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Production Weekly – Issue 914 – Thursday, September 11, 2014 / 128 listings – 29 pages

“23 Jump Street”, “Alien Sleeper Cell”, “Allegiance”, “Alone In Berlin” (aka “Every Man Dies Alone”), “American Honey”, “Another Period”, “Arms And The Dudes”, “The Arrangement”, “Back In The USSR” (aka “Cold Warriors”), “The Ballad Of Richard Jewell”, “Beyond Skyline”, “Bird Eclipse”, “The Book Of Vision”, “Borealis”, “Born Again Virgin”, “Boswell For The Defense”, “Bryan”, “Bus 757”, “By Way Of Helena”, “Catch 22”, “Caught”, “Compadres”, “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”, “Daughter Of God”, “Demolition”, “Deus Ex”, “Dirty Grandpa” (aka “Driving Dick Kelly”), “The Disaster Artist”, “The Disciples”, “Dixieland”, “Dope”, “Easy Money” (aka “Snabba Cash”), “Expiration”, “Eye Candy”, “Fallen Stars”, “The Finest Hours”, “The Fixer Upper”, “Forty Below And Falling”, “Fresh Off The Boat”, “Full Of Grace”, “God And Country”, “Good Kids”, “The Good Witch”, “The Great Wall”, “Heart Beats 3D”, “Hellbent”, “Holiday Help”, “Homemade Stu”, “Homeroom”, “The Horde”, “How Starbucks Saved My Life”, “Hyena Road”, “I Saw The Light”, “Idol’s Eye” (aka “Hubris”), “Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?”, “Kidnap”, “The Killer”, “Last Call At Murray’s”, “The Last Kingdom”, “Life On The Line”, “Lisey’s Story”, “Live By Night”, “The Lost Boy”, “Louder Than Bombs”, “Love Is All You Need?”, “Lumen”, “Mad Dogs”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Man Down”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Manchester-By-The-Sea”, “Manhunt”, “Marvel’s Agent Carter” (aka “Nylon”), “Masters Of The Air”, “Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “Mind Control”, “Minority Report”, “Miss You Already”, “The Mountain Between Us”, “Mr. Right”, “Music To My Ears”, “Namour”, “New Angeles”, “The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax”, “Now You See Me 2”, “Ocean Beach”, “Odd Mom Out”, “One Big Happy”, “Our Brand Is Crisis”, “Panama”, “Paper Towns”, “Pattern Recognition”, “The Petal Pushers”, “Petersburg Carousel”, “Polaris”, “Pride And Prejudice And Zombies”, “The Priority List”, “Quest”, “Rambo V: Last Stand” (aka “ Rambo: Last Blood”), “Return To Salem’s Cove”, “River Oaks”, “Room”, “Runner” (aka “The End”), “Scorched”, “The Secret In Their Eyes”, “Send Her My Love”, “Shadow Of The Colossus”, “Shannara”, “So In Love”, “South Of Hell”, “Standoff”, “Taj Mahal”, “Three Generations”, “Tomorrowland” (Reshoots), “Top Gun 2”, “True Detective, Season 2”, “Trumbo”, “The Trust”, “Truth”, “Unlocked”, “Untitled Celebrity Death Pool” (aka “Killing Hasselhoff”), “Untitled Peggy Lee Project”, “Untitled The Fighter Sequel”, “Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff”, “Van Gogh”, “Winter’s Dream”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”

Production Weekly – Issue 913 – Thursday, September 4, 2014 / 103 listings – 23 pages

“The 5th Wave”, “The Adventures Of Tom Thumb: Baptism Of Fire”, “The Adventures Of Velvet Prozak”, “All Eyes On Me” (aka “Tupac Amaru Shakur”), “Always Shine”, “American Hangman”, “Another Period”, “Anti-Claus” (aka “Comes The Krampus”), “Ballers”, “Barbarians: Last Of The Pink Panthers”, “Between The Veils”, “Bone Tomahawk”, “Bottom Of The World”, “Bunked”, “Captain America 3”, “Children Of The Machine”, “Chips”, “The Choice”, “Concussion” (aka “Game Brain”), “Cosmic Motors”, “A Country Called Home”, “Crumbs”, “Damascus Cover”, “Dark Peak”, “Director’s Cut”, “Doctor Strange”, “Dope”, “Down Dog”, “Drive, She Said”, “The Effects Of Blunt Force Trauma”, “Escape From New York”, “Fairest Of The Mall”, “February”, “Ghost In The Shell”, “Good Kids”, “Hack Attack”, “Happy Valley”, “The Harrow”, “The Hateful Eight”, “Heidi And The Magic Pool”, “Hooked”, “I.T.”, “If There Be Thorns”, “Its Walls Were Blood”, “Janis: Little Girl Blue”, “Jim & Jane”, “Jim Shoe”, “Klovn 2”, “Lady Bloodfight”, “Lazer Team”, “Leave Em Laughing”, “Life At These Speeds”, “A Love Of Money”, “Mammal”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Maple Bay Lodge”, “Marseille”, “The Martian”, “Marvel’s Agent Carter”, “Me Before You”, “Mob”, “Most Likely To Die”, “The Mummy”, “The Nice Guys”, “One & Two”, “Outcast”, “Pacific Rim 2”, “Pay The Ghost”, “Peace”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, “Point Of Honor”, “The Politician”, “Prisoner Of War”, “Proof”, “The Raid”, “Room”, “School Of Rock”, “A Second Chance At Christmas”, “The Secret Scripture”, “Seeds Of Yesterday”, “Self-Promotion”, “The Seven Samurai”, “Shannara Chronicles”, “Shazam”, “Show Me A Hero”, “Smitty’s”, “Stanistan”, “Stripped Innocence”, “Synapse”, “Tales From The Darkside”, “Tomorrow”, “True Detective, Season 2”, “The Turn”, “Unearthing”, “Untitled Rachel Goldenberg Project”, “Untitled Richard Pryor Biopic”, “Viral”, “Warbirds”, “Whip Smart”, “A Wife’s Nightmare”, “Young Drunk Punks”, “Your Family Or Mine”

Production Weekly – Issue 912 – Thursday, August 28, 2014 / 207 listings – 44 pages

“10 Beacon Hill”, “10 Days In A Madhouse”, “100 Things…To Do Before High School”, “6ix”, “A.D.”, “Acme”, “The Adventures Of Charles Fort”, “The After”, “Agent Carter” (aka “That Old Chestnut”), “Allegiance”, “Angie Tribeca”, “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency”, “Another Period”, “Anti-Claus” (aka “Comes The Krampus”), “The Art Of The Steal”, “Ashecliffe”, “Astronaut Wives Club”, “Baby-Moon”, “Ballers”, “Barbarella”, “Baskets”, “Bathing Flo”, “The Big Sayonara”, “The Bill Collector”, “Blunt Talk”, “Bolden”, “Bond 24”, “Book Of The Dead”, “The Bringing”, “Brothers”, “Brothers In Laws”, “Bunked”, “Buzzy’s”, “By Way Of Helena”, “Cardinal X”, “The Cellar” (aka “Valencia”), “The Childhood Of A Leader”, “Childhood’s End”, “The Choice”, “A CIA Agent F’d My Girlfriend”, “The Circle”, “City Of Snow”, “Clandestine”, “Cocked”, “Code Black”, “Colony”, “The Comedians”, “Coming Through The Rye”, “Complications”, “Concussion” (aka “Game Brain”), “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”, “Crime” (aka “Criminal Justice”)”, “The Cure”, “Curse The Darkness”, “Damien”, “Dawn”, “Dead Rising”, “Dead Spy Running”, “Departure”, “The Destroyer”, “Diablo”, “Dig”, “The Disappointments Room”, “Doctor Strange”, “Double Agent”, “Double Play”, “Down Dog”, “Emperor’s Children”, “Eye Candy”, “Eye In The Sky”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Feratu”, “Frankenstein”, “Freedom Farm”, “Freeheld”, “Friendswood”, “The Gaffigan Show”, “Gamer’s Guide”, “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Girls Camp”, “Gold”, “Good Kids”, “The Good Witch”, “The Graveyard Book”, “The Green Ghost”, “Happy Valley”, “The Hateful Eight”, “Hindsight”, “Holiday Help”, “Home Before Dark”, “Hooligan Squad”, “Hope Road”, “Hour Of The Wolf”, “How To Be Single”, “I Do, I Do”, “I Do, I Do, I Do”, “I.T.”, “Idol’s Eye” (aka “Hubris”), “Inferno”, “The Inspectors”, “Jessica Jones”, “The Jungle Book”, “Kaiser’s Last Kiss”, “Ken Jeong Made Me Do It”, “King Arthur”, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, “The Last Witness”, “Live By Night”, “The Living And The Dead”, “Louder Than Bombs”, “Lowriders” (aka “Firme”), “Lumen”, “Mad Dogs”, “Magic Camp”, “Magic Mike 2”, “The Magicians”, “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand”, “Making Room For Lily”, “Man Down”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Marilyn”, “Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials”, “Members Only” (aka “The Club”), “A Million Happy Nows”, “Mob”, “Moonfall”, “Moose Jaws”, “Most Likely To Die”, “Mozart In The Jungle”, “Mr. Robot”, “New World”, “The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax”, “The Novice”, “Odyssey”, “One Big Happy”, “Other Space”, “Our Thing”, “Pandora”, “Paranormal Activity 5” (aka “Triple Threat”), “Past Due” (aka “Barstow”), “Pecos Bill”, “A Perfect Christmas List”, “Pivot”, “Plus One” (aka “Love By Surprise”), “Point Of Honor”, “The Porcupine”, “Powers”, “Public Morals”, “Quantum Break”, “Quarry”, “Queen Of Earth”, “Rambo V: Last Stand” (aka “Rambo V: The Savage Hunt”), “Rentaghost”, “Ricki And The Flash”, “The Ring 3D”, “Roadies”, “Room”, “Rosa”, “Salem Rogers: Model Of The Year 1998”, “Sara’s Choice” (aka “A Mother Behind Bars”), “Schadenfreude”, “School Of Rock”, “Seclusion”, “Second Sunrise”, “A Secret Life”, “Sex, Lies And Handwriting”, “Shades Of Blue”, “Shannara Chronicles”, “Shaolin Temple”, “Sharknado 3”, “Sin City Saints”, “Smitty’s”, “So In Love”, “South Of Hell”, “Spotlight”, “A Spy Not Like Us”, “The Stand”, “Stanistan”, “Stepdaughter”, “Stephanie”, “Substitution”, “Sunnyside”, “Taboo”, “Tales From The Darkside”, “Te Ata”, “Testament”, “Titans”, “Transparency”, “True Detective”, “Tut”, “Undaunted Courage” (aka “Lewis And Clark”), “Underworld: Next Generation”, “Untitled Celebrity Death Pool” (aka “Killing Hasselhoff”), “Untitled McQueen/Carnahan Project”, “Untitled Ramones Biopic”, “Untitled Watson/Katims Medical Drama”, “Vacation”, “Vice Principals”, “War And Peace”, “We Regret To Inform You”, “Weird Loners”, “Wet Hot American Summer”, “White City”, “You Were Never Here”, “Younger”, “Your Family Or Mine”, “Zoo”

Production Weekly – Issue 911 – Thursday, August 21, 2014 / 156 listings – 35 pages

“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo”, “The 5th Wave”, “The After”, “Agent Carter” (aka “That Old Chestnut”), “All Is Vanity”, “Allegiance” (aka “Coercion”), “American Express”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “The Astronaut Wives Club”, “Ballers”, “Battlecreek”, “Beginners Guide To Snuff”, “Black Beauty”, “Blue Weekend”, “Bone Tomahawk”, “Borialis”, “By The Sea”, “By Way Of Helena”, “Chee And T”, “Childhood’s End”, “Children Of The Machine”, “Christian Movie”, “Christmastime”, “Cold Deck”, “Concussion” (aka “Game Brain”), “Crime” (aka “Criminal Justice”), “Dark Signal”, “The Daughter”, “Dead Rising”, “Deepwater Horizon”, “Delirium”, “Demolition”, “The Devil’s Advocate”, “Director’s Cut”, “The Disappointments Room”, “Dope”, “The Dovekeepers”, “The Drop” (aka “K Pop High”), “Emperor”, “The Expanse”, “A Fall From Grace”, “Freedom Farm”, “Freeheld”, “Fresh Off The Boat” (aka “Far East Orlando”), “Fresno” (aka “Cleveland”), “Geostorm”, “Ghost In The Shell”, “A Girl And A Gun”, “Godzilla 2”, “Gold Star”, “The Great Mystical Circus”, “Guilty Silence” (aka “Beyond Justice”), “Half Magic”, “Harker”, “Herzog”, “Hindsight”, “Hollywood Mom”, “Holy Skirts”, “Hyena Road”, “I Do, I Do, I Do”, “I Want My MTV”, “If There Be Thorns”, “Inland”, “Inversion”, “iZombie”, “Journey 3”, “Jungle Book: Origins”, “Ken Jeong Made Me Do It”, “Krampus”, “The Land Of Steady Habits”, “Last Best Summer Ever”, “The Last Man On Earth”, “The Last Witch Hunter” (aka “Kerosene”), “The Lennon Report”, “The Light Between Oceans”, “Lockdown”, “London Has Fallen”, “Look Away”, “Louder Than Bombs”, “A Love Of Money”, “Macbett”, “Magic Mike XXL”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Maple Bay Lodge”, “Mark Twain’s America”, “Mary”, “Mary Shelley’s Monster”, “Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials”, “Men Of Granite” (aka “The Boys Of Lincoln Place“), “Mine”, “Mission Control”, “Mission: Impossible 5″ (aka “Fort Sheridan”), “A Monster Calls”, “Monster Mayhem”, “The Most Wonderful Time”, “Mozart In The Jungle”, “Mr. Robot”, “Mr. Was”, “Music To My Ears”, “The Musketeer And The Prince Of Thieves”, “The Nice Guys”, “The November Man 2”, “One Plus One”, “Our Brand Is Crisis”, “Paris To Dakar: Full Throttle”, “Pay The Ghost”, “Pete’s Dragon”, “Pinkertons”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, “Pome”, “Poor Paul”, “Powers”, “Rain”, “Rambo: Last Stand”, “Red Squad”, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, “Responsible Adults”, “Riders On The Storm”, “Sara’s Choice” (aka “A Mother Behind Bars”), “Savage Destiny”, “School Of Rock”, “Scream”, “Selling Time”, “Shazam”, “Show Me A Hero”, “Sin City Saints”, “Sinister 2”, “The Slap”, “Sleepwalker”, “Small Miracles”, “South Of Hell”, “Southern Dream”, “Spectral”, “Spotlight”, “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, “A Thousand Pounds Of Dynamite”, “Trumbo”, “Truth”, “Tut”, “Untitled Celebrity Death Pool” (aka “Killing Hasselhoff”), “Untitled Mack Bolan Project”, “Untitled Mark L. Smith Project” (aka “Martyrs”), “Untitled Sheldon Turner Project”, “Untitled Will Staples Project”, “Untitled Witch Hunter Project”, “Urge”, “Vampire Chronicles: The Vampire Lestat The,”, “Vincent & Roxxy”, “Wait Till Helen Comes”, “We Go On”, “Where Are You, Bobby Browning?”, “White City”, “White Girl”, “Wish Man”, “Year By The Sea”, “Yoga Hosers”