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Production Weekly – Issue 892 – Thursday, April 3, 2014 / 169 listings – 35 pages

“Adé: A Love Story”, “The Affair”, “The Age Of Miracles”, “All Eyes On Me”, “Amityville” (aka “Locked In”), “Anonymous Vs. Steubenville”, “Aquarius”, “The Associate”, “Astronaut Wives Club”, “B-Roll”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Battlecreek”, “The Beach House”, “Better Call Saul”, “Big Sexy”, “Black Mass”, “Bokeh”, “Borderland”, “A Broken Bridge”, “Brooklyn”, “Bucky Fucking Dent”, “The Bus Driver”, “Buzzy’s” (aka “Clipsters”), “Cake”, “Cannibal”, “Captain Of The Gate”, “Chappie” (Reshoots), “Charlie Chan”, “Chasing Butterflies”, “Chronically Metropolitan”, “Comes The Krampus”, “Complications”, “Condemned”, “Cook”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny”, “The Current War”, “Cuz-Bros”, “The D Movie”, “Dead Of Winter”, “Designated Driver”, “Dinner In America”, “Dream Corp”, “Duty”, “East Texas Trials Project”, “The Edge Of Normal”, “Eleanor & Park”, “Evermoor”, “Fallen Cross”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “Fat Ballerina” (aka “Prima” & “Dance Of The Mirlitons”), “Flesh And Bone”, “Food”, “Galyntine”, “Garden At The End Of The World”, “The Geography Of Hope”, “Ginormous”, “Goliath”, “Grace And Frankie”, “Grand Avenue”, “Gucci”, “Gumball 3000”, “The Heart”, “Henry Danger”, “Hocus Pocus 2”, “Hold On To Me” (aka “Nancy & Danny”), “House Cat”, “How And Why”, “I Am Chippendales”, “The Inherited”, “The Intern”, “Jennifer Falls”, “The Jungle Book”, “Just Drive”, “Kodachrome”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, “Latitude”, “Len & Co.”, “Life Happens”, “Life’s A Pitch”, “Limelight”, “Little House On The Prairie”, “Look Who’s Talking”, “The Lottery”, “Love Sick”, “Magic Mike XXL”, “The Man On Carrion Road”, “Max And Shred”, “Me Before You”, “Medicine Men”, “Merry Ex-Mas”, “The Messenger”, “Mind Puppet”, “Mindless”, “Monster Trucks” (aka “Formula M”), “Mountain Men”, “Narcos”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, “Nostalgia”, “The Odd Couple”, “One Big Happy”, “One Child”, “One Christmas Eve”, “One Drop”, “The Other Way Around”, “Outlaw Prophet” (aka “When Men Become Gods”), “Paper Angels”, “Paper Tiger”, “Park Bench”, “Pink Panther”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Pixels”, “Police Academy”, “The Preacher’s Son”, “Project Y”, “Recovery Road”, “Red Flag”, “Remember”, “Renegade”, “Ricky And The Flash”, “Road Hard”, “Rock The Kasbah”, “A Role To Die For”, “Romeo And Julie”, “Rosaline”, “San Andreas”, “Sandwitched”, “Scream”, “The Second Coming Of Christ”, “Selma”, “Sicario”, “The Sin Seer”, “SLC Punk 2 : Punk’s Dead”, “Slingshot”, “Sons Of Salt”, “Southpaw”, “Splinter Cell”, “Spy” (aka “Susan Cooper”), “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Story Of Your Life”, “Stray”, “Summer Crossing”, “The Supremes At Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat”, “Survivor’s Remorse”, “Take Down”, “Tarzan” (aka “Miss P”), “Teachers”, “Terminator: Genesis” (aka “Vista”), “Terrestrial”, “Texas Rein”, “A Thirst For Freedom”, “This Is Our Year”, “Trafficked”, “Triple Nine”, “Under Milk Wood”, “Untitled Armored Car Project” (aka “Loomis Fargo”), “Untitled DJ Pooh Comedy”, “Untitled Halo Project”, “Untitled WWII Romantic Thriller”, “Virgins America”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “The Walk” (Aka “To Walk The Clouds” & “To Reach The Clouds”), “Weird Loners”, “When The Dust Settles”, “When We First Met”, “Which Brings Me To You”, “The Whole Truth”, “Women Of Mass Destruction”, “Yellow Rose”, “Your Family Or Mine”

Production Weekly – Issue 873 – Thursday, November 21, 2013 / 114 listings – 24 pages

Download Current Issue“24: Live Another Day”, “7 Days As A Kingpin”, “About A Boy”, “Annabelle”, “Bad Hurt”, “Bad Judge”, “Ballers”, “Bastille Day”, “Batman Vs. Superman”, “Beautiful Ruins”, “Bella And The Broncos”, “Black Mass”, “The Blind Truth”, “The Brink”, “Brother’s Keeper”, “Car Dogs”, “Cassidy Way”, “Cat Run 2”, “Christmas, Again”, “The City That Sailed”, “Complications”, “Cucumber”, “Daughter Of Smoke And Bone”, “A Daughter’s Revenge”, “The Divide”, “El Presidente”, “Enormous”, “Entourage” (aka “Movie”), “Extant”, “A Fall From Grace”, “Family Values”, “Fear Clinic”, “A Few Less Men”, “The First”, “The Flash”, “Frankenstein”, “Free Byrd”, “Gaffigan”, “Galveston”, “Game Time Decision”, “Gracepoint” (aka “Broadchurch”), “Grim Sleeper”, “Heartlock”, “Home Invasion”, “How I Met Your Dad”, “The Inquisition”, “Insidious: Chapter 3”, “Intruders”, “The Intruders”, “It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest Of The Story”, “Jackknife”, “Jake Joins A Cult”, “Jurassic World”, “Kickback” (aka “Shoot The Breeze”), “La Linea”, “La Raya”, “Legends”, “Life”, “Life At These Speeds”, “Live By Night”, “The Man In 3B”, “Man Up”, “Marco Polo”, “Max Steel”, “Midnight Special”, “Minions”, “The Miracle Shot” (aka “Beyond Belief”), “Mission: Blacklist”, “Mississippi Grind”, “Monkey In The Middle”, “More Than Everything”, “Navy St.”, “Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, “The Novice”, “Ouija”, “Pale Blue Dot” (aka “Men, Women And Children”), “Parallels”, “Patriotic Treason”, “Preacher”, “The Prince”, “Queen Of The Desert”, “A Ring By Spring”, “The Sand”, “The Secret Scripture”, “Selling Isobel”, “Sex, Marriage And Infidelity In New York” (aka “A Sex Comedy” & “Artisse”), “Shangri-La Suite”, “Sister”, “Sister Cities”, “Skate God”, “Skateboarding With Saddam”, “Spectral”, “Supreme Ruler”, “Susan Cooper”, “Tell No One”, “Tiger House”, “Time Out Of Mind” (aka “Vintage Muscatel”), “Trainwreck”, “Triple Nine” (aka “999”), “Unnatural”, “Untitled Ballet Project”, “Untitled Gerardo Naranjo Project”, “Untitled Grammer / Lawrence Project”, “Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project”, “Untitled Paranoid Thriller”, “Vernon God Little”, “Warcraft” (aka “Lost In Gastown” & “Conflagration”), “The White Orchid”, “Wild Oats”, “Xmas”, “A Year And Change” (aka “Dear Jen”), “Zipper”, “Zombies Vs. Joe Alien”

Production Weekly – Issue 868 – Thursday, October 17, 2013 / 124 listings – 26 pages

Download Current Issue“12 Monkeys”, “24: Live Another Day”, “Agent X”, “Air Disturbance”, “American Storage”, “The App”, “Artisse”, “Attachment”, “Baby Steps”, “Babysitter”, “Backcountry”, “Badge Of Honor” (aka “Disengaged”), “Ballers”, “Band Night”, “Barely Lethal”, “Benched”, “Big Sky”, “Big Stone Gap”, “Black Watch”, “Blackbird”, “Bob & The Trees”, “The Brink”, “Bullied”, “Captive”, “Carmilla”, “Charming” (3D), “The Chinese Busker”, “The Comedians”, “Creative Control”, “Cut Throats Nine”, “Dark Haul”, “Dead Still”, “Dead Water”, “Deliverance Creek”, “Devil’s Night”, “Devlin”, “Dolphin Tale 2”, “Drop”, “Eleven Eleven”, “Emperor”, “Expiration”, “Face Of An Angel”, “Famous”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “Fargo”, “Fathers And Daughters”, “Fifty Shades Of Grey” (aka “The Adventures Of Max & Banks”), “Fight To The Finish”, “Finding Carter”, “Fleming”, “Focus”, “Fool’s Game”, “Franny”, “Friends And Romans”, “Grand Lake”, “Guttersnipes”, “He Never Died”, “Hit The Floor”, “A Hologram For The King”, “The Inn At The Edge Of The World”, “Jennifer Falls”, “Jenny’s Wedding”, “Kings Highway”, “La Vida Robot”, “A Last Patrol”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, “A Light Beneath Their Feet”, “The Lion’s Share”, “Lunar Park”, “Macbeth”, “Man Of Steel 2” (aka “Superman Vs Batman”), “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”, “Momentum”, “Mystery Girls”, “Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, “Night At The Museum 3”, “Penance Lane”, “People In New Jersey”, “Perception”, “Phoenix”, “Power”, “Refugio”, “A Ring By Spring”, “Rosaline”, “Salem”, “San Andreas: 3D”, “Sea Isle”, “The Sea Wolf”, “The Secret Sex Life Of A Single Mom”, “Shut Up And Drive”, “Something In The Dark”, “Spaces” (aka “Spaces In Between”), “Split Second”, “Spring”, “Storming Las Vegas”, “Submerged” (aka “The Space Between”), “Sun Choke”, “Superfast!”, “Superpowerless”, “Susan Cooper”, “Those People”, “Tomorrow”, “Twisted”, “Un-Real”, “Untitled Ang Lee Project”, “Untitled Grammer / Lawrence Project”, “Untitled Lance Armstrong Biopic”, “Untitled Martin Luther King Jr. Biopic”, “Untitled Psychological Thriller Drama”, “Untitled Sophia Grace & Rosie Project”, “Vigilantes – The Lost Order”, “The Wannabe”, “When I Live My Life Over”, “While We’re Young”, “Wiener-Dog”, “The Witch”, “Work Mom”, “Wrong Place The,”, “XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage”, “You’re The Worst”, “Young & Hungry”, “Your Right Mind”, “Zipper”