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Production Weekly – Issue 1105 – Thursday, August 9, 2018 / 231 Listings – 49 Pages

“10 Minutes Gone”, “A.J. And The Queen”, “Abby’s”, “Alcatraz”, “The Ambassador”, “Ambitions”, “American Jesus”, “American Soul”, “The American”, “Animal Farm”, “Annabelle 3”, “Apalachin”, “The Arrivals” (aka "No Walls"), “Avalanche”, “Babylon Berlin” 03, “Ball Street” (aka “Black Monday"), “Bancroft” 02, “Baskets” 04, “Batwoman”, “Beast Mode”, “Betty In New York”, “Billions” 04, “Bios”, “Black & Blue”, “Blood Brothers”, “Boomerang”, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Breckman Rodeo”, “Broad City” 05, “Bulletproof” 02, “Call Of The Wild”, “Can You Keep A Secret”, “Castro's Daughter”, “Charm City” (aka “12 O'Clock Boys”), “Christmas In Evergreen 2”, “Christmas Pen Pal”, “City On A Hill”, “Cobra Kai” 02, “College”, “Commanders In Chord”, “The Conners”, “Coroner”, “Cortes”, “Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey” 02, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “The Cradle”, “Creeped Out” 02, “Creepshow”, “Critical Thinking”, “The Crossword Mystery”, “Dare Me”, “Das Boot” 02, “Daybreak”, “The Dead Girls Detective Agency”, “Death Of A Cheerleader”, “Deep State" 02, “Deep Water”, “Desperados”, “Devs”, “Dhaka”, “Dickinson”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Dogs Of War”, “Doom Patrol”, “The Dougherty Gang”, “Drunk Bus”, “Drunk History” 06, “Dutch”, “The Eddy”, “The Education Of Fredrick Fitzell”, “Embattled” (aka “Heart Of A Champion”), “Endlings”, “The Enemy Within”, “Eve”, “Family Reunion”, “Fargo” 04, “Fencer”, “The Finish Line: A Boston Marathon Survivor’s Story" (aka “Perfect Strangers”), “The First Wives Club”, “The Flash" (aka “Flashpoint”), “Florida Girls”, “For All Mankind" (aka “NASA”), “For The People” 02, “Fracture”, “Free Hunter”, “Fugitive Dreams”, “The Girl In The Third Floor Window”, “Give Or Take”, “Gold Digger”, “The Good Nurse”, “Good Sam”, “Grace And Frankie” 06, “Grand Hotel”, “Grown-ish” 02, “Halo”, “Hands That Bind”, “Here Are The Young Men”, “The Hill”, “Hit And Run”, “Hobbs & Shaw”, “Homecoming” 02, “Honest Thief”, “Hope” (aka “Sadness”), “How Higher”, “Hustlers”, “I Feel Bad”, “In The Vault" 02, “The Innocents” 02, “Island In Space”, “James The Second”, “Jerk Off”, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Jungleland”, “Jupiter’s Legacy”, “Keyhole Garden”, “Kiss & Cry”, “Krypton” 02, “Kung Fury”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Larry”, “Last Man Standing” 07, “Last Night In Old City" (aka “Kill Chain”), “Legacy Of Lies”, “Legion” 03 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “Let Him Go”, “The Letter For The King”, “A Life In Men”, “Limetown”, “Limited Partners”, “Living With Yourself”, “Locke & Key”, “Lucifer” 04, “Mainstream”, “Man With A Plan” 03, “Marlene”, “Michael Moore's TV Nation”, “Midway”, “Minecraft”, “Missing Emily”, “Mixtape”, “Modern Love”, “Mr. Iglesias”, “Mr. Robot” 04, “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries”, “The Mustard Seed”, “My Father's Daughter”, “Mystery Society” (w/t “October Faction”), “Narcos” 05, “The New Mrs. Keller”, “No Good Nick”, “NOS4A2”, “The Novice”, “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”, “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”, “Palmer”, “The Passage”, “Passing”, “The Perfect One”, “The Porter”, “Powers”, “Prescription For Love”, “Puppy Prep Academy”, “The Queen And I”, “Queen Sugar” 04, “Queens Of Mystery”, “The Rain” 02, “Rambo V: Last Blood”, “Ramy”, “Random Acts Of Violence”, “The Red Circle”, “The Red Line”, “Rel”, “Remember Me”, “Reprisal”, “Residue”, “Rex”, “The Row 2”, “Schooled”, “Search Party” 03, “The Senior”, “Shogun”, “Single Parents”, “Slaughterhouse-Five”, “Sorry We Missed You”, “Space Jam 2”, “Special”, “Stargirl”, “Stargirl”, “Strike!”, “A Suitable Boy”, “Suits - Second City”, “Swamp Thing”, “Tales From The Loop”, “Tall Girl”, “These Old Bones”, “Tigertail”, “Timewasters” 02, “Toff Guys”, “Transparent” 05, “Trinkets”, “The True American”, “Turned On”, “The Twilight Zone”, “The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise”, “Uncut Gems”, “Untitled Hedy Lamarr Project”, “Untitled Holiday Comedy”, “Untitled Improv Office Ensemble”, “Untitled McDonald’s Monopoly Project”, “Untitled Rosell/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Sade Sellers Project”, “Untitled Social Media Thriller”, “Untitled Star Trek Project”, “Untitled Star Wars Live-Action”, “Utopia”, “The Vessel”, “Walkaway Joe”, “Walking With Herb”, “Wander Darkly”, “We Summon The Darkness”, “What / If”, “Wheels Of Fortune”, “The Witcher”, “Wonderland”, “Y: The Last Man” (aka "Y"), “Yellowstone” 02, “You, Me & Her” 04, “You” 02

Production Weekly – Issue 1103 – Thursday, July 26, 2018 / 200 Listings – 43 Pages

“The 100” 06, “17 Bridges”, “6 Underground”, “All The Bright Places”, “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” 08 “Annabelle 3”, “Another Life”, “Arsene Lupin”, “The Assent”, “The Athena”, “Avengement”, “Babylon Berlin” 03, “Bad Hair”, “Bang Bang”, “Barry” 02, “The Bayou”, “Beast Beast”, “Beast Mode”, “The Bellmen”, “Beyond The American Dream”, “Bill & Ted Face The Music”, “Birds Of Prey”, “Black And Blue”, “Black Summer”, “Black-Ish” 05, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Breckman Rodeo”, “Briarpatch”, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Bunker”, “Call Of The Wild”, “Can You Keep A Secret”, “A Carousel Christmas”, “Catherine The Great”, “Cats”, “Cavendish”, “Caviar”, “Centigrade”, “Central Park 5”, “Charmed”, “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “Christmas Lost And Found" (aka “The Tree Trimming Chase”), “The Climb”, “The Cold Days Of Summer”, “College Dating App”, “Come Away”, “The Conners”, “Constance”, “Coroner”, “Covers”, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “Crossword Mysteries”, “Cut! Or What You Will”, “Daisy Jones & The Six”, “The Danger Of Positive Thinking”, “Dare Me”, “Dead To Me”, “Deadly Class”, “Deadwood”, “Dickinson”, “Diggstown”, “Doctor Sleep”, “A Dog's Journey” (w/t “Molly & Max”), “Don’t Forget The Driver”, “Dora The Explorer”, “Drunk Bus”, “Dustwun”, “Ex Next Door”, “The Expanse” 04, “The First Wives Club”, “The Fix”, “Florida Girls”, “Fly By Christmas”, “Flying Horses”, “Fool's Day”, “For All Mankind" (aka “Nasa”), “Giri/Haji” (Duty/Shame), “Godfather Of Harlem”, “Gold Digger”, “Good Boys”, “Good Sam”, “The Good Witch” 05, “Grey's Anatomy” 15, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3”, “Hair Live!”, “Hamelins”, “Hammer”, “The Has Been”, “Heaven's Mileage”, “Hit And Run”, “Home”, “The Hot Zone”, “How Higher”, “The Hunt”, “Hush, Hush”, “I Digress”, “I Used To Live Here”, “Impulse” 02, “The Infiltrators”, “Isolve”, “Jack And Lem”, “Jarhead: Law Of Return”, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Jungleland”, “Keep True”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Kiss And Cry”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Lilian”, “Limetown”, “Limited Partners”, “Little Women”, “Living With Yourself”, “Locke & Key”, “The Long Night”, “Lost In Space” 02, “Lucifer” 04, “Mainstream”, “The Man In The High Castle” 04, “Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger” 02 (w/t “Shadows”), “Maya And Her Lover”, “Miss Daisy”, “Missing Emily”, “Mommy's Little Princess”, “Monuments”, “Morbius”, “Murphy Brown”, “My Spy”, “The Neighborhood”, “Newsflash”, “Next Level”, “Nobody”, “Nos4a2”, “October Faction”, “The Old Guard”, “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”, “The Pecan Man”, “Percy Vs. Monsanto”, “Perry Mason”, “Pico & Sepulveda”, “Plan A”, “Powers”, “Proven Innocent”, “Puppy Prep Academy”, “Queen & Slim”, “Radiant”, “Random Acts Of Violence”, “Rent: Live”, “Reset: My Fight For Inclusion And Lasting Change”, “The Residence”, “Rocketman”, “Roswell, New Mexico”, “Run”, “Ryan Drake: Redemption”, “Scarface”, “Secrets Of The Salon”, “See”, “Sergio”, “Sextuplets”, “Shooting Heroin”, “Silence”, “Silo”, “Skam Austin” 02, “Snowpiercer”, “Spawn” (w/t "Toni Dynamite"), “Stargirl”, “Station 19” 02, “Stepdaughter”, “Stolen Season”, “Stoned Alone”, “Straight Up”, “Strike!”, “Studio Visit”, “Sunny”, “Sunshine Scouts”, “Tasmanian Devil”, “This Is The Year”, “Those Guys Have All The Fun”, “Tick, Tick…Boom!”, “Tied Up”, “Tigertail”, “Togo”, “Top Gun 2: Maverick” (w/t "Island Plaza"), “Unearth”, “Untitled Bridgerton Project”, “Untitled Charles Randolph Project”, “Untitled Fosse/Verdon Project”, “Untitled Shonda Rhimes Project”, “Untitled Tim Dillon Project”, “Upright”, “War Of The Worlds”, “The Warmth Of Other Suns”, “Wu Assassins”, “Wynonna Earp” 04, “Y: The Last Man”, “Yellowstone” 02, “Yesternow”, “You Are My Friend”, “Zola”

Production Weekly – Issue 1086 – Thursday, March 29, 2018 / 205 Listings – 43 Pages

