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Production Weekly – Issue 1112 – Thursday, September 27, 2018 / 111 Listings – 24 Pages

“60 Feet, 6 Inches" (aka 60′ 6″), “A.J. And The Queen”, “A.P. Bio” 02”, “All Terrain”, “Amundsen And Scott”, “The Angel Of Darkness” (aka “The Alienist” 02), “Banishing The,”, “Beaverton” 03 The,”, “Birds Of Prey” (w/t "Fox Force Five")”, “Blinded By Ed”, “Blue Esme”, “Boomerang”, “Borderlands”, “Braddock”, “Charm City” (aka “12 O'Clock Boys”), “Chasing Agent Freegard”, “Christmas At Grand Valley”, “Christmas Bells Are Ringing”, “Christmas In Vermont”, “Cobra Kai” 02, “College”, “Cyrano”, “Daybreak”, “Deadwood”, “Defending Jacob”, “Departure”, “Destroyer” (aka “Kamikaze”), “The Deuce” 03, “The Dig”, “Dry Run”, “Dutch”, “Eastsiders" 04, “The End”, “The Enemy Within”, “The Eternals”, “Euphoria”, “The Evening Hour”, “The Eyes Of Tammy Faye”, “Fair And Balanced” (w/t "Lucite Desk"), “Fatal Friend Request”, “The First Wives Club”, “Florida Girls”, “Ghosting”, “The Hard Night”, “Harlots” 03, “Harriet”, “Homegrown Christmas”, “The Hunt”, “In A Pickle" (aka "Sell Out"), “In The Heights”, “Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart" (ISOTH), “The Inbetween”, “Into The Dark” (w/t “Huluween”), “James Bond 25” (w/t "Shatterhand"), “Jingle Around The Clock”, “Jumanji 2”, “Killing Eleanor”, “Kingsman 3”, “Knight Squad” 02”, “Kung Fury”, “The Laundromat”, “Legion” 03 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “The Luminaries”, “Maradona: Blessed Dream”, “The Marriott Cell”, “Milk”, “Monster Hunter”, “Once Upon A Christmas Miracle”, “Our Lady, Ltd" (aka “Our Lady Of Perpetual Grace”), “Palmer”, “Paper Tiger”, “Power”, “Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe”, “Puggle Trouble”, “Queen & Slim”, “Ready Or Not”, “Resident Alien”, “Resident Killer”, “Revolve” (aka “Run”), “Ricky Rush”, “Rose”, “Run”, “Sacred Games” 02, “Saving Larry”, “The Secret”, “The Secret To A Good Marriage”, “Separation”, “Servant”, “Sid Is Dead”, “The Song Of Names”, “Spectros”, “Stargirl”, “Tate" (aka “Sharon Tate And The Manson Murders”), “Telling Lies”, “The Terror” 02, “Till”, “The True American”, “Twenties”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Untitled Female-Driven Marvel Drama”, “Untitled Wes Anderson Project”, “Veronica Mars”, “Walking Time Bomb”, “Warigami”, “Why Women Kill”, “Wild Bill”, “The Windigo”, “Without Remorse”, “You” 02

Production Weekly – Issue 1104 – Thursday, August 2, 2018 / 189 Listings – 42 Pages

