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Production Weekly – Issue 982 – Thursday, February 18, 2016 / 245 listings – 51 pages

“24: Legacy” (aka “24: First Light”), “A.P.B.”, “Action Park” (aka “Dangerous Amusement Park”), “Alien: Covenant”, “All Quiet On The Western Front”, “American Express”, “Annabelle 2”, “Annihilation”, “Anything”, “Audrey's Run”, “Babylon Berlin”, “Bad Boys 3”, “The Bad Twin”, “Barry”, “Beautifully Broken”, “Believe”, “The Big Sick”, “Bikini Sunshine”, “Blonde”, “Book Smart”, “Break My Heart 1,000 Times”, “Bright”, “Buck”, “Bull”, “The Burning Woman”, “Calibre”, “Camera Obscura”, “Capitol Hill”, “The Captain” (aka “Hauptmann”), “Chad: An American Boy”, “Chagrin Falls”, “Chance”, “Charity Case”, “Churchill”, “The Clapper”, “Classified”, “Clinical”, “Conviction”, “Croak”, “Crunch Time”, “Curvature”, “Day Of The Dead”, “Dead Cold”, “Dead Of Night”, “The Dead Wives Club”, “Deadtectives”, “Dear Diary, I Died”, “The Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez”, “Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency”, “Don't Talk To Irene”, “Drew”, “Dunkirk”, “Elements Of Matter”, “Entebbe”, “Enzo Ferrari”, “The Exorcist”, “Expiration”, “Eyewitness”, “Fam-i-ly”, “Fashionista”, “Fat Camp”, “A Father's Gift”, “The Favourite”, “Fences”, “Final Portrait”, “Fish Without Bicycles”, “Flammable Children”, “Flashburn”, “The Fluffy Shop”, “The Forest Of Hands And Teeth”, “Four Stars”, “Get It While You Can”, “The Glass Castle”, “God Particle”, “Good Behavior”, “Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father”, “Grace”, “The Gray Man”, “H.R.”, “A Happening Of Monumental Proportions”, “Happy End”, “Herzl”, “Hidden Figures”, “Hiding Hector” (aka “Coup D'etat”), “Hold The Dark”, “Horizon Line”, “Hotel Mumbai”, “The House That Jack Built”, “Hunter Killer”, “I Can Only Imagine”, “I Love Dick”, “I’m Dying Up Here”, “I’m Not Your Friend”, “An Ideal Home”, “Imaginary Mary” (aka “Imaginary Cary”), “Inside”, “The Interestings”, “Interlude In Prague”, “It Came From The Desert”, “It” (aka “Accordion”), “Jawbone”, “Jeanette”, “Johnny Two-Guns”, “Journeyman”, “Juggernaut”, “Jumanji”, “Jungle”, “The Jury”, “Karma”, “Kiss Me Goodnight”, “Knightfall”, “Knockers”, “La Llorona”, “Labirintus”, “Labyrinth”, “Landline”, “The Last Duel”, “The Last Step”, “Latin Lover”, “The Lears”, “Lemonade”, “Lethal Weapon”, “Level 16”, “Life”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Little Rootie Tootie”, “Lives In Secret” (aka “Night And Fog”), “The Long Walk” (Aka “American Assassin”), “MacGyver”, “Marvel's Iron Fist” (aka “Kick”), “Maximum Ride”, “May You Live In Interesting Times”, “Maya And Marty”, “McMafia”, “The Midnight Man”, “Miles”, “Miranda’s Rights”, “Mom And Dad”, “A Moment To Remember”, “The Most Hated Woman In America”, “The Mountain Between Us”, “Move That Body” (aka “Crazy Beaches”), “Mules”, “My Brother, My Killer”, “My Only Sunshine”, “New Edition” (aka “Holding On”), “No Exit” (aka “Granite Mountain Hotshots”), “Nobodies” (aka “Friends With Melissa”), “Office Holiday Party“ (aka “Office Christmas Party”), “Official Secrets”, “Overnight” (aka “Overnight On 42nd Street”), “P.E.A.R.L.”, “Patrick” (aka “Patrick 1.5”), “Patriot’s Day”, “Pearl”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “The Portland Condition”, “The Postcard