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Production Weekly – Issue 1037 – Thursday, March 30, 2017 / 165 listings – 38 pages

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“9J 9K 9L”, “16 Bars”, “.38” (aka “Thirty-Eight”), “#211” (aka “02-11”), “Action Point” (aka “Action Park”), “Adrift”, “Age Before Beauty”, “Akira”, “Alex Strangelove”, “American Horror Story” 07, “American Son”, “American Woman”, “The Anarchists Vs Isis”, “Ant-Man And The Wasp” (w/t “Cherry Blue”), “Apostle”, “Archer & Armstrong”, “Arizona”, “Bad Influence”, “Barbie”, “Bastard”, “The Batman”, “Beats”, “Becoming Vader”, “Benched”, “Betting The Bride”, “Bite Me”, “Black Lion”, “Bleed”, “The Bloody Benders”, “The Bold Type”, “Book Club”, “Borderline”, “Bronco Belle”, “Bumblebee”, “The Burning Woman”, “Cardinal: Blackfly” 02, “Cause In Fact”, “Chemical Pink”, “The Chi”, “Christopher Robin”, “The Climb”, “Code 8”, “The Coolest Girl In The World”, “Crashing” 02”, “Dangerous Book For Boys The,”, “Dark Crystal”, “Deadlier Than The Male”, “The Deep Blue Goodbye”, “The Dirt”, “Dumbo”, “Eli”, “The End Of The Fucking World”, “Escape From New York”, “Everything Sucks”, “Flint”, “The Flood”, “Flowers” 02, “Game Night”, “Get It While You Can” (aka “Janis”), “Ghost Wars”, “The Girl In The Spider's Web”, “Godzilla: King Of Monsters” (w/t “Fathom”), “Grad Night”, “Griselda”, “Hannah Royce’s Questionable Choices”, “Heathers”, “Herby” (aka “Rev It”), “Here, Now”, “The Heretic”, “Hey You Up”, “High Life”, “Highway One”, “Hummingbird”, “I Am Elizabeth Smart”, “I Love You, America”, “Ice” 02, “The Illegal”, “Insecure” 02, “Juliet, Naked”, “Jupiter”, “A Kid Like Jake”, “Killer Mike”, “The Kind Worth Killing”, “King Of The Jungle’ (aka “John Mcafee's Last Stand”), “The Kitchen”, “Krypton” (w/t “Royal Flush”), “Lapham Rising”, “The Last Battle”, “Last Chance Llama Ranch”, “Lazer Team 2”, “Living Biblically”, “Love Wall”, “Love You More”, “Maniac Cop”, “Mary Kills People” 02, “The Maze”, “Messiah”, “Mid-90s”, “Mile 22”, “Mindhunter” 02, “Mission: Impossible 6” (w/t “Gemini”), “Nasty Women”, “Ness" (aka "Torso"), “Next Of Kin”, “Nicole”, “The Night Shift” 04, “No Filter”, “The OA” 02, “The Old Man And The Gun”, “The One And Only Ivan”, “Operation Finale” (aka “Eichmann”), “Ophelia”, “The Pact” (aka “Cherries”), “Paint”, “People Of Earth” 02, “Piano Lessons”, “The Post”, “Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe”, “Proud Mary” (aka “Danny Boy”), “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich”, “Puzzle”, “Queens Of The Stoned Age”, “A Quiet Place”, “Rampage”, “The Ranger”, “Real Life”,“Roman Israel, Esq.” (aka “Inner City”), “Scalped”, “Scarface”, “Sea Oak”, “Secrets From The Russian Tea Room”, “Set It Up”, “She Came To Me”, “Shotgun”, “Siberia”, “Sid & Marty Krofft’s Sigmund And The Sea Monsters”, “Singularity”, “Slenderman”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “A Star Is Born”, “Stella's Last Weekend”, “Stingray”, “Street Dreams”, “Teen Spirit”, “Thin Skinned Animal”, “Too Old To Die Young”, “The Tracking Of A Russian Spy”, “Trinity”, “Triple Frontier” (w/t “North Shore”), “True Detective” 03, “The Universe Versus Alex Woods”, “The Unstoppable”, “Untitled Mars Project”, “Untitled Myna Joseph Project”, “Untitled Vanessa Del Rio Project”, “Volition”, “The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle”, “Waco”, “Where'd You Go Bernadette”, “Who Killed Kathie Durst?”, “Widows”, “Wingmen”, “Wonderful World”, “X-Men: The New Mutants”

Production Weekly – Issue 1036 – Thursday, March 23, 2017 / 122 listings – 28 pages

