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Production Weekly – Issue 1001 – Thursday, June 30, 2016 / 134 listings – 31 pages

“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, “A+”, “Akira”, “Alias Grace”, “Amateur”, “Anon”, “Bad Blood”, “The Beaverton”, “Big Fat Liar 2”, “Brigsby Bear”, “Bruno And Boots 2” (“Go Jump In The Pool”), “Buckout Road”, “Bull”, “Bump”, “Camouflage”, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, “Chappaquiddick”, “Civil”, “Claws”, “Conviction”, “The Cover Versions”, “Crooked House”, “Damnation”, “Damsel”, “Das Boot”, “Deadpool 2”, “Deeper”, “Deidra & Laney Rob A Train”, “Delinquents”, “Descendants 2” (w/t “The Lair”), “The Detained”, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”, “Different Flowers”, “Dolly Parton's Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love”, “Drop Off”, “Dungeons & Dragons”, “Famous In Love”, “A Few Minor Distractions”, “Firehouse Christmas”, “Flower”, “Forever My Girl”, “Fright Fest”, “Gates Of Hades”, “Genius: Einstein”, “Ghoul”, “Girl Trip”, “Goodbye Boredom”, “The Greatest Showman On Earth" (aka "Barnum"), “Green River Killer”, “Guerrilla”, “Haunted” (aka “The Turn Of The Screw”), “He’s Out There” (aka “Scarecrow”), “Heartthrob”, “Hellhound On His Trail”, “I’m Dying Up Here”, “Ice”, “Island Of Last Resort”, “Issues”, “Jumanji”, “Kevin Can Wait”, “Kings”, “The Last Full Measure”, “The Leisure Seeker”, “Let It Fall" (aka “L.A. Riots”), “The Life And Death Of John Gotti”, “Life Now, Life Then”, “Little Evil”, “Live Like Line”, “Logan Lucky”, “Lost In Space”, “M.F.A.”, “Make It Pop”, “Man With A Plan” (aka “I’m Not Your Friend”), “Manifesto”, “Mary Kills People”, “The Mist”, “Mogadishu, Minnesota” (aka “The Recruiters”), “Mom And Dad”, “Monica”, “Moonfall”, “The Ninth Passenger”, “No Tomorrow”, “The O.G.”, “Okja”, “People Of Earth” (aka “The Group”), “Permanent”, “Pitch”, “Playdates”, “The Polka King”, “Pure Imagination”, “Radegund” (aka “Jägerstätter”), “Ransom”, “Ready Player One”, “Replicas”, “Roadside Picnic”, “Rock That Body”, “Roxanne Roxanne”, “#Roxy” (aka “#Roxie”), “Sandy”, “Saw: Legacy”, “Sea Change”, “Seven In Heaven”, “The Shambling Guide To New York City”, “Silver Sable”, “Sit And Stay”, “Small Crimes”, “Social Security”, “Solver”, “Star”, “Star Trek” (w/t “Green Harvest”), “State Like Sleep”, “Story Of A Girl”, “Straight A's”, “The Super”, “Supercon”, “Sylvia”, “Taken - The Series”, “Three Christs” (aka “The Three Christs Of Ypsilanti”), “Time After Time”, “Tina And Bobby”, “Tour De Pharmacy”, “Tully”, “Untitled American West Project”, “Untitled Blade Runner Sequel”, “Untitled Detroit Project”, “Untitled Dolphin Movie” (aka “Dolphin Kick”), “WASP 16” (Woody Allen Summer Project 2016), “The White Princess”, “The Wolf Man”, “Wonder” (w/t “Washer”), “Yardie”, “Z: The Beginning Of Everything” (aka “Zelda”)

Production Weekly – Issue 1000 – Thursday, June 23, 2016 / 139 listings – 30 pages

“21 Thunder”, “Aleister Arcane”, “Alias Grace”, “All The Beautiful People We Once Knew”, “Altar Rock”, “American Assassin” (aka “The Long Walk”), “Annabelle 2”, “Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1” (w/t “Mary Lou”), “The Baby”, “Bad Blood”, “Bagman”, “Beast”, “Before You Judge Me”, “Behind The Glass”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “Black Samurai”, “The Blacklist: Redemption”, “Bleeding Steel”, “Bodied”, “The Breaks”, “Bull”, “Bullitt County”, “Captured”, “Cassandra French's Finishing School For Boys”, “Category 5”, “Chicago Justice” (aka “Chicago Law”), “Comedy Getdown”, “The Commuter”, “Cops”, “The Cormoran Strike Mysteries”, “Date My Dad”, “Day 6”, “The Death And Life Of John F. Donovan”, “Death Wish”, “Deidra & Laney Rob A Train”, “Descendants 2” (w/t “The Lair”)”, “Detroiters”, “Dolly Parton's Christmas Of Many Colors: A Circle Of Love”, “Doubt”, “Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks”, “The Empty Man”, “Euphoria”, “Eye On Juliet”, “Fatal Defense”, “The First Wives Club”, “Frequency”, “Fun Mom Dinner”, “Giantland”, “Girl Trip”, “Girlboss”, “Great News”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “He’s Out There” (aka “Scarecrow”), “Head Full Of Honey”, “High Life”, “Hope Dances”, “Hotel Artemis”, “I'll Be Home For Christmas” (aka “Pair Of Jacks”), “In Sand And Blood”, “Ingrid Goes West”, “Iron Fisting”, “Issues”, “It: Part One” (w/t “Accordion”), “Kamilla”, “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”, “Killer’s School”, “Killing On Carnival Row”, “The Kitchen”, “Knightfall”, “The Leaves”, “Life”, “Life Now, Life Then”, “Life Of The Party”, “Live Like Line”, “Logan Lucky”, “Loqueesha”, “Lost Fare”, “MacGyver”, “MadTV”, “Make It Pop”, “Marrowbone”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Mary Poppins Returns”, “The Mick”, “Midnight, Texas”, “The Mist”, “Mom And Dad”, “Mommy's Little Boy”, “The Ninth Passenger”, “One Percent More Humid”, “The Outlaw Ocean”, “Pitch”, “Public Affairs” (aka “Nothing Bad Happens In Dallas”), “Radegund” (aka “Jägerstätter”), “Red”, “Redoubtable”, “Right Hand Guy”, “The Ruins Of Gorlan” (aka “Ranger's Apprentice”), “Sanditon”, “Saw: Legacy”, “The Selection”, “Smart Chase: Fire & Earth”, “Social Animals”, “Speechless”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (w/t “Summer Of George”), “Stan Against Evil”, “A Star Is Born”, “Star Trek” (w/t “Green Harvest”), “State Like Sleep”, “Strange New Things”, “Stranger Than The Wheel”, “Supercon”, “Surprise Me!”, “Thor: Ragnarok” (w/t “Creature Report”), “Three Christs” (aka “The Three Christs Of Ypsilanti”), “Timeless” (aka “Time”), “To A Stranger”, “Tour De Pharmacy”, “Training Day”, “Tropicana”, “The Twisted”, “Two For Joy”, “The Umbrella Academy”, “Under The Tree”, “Unreasonable Behavior”, “Untitled Detroit Project”, “Untitled Smosh Ghost Project”, “Untitled Woody Allen Project”, “Victoria And Abdul”, “Virginia Minnesota”, “West Side Story”, “Wheelman”, “Wicked”, “The Witness For The Prosecution”, “Yardie”, “You Were Never Really Here”, “Zombiecon”

