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Production Weekly – Issue 895 – Thursday, April 24, 2014 / 145 listings – 30 pages

“47 Meters Down”, “The Affair”, “Alpha”, “Alpha Dogz Presents: Pups United”, “American Girl: Coco”, “American Wife”, “Arson”, “Arthur & Lancelot”, “Autobahn”, “Baskets”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Ben-Hur”, “Big Sexy”, “Bioshock”, “Black Chapter”, “Blonde”, “Brilliance” (aka “Savant”), “The Broken”, “Buffalo Soldiers”, “Cabin Fever”, “The Casual Vacancy”, “Cat Hunt The,”, “Christmas Icetastrophe”, “Cook”, “Criminal Activities”, “Criminal Justice”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny”, “Descendants” (aka “Off The Island”), “Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse”, “Doc And Howie”, “The Door”, “Dragon Blade”, “The Driftless Area”, “Driving While Black”, “Drowned”, “The Dwarves Of Demrel”, “Electric Boy Genius”, “Eloise”, “Equals”, “Exit 7”, “Exorcism On Crooked Lake”, “Extinction”, “A Fighting Chance”, “The Finest Hours”, “Flash Gordon”, “A Flower In The Mud”, “Food”, “Fracture”, “From Underneath”, “The Genesis Code” (aka “Shadow Chaser”), “Geostorm”, “Grey Lady”, “Guys Reading Poems”, “Hello My Name Is Doris”, “A House Divided”, “How And Why”, “How He Fell In Love”, “Illegal Invisible Ignited”, “Imaginary Friends”, “Impastor”, “In The Flesh”, “Inheritance”, “Insurgent” (aka “Mineral”), “Into The Forest”, “Jobs”, “Juarez 2045”, “The Jungle Book”, “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”, “Killjoys”, “The Last Days Of American Crime”, “Legends”, “License Plates”, “The Long Play” (aka “History Of Music”), “The Longest Night”, “The Longest Ride”, “Love Of Money”, “Marco Polo”, “Miss You Already”, “The Missing Girl”, “Mission: Impossible 5″ (aka “Fort Sheridan”), “Money Monster”, “A Monster Calls”, “Murder Mysteries”, “My Dark Places”, “My Owner’s Wedding”, “The Neighbor”, “The Nest”, “Obscura”, “October Gale”, “The Old Man And The Gun”, “Peter And John”, “Rastaman”, “Re-Up”, “Really”, “Replace”, “Rest Home”, “Ride Along 2”, “Rosa”, “Rush”, “Satisfaction” (aka “Neil, Inc.”), “Saturn Returns”, “Scouts Vs. Zombies”, “Selma”, “Sierra Madre”, “The Sin Seer”, “Single By Contract”, “Sinister 2”, “Slated”, “A Slight Trick Of The Mind”, “Snowfall”, “The Soggy Weasel”, “Something Wonderful” (aka “What A Wonderful World”), “Southpaw”, “Star Trek 3”, “Steel & Stilettos”, “Stevie D”, “Stitchers”, “Stonewall”, “The Tank”, “Texas Rangers” (aka “Texas Rising”), “Thirteenth Grade”, “Through The Looking Glass”, “Tomorrow’s Child”, “Tooken”, “Untitled Cold War Thriller”, “Untitled Rogen/Hart Project”, “Used Guys”, “Virgin Carrie”, “Void Moon”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “The Walk” (aka “To Walk The Clouds” & “To Reach The Clouds”), “The Wall” (aka “Divided”), “War Pigs”, “Watching Heather”, “Wiener Dog Internationals”, “Windfall”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “The Wright Girls”, “Xmas”, “You Get Me”, “Youth In Oregon”, “Z Nation” (aka “Us Of Z”), “ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction”

Production Weekly – Issue 894 – Thursday, April 17, 2014 / 129 listings – 26 pages

