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Production Weekly – Issue 975 – Thursday, December 17, 2015 / 93 listings – 20 pages

“51 Dons”, “All Eyez On Me” (aka “Tupac”), “American Express”, “Animal Kingdom”, “Arch Alien”, “Ares”, “Bad Moms” (aka “Troublemakers”), “Baywatch”, “Broke”, “Bubbles”, “The Butcher Cover”, “Chappaquiddick”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Cinderella Live”, “Cold”, “Confused”, “Crater”, “The Crosskiller”, “Dead Of Summer”, “Designated Survivor”, “The Dinner”, “Divanation”, “Dope Girls”, “Felt”, “Francis And The Godfather”, “Furious 8”, “Good Behavior”, “The Great Promise”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” (aka “Level Up”), “Hope's Wish”, “How To Survive An Office Uprising”, “In Contempt” (aka “Sullivan’s Travels”), “The Infamous”, “Ink” (aka “Probable Cause” & “Sex, Lies And Handwriting”), “Itsy Bitsy”, “Jackals”, “Killer Response”, “Ladylike”, “Landline”, “Lark”, “The Last Tycoon”, “Let It Ride”, “Little Darlings”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lopez” (aka “Are You George Lopez?”), “Marshall”, “Marvel's Iron Fist” (aka “Kick”), “Mindhunter”, “Miss Sloane” (aka “Ms. Sloane”), “The Mountain Between Us”, “Mouth”, “Move That Body”, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, “Novitiate”, “The OA”, “Overdrive”, “The Pines”, “Please Don't Eat The Pansies”, “Pottersville”, “Preacher”, “Puppet Killer”, “Rampage 3: No Mercy”, “Realm”, “The Reason”, “The Recruiters”, “Red Letter”, “Resolution Song”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”, “Shady Neighbors” (aka “Life Of Crime”), “Shots Fired” (aka “Indictment”), “The Snowman”, “The Solutrean”, “Stagecoach”, “Steelskin”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “The Titan”, “Triple Frontier” (aka “Sleeping Dogs”), “Twisted Avenue”, “Untitled Tyler Perry Project”, “Untitled WWII Romantic Thriller”, “Valérian And The City Of A Thousand Planets”, “Valley Of The Gods”, “Walk The Prank”, “Wendy”, “When We Rise”, “Will”, “Wish Upon”, “The Worst Marriage In Georgetown”, “XXX 3: The Return Of Xander Cage”, “You Get Me”

Production Weekly – Issue 974 – Thursday, December 10, 2015 / 155 listings – 34 pages

“The 11th”, “13 Reasons Why”, “478”, “Aardvark”, “Aftermath”, “Alita: Battle Angel” (aka “The Dolphin Project”), “All Eyez On Me” (aka “Tupac”), “Aloha Santa”, “Altered Carbon”, “American Gothic”, “Andiland”, “Aquarians”, “ARQ”, “Attachments”, “Baby Driver”, “Backstabbing For Beginners”, “Bad Couple”, “Barbarians Rising”, “Barefoot Warriors”, “Beaches”, “Beyond”, “Big Little Lies”, “The Big Sick”, “The Blob”, “Braven”, “Brook Hollow Warriors”, “Brother's Blood”, “The Burning Woman”, “Butterfly”, “Cardinal”, “Catherine The Great”, “Channel Zero”, “Charlotte XVI” (aka “My Favorite Nightmare”), “Codes Of Conduct”, “Counterpart”, “Crazy Eyes”, “Cuba” (aka “Bahamas/Paradise Island”), “The Dark Tower” (aka “The Diamond City”), “Den Of Thieves” (aka “Outlaw Juice”), “Diminuendo”, “The Dinner”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Drib”, “Drunk Parents”, “Exchange”, “Felt”, “Fifty Shades Darker” (aka “Further Adventures Of Max & Banks”), “Flower Shop Mystery: Snipped In The Bud”, “Friday The 13th”, “Game Of Love” (aka “Family Court”)”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Glamsquad”, “Goliath”, “Good Time”, “Grease: Live”, “The Greatest American Hero”, “Guilt”, “The Halcyon”, “Harley And The Davidsons”, “Him”, “Imaginary Friends”, “In Harm’s Way”, “In The Middle Of The River”, “Incarnate”, “Ink” (aka “Probable Cause” & “Sex, Lies And Handwriting”), “Insecure”, “The Interestings”, “Izzy Gets The F$&k Across Town”, “The Kicks”, “Knightfall”, “LA82”, “The Last Tycoon”, “Legends Of The Hidden Temple”, “Life Briefly”, “Life-Size 2”, “Mafiya”, “Manuscript”, “Marshall”, “Marvel's Iron Fist”, “Marvel’s Most Wanted” (aka “19”), “Matt Epic”, “Matter Of Prejudice”, “The Meyerowitz Stories”, “Million Dollar Quartet”, “Miss Sloane”, “Mommy Bloggers”, “Montauk Highway”, “The Mummy: Rise Of The Aztecs”, “The Nemesis”, “Nicki”, “The Notebook”, “Novitiate”, “The Nutcracker”, “The OA”, “Our Man On The Moon”, “Padre”, “The Passion”, “Patrick” (aka “Patrick 1.5”), “Please Don't Come Back From The Moon”, “Plus One”, “Possessions”, “Presence”, “The Price”, “Primal Rage: The Legend Of Oh-Mah”, “Queen Sugar”, “Quigley's Christmas Adventure”, “Reagan”, “The Real MVP”, “Rebel”, “Red Mars”, “Redwater”, “Robbers”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Scared To Death”, “Search Party”, “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”, “Shady Neighbors” (aka “Life Of Crime”), “Shooter”, “Shut Eye”, “Situation Comedy”, “Six”, “Social Redemption”, “The Solutrean”, “Son Of Zorn” (aka “Son Of Zahn”), “Star”, “Startup”, “The Strangers 2”, “Suburbicon”, “Swedish Dicks”, “The Terror”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Tin Star”, “Trainspotting 2”, “The Trap”, “Untitled Andrea Seigel Comedy”, “Untitled Ang Lee Project”, “Untitled Leos Carax Project”, “Untitled Matt Hubbard Comedy”, “Untitled Outbreak Drama” (aka “Patient Zero”), “Untitled Wolverine Sequel”, “Us”, “Van Helsing”, “Walk The Prank”, “The War Magician”, “Washed Up!”, “When We Rise”, “Why Him?”, “Will”, “Wonderstruck”, “Wrecked”, “Yinz”, “Young Americans” (aka “College Republicans”)

