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Production Weekly – Issue 1052 – Thursday, July 13, 2017 / 168 Listings – 39 Pages

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“1974”, “9JKL”, “Ad Astra”, “Aladdin”, “Alex, Inc.” (aka “Start Up”), “Angry Angel”, “Annette”, “Asher”, “The Atlas Burden”, “An Audience Of Chairs”, “Backseat”, “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs”, “Baroness Von Sketch Show” 03, “Battle Dragons”, “Best Day Of My Life”, “Better Call Saul” 04, “The Big Bang Theory" 11, “Bite Me”, “Bitter”, “Black Lake”, “Black Lightning”, “Black River” (aka “The Hell Within”), “Black-ish” 04, “The Blacklist” 05, “Breaking In”, “The Brian Banks Story”, “The Buddy Games”, “Burden Of Truth“ (aka “Burden Of Proof”), “Butterfly In The Typewriter”, “Cardinal: By The Time You Read This” 03, “Carter”, “Castle Rock”, “Chaos Walking”, “Chicago Fire” 06”, “Chicago PD” 05, “Clan”, “Claws” 02, “The Dangerous Book For Boys”, “Day 13”, “The Detour” 03”, “The Detroiters” 02”, “A Dose Of Life”, “Dumplin’”, “Dutch”, “Dying:101”, “The Eggplant Emoji”, “El Chicano”, “Elementary” 06, “Elena – A Life For Horses”, “Enchanted Christmas”, “Every Other Weekend”, “Exalted”, “The Exorcist” 02, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Falling For Vermont”, “The Family Business”, “Farming”, “Fluidity”, “Four Christmases And A Wedding”, “The Frontrunner”, “Gemini Man”, “Georgetown”, “Good Girls”, “The Good Mann”, “Gore”, “Grey's Anatomy” 14, “The Grudge”, “Halloween” (w/t “Night Blade“), “The Handmaid’s Tale” 02, “The Happytime Murders”, “Harrow”, “The Hate U Give”, “Haunt”, “Highway” (aka “The Highway Is For Gamblers”), “Homeland” 07, “Honored”, “I Feel Pretty”, “Ice Cream In The Cupboard”, “If Beale Street Could Talk”, “Imposters” 02, “In Emma's Footsteps”, “The Irishman" (aka "I Heard You Paint Houses"), “Juliet, Naked”, “The Kindergarten Teacher”, “Klown”, “Life Sentence”, “Madam Secretary” 04, “Magical Law”, “Mail Order Monster”, “Make Out Party”, “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!”, “Mapplethorpe" (aka "The Perfect Moment"), “Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” 05 (w/t "Ragtag"), “Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger” 02 (w/t “Shadows”), “Marvel’s New Warriors” (w/t “Houseboat”), “The Mayor”, “Me, Myself & I”, “Miami Vice”, “Miracle Workers”, “Miss Christmas”, “Mom” 05, “Nasty Women”, “Nigerian Prince”, “Old City Blues”, “On The Basis Of Sex”, “Outlaw King” (aka “Lion Rampant”), “Patrick Melrose”, “Paved New World”, “Peared With A Kiss”, “Place Publique”, “Princess Of The Row” (aka “The King And The Princess”), “Professor Challenger”, “Pure”, “Pursuit Of Unhappiness” (aka “Joy”), “Reprisal”, “The Rhythm Section”, “Richard Says Goodbye”, “Ride”, “Robots”, “Roseanne”, “Safe” (aka “The Four”), “San Filtro”, “Scarface”, “Secrets From The Russian Tea Room”, “The Shitheads”, “Sister Carrie”, “Slaughterhouse Rulez”, “SMILF”, “Smoke & Mirrors”, “Snowfall” 02, “Spider-Man 2”, “Splitting Up Together”, “Stonefly”, “Suicide Squad 2”, “Summer Of ‘84”, “Superstition”, “Superstore” 03, “Surrender, NY”, “Taken” 02, “Teen Spirit”, “Teratorn”, “Timeless” 02, “Tin Town”, “Titans”, “Today Will Be Different”, “Transformers Universe: Bumblebee” (w/t “Brighton Falls”), “Triage”, “The True Adventure Of Wolf Boy”, “The Umbrella Academy”, “Under The Eiffel Tower”, “Untitled Barry Levinson Project” (aka “Happy Valley”), “Untitled Carol Leifer Comedy”, “Untitled David James Kelly Project” (aka “Saigon”), “Untitled David O. Russell Project”, “Untitled Grey's Anatomy Spinoff”, “Untitled Jon Beckerman Project”, “Untitled Manson-Tate Project”, “Untitled Robert Zemeckis Project” (aka “The Women Of Marwen”), “Untitled Sri Rao Comedy”, “Untitled Swan Lake Project”, “Venom” (w/t “Antidote”), “Waco”, “When Jeff Tried To Save The World”, “The Widow”, “Wonder Woman 2”, “Yellowstone”, “Zombie Brother”

