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Production Weekly – Issue 1111 – Thursday, September 20, 2018 / 142 Listings – 30 Pages

“17 Bridges”, “355”, “A.J. And The Queen”, “A.P. Bio” 02, “The Act”, “Annabelle 3”, “Arkansas”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “The Banker”, “Besa”, “The Betrayers”, “Birds Of Prey” (w/t "Fox Force Five"), “Blood’s A Rover”, “Blue Esme”, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, “Breckman Rodeo”, “Can You Keep A Secret?”, “Chance Of Rain”, “Charm City” (aka “12 O'Clock Boys”), “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “The Chosen”, “Christmas In Grand Valley”, “Christmas In Vermont”, “Claws” 03, “Close Before Midnight”, “College”, “Connect”, “Constance”, “Danny Issues”, “The Dark And The Wicked”, “Dark Harbor”, “The Dead Of Night”, “Dead To Me”, “Dear White People” 03, “Designated Survivor” 03 (w/t "The White House Project"), “The Drummer”, “El Tonto”, “The Enemy Within”, “The Expanse” 04, “Fair And Balanced” (w/t "Lucite Desk"), “Fantasy Island”, “Florida Girls”, “Forever Alone”, “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, “Gabby Duran And The Unsittables”, “Ghosting”, “Gift Of Love”, “The Gingerbread Girl”, “Gingerbread Romance”, “The Good Girl”, “Gossamer Folds”, “Granny's Home”, “Greed”, “Greenland”, “Greenleaf” 04, “The Handmaid’s Tale” 03 (w/t “Rocket Woman”), “Harriet”, “Harry Haft” (aka “The Boxer”), “The Has-Been”, “Holly Day”, “Homegrown Christmas”, “The Husband”, “In A Pickle" (aka "Sell Out"), “Insatiable” 02, “Jingle Jangle”, “Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher" 02, “Killing Eleanor”, “King Me”, “Larry”, “Last Call”, “Last Christmas”, “The Letter For The King”, “Limited Partners”, “Living With Yourself”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lost Girls”, “Love Is __” 02, “Lucky Grandma”, “Magic Hour”, “The Mallorca Files”, “Man Like Mobeen" 02, “Max And Me”, “Military Wives”, “Milkwater”, “Mr. Iglesias”, “The Murders”, “New York Times Modern Love”, “A Nice Girl Like You” (aka “Porn-ol-o-gy”), “The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson”, “On Becoming A God In Central Florida”, “Our Lady, Ltd" (aka “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”), “P-Town”, “People Just Do Nothing”, “The Pleasure Of Your Presence”, “Power”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe”, “Princess Cut 2: Hearts On Fire”, “Prodigal Son”, “Ransom” 03, “Red Sonja”, “Richard Lovely”, “Run”, “SAS: Red Notice”, “Scarface”, “Sid Is Dead”, “Snowfall” 03, “Son Of Monarchs”, “Soulmate(s), “Space Jam 2”, “Spawn” (w/t "Toni Dynamite"), “Spinning Out”, “Stargirl”, “Sunny”, “Sweetbitter” 02, “Synchronic”, “The Tattooist Of Auschwitz”, “I Think You Should Leave”, “This Is The Year”, “Twenties”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Uncorked”, “Unstoppable”, “Untitled Day/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Dui Jarrod Project”, “Untitled Grumpy Old Men Comedy”, “Untitled Roger Ailes Project”, “Untitled Tessa Coates Comedy”, “Untitled Wes Anderson Project”, “The Upper East Side Murder" (aka "The Preppie Murder"), “The Village”, “War Of The Worlds”, “War Pigs” (aka "The Takedown"), “The Way Between”, “Wonderland”, “The Wrong Mans”, “X-Men: Gambit” (w/t “Forevermore” / “Chess”), “Yes Day”, “Zola”, “Zombieland 2: Double Tap”

Production Weekly – Issue 1106 – Thursday, August 16, 2018 / 140 Listings – 30 Pages