“12 Monkeys”, “The Adderall Diaries”, “The Adventure Project”, “All The Good Stuff”, “Allegiant: Part 1”, “American Bred”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “The App”, “Bad Boys Crazy Girls”, “Beauty And The Beast”, “Becoming Einstein”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “The Big Shoe”, “Big Sky”, “Border Guards”, “Bracken Moor”, “Breaking Through”, “Burnout”, “Cadaver”, “Cadaver”, “Carpe Demon: Adventures Of A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom”, “The Carrion Doll”, “Catch 22: Based On The Unwritten Story By Seanie Sugrue”, “Cents”, “Chain Of Events”, “The Chair”, “The Christmas Pearl”, “Cocked”, “Dali & I: The Surreal Story” (aka “Genuine Fake”), “The Death Of Dallas Boone”, “The Dime”, “Dirty White Boys”, “Doug”, “Down And Dirty Pictures”, “Drumline 2: A New Beat”, “The Duff”, “Eloise”, “The Expanse”, “Extortion”, “Final Exam”, “The Fourth Reich”, “Free For All”, “Freud: The Secret Casebook”, “Friday The 13th”, “Geostorm”, “Gibby”, “Good Ol’ Boy”, “The Gotham”, “Grandmaster Slap Happy Championship”, “The Great Gilly Hopkins”, “The Greatest Christmas Party Ever”, “Hysteria”, “Impastor”, “The Inherited”, “Joy”, “Justice Served”, “Kajaki”, “King Arthur”, “Kung Fu”, “The Last Face”, “The Librarians”, “Life After Love” (aka “Life Happens”), “London Road”, “The Long Play” (aka “History Of Music”), “The Longest Ride”, “Lost & Found”, “The Lost Dogs”, “Magic Mike XXL”, “The Marshall Family”, “Masters Of The Universe”, “Max”, “Michael”, “Midnight Ramblers”, “Midnight Rider”, “Mind Puppets”, “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”, “Mrs. Doubtfire 2”, “Multiplexing”, “My All American”, “My Favorite Daniel”, “Navy Street”, “Neil, Inc.”, “Newton’s Cradle”, “Nine Lives Of Christmas”, “No Letting Go”, “One Bad Choice”, “The Operators”, “Overlord”, “Parallel”, “Paranormal Activity 5” (aka “Triple Threat”), “Pinkertons”, “Pussy”, “Radioactive”, “Red Squad”, “Regression”, “The Revenant”, “Rodney On The Roq”, “Run The Tide”, “Russell Mania”, “Selma”, “The Shoemaker”, “The Sin Seer”, “Sleeping With Other People”, “The Social Life” (aka “He’s Fuckin’ Perfect”), “Somali”, “Sonata”, “Sons Of Soldiers”, “Steel & Stilettos”, “Sticky Notes From Heaven”, “Stone Rider”, “Stranded In Paradise”, “Strange Nature”, “Suicide Party”, “The Sweet Spot”, “Tooken”, “The Tower”, “Trumbo”, “Tupac” (aka “All Eyes On Me”), “Untitled Steve Jobs Project”, “Untitled Wang/Chan Project”, “Urban Myths”, “Viral” (aka “Peste”), “Vita And Virginia”, “The Wedding Invitation”, “The Write Man”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Yellowstone Falls”, “The Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls”, “Younger”

Production Weekly – Issue 891 – Thursday, March 27, 2014 / 140 listings – 29 pages

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“55 Steps” (aka “Eleanor And Colette”), “9 Circles Of Black”, “Absolutely Anything”, “American Sniper”, “American Ultra”, “Amityville” (aka “Locked In”), “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “Assassin’s Creed”, “Backstrom”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Bella And The Bullfrogs”, “Black Mass”, “Blood Father”, “Blue Kiss”, “Buzzy’s” (aka “Clipsters”), “The Case Against Sam”, “Cassanova Was A Woman”, “Castro’s Daughter”, “The Comedians”, “Condemned”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Cristela”, “Dark”, “The Dark Stranger”, “Dark Universe” (aka “Justice League Dark”), “Dinner In America”, “Don’t Mess With Texas”, “Drowned”, “Echo”, “Fallout Asylum”, “Fantastic Four 2”, “Final Exam”, “Final Girls”, “Finding Carter”, “Galyntine”, “Ghost Station”, “Ghostbusters 3”, “Girls Trip”, “Goodbye Blue Sky”, “The Great Wall”, “Hand Of God”, “Havenhurst”, “Heist”, “How I Met Your Dad”, “I Am Vanessa Delgado”, “In The Valley Of Violence”, “The Inherited”, “Insurgent” (aka “Mineral”), “The Intern”, “Ithaca”, “Jem And The Holograms”, “Jubilee” (aka “Outlaw Prophet” & “When Men Become Gods”), “The Jungle Book”, “Jurassic World” (aka “Ebb Tide”), “Keep It Together”, “King Jack”, “Knifeman”, “Laughs Unlimited”, “Len & Co.”, “Let It Go”, “The Librarians”, “A Light Beneath Their Feet”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Longest Ride”, “The Lost Years Of Merlin” (aka “Young Merlin”), “The Lottery”, “The Man On Carrion Road”, “Max”, “Max And Shred”, “Mind Puppet”, “The Mistake”, “Monkey’s Nest”, “Monster Witness Relocation Program”, “The Moon And The Sun”, “Moontrap: Target Earth”, “Mountain Men”, “My Life As A Dead Girl”, “Nigel & Oscar Vs The Sasquatch”, “Night Owls”, “Noble Assassin”, “NWA: Straight Outta Compton”, “Offseason”, “One Big Happy”, “Pacific Standard Time”, “Paid In Full”, “Passengers”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Pixels”, “Ploesti”, “The Politician”, “Prehistoric Pets”, “Primal/Ethereal”, “Prometheus 2”, “Queen & Country”, “Recipe For Love”, “Recovery Road”, “Ricky And The Flash”, “Road Hard”, “Robo-Dog”, “Rock The Kasbah”, “The Rocking Horsemen”, “Rosaline”, “Rush”, “Scarface”, “Scouts Vs. Zombies”, “Section 6”, “Sleeping With Other People”, “The Social Life” (aka “He’s Fuckin’ Perfect”), “Somacell”, “Sonic The Hedgehog”, “Sons Of Liberty”, “Splinter Cell”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Stolen Identity”, “Strangerland”, “Survivor’s Remorse”, “Table 19”, “The Tank”, “Tarzan”, “Teenage Cocktail”, “Terminator: Genesis” (aka “Vista”), “Times Square”, “Triple Nine” (aka “999”), “Unstrung”, “Untitled Cheech & Chong Project”, “Untitled Gerardo Naranjo Project””, “Untitled Richard Lagravenese Project”, “Untitled Steve Jobs Project”, “Untitled West Docu-Series”, “Vacation Friends”, “The Veil”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “The Walk” (aka “To Walk The Clouds” & “To Reach The Clouds”), “Weightless”, “Weird Loners”, “The Whole Truth”, “Wilson”, “The Witch”, “The Wolverine 2”, “X-Force”