“Acts Of Violence”, “The Affair” 04, “Alex Strangelove”, “Alliance” (The Commanders), “American Woman”, “Amy’s Brother”, “Annette”, “Apostle”, “Aquaman” (w/t “Ahab”), “Beautiful Boy”, “The Best Of Enemies”, “The Breach: Inside The Impeachment Of Bill Clinton” (The Commanders), “Champions” (aka “All Stars”), “The Chi” (aka “Chiraq”), “The Chickasaw Rancher”, “Christopher Robin”, “Collateral”, “The Coolest Girl In The World”, “The Dark Room”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Doe”, “Dumplin’”, “Empress Of Serenity”, “Extinction”, “Flarsky”, “Freakshift”, “Game Night”, “Get It While You Can” (aka “Janis”), “Ghost Wars”, “The Girl In The Spider's Web”, “Godzilla: King Of Monsters”, “Green Lantern Corps.”, “Hannah Royce’s Questionable Choices”, “Heather”, “Heathers”, “Here, Now”, “Honey 4: The Soloist”, “Hotel Artemis”, “Household Name”, “I Came By”, “The Innocents”, “Isn’t It Romantic” (aka “Bad Romance”), “JT LeRoy”, “Juanita”, “LA -> Vegas” (aka “L.A. To Vegas”), “Ladies In Black”, “The Last Full Measure”, “Lazer Team 2”, “Legion” 02 (w/t “Clubhouse”), “Life In A Year”, “Life, Itself”, “Linda From H.R.”, “A Little More Alive”, “The Looming Tower” (w/t “40 North”), “Losing It”, “Mayans MC”, “Messiah”, “Mid-90s”, “Mission: Impossible 6” (w/t “Gemini”), “Most Likely To Murder”, “Motherland”, “Never Saw It Coming”, “Nola”, “The OA” 02, “The Orchard”, “Overboard”, “Overlord”, “The Pact” (aka “Cherries”), “The Painted Bird”, “Pose”, “Princess Of The Row” (aka “The King And The Princess”), “Princesses”, “Rampage”, “Real Life”, “Red Sea Diving Resort” (aka “Operation Resort”), “Relatively Happy” (aka “Happy Peppers”), “Requiem”, “The Resident”, “Rise Of Reagan” (The Commanders), “The Sackett Sisters”, “Saint Judy”, “Scalped”, “Senior Moment”, “Sharp Objects”, “Siberia”, “Snowpiercer”, “Spring Breakers”, “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “The Stand Off”, “Stockholm”, “Suicide Squad 2”, “Theodore Rex” (The Commanders), “Thomas Jefferson And The Tripoli Pirates” (The Commanders), “Through Black Spruce”, “Together”, “Triple Frontier”, “Trust”, “Truth Or Dare”, “Two Graves”, “Tyler Perry's Boo 2, “Type A”, “Untitled Daniels SciFi Project”, “Untitled Iran-Contra Project”, “Untitled Rev Run Comedy”, “Untitled Road Trip Project”, “Untitled Single Dad Project”, “Untitled Spider-Man Spin-Off”, “Untitled That's So Raven Spinoff”, “Untitled Tyler Spindel Project”, “Untitled Vanessa Del Rio Project (aka “American Whore”), “Venom”, “Versace: American Crime Story” 03, “Victoria Woodhull”, “The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle”, “War Of 1812” (The Commanders), “War Party”, “The War With Grandpa”, “We Do Not Forget”, “The Wedding Movie”, “What They Had”, “The Widow”

Production Weekly – Issue 1035 – Thursday, March 16, 2017 / 144 listings – 35 pages