Killings”, “Predator”, “Prison Break 2016”, “Project Mc²”, “Purity”, “Purple Hearts”, “Pursuit”, “Queen Sugar”, “Rage”, “Rebel In The Rye”, “Return To Montauk”, “Revival”, “Rita Hayworth With A Hand Grenade”, “Riverdale”, “Rothchild”, “The Run”, “S.B. Bound” (aka “San Bernardino Bound”), “Safebreaker”, “Sanditon”, “Save The Cat”, “Scarface”, “Sebastian”, “See You Up There”, “Sensory”, “Septillion To One”, “Sexy Criminals”, “Shadowman”, “Shooter”, “Shots Fired” (aka “Indictment”), “Shut Eye”, “Sigmund And The Sea Monsters”, “The Silent Wife”, “Slamma Jamma”, “Snowfall”, “Son Of Zorn”, “The Sonata”, “Spark”, “Speechless”, “Spinning Gold”, “The Square”, “Stage Mother”, “Stagecoach”, “A Star Is Born”, “Status Update”, “Still Star-Crossed”, “The Story Of Jesus”, “Suburbicon”, “Surveillance: Revolution”, “Tackling Romeo”, “Temple”, “Terminal”, “That Good Night”, “Thumper”, “Thunder Run”, “A Time To Dance”, “Tom Of Finland”, “The Trail”, “Transformers 5”, “Transformers 6” (Bumblebee Spin-Off), “Transylvania”, “Travelers”, “The Tribes Of Palos Verdes”, “UDF”, “Untitled Ang Lee Project”, “Untitled Chris Case” (aka “Black Daddy” / “My White Wife And Kids”), “Untitled Horror Project”, “Untitled Macon Blair Project”, “Untitled Mars Project” (aka “Colony”), “Untitled Meaghan Oppenheimer Project” (aka “Please Don’t Go”), “Untitled Outbreak Drama” (aka “Patient Zero”), “Untitled Paranormal Project”, “Untitled Stephnie Weir Comedy” (aka “Y’all In The Family”), “Untitled Vladimir Caamano Project” (aka “Vlad”), “Untitled Weeks & Mackay” (aka “Wing Person”), “Valley Of The Gods”, “Versace”, “The Wanting”, “What Goes Around Comes Around”, “When We Rise”, “Where The White Man Runs Away”, “The Wilderness” (aka “Nostalgia”), “Winter”, “Wonderstruck”, “Z: The Beginning Of Everything” (aka “Zelda”), “Zoobiquity”

Production Weekly – Issue 960 – Thursday, August 27, 2015 / 211 listings – 44 pages

“100 Yards”, “20th Century Women”, “22 Chaser”, “Absolutely Fabulous”, “Afraid”, “American Dresser”, “Annabelle 2”, “April 29, 1992”, “The Arrangement”, “Avalanche”, “Baby Driver”, “The Babysitter”, “Bad Moms” (aka “Troublemakers”), “Bad Santa 2”, “Baywatch”, “Beach House”, “Bearcity 3”, “Beneath The Leaves”, “Besties”, “The Bleeder”, “Blind”, “Blonde”, “Blue Angel”, “Book Of Henry”, “Boost”, “Brooklyn Animal Control”, “Camera Store”, “Caretakers”, “Chesapeake Shores”, “Chicago Med”, “CHiPs”, “Chokeslam”, “The Christmas Angel”, “The Circle”, “Classified”, “Cold Love In Barcelona”, “Cold Warriors” (aka “Back In The USSR”), “The Coldest City”, “Colossal”, “Compulsion”, “Confluence”, “Considering Love And Other Magic”, “Crazy Famous”, “Cruise”, “Currency”, “Day Of The Dead”, “Denial”, “Desired Moments”, “Diver”, “Doctor Strange” (aka “Eye See You”), “A Dolphin In Our Lake”, “Don't Help The Girl”, “Don't Think Twice”, “Doubt”, “Downsizing”, “The Drama Club”, “Dream Team”, “Drone”, “Emperor's Children”, “The Ex Games” (aka “The Ex Files”), “Extinction Event”, “Fairyland”, “The Fall & Rise Of Paul Polanski”, “The Family”, “Family Tree”, “Female Fight Club”, “Ferrari”, “Fifty Shades Darker”, “First They Killed My Father”, “Fist Fight”, “The Flaming Jerk”, “The Foreigner”, “The Foster Portfolio”, “The Frankenstein Code” (aka “Lookinglass”), “Freak Show”, “From Here To Infirmity”, “Frontier”, “Future