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Production Weekly – Issue 973 – Thursday, December 3, 2015 / 111 listings – 25 pages

“36”, “478”, “Aardvark”, “Ain’t No Half Steppin”, “Alaska”, “Alien: Covenant” (aka “Alien: Paradise Lost”), “All Eyez On Me” (aka “Tupac”), “Altitude”, “American Gods”, “American Gothic”, “Anathema”, “Antisocial.App”, “Baby Driver”, “Backstabbing For Beginners”, “Bad Santa 2”, “Barry”, “Baywatch”, “Bear Clan Station”, “Billionaire Boys Club”, “Braven”, “The Bride Of Frankenstein”, “Brief Encounters”, “Bushwick”, “Cardinal”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Circus Kids”, “Class Rank”, “The Code”, “Collateral Beauty”, “The Collection”, “The Comedian”, “Compulsion”, “Corporate”, “Country In My Blood”, “Crime” (aka “Criminal Justice”), “Dark Universe” (aka “Justice League: Dark”), “The Dating Game”, “Death Waits For No Man”, “The Dinner”, “Disorderly Conduct”, “Don’t Kill It”, “Downsizing”, “Downward Dog”, “Drunk Parents”, “Elimination”, “Famous In Love”, “Fast And Furious 8”, “First Man”, “Flower Shop Mystery: Snipped In The Bud”, “A Foreigner” (aka “A Murder Foretold”), “Get Out”, “Ghost In The Shell”, “Girlfriend's Day”, “The Gray Man”, “The Harvesters”, “How It Ends”, “In Harm’s Way”, “The Interestings”, “Island”, “Last Looks”, “The Last Tycoon”, “Legion” (aka “Clubhouse”), “Like Me”, “Lopez” (aka “Are You George Lopez?”), “Lost In Space”, “Marvel’s Most Wanted”, “Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life” (aka “Skool”), “Mission: Impossible 6”, “Mommy Bloggers”, “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?”, “The Mummy: Rise Of The Aztecs”, “Murder On The Orient Express”, “My So Called Wife”, “Nice Guy Phil”, “Nicki”, “Not Again”, “Ozark Shark”, “Padre”, “Permission”, “Please Stand By”, “Plus One”, “Pottersville”, “Probable Cause” (aka “Sex, Lies And Handwriting”), “Project Delirium” (aka “Operation Delirium”), “The Real MVP”, “The Recruiters”, “Ringside”, “Saturn”, “Shadow Train”, “Shady Neighbors” (aka “Life Of Crime”), “The Standard”, “Star”, “Star Wars Anthology: Untitled Han Solo” (aka “Red Cup”), “Startup”, “Stuck In The Middle”, “Sunset PPL”, “Superstition: Final Chance”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Tremors”, “True Fiction”, “Underground”, “Untitled Errol Morris Project”, “Untitled Jackie Chan Project” (aka “The Foreigner”), “Untitled Ramona Pierson Project”, “Vier Gegen Die Bank”, “Why Him”, “The Winter Man”, “You & Me Both”