Production Weekly – Issue 887 – Thursday, February 27, 2014 / 186 listings – 41 pages

“6 Miranda Dr.”, “6ix”, “A To Z”, “Absolutely Anything”, “Agatha”, “The Age Of Adaline”, “Alone For The Holidays”, “America’s Most Hated Woman”, “American Crime”, “American Desperado”, “American Sniper”, “American Ultra”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “Astronaut Wives Club”, “Babylon Fields”, “Backstrom”, “Ballers”, “Bambi Cottages”, “Bastille Day”, “Bathing Flo”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Black Mass”, “The Book Of Negroes”, “Brilliance”, “Cabot College”, “Candy Land”, “Captain Fantastic”, “Checked Out”, “Christmas Tree Farm”, “Clementine”, “The Club”, “Coercion”, “The Conjuring 2”, “Constantine”, “Cook”, “Creed”, “Criminal Justice”, “Cristela”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny”, “Damaged Goods”, “Daredevil”, “Dead Boss”, “Dial A Prayer”, “Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse”, “Dig”, “Doctor Strange”, “Ecstasy Rising”, “Ellen More Or Less”, “Empire”, “Eternal”, “Eternity”, “Exhume”, “Exposed”, “Fall”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “The Field”, “Fifth Wheel”, “Final Girls”, “Finding Albie Finch”, “Finding Carter”, “Forever”, “Found Footage 3D” (aka “Spectre”), “Fresh Off The Boat”, “Fully Wrecked”, “The Geography Of Hope”, “Geostorm”, “Get Hard”, “Girls Trip”, “The Gnashing”, “Gods Of Egypt”, “Good Kill” (aka “Drones”), “Good Session”, “The Good Witch”, “The Grizzlies”, “Guilt By Association”, “Here’s Your Damn Family”, “Hindsight”, “Holland, Michigan”, “Home”, “Hotel 33”, “How To Be Single”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Hysteria”, “I Am Chippendales”, “I Dream Too Much”, “Identity”, “The Intern”, “Iron Fist”, “Irreversible”, “Jane The Virgin”, “Jessica Jones”, “Jingle All The Way 2”, “Knock Knock”, “Legend”, “Legends”, “The Librarians”, “Lifesaver”, “Listen”, “Love Is Relative”, “Luke Cage”, “Madam Secretary”, “Mall Cop: Blart 2”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Manhattan Nocturne”, “Masters Of The Universe””, “Matador”, “Max Steel”, “Mean Moms”, “Memory Book”, “The Messengers”, “Midnight Masquerade”, “Mission Control”, “Model Prisoner”, “Moon Dogs”, “More Time With Family”, “Motherless Brooklyn”, “My Boyfriends Dogs”, “My Thoughts Exactly”, “The Mysteries Of Laura”, “Night Circus”, “The Odd Couple”, “Oddball”, “Oh Say Can You See”, “Overnight”, “The Panel”, “Petals On The Wind”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Pixels”, “The Place That Hits The Sun”, “Point Break”, “Prima” (aka “Dance Of The Mirlitons”), “The Pro”, “Proof”, “Prose Before Hoes: The Ballad Of Hemingway & Fitzgerald”, “The Raid”, “The Real Rob”, “Really”, “Red Band Society”, “Red Zone”, “Regression”, “Richie Rich”, “Ride Along 2”, “Robeson”, “Rosaline”, “Rosemont”, “Salvation”, “San Andreas”, “Sandman”, “Section 6”, “Selfie”, “Shades Of Blue”, “The Show”, “The Sin Seer”, “Spy” (aka “Susan Cooper”), “The Stand”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “State Of Affairs”, “Stonewall”, “The Submarine Kid”, “Suffragette” (aka “The Fury”), “The Sunday Horse”, “Supernatural: Tribes”, “Taken 3”, “Taxi 22”, “Ted 2”, “Term Life”, “Texas Rangers” (aka “Texas Rising”), “To Reach The Clouds”, “Tooken”, “Tulip Fever”, “Untitled CSI Spinoff”, “Untitled Jim Loach Project”, “Untitled Kevin Williamson Project”, “Untitled Richard Lagravenese Project”, “Untitled Steve Jobs Project”, “Vamprechaun”, “The Veil”, “Vice”, “The Visitors”, “We Are Here”, “Webcam”, “Weird Loners”, “Winklers”, “Wipe”, “Woman In Gold”, “Your Family Or Mine”