“The 100” 06, “Abby’s”, “Adversaries”, “Anne With An E” 03, “Antlers”, “Apalachin” (aka “The Sit Down”), “The Banishing”, “Barry” 02, “The Beverlys”, “Beyond The Velvet Rope”, “Blackbird”, “Break”, “Brighdie's Bind" (aka “Gunmetal Rose”), “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” 06, “Castle Rock” 02, “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “Christmas Getaway”, “Christmas Pen Pals”, “Christmas Reunited”, “Chronicles Of Jessica Wu” 02, “The Conners”, “The Dark And The Wicked”, “Dark Mon£y”, “Dead To Me”, “The Detour” 04, “Deus”, “Devils”, “Eve”, “The Evening Hour”, “Fatale”, “For All Mankind" (aka “NASA”), “The Forest Of Hands And Teeth”, “Genius” 03, “The Gilded Age”, “Gretel And Hansel”, “Hands That Bind”, “The Hard Night”, “The Has-Been”, “Helena”, “High Fidelity”, “Honorable Men”, “Hope At Christmas”, “The Hot Zone”, “Hour Of Lead”, “The Hunted”, “The Inbetween”, “The Inbetween”, “Jane The Virgin” 05, “Jann”, “Jonesin”, “The Juliet”, “Jungleland”, “Just Mercy”, “Keeping Faith" 02, “A Killer Is Watching”, “Kingsman 3”, “Kiss & Cry”, “Knightfall” 02, “LA’s Finest”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Last Christmas”, “Little Women”, “The Long Night”, “Los Espookys" (aka “Mexico City: Only Good Things Happen”), “Lost In Space” 02, “Love And Tears”, “Lovebirds”, “The Low End Theory”, “Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins”, “Lusty Crest”, “Me Quedo Con Los Dos”, “Midway”, “Miranda”, “Monday”, “Morning Show”, “Mr. Malcolm's List”, “My Spy”, “Mystery Society” (w/t “October Faction”), “The Nest”, “The Nevers”, “New Eden”, “The New Pope” 02 (aka "The Young Pope"), “Nobody”, “Old City Blues”, “The Old Guard”, “On My Block” 02, “Pennyworth”, “The Perfectionists”, “Phobias”, “The Pleasure Of Your Presence”, “Port Authority”, “Punch It”, “Queen & Slim”, “Radiant”, “Rattlesnake”, “Ready Or Not” (aka "Family Ritual"), “Rift”, “Rivers Crossing Xmas”, “Run”, “Run”, “Sas: Red Notice”, “Sea Fever”, “Secure And Hold: The Last Days Of Roger Ailes”, “See”, “Seized”, “The Senior”, “Shadow Play”, “Star Trek 4”, “Staring At The Sun”, “Succession” 02, “Sultana”, “Summer Knight”, “Survive The Night”, “Tales From The Crypt”, “They Hear It”, “Tigertail”, “Titan”, “Togo” (w/t “Little Creek” / "Tenfold"), “Treadstone” (aka "Tr34d5t0n3"), “Tunnels”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Uncorked”, “The Undoing”, “Untitled Day/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Rian Johnson Project”, “Untitled Sue Heck Spinoff”, “Untitled Wes Anderson Project”, “Van Cliburn”, “Venus As A Boy”, “Walter The Farting Dog”, “Warren”, “Weetzie Bat”, “Westworld” 03, “What We Do In The Shadows”, “#Whentodayends”, “White Lies”, “Wicho”, “World On Fire”, “Wynonna Earp” 04, “You Are My Friend”

Production Weekly – Issue 1100 – Thursday, July 5, 2018 / 215 Listings – 45 Pages