“.38” (aka “Thirty-Eight”), “All The Money In The World”, “All The Way Down”, “Amazing Stories”, “Amy’s Brother”, “Angel Of Mine”, “Annette”, “Anthem” (aka “Anthem Of A Reluctant Prophet”), “The Art Of Us”, “Avatar Sequels”, “Back”, “Bad Moms Christmas”, “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs And Other Tales Of The American Frontier”, “Beautiful Boy”, “Been So Long”, “Berlin, I Love You”, “Bloodshot”, “The Bold Type” (aka “Issues”), “Bond 25”, “Brampton's Own”, “Bridal Bootcamp”, “Brothered Up”, “The Cartel”, “Charlie Foxtrot”, “The Chi” (aka “Chiraq”), “The Claim”, “Counterswirl”, “The Crossing”, “The Cruelest Lie”, “Daddy's Home 2”, “Dark Room”, “Days Of The Bagnold Summer”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Death Note”, “The Deep Mad Dark”, “Drama High”, “Dumbo”, “El Jefe” (aka “City Of Angels” / “Protect & Serve”), “Emma Fielding Mysteries”, “Escape Plan 2”, “Fast Color”, “Fatal Mistakes”, “Feud: Charles And Diana” 02, “First Man”, “Flint”, “Fonzo”, “From New York To Florida”, “The Get”, “Ghosted”, “The Girl In The Spider's Web”, “God's Not Dead 3”, “Gone” (aka “One Kick”), “The Good Doctor”, “A Good Woman Is Hard To Find”, “Greyhound”, “The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society”, “Hannah Royce’s Questionable Choices”, “Hard Power”, “Hart”, “Humboldt”, “I’m No Longer Here”, “Insatiable”, “Invisible”, “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”, “Killing Eve”, “The Last Full Measure”, “Life, Itself”, “The Lifeboat”, “Linda From H.R.”, “Living Biblically”, “The Long Road Home”, “The Looming Tower” (w/t “40 North”), “Losing It”, “Love By The Book”, “Love Finds It's Way”, “M:I 6 - Mission: Impossible” (w/t “Gemini”), “Madea Gets Pregnant”, “Mail-Order Groom”, “Man Of Steel 2”, “Marry Me At Christmas”, “Mayans MC”, “Me, Myself And I”, “Melody”, “Mission Control”, “Never Saw It Coming”, “The Nightingale”, “The Nullarbor”, “One Nation Under God”, “The Post”, “Princess Of The Row” (aka “The King And The Princess”), “Private Life”, “Puppy Love” (aka “Morgan’s Milk” / “Slizzard”), “Quick Draw”, “A Quiet Place”, “Raised By Wolves”, “Rampage”, “Real Life” (aka “My Time/Your Time”), “Relatively Happy” (aka “Happy Peppers”), “S.W.A.T.”, “The Sackett Sisters”, “Scalped”, “Share”, “Sharp Objects”, “Siberia”, “Sinbad”, “The Sinner”, “Skyscraper”, “A Song For Christmas”, “Spaced Out”, “Splitting Up Together”, “Start Up”, “Suicide Squad 2”, “Summer Of Love”, “Sweetheart”, “Too Old To Die Young”, “Trautmann”, “Triple Threat” (aka “Makeshift Squad”), “Twin Blades”, “Type A”, “Undertow”, “Untitled Baron Davis Project”, “Untitled CG/MK Project” (aka “All Stars”), “Untitled Chris Kelly / Sarah Schneider Project”, “Untitled City Mayor Project”, “Untitled Donald Trump Project”, “Untitled Goldbergs Spin-Off”, “Untitled Jenny Lumet Project” (aka “Higher Ground”), “Untitled Mike O’Brien Project” (aka “A.P. Biology”), “Untitled Seal Team 6 Project”, “Untitled Sheldon Turner Drama” (aka “Controversy”), “Untitled Single Dad Project”, “Untitled Tracy Morgan Project”, “Valor”, “Waco”, “The War With Grandpa”, “What About Barb?”, “Where'd You Go Bernadette”, “Will Gardner”, “Winchester”, “Wisdom Of The Crowd”, “Wonderful World”, “X-Men” (w/t “Gifted”), “Young Sheldon”

Production Weekly – Issue 1034 – Thursday, March 9, 2017 / 197 listings – 45 pages