Man”, “Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “Ghost In The Shell”, “Gifted”, “Girlfriend's Day”, “The Godmother”, “Good Behavior”, “Graves”, “Great Plains”, “Greenleaf”, “Hard Target 2”, “Harley-Davidson”, “Headhunter's Calling”, “HHhH”, “High Wire Act”, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”, “The Hudson Tribes”, “The Hurting Man”, “Ice Cream Man: King Of The South”, “Incarnate”, “Inconceivable”, “Insecure”, “It” (aka “Accordion”), “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, “The Jade Pendant”, “John Wick 2” (aka “Spear”), “The Kaiser's Last Kiss”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Ladylike”, “The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “Life Briefly”, “Little Darlings”, “Little Pink House”, “Live By Night”, “Locked In”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lovesick”, “Mad To Be Normal” (aka “Metanoia”), “Margie's”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (aka “Tiara”), “Marvel’s Most Wanted”, “Mascots”, “A Meyers Christmas”, “Midnight Sun”, “Moonlight”, “Mothers The,”, “Mythica 4”, “No Hearts Club”, “The Odyssey”, “Off”, “On The Island”, “One Mississippi”, “One Of Us”, “Orbiting Vigo”, “Overanalyzers”, “Permission”, “Plastic”, “Power Rangers” (aka “Shirt”), “Prometheus 2”, “Pursuit”, “The Ranch”, “Rapid Eye Movement”, “Relativity”, “Resolute”, “The Rosie Project”, “Russ & Roger Go Beyond”, “Saturday's Warrior”, “Sawyer & Huck”, “School Days With A Pig”, “Sequestered”, “Shimmer Lake”, “Shine” (aka “Toca: Our Latin Thing”), “Shoot The Messenger”, “The Shower”, “Sidekicks”, “Simple Simon”, “The Sisters Brothers”, “Solutrean”, “Something Like Summer”, “State Like Sleep”, “Still The King”, “Stranger Things” (aka “Montauk”), “A Street Cat Named Bob”, “Stronger”, “Sully” (aka “Miracle On The Hudson”), “Tatterdemalion”, “Testament”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Three Mississippi" (aka “Turkey Bowl”), “Three Seconds”, “Thursday The 12th”, “The Toll”, “Tri”, “Trial”, “Tupac”, “Tyler Perry’s Grace” (A Story Of A Woman Scorned), “Unbreak My Heart”, “Uncharted”, “Unforgettable!”, “Untitled Amy Poehler Project”, “Untitled Ava Duvernay Project”, “Untitled Claire Denis Project”, “Untitled Colin Warner Project” (aka “Darker Than Blue”), “Untitled Country Music Project”, “Untitled Elfont/Kaplan Comedy”, “Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project”, “Untitled Mira Sorvino Project”, “Untitled Sebastian Davis Project”, “Untitled Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff”, “Untitled Wolverine Sequel”, “Valerian”, “Vigilante Diaires”, “War Machine”, “War Of The Planet Of The Apes” (aka “Hidden Fortress”), “The Well”, “Why Him?”, “Wilde Wedding”, “The Wilding”, “The Wildling”, “A Willing Patriot”, “Wonder Woman” (aka “Nightingale”), “World Breakers”, “XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage”, “The Year Of Spectacular Men”, “The Yellow Birds”, “Yellowstone Falls”, “You Me Her”, “The Young Karl Marx”, “Zoe Moon” (aka “Zoe Ever After”), “The Zookeeper's Wife”

Production Weekly – Issue 953 – Thursday, July 9, 2015 / 166 listings – 36 pages