Production Weekly – Issue 1047 – Thursday, June 8, 2017 / 217 Listings – 48 Pages

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“13 Reasons Why” 02, “24-7”, “A.P. Bio”, “The Affair” 04, “Age Before Beauty”, “All That Glitters”, “Andi Mack” 02, “Angry Angel”, “Ant-Man And The Wasp” (w/t “Cherry Blue”), “The Arrangement” 02, “Arrow” 06, “Atlanta” 02, “Babysitting”, “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs & Other Tales Of The American Frontier”, “Baskets” 03, “Before I Sleep”, “The Bet”, “Black Lightning”, “The Blacklist” 05, “Blindspot” 03, “Bodyguard”, “A Bramble House Christmas”, “The Brave”, “Breath Me”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” 05, “By The Book” (aka “Living Biblically”), “Capitol Hill”, “Castle Rock”, “The Chain”, “Champions”, “Channel Zero: Staircases / Hidden Door”, “Charming The Hearts Of Men”, “Chernobyl”, “Chicago Med” 03, “A Christmas Carol Competition”, “Coda” (aka “The Belier Family”), “College-ish” (aka “Liberal Arts”), “Confetti”, “The Coolest Girl In The World”, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” 03, “Crossface”, “The Crossing”, “The Dangerous Book For Boys”, “The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance”, “Day 13”, “DC: Legends Of Tomorrow” 03, “Deception”, “The Deep Mad Dark”, “Desert”, “Designated Survivor” 02, “Desire”, “The Detroiters” 02, “Disorder”, “Edge Of The Blade”, “Empire” 04, “Escape At Dannemora” (aka “Clinton Correctional”), “Every Day”, “Every Day”, “Everything Sucks” (aka “Welcome To Boring”), “Eye Witness”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “The Flash” 04, “Fluidity”, “Free Fall”, “G.L.O” (The Giant Little Ones), “Garage Sale Mystery: Case Of Murder”, “Gemini Man”, “Genius” 02, “The Goldbergs” 05, “The Good Doctor”, “The Good Fight” 02, “The Gospel Of Kevin”, “Gotham” 04, “Great News” 02, “Hanna”, “Happy!”, “The Haunting”, “Heathers”, “Heels”, “Highway One”, “Homecoming”, “House Of Cards” 06, “I Hate Kids” (aka “Here Comes The Son”), “I See You”, “Ice” 02, “Imposters” 02, “Imposters” 02, “Impulse”, “Informer”, “Inside Voice”, “iZombie” 04, “James The Second”, “Jamestown” 02, “John Wick: Chapter 3”, “Katrina: American Crime Story” 03, “Kevin Can Wait” 02, “A Kid Like Jake”, “Krypton” (w/t “Royal Flush”), “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders”, “Law & Order: SVU” 19, “Legion” 02 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “Letterkenny” 03, “Life In Rewind”, “Linda And Monica”, “The Lion King” (w/t “Tycoon”) “The Lost Airman”, “Lost Girls”, “Louisiana Caviar”, “Love Always”, “The Magicians” 03, “Malignant Love”, “Mandy”, “Maniac”, “Mars II”, “Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger” 02 (w/t “Shadows”), “Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger” 02 (w/t “Shadows”), “Marvel’s Runaways”, “The Mayor”, “Me, Myself & I”, “Melrose”, “The Middle Of X”, “Misfits”, “Miss Bala”, “Mother”, “Motivated Seller”, “Mozart In The Jungle” 04, “Narcos” 04, “Nashville” 06, “NCIS: New Orleans” 04, “No Activity”, “No Place Safe”, “Nobodies” 02, “Nola”, “The Oath”, “On The Other Side”, “The One Percent”, “Otherhood”, “Out Stealing Horses”, “Outlander” 04, “Pans”, “The Passage”, “Patriot” 02, “Paul Apostle Jesus Christ”, “Peaky Blinders” 