“9J 9K 9L”, “A.P. Biology”, “Acts Of Violence”, “Adam”, “The Adventures Of Thomasina Sawyer”, “Agent Emerson”, “Alex Strangelove”, “The Angel”, “Ant-Man And The Wasp” (w/t “Cherry Blue”), “Aquaman” (w/t “Ahab”), “Arc Of Justice”, “Arctic”, “Arizona”, “Bad Boys For Life”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Benched”, “Black Lightning”, “The Bold Type” (aka “Issues”), “Bounty Hunters”, “Bridal Boot Camp”, “Brothered Up”, “Buck”, “Bumblebee”, “The Burning Woman”, “Bury The Lead”, “Butterfly In The Typewriter”, “Bye Bye Birdie Live!”, “The Candy Jar”, “Captain Marvel”, “Carnival Row”, “The Chi” (aka “Chiraq”), “Clara”, “The Code”, “The Coolest Girl In The World”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Darkest Minds”, “Deadly Attraction”, “Deadpool 2” (w/t “Love Machine”), “Dietland”, “Distefano”, “Doe”, “Doomsday”, “Drama High”, “Dumbo”, “Dynasty”, “El Camino Christmas”, “El Jefe” (aka “City Of Angels” / “Protect & Serve”), “Elizabeth Harvest”, “Emma Fielding Mysteries”, “The End Of The Fucking World”, “Enzo Ferrari”, “Escape Plan 2”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “First Man”, “Five Against A Bullet”, “Flint”, “Furlough”, “Game Night”, “Get It While You Can” (aka “The Gospel According To Janis”), “Ghost Wars”, “Ghosts Of War” (aka “The Other Place”), “Gonzo Girl”, “The Good Samaritan”, “Goosebumps 2”, “The Gospel Of Kevin”, “Greyhound”, “Gunfighter”, “Hannah Royce’s Questionable Choices”, “Hard Powder” (aka “In Order Of Disappearance”), “Hereditary”, “Higher Ground”, “Highway One”, “Honey 4”, “Household Name”, “Hummingbird”, “Imprisoned”, “Insatiable”, “Instinct” (aka “Killer Instinct” / “Dr. Death”), “Jalen Vs Everybody”, “Juliet, Naked”, “Just Cause”, “Just Heloise”, “Juveniles” (aka “Hood Girls”), “Katrina: American Crime Story” 02, “Killer Mike”, “LA -> Vegas” (aka “L.A. To Vegas”), “Las Reinas”, “The Lead” (aka “Scotty And Bailey”), “Life In A Year”, “Life Sentence”, “The Lion King” (w/t “Tycoon”), “Living Biblically”, “The Looming Tower” (w/t “40 North”), “Lore”, “Losing It”, “The Lost Boys”, “Lucifer” 03”, “M:I 6 - Mission: Impossible” (W/T “Gemini”)”, “Madea Gets Pregnant”, “Marian”, “Marry Me At Christmas”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Mid-90s”, “The Miniaturist”, “Most Likely To Murder”, “My Abandonment”, “Nappily Ever After”, “Nearly Departed”, “Nicole”, “Night Comes On”, “The Nine”, “The Nun”, “The Old Man And The Gun”, “The One Percent”, “Ordeal By Innocence”, “Overboard”, “The Pact” (aka “Cherries”), “The Pages”, “Paint”, “Partners”, “Patrick”, “Perfect Citizen”, “The Post”, “Private Life”, “Proud Mary” (aka “Danny Boy”), “Puppy Love” (aka “Morgan's Milk” / “Slizzard”), “Raised By Wolves”, “The Ranger”, “Real Life” (aka “My Time/Your Time”), “Realm” (aka “Tigress”), “Red Leaves”, “Redliners”, “The Romanoffs”, “The Sackett Sisters”, “Salamander”, “Secrets From The Russian Tea Room”, “Separated At Birth”,“The Seven Five" (aka “White Boy Rick”), “Sharp Objects”, “Sheldon”, “Shibden Hall”, “The Shitheads”, “Shotgun”, “Siberia”, “Solar Storm”, “Sorry To Bother You”, “Spinning Man”, “The Split”, “Star Falls”, “A Star Is Born”, “The Starling”, “Start Up”, “Stockholm”, “The Strangers 2”, “Street Dogz”, “The Student Body”, “The Suck”, “Sunday To Sunday”, “Swimming With Men”, “Tag”, “Tales From The Crypt”, “Thin Ice”, “Timewasters”, “Tron”, “Troupe Zero”, “The Trustee”, “Underwater”, “Unfit”, “Unhinged”, “Unsolved: The Murders Of Biggie And Tupac”, “The Unstoppable”, “Untitled Action Project”, “Untitled CG/MK Project”, “Untitled Jenny Lumet Project” (aka “Higher Ground”), “Untitled Kourtney Kang Project” (aka “Where I’m From”), “Untitled Lee Atwater Project”, “Untitled Marc Cherry Project” (aka “Bluegrass/Blood Red”), “Untitled Mars Project”, “Untitled McKeon/Seccia Comedy”, “Untitled Mindy Kaling Project”, “Untitled Nat & Alex Wolff Project”, “Untitled Rebel Wilson Project” (aka “Bad Romance”), “Untitled Rev Run Comedy”, “Untitled Seal Team 6 Project”, “Untitled Sheldon Turner Drama” (aka “Controversy”), “Untitled Single Dad Project”, “Valor”, “Villain”, “The War With Grandpa”, “We Still Say Grace”, “What About Barb?”, “What They Had”, “What Would Diplo Do?”, “White Famous”, “Widows”, “X-Men” (aka “Hellfire” – w/t “Heaven”), “Yardie”