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Production Weekly – Issue 895 – Thursday, April 24, 2014 / 145 listings – 30 pages

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“47 Meters Down”, “The Affair”, “Alpha”, “Alpha Dogz Presents: Pups United”, “American Girl: Coco”, “American Wife”, “Arson”, “Arthur & Lancelot”, “Autobahn”, “Baskets”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Ben-Hur”, “Big Sexy”, “Bioshock”, “Black Chapter”, “Blonde”, “Brilliance” (aka “Savant”), “The Broken”, “Buffalo Soldiers”, “Cabin Fever”, “The Casual Vacancy”, “Cat Hunt The,”, “Christmas Icetastrophe”, “Cook”, “Criminal Activities”, “Criminal Justice”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny”, “Descendants” (aka “Off The Island”), “Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse”, “Doc And Howie”, “The Door”, “Dragon Blade”, “The Driftless Area”, “Driving While Black”, “Drowned”, “The Dwarves Of Demrel”, “Electric Boy Genius”, “Eloise”, “Equals”, “Exit 7”, “Exorcism On Crooked Lake”, “Extinction”, “A Fighting Chance”, “The Finest Hours”, “Flash Gordon”, “A Flower In The Mud”, “Food”, “Fracture”, “From Underneath”, “The Genesis Code” (aka “Shadow Chaser”), “Geostorm”, “Grey Lady”, “Guys Reading Poems”, “Hello My Name Is Doris”, “A House Divided”, “How And Why”, “How He Fell In Love”, “Illegal Invisible Ignited”, “Imaginary Friends”, “Impastor”, “In The Flesh”, “Inheritance”, “Insurgent” (aka “Mineral”), “Into The Forest”, “Jobs”, “Juarez 2045”, “The Jungle Book”, “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”, “Killjoys”, “The Last Days Of American Crime”, “Legends”, “Lemon”, “License Plates”, “The Long Play” (aka “History Of Music”), “The Longest Night”, “The Longest Ride”, “Love Of Money”, “Marco Polo”, “Miss You Already”, “The Missing Girl”, “Mission: Impossible 5″ (aka “Fort Sheridan”), “Money Monster”, “A Monster Calls”, “Murder Mysteries”, “My Dark Places”, “My Owner’s Wedding”, “The Neighbor”, “The Nest”, “Obscura”, “October Gale”, “The Old Man And The Gun”, “Peter And John”, “Rastaman”, “Re-Up”, “Really”, “Replace”, “Rest Home”, “Ride Along 2”, “Rosa”, “Rush”, “Satisfaction” (aka “Neil, Inc.”), “Saturn Returns”, “Scouts Vs. Zombies”, “Selma”, “Sierra Madre”, “The Sin Seer”, “Single By Contract”, “Sinister 2”, “Slated”, “A Slight Trick Of The Mind”, “Snowfall”, “The Soggy Weasel”, “Something Wonderful” (aka “What A Wonderful World”), “Southpaw”, “Star Trek 3”, “Steel & Stilettos”, “Stevie D”, “Stitchers”, “Stonewall”, “The Tank”, “Texas Rangers” (aka “Texas Rising”), “Thirteenth Grade”, “Through The Looking Glass”, “Tomorrow’s Child”, “Tooken”, “U.Z.L.A.”, “Untitled Cold War Thriller”, “Untitled Rogen/Hart Project”, “Used Guys”, “Virgin Carrie”, “Void Moon”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “The Walk” (aka “To Walk The Clouds” & “To Reach The Clouds”), “The Wall” (aka “Divided”), “War Pigs”, “Watching Heather”, “Wiener Dog Internationals”, “Windfall”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “The Wright Girls”, “Xmas”, “You Get Me”, “Youth In Oregon”, “Z Nation” (aka “Us Of Z”), “ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction”