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Production Weekly – Issue 1111 – Thursday, September 20, 2018 / 142 Listings – 30 Pages

“17 Bridges”, “355”, “A.J. And The Queen”, “A.P. Bio” 02, “The Act”, “Annabelle 3”, “Arkansas”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “The Banker”, “Besa”, “The Betrayers”, “Birds Of Prey” (w/t "Fox Force Five"), “Blood’s A Rover”, “Blue Esme”, “Bonding”, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Breckman Rodeo”, “Can You Keep A Secret?”, “Chance Of Rain”, “Charm City” (aka “12 O'Clock Boys”), “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “The Chosen”, “Christmas In Grand Valley”, “Christmas In Vermont”, “Claws” 03, “Close Before Midnight”, “College”, “Connect”, “Constance”, “Danny Issues”, “The Dark And The Wicked”, “Dark Harbor”, “The Dead Of Night”, “Dead To Me”, “Dear White People” 03, “Designated Survivor” 03 (w/t "The White House Project"), “The Drummer”, “El Tonto”, “The Enemy Within”, “The Expanse” 04, “Fair And Balanced” (w/t "Lucite Desk"), “Fantasy Island”, “Florida Girls”, “Forever Alone”, “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, “Gabby Duran And The Unsittables”, “Ghosting”, “Gift Of Love”, “The Gingerbread Girl”, “Gingerbread Romance”, “The Good Girl”, “Gossamer Folds”, “Granny's Home”, “Greed”, “Greenland”, “Greenleaf” 04, “The Handmaid’s Tale” 03 (w/t “Rocket Woman”), “Harriet”, “Harry Haft” (aka “The Boxer”), “The Has-Been”, “Holly Day”, “Homegrown Christmas”, “The Husband”, “In A Pickle" (aka "Sell Out"), “Insatiable” 02, “Jingle Jangle”, “Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher" 02, “Killing Eleanor”, “King Me”, “Larry”, “Last Call”, “Last Christmas”, “The Letter For The King”, “Limited Partners”, “Living With Yourself”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lost Girls”, “Love Is __” 02, “Lucky Grandma”, “Magic Hour”, “The Mallorca Files”, “Man Like Mobeen" 02, “Max And Me”, “Military Wives”, “Milkwater”, “Mr. Iglesias”, “The Murders”, “New York Times Modern Love”, “A Nice Girl Like You” (aka “Porn-ol-o-gy”), “The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson”, “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”, “Our Lady, Ltd" (aka “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”), “P-Town”, “People Just Do Nothing”, “The Pleasure Of Your Presence”, “Power”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe”, “Princess Cut 2: Hearts On Fire”, “Prodigal Son”, “Ransom” 03, “Red Sonja”, “Richard Lovely”, “Run”, “SAS: Red Notice”, “Scarface”, “Sid Is Dead”, “Snowfall” 03, “Son Of Monarchs”, “Soulmate(s), “Space Jam 2”, “Spawn” (w/t "Toni Dynamite"), “Spinning Out”, “Stargirl”, “Sunny”, “Sweetbitter” 02, “Synchronic”, “The Tattooist Of Auschwitz”, “I Think You Should Leave”, “This Is The Year”, “Twenties”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Uncorked”, “Unstoppable”, “Untitled Day/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Dui Jarrod Project”, “Untitled Grumpy Old Men Comedy”, “Untitled Roger Ailes Project”, “Untitled Tessa Coates Comedy”, “Untitled Wes Anderson Project”, “The Upper East Side Murder" (aka "The Preppie Murder"), “The Village”, “War Of The Worlds”, “War Pigs” (aka "The Takedown"), “The Way Between”, “Wonderland”, “The Wrong Mans”, “X-Men: Gambit” (w/t “Forevermore” / “Chess”), “Yes Day”, “Zola”, “Zombieland 2: Double Tap”

Production Weekly – Issue 1101 – Thursday, July 12, 2018 / 171 Listings – 36 Pages

“17 Bridges”, “6 Underground”, “68 Whiskey”, “After”, “Alaska”, “Aleppo”, “All Day And A Night”, “All Of My Heart 3”, “American Reject”, “Animal Kingdom” 04, “Antlers”, “The Arrivals”, “Backyard Legend”, “Big Life”, “Big Time Adolescence”, “The Biker”, “Black Adam”, “Black Summer”, “Blackbird”, “Blood From Stone”, “Blue Bloods” 09, “Boy Culture”, “Briarpatch”, “Central Park 5”, “Charmed”, “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project")”, “The Christmas Pact”, “Claws” 03, “Clear Lake”, “Cobra”, “Come Away”, “Creeped Out” 02, “Crescendo”, “Critical Thinking”, “Dance At My Weddings”, “The Danger Of Positive Thinking”, “Dare Me”, “David Makes Man”, “Dead To Me”, “Death Of A Ladies’ Man”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Dogtown”, “Donny's Party”, “Doxxed”, “Dynasty” 02, “East Texas Oil”, “The Education Of Fredrick Fitzell”, “The Enemy Within”, “Erase”, “Fam”, “The Fix”, “The Forest Of Hands And Teeth”, “Freud”, “Gabby Duran And The Unsittables”, “Gay Kid And Fat Chick”, “Gotham” 05, “Grade A”, “Greenland”, “Hamelins”, “Hammer”, “Happy Together”, “Happy!” 02, “The Heavy”, “Her Only Choice”, “Hobbs & Shaw”, “The Hot Zone”, “How High 2”, “The Hunted”, “The I-Land”, “In The Vault" 02, “Indiana Jones 5”, “The Infiltrators”, “The Influencers”, “Isolve”, “Joe And Jadin Bell”, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Keeping True”, “Kung Fury 2”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “The Last Mile”, “The Last O.G.” 02, “The Last Weekend In May”, “Lay Low”, “Letterkenny” 04, “Life-Size 2”, “Limited Partners”, “Little Women”, “The Long Night”, “Lost Girls”, “Love”, “Magic Hour”, “Magnum P.I.”, “The Man In The High Castle” 04, “The Man Who Saved Paris”, “Minyan”, “The Miraculous Adventure Of Edward Tulane”, “Mister Winner”, “Murphy Brown”, “No Activity” 02, “Nos4a2”, “The Novice”, “The Old Guard”, “Percy Vs. Monsanto”, “Poldark” 05, “Poms”, “Poughkeepsie Is For Lovers”, “Proven Innocent”, “Quantum And Woody”, “Reckoning”, “The Red Line”, “The Righteous Gemstones”, “Robocop Returns”, “Run With The Hunted”, “The Sandcastle Girls”, “Sanditon”, “The Scottish Play”, “See”, “The Shed”, “Shrill”, “Single Parents”, “Sneaky Pete” 03, “The Song Of Names”, “Sound Of Metal”, “The Sound Of Philadelphia”, “Spawn”, “Star Wars: Episode IX” (w/t “Black Diamond”), “Star” 03, “State Of The Union”, “Stockholm" (aka "Jessica"), “Strike!”, “Studio Visit”, “Stupid Happy”, “Sunny”, “Super-Intelligence”, “Sweet Vengeance”, “Team Joy”, “This Is Going To Hurt”, “Tied Up”, “Toff Guys”, “Troma’s Tempest" (aka "Shakespeare's Shitstorm"), “Tunnels”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Unearth”, “Untitled Adam Leon Project”, “Untitled Holiday Comedy”, “Untitled Paul Giamatti Project”, “Untitled Saldana's Project”, “Untitled Teen Pregnancy Road Movie (With Zombies), “Utopia Road”, “Vampires Vs The Bronx”, “Van Cliburn”, “Vhyes”, “Vida” 02, “The Warning”, “We Summon The Darkness”, “Weetzie Bat”, “Weird City”, “Wicho”, “Wildcat”, “The Woman In Cabin 10”, “The Woman In The Window”, “The World As It Is”, “World On Fire”, “Wu Assassins”, “XXX 4”, “Y”, “Years And Years”, “You Are My Friend”, “Young Sheldon” 02

Production Weekly – Issue 1072 – Thursday, December 14, 2017 / 168 Listings – 35 Pages