Production Weekly – Issue 998 – Thursday, June 9, 2016 / 136 listings – 31 pages

“The 10th Date”, “24 Hours To Live”, “All Quiet On The Western Front”, “Altered Carbon” (w/t “Sleeves”), “American Housewife” (aka “The Second Fattest Housewife In Westport”), “And Then There Was Eve”, “The Arrangement”, “Barry”, “The Beguiled”, “Bell Canyon”, “Bellevue”, “The Black Version Of... Wedding Movies”, “Blood Drive”, “Booksmart”, “Bright”, “The Browsing Effect”, “Burguesinha”, “Cadaver”, “Captain Marvel”, “Carnival Row”, “Civil”, “Collisions”, “Conviction”, “Corporate”, “Dad Day”, “Darken”, “Dear White People”, “Death Note”, “Decline And Fall”, “Deeper”, “Deidra And Laney Rob A Train”, “Designated Survivor”, “The Deuce”, “Dimension”, “Divine Appointment”, “Drunken Fireworks”, “Dunkirk” (w/t “Bodega Bay”), “Fatal Defense”, “Fire Me”, “The First Wives Club”, “The Flash”, “The Florida Project”, “The Gafin Academy” (aka “School For Scumbags”), “Girl Trip”, “Girlboss”, “Girls' Night Out”, “Green Olds”, “The Greener Grass”, “Honor”, “Hooligan Squad” (aka “The Adventures Of Hooligan Squad In World War III”), “An Hour Behind”, “Howards End”, “I'll Be Home For Christmas” (aka “Pair Of Jacks”), “I'm Sorry”, “Impossible Monsters”, “The Indian Detective”, “Infidelity”, “Infidelity In Suburbia” (aka “A Suburban Affair”), “An Interview With God”, “Issues”, “It”, “Ivan Lendl Never Learned To Volley”, “Jinn”, “Jumanji”, “A Killing In The Woods”, “Kim's Convenience”, “The Last Days Of Night”, “Last Rampage”, “Lean On Pete”, “Leavey”, “The Legend Of Master Legend”, “The Light Of The Moon”, “Logan Lucky”, “MacGyver”, “Man With A Plan” (aka “I’m Not Your Friend”), “Mandrake The Magician”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Max 2: White House Hero”, “Mercy”, “Midnight, Texas”, “The Mist”, “Mogadishu, Minnesota” (aka “The Recruiters”), “Mohawk”, “The Mountain Between Us”, “The Murderer Upstairs”, “No Exit” (aka “Granite Mountain Hotshots”), “Nobodies” (aka “Friends With Melissa”), “Notorious”, “Okja”, “On The 7th Day” (aka “En El Septimo Dia”), “The Over The Hill Mob”, “Pacific Rim 2: Maelstrom”, “People Of Earth” (aka “The Group”), “Pitch Perfect 3”, “The Polka King”, “Radius”, “Ransom”, “Relevant”, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (w/t “Los Alamos”), “Roxanne Roxanne”, “Rufus 2”, “Rumi”, “Satan's Sisters”, “Sea Change”, “The Shining Girls”, “Show Dogs”, “Soldado” (aka “Sicario 2”), “The Son”, “Soul Soul Soul: The Murray Murray Story”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (w/t “Summer Of George”), “Status Update” (aka “Refresh”), “Stella”, “Stranded”, “Strange New Things”, “The Stray”, “Succession”, “Swiped”, “Thor: Ragnarok” (w/t “Creature Report”), “Tropicana”, “Trouble”, “Untitled Detroit Project”, “Untitled Frat House Horror Project”, “Untitled Milioti / Pedrad Project”, “Untitled Ocean’s 11 Reboot” (w/t “Ocean’s Ocho”), “Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project”, “Untitled Siege Project”, “Villainous”, “Wagstaffe”, “The Wedding Do Over”, “When He Comes Back”, “Wicked Love”, “Wonder” (w/t “Washer”), “You Were Never Really Here”, “Z: The Beginning Of Everything” (aka “Zelda”)