02, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Messiah”, “Micro”, “Mile 22”, “Monsters And Men”, “Mozart In The Jungle” 04, “Mulan”, “Mustang”, “My Favorite Wedding”, “Nashville” 06, “Nobodies” 02, “Nor'Easter” (aka “The Post”), “The Nun”, “Oklahoma Salsa Project”, “Operation Finale” (aka “Eichmann”), “Orange Is The New Black” 06, “Out Of The Blue” (aka “Night Train”), “Outlaw King” (aka “Lion Rampant”), “Overboard”, “The Pact” (aka “Cherries”), “Parade”, “The Path” 03, “Pond Life”, “Power” 05, “Prospect”, “Rampage”, “The Raven Cycle”, “Reach”, “Red Oaks” 03, “The Santa Files”, “Search Party” 02, “Senior Moment”, “Separated At Birth”, “Shadowhunters” 03, “Shameless” 08, “Shooter” 02, “The Six Billion Dollar Man”, “Skate God”, “Sneaky Pete” 02, “Snowpiercer”, “Sorry For Your Loss”, “Speed Kills” (aka “Cigarette”), “The Spruces And The Pines”, “Stan & Ollie”, “Star Falls”, “Star” 02, “Street Survivors: The True Story Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash”, “Supergirl” 02, “Supernatural" 13, “Superstore” 03, “Swallows”, “Tag”, “Tell It To The Bees”, “Tesoro”, “Three Seconds”, “Trading Paint”, “The Trap”, “Triple Threat” (aka “Makeshift Squad”), “Trust”, “Undertow”, “Untitled Dick Cheney Biopic”, “Untitled Hatton Garden Jewel Heist Project” (aka “The Over The Hill Mob”), “Untitled Horror Drama”, “Untitled Sarah Jessica Parker Project”, “Valley Girl” (Like, Totally, A Musical), “Vanity Fair”, “Venom”, “Versace: American Crime Story” 03, “Volition”, “Wasp Network”, “The Wedding March: June Wedding”, “Who Do You Think Would Win?”, “Widows”, “X-Men: The New Mutants”, “You're The Worst” 04, “Z: The Beginning Of Everything” 02, “Zoe”

MEMO: There will be no issue published next week Thursday, November 23rd in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.