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“13 Reasons Why” 03, “29u”, “355”, “The 40 Year-Old Version”, “9-1-1” 02, “About A Teacher”, “After”, “All The Bright Places”, “Arkansas”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bad Education”, “Baghdad Central”, “Barry” 02, “The Bayou”, “Beautiful Ruins”, “Before I Sleep”, “Before Spring”, “Bios”, “Black And Blue”, “Blackbird”, “The Blacklist” 06, “Blindspot” 04, “Bliss”, “Bloodshot”, “Bloom”, “Blue Bloods” 09, “Bomb Squad”, “Bonded”, “Born To Be Murdered”, “Bosch” 05, “Briarpatch”, “Brockmire” 03, “Buffaloed”, “Bull” 03, “Can You Keep A Secret”, “Caviar”, “Central Park Five”, “Charmed”, “The Chi” 02, “Chicago Fire” 07, “Chicago Med” 04, “Chicago P.D.” 06, “Child's Play”, “Christmas At Graceland”, “Christmas Toy Swap”, “Christy Martin”, “The Climb”, “College”, “Come Away”, “Come To Daddy”, “Crater”, “Dancing Is For Boys”, “Daniel Isn't Real”, “Dare Me”, “The Dead Don't Die”, “Demimonde”, “The Detour” 04”, “Doctor Sleep”, “A Dog's Journey” (w/t “Molly & Max”), “Downhill”, “Dragged Into Sunlight”, “Dreamland”, “Drive Thru Preacher”, “Driveways”, “Drunk Bus”, “Dry City”, “Dynasty” 02, “El Tonto”, “Elementary” 07, “Equal Standard”, “Eternal Buzz”, “Everything's Gonna Be Okay”, “The Exorcist Chronicles”, “Fairy Godmother”, “Family Reunion”, “Fatherhood”, “Fencer”, “Firestarter”, “Flyy Girl”, “Ford Vs. Ferrari” (w/t "Spoilers"), “Foreign Nationals”, “Freewolves”, “Gabby Duran And The Unsittables”, “Give Or Take”, “God Friended Me”, “Good Girls” 02, “Good Samaritan”, “The Good Witch” 05, “Grand Isle”, “Greenland”, “Halo”, “The Handmaid’s Tale” 03 (w/t “Rocket Woman”), “Happy Together”, “Harriet”, “Have You Seen Her?”, “Heart Of A Champion” (aka “Embattled”), “High Fidelity”, “Hobbs & Shaw”, “How To Build A Girl”, “Huge In France”, “Hummingbird”, “I Care A Lot”, “Indiana Jones 5”, “Instinct” 02, “Intelligent Life” (aka “The Ambassador”), “Into The Dark” (w/t “Huluween”), “Isolve”, “James The Second”, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Just Mercy”, “Kaylee Age 8”, “Krypton” 02, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Lansky”, “Larry”, “Last Night In Old City" (aka “Kill Chain”), “Last Rituals”, “Law & Order: SVU” 20, “Layla”, “Let Him Go”, “Life-Size 2”, “Limited Partners”, “Line Of Duty" 05, “Little Women”, “Los Espookys" (aka “Mexico City: Only Good Things Happen”), “Lost Signal”, “Lovecraft Country”, “MacGyver” 03, “Madam Secretary” 05, “Maggie Moore(s)”, “Mainstream”, “Mali And Frank”, “Manifest”, “The Many Saints Of Newark”, “Midway”, “Minyan”, “Miracle Of Music”, “Mixtape”, “Mom” 06, “Monarca”, “The Mustard Seed”, “Naked Is The Best Disguise”, “The Nazi Titanic”, “Never Too Late”, “New Amsterdam”, “The New Pope” (aka "The Young Pope" 02), “Nine Days”, “No Evidence Of Man”, “No Good Nick”, “O’ Lucky Day”, “O31”, “October Faction”, “On Smoother Dirt”, “P-Town”, “Pauline”, “Percy Versus Monsanto”, “Port Authority”, “A Priceless Christmas”, “Ready Or Not”, “Really Love”, “The Red Goodnight”, “Resident Alien”, “The Righteous Gemstones”, “Robbie”, “Rub & Tug”, “Run Sweetheart Run”, “Runt”, “S.W.A.T.” 02, “SAS: Red Notice”, “Scarface”, “Seacole”, “Seal Team” 02, “Secrets At The Lake”, “See You Yesterday”, “She’s Never Coming Back”, “Shirley”, “Sisters Of The City”, “Small Town Wisconsin”, “Sneaky Pete” 03, “Snow Ponies”, “Social Justice Warrior”, “Songs Of The Damned”, “Sonic The Hedgehog” (w/t “Casino Night”), “The Space Between”, “Special”, “Staring At The Sun”, “Stepdaughter”, “Steps”, “Stride”, “Strike!”, “Sun Grazer”, “Super-Intelligence”, “Superstore” 04, “Supreme Ruler”, “Tales Of The City”, “Tau Ceti 4.4”, “This Is The Year”, “Togo”, “Vampires Vs The Bronx”, “Viscous”, “Voices”, “Walk Ride Rodeo”, “Waves”, “Weird City”, “What Are Those?”, “The Woman In The Window”, “Wonderland”, “The Wrong Patient”, “Wu Assassins”, “Y: The Last Man”, “You Are My Friend”, “You” 02”, “Young Sheldon” 02, “Z”

Production Weekly – Issue 1093 – Thursday, May 17, 2018 / 226 Listings – 51 Pages