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“12/24”, “1974”, “800”, “Adam & Eva”, “The Allnighter”, “Alone Together”, “Altered Carbon” 02 (w/t “Sleeves”), “American Woman”, “Animal Day”, “Antlers”, “Anya’s Ghost”, “Arc Of Justice”, “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”, “The Artist's Wife”, “Awful Auntie”, “B.F.F.”, “Baghdad Central”, “Ballerina”, “Ballers” 04, “Bermuda Triangle”, “Best Enemies”, “Best Funeral Ever”, “Better Call Saul” 04, “Between Earth And Sky”, “Big Little Lies” 02, “Black And Blue”, “Blood”, “Bloodline”, “Blow The Man Down”, “Booksmart”, “The Boxer”, “Breadwinners”, “Brosio”, “Burial Rites”, “Butterfly”, “Call Of The Wild”, “Captain Marvel”, “The Cartel”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Christmas Perfection”, “City Of Mist”, “Claws” 02, “Cleopatra”, “Clifford The Big Red Dog”, “Cloud One”, “Clouds” (aka “Fly A Little Higher”), “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “Creed 2”, “The Crow”, “Dark Heart” (aka “Wagstaffe”), “The Demons Of Dorian Gunn”, “Descendant”, “Detective Pikachu” (w/t “Gumshoe”), “The Dirt”, “Don’t Be Evil”, “The Doorman”, “The Edible Woman”, “Escape”, “Euphoria”, “The Exorcism At Lincoln High”, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile”, “The Far Pavilions”, “Feast Of The Seven Fishes”, “Gadabout”, “The Garden Of Last Days”, “Gemini Man” (w/t “Omega”), “Goosebumps 2”, “The Great Nothing”, “Greyhound”, “Guns Akimbo”, “Harmony”, “Heart Of The Beast”, “Hellfest”, “Herbie” (w/t “Fast Layne”), “Hey 45”, “Holler”, “Honey In The Head” (aka “Head Full Of Honey”), “Hope” (aka “Sadness”), “Hosea”, “I'll Take Your Dead”, “I’m Dying Up Here” 02, “The Ice Queens”, “Infinite”, “Innocent Monsters”, “Instant Family”, “Inversion”, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live!”, “Just Mercy”, “Kate”, “Less Than Zero”, “Liberation”, “Liza On Demand”, “Locke & Key”, “Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know”, “Maleficent 2”, “Master Thieves”, “Messiah”, “A Million Little Pieces”, “Mouthpiece”, “Mr. Robot” 04, “My Zoe”, “Nail Biter” (aka “Adopt A Highway”), “Natural History”, “Newsflash”, “Nightmare Alley”, “No One Would Tell”, “The Oa” 02 (aka “Untitled Leonora Project”), “One Thousand Paper Cranes”, “Only”, “Operation Red Dog”, “Origin”, “The Other Lamb”, “The Outpost”, “The Panicking Fly”, “Pet Sematary”, “The Phantom Tollbooth”, “Poms”, “Possessor”, “Power”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “The Punisher” 02 (w/t “Crime”), “Queen Of The South” 03, “The Rookie”, “Sacred Lies”, “Salvation” 02, “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark”, “Selah And The Spades”, “Shazam!” (w/t “Franklin”), “Shogun”, “Shooter” 03, “Silver And Black”, “The Silver Bear”, “The Six Billion Dollar Man”, “Skam”, “Snakeeater”, “Snowfall” 02, “Spider-Man 2” (w/t “Fall Of George” / “Bosco”), “Spontaneous”, “Starring Phil Hartman” (aka “Nice Guy Phil”), “Strange Angel”, “Stuber”, “Tacoma FD”, “Take Two”, “Tempting Fate”, “Tin Star” 02, “Trial & Error” 02, “Trust”, “Unplanned”, “Unspeakable”, “Untitled Barris/Bean/Baldwin Comedy”, “Untitled Bruce Lee Project”, “Untitled Ed Harris Project”, “Untitled Hornsby / Anderson Project”, “Untitled Justin Chon Project”, “Untitled Sabrina Project”, “Upload”, “V.I.N.”, “Valley Of The Boom”, “The Violent Heart”, “The Wall Of Mexico”, “When In Doubt, Seduce”, “Where I End”, “White House Farm”, “The Witcher”, “Wyler”, “Wynonna Earp” 03, “X-Men: Gambit” (w/t “Forevermore” / “Chess”), “Yellowstone Falls”