Download Issue

Download Issue

“25” (aka “Best Friends”), “438 Days”, “Abby’s”, “Alexa & Katie” 02, “Anderson Falls”, “Angel Of Mine”, “Are You Sleeping”, “The Art Of Racing In The Rain”, “Bad Move” 02, “The Bajillionaires”, “Beecham House”, “Black And Blue”, “The Bluff”, “Bond 25”, “Boss Level”, “The Boys”, “Brooklyn”, “Burden Of Truth“ 02, “Camping”, “The Capture”, “Carmen Sandiego”, “Catastrophe” 04, “The Catch”, “Central Park Five”, “Channel Zero: Dream Door” 04, “Cheat”, “Chernobyl”, “Christmas By The Book”, “Christmas Calendar” (aka “Holiday Calendar”), “Christmas Camp”, “The Cleansing Hour”, “Cordelia”, “Cortes”, “Daniel Isn't Real” (aka “In This Way I Was Saved”), “Dark Mon£y”, “Darkest Dark”, “Dayflower Sonata”, “Deadlier Than The Male”, “Deaf Road”, “The Death Of Me”, “Descendants 3” (w/t “The Big Sleep”), “Dirty John”, “Dora The Explorer”, “The Dream Merchant” (aka “Snowman: A Horse Tale”), “The Drifters”, “Driven”, “The Earthquake Bird”, “Elizabeth Is Missing”, “Emmett”, “Emperor”, “Endeavour” 06, “Esau”, “Eternal Beauty” (aka “In My Oils”), “Euphoria”, “Falcon Lake”, “Falls Around Her”, “Fam”, “Five Feet Apart” (aka “Breath Me”), “Flyy Girl”, “Follow Back”, “Fonzo”, “Foursome” 04, “Friends From College” 02, “Fuller House” 04, “Future Man” 02, “Girl In The Bathtub”, “Gold Digger”, “Good Boys”, “The Good Place” 03, “The Grudge”, “The Guest Book” 02, “Her Smell”, “His House”, “Honey Boy”, “Honey In The Head”, “Hope Gap”, “Hope's Wish”, “I Do”, “In The Shadow Of The Moon”, “Indiana Jones 5”, “Inside Game”, “It: Part Two” (w/t “Largo”), “James Vs. His Future Self”, “Jamestown” 03, “Jelly Bean”, “John Wick: Chapter 3”, “Jonesin'”, “Juicy Stories”, “Jungle Cruise” (w/t “Elixir”), “Just Roll With It”, “Kim Possible” (aka “Possibility”), “The King”, “The Kitchen”, “La Llorona”, “Lady And The Tramp”, “The Last Black Man In San Francisco”, “The Last Summer”, “Late Night”, “Latijnse Liefde” (w/t “Latin Love”), “Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board”, “The Lighthouse”, “The List”, “Live!”, “Lost Transmissions”, “Lurid & Cute”, “Magic Max”, “The Magnificent Meyersons”, “Man Of The House”, “Marrying Mr. Darcy”, “The Marsh King’s Daughter”, “Mayans MC”, “Me And Nancy Drew”, “Men In Black 4”, “The Mental State”, “Messiah”, “Midnight, Texas” 02, “Miss Virginia”, “Monsoon”, “Most Likely To…” (aka “Glenfield Girls' Club”), “Mulan”, “Murder Mystery”, “Nancy Drew”, “Nasa”, “Natalie”, “Native Son”, “The New Gods”, “The New Mrs. Keller”, “Northern Rescue”, “Now Apocalypse”, “One Day At A Time” 03, “The Order”, “Pandas In New York”, “Pen15”, “The Penitent Thief”, “The Perfect Bride 2”, “Pet Sematary”, “Phoenix, Oregon”, “Primal”, “Pup Star 4: Pup Star Christmas”, “The Purge”, “Queen Of Thieves”, “Ray Donovan” 06, “Red Notice”, “Rel”, “Rim Of The World”, “Riptyde”, “Rogue Warfare”, “Rogue Warfare 2: The Hunt”, “Rogue Warfare 3: Death Of A Nation”, “The Rook”, “Run This Town”, “S.W.A.T.” 02, “Seal Team” 02, “See”, “Selah & The Spades”, “The Sinner” 02, “Six Minutes To Midnight”, “Snake River Incident”, “Sneaky Pete” 03, “So Close”, “The Spanish Princess”, “Spectrum”, “Spider-Man 2” (w/t “Bosco”), “Stage Mother”, “Star Trek: Discovery” 02 (w/t “Green Harvest” / “Tennessee Honey”), “Strike Back” 06, “Strike!”, “Stuber”, “The Sunlit Night”, “Surrender”, “Tape”, “Think Like A Dog” (aka “Dog's Best Friend”), “Three”, “Tigertail”, “Tio Papi”, “Troupe Zero”, “The True American”, “Truly, Madly, Sweetly”, “Ugly”, “Unbound”, “Unstable”, “Untitled Ali Wong/Randall Park Project”, “Untitled Earl/McAuliffe Project”, “Untitled Holiday Comedy”, “Untitled Jordan Peele Thriller”, “Untitled Miranda July Project”, “Untitled Morning Show Project”, “Untitled Shakespeare Project”, “Untitled Tarell McCraney Project”, “Untitled Terminator Project”, “Valley Of The Boom”, “Vent”, “Violet”, “Welcome To The Neighborhood”, “White Rajah”, “A Wife's Revenge”, “Wine Country”, “The Winemaker's Son”, “The Woman In The Window”, “Words On Bathroom Walls”, “Working Man”, “X-Men: Gambit” (w/t “Forevermore” / “Chess”), “Yes”, “You Should Have Left”

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