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“2 Hearts” (aka “All My Tomorrows”), “2018 VHS Project”, “355”, “A.P. Bio” 02, “Abby’s”, “After Life”, “After The Wedding”, “Afterlife Anonymous”, “Against All Enemies”, “AJ And The Queen”, “All American”, “American Housewife” 03, “Angel”, “Another Life”, “Aviva”, “Backdraft 2”, “Bad Blood”, “Bad Blood” 02, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Ballbuster”, “Baptiste”, “Be The Light”, “Beecham House”, “Bernstein”, “Beyond The Rush”, “Beyond The Vows”, “BFF Nightmare”, “Big Time Adolescence”, “Bill & Ted Face The Music”, “Birds Of Prey”, “Bit”, “Black-Ish” 05, “The Blacklist” 06, “Blindspot” 04, “Body Cam”, “The Boy Behind The Door”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” 06, “Bull”, “Catching Up”, “Catherine The Great”, “Chamber Piece”, “The Changeling”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Charmed”, “Chicago Fire” 07, “Chicago Med” 04, “Chicago P.D.” 06, “Chocolate”, “Cobra Kai” 02, “The Code”, “The Cool Kids”, “Covet”, “Crashing” 03, “Criminal Minds” 14, “Crooks”, “Dali Land”, “Daniel”, “Dead House”, “The Detour” 04, “Disturbing The Peace”, “Doom Patrol”, “Dora The Explorer”, “Dream Killer”, “An Earthquake Project”, “Edge Of Seventeen”, “Elementary” 07, “Emperor”, “Erase”, “Faithfully”, “Fam”, “The Fast & The Furious Spin-Off” (aka “Hobbs And Shaw”), “Fast And Furious 9”, “The Fifth Borough” (aka “The Fifth Boro”), “The Fix”, “For The People” 02, “Fresh Off The Boat” 05, “Friday Night Lights”, “Getting To Know You”, “The Gifted” 02 (w/t “Heaven”), “The Gingerbread Girl”, “Girl With No Mouth”, “God Friended Me”, “Good Boys”, “The Good Fight” 03, “Gotham” 05, “Grand Hotel”, “The Great Illusion”, “Greenfields” (aka “The Bajillionaires”), “Greenland”, “Grown-Ish” 02, “Guillermo Del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight”, “The Hill”, “Hometown Holiday”, “Honey Boy”, “Hope Gap”, “The Horse Boy”, “How To Build A Girl”, “How To Get Away With Murder” 05, “Huge In France”, “I Feel Bad”, “In Laws”, “In The Dark”, “In The Shadow Of The Moon”, “The Inbetween” (aka “In Between Lives”), “Inez And Doug And Kira”, “Influencer(s)”, “Instinct” 02, “Into The Dark” (w/t “Huluween”)”, “iZombie” 05, “Jonah”, “June”, “Just Mercy”, “Just Roll With It”, “Kansas City”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Kill Chain”, “Kung Fury 2”, “LA To Vegas” 02, “The Last O.G.” 02, “The Laundromat” (aka “Secrecy World”), “Law & Order: SVU” 20, “Legacies”, “Lethal Weapon” 03, “Life In Pieces” 04, “Light As A Feather”, “London Calling”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lost In Space” 02, “Love & Oatmeal”, “Love In Design”, “The Magicians” 04, “Magnum P.I.”, “Man Camp”, “Man With A Plan” 03, “Manifest”, “Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” 06 (w/t "Ragtag"), “Meridian”, “A Million Little Things”, “Miss Kringle”, “Molly & Max”, “Monster Hunter”, “Montreal Girls”, “Mourning War”, “Mrs. Fletcher”, “Muscle”, “My Zoe”, “Never Too Late”, “New Year's Kiss”, “No Activity” 02, “Northern Rescue”, “Now We Here” (aka “Dem Boyz”), “Obi-Wan: A Star Wars Story” (w/t “Joshua Tree”), “Once Upon A Time In Staten Island” (aka “The Night”), “Otherhood”, “Outlander” 05, “Pale Blue Dot”, “Patrick”, “A Patriot”, “The Perfect Christmas”, “The Personal History Of David Copperfield”, “Pet Sematary”, “Pinocchio”, “Play Or Pray”, “Portal”, “Possessor”, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”, “Prisoners Of The Ghostland”, “Proven Innocent” (aka “Infamy”), “Rabid”, “Range Runners”, “Rare Beasts”, “The Red Line”, “Red Notice”, “Rel”, “The Rest Of Us”, “The Righteous Gemstones”, “Robbie”, “The Rookie”, “Roswell, New Mexico”, “Rustic Oracle”, “Santa Clarita Diet” 03, “Schooled”, “Sea Fever”, “The Secret Talker”, “See”, “Shameless” 09, “She’s Gotta Have It” 02, “Single Parents”, “Siren” 02, “The Six Billion Dollar Man”, “Snake Eyes”, “Snowpiercer”, “Solara”, “Speechless” 03, “Splitting Up Together” 02, “Stan Against Evil” 03, “Star” 03, “Station 19” 02, “Stowaway”, “Summerland”, “A Sweet Taste Of Love”, “Tacoma FD”, “Team Marco”, “Tell Me A Story”, “Three Busy Debras”, “Ties That Bound”, “Tiger Within”, “Untitled Cynthia Gus Project”, “Untitled Damon Wayans Jr. Project”, “Untitled Miranda July Project”, “Untitled Teen Pregnancy Road Movie (With Zombies)”, “Untitled The Fosters Spinoff”, “Untitled The Morning Show”, “Uptown Saturday Night”, “V-Wars” (aka “Sunny Jim”), “Waiting For The Barbarians”, “Wayne”, “The Wedding Year”, “Welcome To The Neighborhood”, “Whiskey Cavalier”, “Will & Grace” 02, “The Woman In The Window”, “World On Fire”, “Wyrm”, “You Are My Friend”, “Zombie Brother”