“10 Minutes Gone”, “13 Reasons Why” 03 (w/t "Soundview"), “1917”, “6 Underground”, “Abby/Ann”, “The Act”, “The Affair” 05, “Alice + Freda Forever”, “All The Bright Places”, “Alter Ego”, “Altered Carbon” 02 (w/t “Sleeves”), “Amazing Stories”, “Antlers”, “Arkansas”, “Avalanche”, “Back To Life”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Bad Education”, “Bad Hair”, “Beast Beast”, “Better Call Saul” 05, “Bitter”, “Black And Blue”, “Black Conflux”, “Bliss”, “Body Cam”, “Bonded”, “Briarpatch”, “Bright 2”, “The Bronze Garden” 02, “A Carousel Christmas”, “Cavendish”, “Caviar”, “Central Park 5”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Charmed”, “Child's Play” (w/t "The Kaslan Project"), “Christmas Lost And Found" (aka “The Tree Trimming Chase”), “The Climb”, “The Code”, “College”, “Condor” 02, “The Conners”, “Coroner”, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “The Crossword Mystery”, “Cruella”, “Daybreak”, “Dead To Me”, “Deadly Class” (w/t "Grape Hemlock"), “Deadpool 3”, “Deadwood”, “Death Of A Cheerleader”, “Death Of Me”, “Defending The Guilty”, “Detention Adventure”, “Dirt Music”, “Dispatches From Elsewhere”, “Doctor Sleep”, “Dollface”, “Doom Patrol”, “Dreaming Grand Avenue”, “Dune”, “Emma Fielding Mysteries: More Bitter Than Death”, “Endlings”, “Euphoria”, “The Expatriates”, “Fear The Walking Dead” 05 (w/t “Cobalt”), “The Flash" (aka “Flashpoint”), “For All Mankind" (aka “NASA”), “For The People” 02, “Fosse”, “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, “Good Girls” 02, “Greenhouse Academy" 03, “Greenland”, “Hands That Bind”, “Harriet”, “Hot Water”, “The Hot Zone”, “How Higher”, “Hunting Season”, “Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart" (ISOTH), “Intelligent Life”, “Isolve”, “iZombie” 05, “Joker” (w/t "Romeo"), “Jonah”, “Jungleland”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Lady And The Tramp” (w/t "Savannah" / "Goodbye Strangers"), “Larry”, “The Last Days Of American Crime”, “Legion” 03 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “Limetown”, “Little Voice”, “Little Women”, “Living With Yourself”, “Looking For Alaska”, “The Lord Of The Rings”, “Madam C.J. Walker" (aka “On Her Own Ground”), “Magic Hour”, “Malibu Rescue" (aka “Riptyde”), “The Mallorca Files”, “Midsommer”, “Midway”, “Monster Hunter”, “Motive For Murder”, “Mulan”, “The Mustard Seed”, “My Life Is Murder”, “My Spy”, “The Never List”, “October Faction”, “The Old Man And The Pond”, “Omega" (aka "Phasic"), “Panic”, “A Patriot”, “Percy Vs. Monsanto”, “Phobias”, “Plane”, “Point Blank”, “Power” 06, “Premature”, “Puppy Prep Academy”, “Queen Fur”, “Ramy”, “Rel”, “Rent: Live”, “Reprisal”, “Resident Alien”, “Robbie”, “Satanic Panic”, “The Secret Of The Universe”, “See”, “Servant”, “Sextuplets”, “Shock'em Dead 2: Blood And Bone”, “Shrill”, “Skyman”, “Slaughterhouse-Five”, “Snowpiercer”, “Spare Parts”, “Star Wars: Episode IX” (w/t “Black Diamond”), “Stargirl”, “Street Legal”, “Strike!”, “Superstore” 04, “Swamp Thing”, “Tacoma FD”, “Tall Girl”, “The Terror” 02, “Them: Covenant”, “Timeless”, “Togo” (w/t "Tenfold"), “Trust Me” 02, “Twenties”, “Under The Autumn Moon" (aka “Keep True”), “The Underground Railroad”, “Untitled 24 Prequel”, “Untitled Charles Randolph Project”, “Untitled Marvel Project”, “Untitled Nate Bargatze Project”, “Untitled Rosell/McElhenny Comedy”, “Untitled Russo Brothers Project”, “Untitled Social Media Thriller”, “Untitled The Morning Show”, “Upload”, “Uptown Saturday Night”, “The Vampire Chronicles”, “Veep” 07, “Very Valentine”, “The Village”, “Voices”, “Walking With Herb”, “War Pigs” (aka "The Takedown"), “Welcome To Pine Grove!" (aka “Never Too Late”), “White Lines”, “The Wilds”, “Woke”, “Women Is Losers”, “Wu Assassins”, “You, Me & Her” 04, “Zombieland Too”

Production Weekly – Issue 1094 – Thursday, May 24, 2018 / 177 Listings – 39 Pages