05, “The Peanut Butter Falcon”, “Phantom”, “Power Couple” (aka “Bad Couple”), “Red Oaks” 03, “Relationship Status” 02, “Reprisal”, “The Resident”, “Reverie”, “Rise”, “Rising Suns”, “Roseanne”, “Ruthless”, “Ruthless”, “S.W.A.T.”, “School Of Rock” 03, “School's Out”, “Scorpion” 04, “Semper Fi”, “Shadow Girl”, “Shoplifters Of The World”, “Shut Eye” 02, “Silicon Valley” 05, “Slender Man”, “SMILF”, “Sneaky Pete” 02, “Snowpiercer”, “The Son” 02, “Sorry To Bother You”, “Speed Kills”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me, “Sugar And Spice”, “Summertime” (aka “The Shell Sisters”), “Supergirl” 03, “Superior Donuts” 02, “Taken” 02, “Taste” (aka “Underground”), “Timeless” 02, “Tin Town”, “Titans”, “To All The Boys I've Loved Before”, “Today Will Be Different”, “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Trial & Error” 02, “Tropical Cop”, “Trust”, “Uncle Drew”, “Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac And The Notorious B.I.G.”, “Untitled Grey's Anatomy Spinoff”, “Untitled Joe Paterno Project” (aka “Happy Valley”), “Untitled Marie Colvin Project”, “Untitled Marie Colvin Project”, “Utopia”, “Valor”, “Veep” 07, “Viva La Madness”, “Vox Lux”, “Waco”, “Warrior”, “WASP 17” (Woody Allen Summer Project 2017), “Westworld” 02, “White Famous”, “The Who Was? Show”, “Will & Grace” 09, “Windows On The World”, “Wisdom Of The Crowd”, “The Women Of Marwen” (aka “Marwencol”), “Workin' Moms” 02, “Wrong Answer”, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” (w/t “Teen Spirit” / aka “X-Men: Supernova”), “Yellowstone”, “You”, “Younger” 05

Production Weekly – Issue 1030 – Thursday, February 9, 2017 / 196 listings – 41 pages

“12 Days”, “9J 9K 9L”, “Action Park”, “Ad Astra”, “Adrift”, “Age Before Beauty”, “All The Devil's Men”, “American Woman”, “Amy’s Brother”, “Angel Of Mine”, “Attach”, “Back Roads”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bathing Flo”, “The Beach Bum”, “Beautiful Boy”, “Beef”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Bel Canto”, “Black Lightning”, “The Body She Brings”, “Brampton's Own”, “Break My Heart 1,000 Times”, “Brother's Keeper”, “Brothered Up”, “Brownstone”, “Bum Deal”, “The Burning Woman”, “Butterfly In The Typewriter”, “Captive State”, “Channels”, “Charlie Foxtrot”, “Christmas Solo”, “Cigarette”, “Condor”, “Contained”, “Controversy”, “The Crossing”, “Daddy's Home 2”, “Departures” (aka “Arrivals”), “Diamond Geezers”, “Dick Move”, “Distefano”, “Doomsday”, “Dragged Across Concrete”, “Drama High”, “Dynasty”, “East Of Yuma”, “Eiffel”, “El Jefe” (aka “City Of Angels” / “Protect & Serve”), “The Equalizer 2”, “Escape At Clinton Correctional”, “Escape Plan 2”, “The Farnsworth House”, “Fighting With My Family”, “For God & Country”, “Friday The 13th, Part 13” (w/t “Forest Green”), “Furlough”, “Game Night”, “Garage Sale Mystery: Texting A Murder”, “The Get”, “Ghosted”, “Ghosts Of War” (aka “The Other Place”), “Godzilla: King Of Monsters”, “Good Girls”, “Goosebumps 2”, “The Gospel Of Kevin”, “Hailey Dean 2”, “Hannah Royce’s Questionable Choices”, “Happy Peppers”, “Hard Powder” (aka “In Order Of Disappearance”), “Harriet”, “Here Comes The Son”, “Hotel Artemis”, “Household Name”, “Hummingbird”, “Insatiable”, “Jurassic World 2” (w/t “Ancient Futures”), “Katrina: American Crime Story”, “Killer Instinct” (aka “Dr. Death”), “Kursk”, “Lapham Rising”, “Las Reinas”, “The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts”, “Law & Order: True Crime - The Menendez Murders”, “Lax --> Vegas”, “Les Misérables”, “Let The Dogs Go Home”, “Life Sentence”, “Light Of My Life”, “Like Cats And Dogs”, “The Line Kings”, “Living Biblically”, “Lodge 49”, “Losing It”, “Lost Girls”, “Love Child”, “M:I 6 - Mission: Impossible” (w/t “Gemini”), “Malevolence”, “Maniac”, “Marvel’s Runaways” (w/t “Rugrats”), “Mayans MC”, “Me, Myself And I”, “Meditation Park”, “Midnight's Door”, “Militia” (aka “The Abilene Incident”), “Mission Control”, “Mississippi River Shark”, “Mortal Engines”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Most Likely To Murder”, “My Dinner With Herve”, “My Zoe”, “Next Of Kin”, “Nicole”, “The Nine”, “Nomis”, “None Of The Above”, “The Nun”, “On The Basis Of Sex”, “The One Percent”, “Origin Unknown”, “The Other Place”, “Otherhood”, “The Over The Hill Mob”, “Overexposed”, “Overlord”, “The Pages”, “Paradise”, “The Price Of Admission”, “Private Life”, “Proud Mary”, “The Quiet Place”, “Rampage”, “Real Time” (aka “My Time/Your Time”), “Redliners”, “The Resident” (aka “Kings County”), “The Sackett Sisters”, “Salamander”, “Salvation”, “The Sea Change”, “Septillion To One”, “Shotgun”, “Siberia”, “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser”, “The Sinner”, “Skyscraper”, “Snow Ponies”, “Somewhere Between”, “Splitting Up Together”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE=MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue”, “Start Up”, “The Strangers 2”, “The Student Body”, “Succession”, “Sweetheart”, “The Tick” (w/t “Spoon”), “Tiny Christmas”, “To The Ends Of The Earth”, “Toni Erdmann”, “Too Old To Die Young”, “Triple Frontier”, “Trust”, “The Trustee”, “Truth Or Dare”, “Tsunami: LA”, “Two For Joy”, “Type A”, “Unfit”, “Unit Zero”, “Untitled American Girl Project”, “Untitled CG/MK Project”, “Untitled Detroit City" (aka “White Boy Rick”), “Untitled Jenny Lumet Drama”, “Untitled Kourtney Kang Project”, “Untitled Marc Cherry Project” (aka “Bluegrass/Blood Red”), “Untitled Paul Davies Drama”, “Untitled Seal Team 6 Project”, “Untitled Single-Dad Comedy”, “Untitled That's So Raven Spinoff”, “Untitled The Goldbergs Spinoff”, “Untitled Warren Leight Project” (aka “Salvation”), “Valor”, “Vita & Virginia”, “Vox Lux”, “We're Just Married”, “The Wedding Movie”, “What About Barb?”, “What Would Diplo Do?”, “The White Crow”, “Wild Woman”, “World Wide Webbs”, “X-Men: Supernova” (w/t “Dark Phoenix” / “Teen Spirit”), “X-Men” (aka “Hellfire” – w/t “Heaven”), “You Can Choose Your Family”

Production Weekly – Issue 1029 – Thursday, February 2, 2017 / 204 listings – 43 pages

“.38” (aka “Thirty Eight”), “02-11”, “12 Days”, “9J 9K 9L”, “A.P. Biology”, “Action Park”, “Adrift”, “The Alienist”, “All The Queen’s Men”, “Alone Together”, “American Crime Story: Katrina”, “American Woman” (aka “Liberation”), “Aquaman” (w/t “Ahab”), “The Artist's Wife”, “Avatar 2”, “Babymetal”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bad Moms Christmas”, “The Batman”, “Beats”, “The Beauty Inside”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Bel Canto”, “Belleville Cop”, “Black Angel”, “Black Lightning”, “Blind Rage Of Peacoat Miller”, “Body Cross” (aka “Eastern Promises 2”), “The Bold Type” (aka “Issues”), “Boys Of The Summer”, “Break My Heart 1,000 Times”, “Broken Ridge”, “Burning Shadow”, “Calls”, “The Catcher Was A Spy”, “Chaos Walking”, “The Children”, “The Chocolate Money”, “Christmas Inheritance”, “Control”, “Controversy”, “The Coolest Girl In The World” (aka “Mid-90s”), “Crook County”, “The Crossing”, “Daddy's Home 2”, “Dance At My Weddings”, “Darkest Minds”, “The Dead Girls Detective Agency”, “Devils Night”, “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot”, “Doomsday”, “Drama High”, “Dynasty”, “The Eggplant Emoji”, “Electric Dreams: The World Of Philip K. Dick”, “Electric Wonderland”, “The Equalizer 2”, “Escape Plan 2”, “Extinction”, “Fall Guy”, “Firewall”, “The Flash”, “Francis And The Godfather”, “Friday The 13th, Part 13” (w/t “Forest Green”), “Future Man”, “Galveston”, “Garage Sale Mystery: Texting A Murder”, “Ghosted”, “Godzilla: King Of Monsters”, “The Golden Record”, “Gone” (aka “One Kick”), “The Good Doctor”, “Good Girls”, “Good Omens”, “The Gospel Of Kevin”, “Happy Peppers”, “Hard Powder” (aka “In Order Of Disappearance”), “Hold Fast, Good Luck”, “In A Relationship”, “Inconstant Moon”, “Inner City”, “Insatiable”, “Jalen Vs Everybody”, “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”, “Killer Instinct” (aka “Dr. Death”), “The Killer”, “Killer Wedding”, “Killing Eve”, “The Kissing Booth”, “LA Demonic”, “The Last Full Measure”, “The Last Supper”, “Law & Order True Crime: Menendez”, “The Lawyer”, “LAX –> Vegas”, “Life In A Year”, “Life, Itself”, “Life Sentence”, “Light Of My Life”, “Linda From H.R.”, “Little Italy”, “The Long Road Home”, “The Looming Tower”, “Lying And Stealing”, “Marceau”, “Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger” (w/t “Shadows”), “Marvel’s Runaways” (w/t “Rugrats”), “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Me, Myself And I”, “Meditation Park”, “Minecraft”, “Mission Control”, “Mountain High”, “Mr. Secret Agent Guy”, “My Abandonment”, “Nearly Departed”, “Next Of Kin”, “Ni'ihau”, “The Nightingale”, “Nightmare Cinema”, “Nomis”, “The Old Man And The Gun”, “The One Percent”, “Overboard”, “The Passage”, “Perfect Citizen”, “Picnic At Hanging Rock”, “Private Life”, “Proud Mary”, “Pursuit Of Unhappiness” (aka “Joy”), “Raised By Wolves”, “Rellik”, “The Resident” (aka “The City”), “Reverie”, “Room 10” (aka “Looking Glass”), “S.W.A.T.”, “The Sackett Sisters”, “Salvation”, “Samhain”, “Scarface”, “Searchers”, “Serenity”, “Shadow Girl”, “Sheldon”, “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser”, “Silent Life”, “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”, “Singularity”, “Skyman”, “Slenderman”, “Small Great Things”, “Snowpiercer”, “Solar Storm”, “Somewhere Between”, “Sonora”, “Soul Sessions”, “Spaced Out”, “Starfall”, “Start Up”, “Steel Badge” (“Placa De Acero””, “Step Up”, “Stockholm”, “Stonefly”, “Straighten Up And Fly Right”, “The Strangers 2”, “Summer Of Love”, “Sweetness In The Belly”, “Swimming With Men”, “Teen Spirit”, “There’s Johnny!”, “Thin Ice”, “A Tiny House Of Terror”, “Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan” (w/t “Potomac”), “Transients”, “The Travelers”, “The Trustee”, “Type-A”, “Unt. Paul William Davies Project” (aka “Black's Law”), “Untitled Barris/Patel Project” (aka “Libby & Malcolm”), “Untitled City Mayor Project”, “Untitled Detroit City" (aka “White Boy Rick”), “Untitled Grandy/Kaling Comedy”, “Untitled Jenny Lumet Drama”, “Untitled Kourtney Kang Project”, “Untitled Latino Cop Family Drama” (aka “City Of Angels” / “Protect & Serve”), “Untitled Lynryd Skynyrd Project”, “Untitled Medical Drama” (aka “Salvation”), “Untitled Menendez Brothers Project”, “Untitled Navy Seals Drama” (aka “Seal Team 6”), “Untitled Ralph Friedman Project”, “Untitled That's So Raven Spinoff”, “Valley Girl (Like, Totally, A Musical)”, “The Village Idiots”, “War Wolf”, “Warrior”, “The Wave”, “Welcome To Boring” (aka “Fucking Boring”), “White Famous”, “Winchester”, “Wonderful World”, “X-Men: Supernova” (w/t “Dark Phoenix”), “X-Men” (aka “Hellfire” - w/t “Heaven”)

MEMO: Please note there will be no issue published for the week of Thursday, September 28th.