“6:42”, “The 702”, “The Acre Beyond The Rye”, “After Louise”, “Again”, “All The Way”, “American Dresser”, “American Girl”, “American Grace”, “American Horror Story: Hotel”, “Animal Among Us”, “Atlanta”, “Bad Day”, “Berlin Station”, “Black Wolf”, “Blood And Oil” (aka “Boom”), “Book Of Henry”, “Boys In Blue”, “Brain On Fire”, “Bridget Jones’s Baby”, “Broke”, “Burn Your Maps”, “Bushwick”, “Cassidy Red”, “The Catch”, “Chicago Med”, “Code Black”, “Come And Find Me” (aka “Marlaina 2”), “The Comedian”, “Containment” (aka “Cordon”), “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” (aka “CM: Beyond Borders”), “Darker Than Blue”, “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow”, “Dead Awake”, “The Detour” (aka “Vacationland”), “Doctor Strange” (aka “Eye See You”), “The Dog’s Purpose”, “Dying To Be Loved”, “Eliminators”, “Equity”, “Extra Innings”, “The Eyes”, “Falling Water”, “The Family”, “Fifty Shades Of Black”, “Finding Mr. Right 2”, “The Frankenstein Code”, “Frontier”, “Fuller House”, “Furious 8”, “Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “Gift Wrapped”, “God's Club”, “Gold”, “Gone”, “Gorgeous Morons”, “Grandfathered” (aka “Gramps”), “Graves”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”, “Guilt”, “Harvest Moon”, “Highston”, “Homecoming”, “Houses Of Deceit”, “I Kill Giants”, “In A Relationship”, “Incorporated”, “Insecure”, “Jake & Amir”, “Jessica Darling's It List”, “The Journey”, “The Kaiser's Last Kiss”, “The Keeping Hours”, “Kindergarten Cop: A New Day”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”)”, “Lady Dynamite”, “Land”, “LBJ”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “Live!”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Loving”, “Marriage 4 Dummiez”, “Mata Hari”, “Measure Of A Man”, “Mile 22”, “Minority Report”, “Monopoly”, “Mother’s Day”, “Mr. Neighbor’s House”, “The Muppets”, “My Cousin's Ghetto Wedding”, “Nadie Nos Mira” (Nobody's Watching), “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”, “Notes On Blindness” (aka “Into Darkness”), “Of Kings And Prophets”, “Other People”, “Paradise Pictures”, “The Passing Season”, “The Patriot”, “Pet”, “Pinocchio”, “A Prayer Before Dawn”, “The Promise”, “Quantico”, “Ray And Molly After The Apocalypse”, “Ready Player One” (aka “Oasis"), “The Real O’Neals” (aka “Family Of The Year”), “The Reckoning”, “Roadies”, “Rolling With Virgil”, “Roots”, “Rosewood”, “Rush Hour”, “The Rusted”, “Safe Neighborhood”, “Saints & Strangers”, “Siren”, “Sleight”, “Slice”, “Snowfall”, “So B. It”, “Son Of Zahn”, “Southside With You”, “Spectacular Spider-Man”, “Speech And Debate”, “Stagecoach”, “Star Wars Anthology: Untitled” (Boba Fett), “Star Wars Anthology: Untitled” (Han Solo), “Stargirl”, “Static Shock”, “Stay”, “Supergirl”, “Swiss Army Man”, “The Tale”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Toby Goes To Camp”, “Token Gestures”, “The Transfiguration”, “Trial”, “Triple Frontier” (aka “Sleeping Dogs”), “Unforgettable” (aka “Hell Hath No Fury”), “Untitled American West Project”, “Untitled Brant Sersen Project”, “Untitled Brian Henson Project”, “Untitled Duffer Brothers Project” (aka “Montauk”), “Untitled Jason Alexander Project”, “Untitled Next Bourne Chapter” (aka “Bourne 5”), “Untitled Tommy Lynch Project”, “Utopia”, “Viral”, “The W.I.T.S Academy”, “The Warrior's Gate”, “Welcome To The Family”, “The Wetlands”, “Wicked City” (aka “L.A. Crime: The Sunset Strip”), “Winnetou”, “The Wizard Of Lies”, “Wolf Creek, The Series”, “The Wonder Girls”, “Work Horses”, “Ylvis In America”, “The Young Pope”