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“The Act”, “Adult Material”, “Al B.”, “All American”, “Amazing Stories”, “American Horror Story: Radioactive” 08 (w/t "Fallout"), “American Woman”, “Anna”, “Are You Sleeping”, “The Arrivals”, “As With Knives And Skin”, “Babysplitters”, “The Benchwarmers 2”, “Bernstein”, “Besties”, “Bits”, “Blood & Treasure”, “Boys Vs. Girls”, “Brando”, “Brexit”, “A Bride’s Revenge”, “Butter”, “Central Park Five”, “Chambers”, “Charmed”, “The Christmas Contract”, “The Chronology Of Water”, “Cicada 3301”, “City On A Hill”, “The Cleansing Hour”, “Counter Spy”, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “Critters: A New Binge”, “Crown Vic”, “Deadly Romance”, “Deus”, “Dolemite Is My Name!” (aka “My Name Is Dolemite”), “The Domestique”, “Doom Patrol”, “Dwight In Shining Armor”, “Emperor”, “Euphoria”, “Even The Losers”, “Eventide”, “The Exception”, “Expendables 4”, “F.B.I.”, “First Ladies”, “Florida Girls”, “Flying Horses”, “The Gate”, “The Giant”, “God Friended Me”, “Godfather Of Harlem”, “Gotham” 05, “Granddaddy Day Care”, “The Gray Beyond”, “The Great Illusion”, “Guilty”, “Happy Together”, “The Haunting Of Nicole Brown Simpson”, “Heartland” 12, “The Hill”, “Hinsdale House”, “Hit”, “The Hunt”, “The Hunt”, “I Love Zombies”, “I'm Sorry” 02, “In The Dark”, “In The Heights”, “In The Shadow Of The Moon”, “It: Chapter 2” (w/t “Largo”), “James The Second”, “Joan”, “Jojo Rabbit”, “Kansas City”, “Kevin Vs. Josh”, “Killer In A Red Dress”, “Killer Script”, “Krypton” 02, “Laff In The Dark”, “Legacies”, “Life-Size 2”, “Little”, “Lockwood”, “Los Angeles”, “Lost Girls”, “Love & Tears”, “Love In Design”, “Lovecraft Country”, “Made In Chinatown”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” 03, “Maxx”, “Men In Black 4”, “The Merlin Saga”, “Midway”, “The Miraculous Adventure Of Edward Tulane”, “The Miseducation Of Bindu”, “Miss Fisher & The Crypt Of Tears”, “Monuments”, “The Mule”, “Murder At The Mansion”, “Murina”, “Murphy Brown”, “Muscle”, “The Neighborhood”, “Night Before Christmas”, “Nikola Tesla And The End Of The World”, “No Baggage”, “Normal People”, “The Oath” 02, “One Giant Leap" (aka "The Eagle Has Landed"), “Otherhood”, “Parquet”, “Passion Simple”, “Pennyworth”, “Pet Sematary”, “The Poison Rose”, “Port Authority”, “Premise”, “Pure” 02, “Quasimodo”, “Quick”, “Radiant”, “Redemption Day”, “Reprisal”, “Roe V. Wade” (w/t “1973”), “Roseanne” 02, “Roswell, New Mexico”, “Santa Clarita Diet” 03, “Scorned”, “See You Yesterday”, “She’s Gotta Have It” 02, “Shirley”, “Silo”, “Single Parents”, “Siren” 02, “Six Underground”, “Skoogle”, “Sleeping Together”, “SMILF” 02, “Snowpiercer”, “Something Else”, “Sonic, The Hedgehog” (w/t “Casino Night”), “The Sound Of Animals Fighting”, “The Sound Of Metal”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming 2” (w/t “Bosco”), “Step Up: High Water”, “Stronger Than Pretty”, “Stuck Out Of Love”, “Swamp Thing”, “A Sweet Taste Of Love”, “Team Marco”, “Tell Me A Story”, “Tell Me Your Secrets” (aka “Deadlier Than The Male”), “Tempting Fate”, “Tigertail”, “Tropical Cop Tales”, “Truly Naked”, “Unbelievable”, “Untitled Adam Leon Project”, “Untitled Joker Origin Project”, “Untitled Maradona Project”, “Untitled Roger Ailes Project”, “Untitled Teen Soccer Drama”, “Vampires Vs The Bronx”, “VHYES”, “Violet”, “Vlad”, “Watchmen” (w/t “Brooklyn”), “Waves”, “Wrong Move” (aka “Moving Day”), “You're The Worst” 05, “Zombieland 2”