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Production Weekly – Issue 907 – Thursday, July 24, 2014 / 97 listings – 21 pages

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“A.D.”, “Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B”, “Adam Jones“ (aka “Chef”), “All Summer Long”, “All The Way”, “Alone”, “Alpha Dogz Presents: Pups United”, “Antwerp”, “Baby Driver”, “Bare”, “The Blood Stripe”, “Blunt Talk”, “Bolden!”, “Bosch”, “Breaking Through”, “By The Sea”, “Carter High”, “A Christmas Tail”, “Closet Monster”, “Cocked”, “The Company Man”, “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”, “Criminal”, “Demolition”, “Equals”, “The Expanse”, “Eye Candy”, “For All Eyes Only”, “Full Out”, “Garage Sale Mystery – All That Glitters”, “The Good Luck Of Right Now”, “Grace And Frankie”, “Green Room”, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”, “Her Infidelity”, “Hindsight”, “Hunter’s Prayer” (aka “For The Dogs”), “I Saw The Light”, “I.Q. 83”, “If There Be Thorns”, “Impastor”, “Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?”, “iZOMBIE”, “Kerosene” (aka “The Last Witch Hunter”), “The Killing Pool”, “Killjoys”, “King Arthur”, “The Light Between Oceans”, “Mad Dogs”, “The Magicians”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Manhattan Love Story”, “Marry Me”, “Me Before You”, “Members Only” (aka “The Club”), “Mercy Road”, “Mission Control”, “Monster Mayhem”, “Mr. Robot”, “Narcos”, “Nouvelle Vie”, “The Odd Couple”, “Other Space”, “The Overlook Hotel”, “Paranormal Activity 5” (aka “Triple Threat”), “Pay The Ghost”, “Peter Pan”, “Pinkertons”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean 5”, “Plus One”, “The Ring 3”, “Scream”, “Sea Of Trees”, “The Secret Scripture”, “Seeds Of Yesterday”, “Selfie”, “Sinister Six”, “Six”, “St. James Place”, “Stanistan”, “Straight Outta Compton”, “Tell Me I Love You”, “The Ticket”, “Timeless”, “Tolkien & Lewis”, “Tupperware Unsealed”, “Tut”, “Uncharted”, “Ungodly Acts”, “Untitled Teddy Roosevelt Project”, “Virtuoso”, “We Hate Paul Revere”, “Westworld”, “Who The F#@K Took My Daughter?!”, “With This Ring” (aka “The Vow”), “The Wrong Side Of Right”, “Zoom”

Production Weekly – Issue 905 – Thursday, July 10, 2014 / 180 listings – 39 pages

“10”, “12 Monkeys”, “The 5th Wave”, “Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B”, “Adrian”, “Agent Carter”, “Allegiant: Part 1”, “American Crime”, “American Gods”, “American Honey”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “As Good As You”, “At The Mountains Of Madness”, “Audition”, “Bad Hair Day”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Bleach”, “Bond 24”, “Broken Vows”, “Bunked”, “Burning Bodhi”, “By Way Of Helena”, “Call To Duty”, “Captain Fantastic”, “Casita”, “Center Stage 3”, “Christmas Parade”, “The Christmas Pearl”, “A Christmas Tail”, “The Circle”, “Claire”, “The Clan Of The Cave Bear”, “College Republicans”, “Corrosion”, “Cristela”, “CSI: Cyber”, “Custody”, “D” (aka “The Dreyfus Affair”), “Daredevil” (aka “Bluff”), “Death Note”, “Diablo Run”, “The Disenchanted”, “DNA”, “The Dome”, “The Dovekeepers”, “Down Dog”, “Durant’s Never Closes”, “En Vogue Christmas”, “Evil Breakfast Dead Club”, “The Expanse”, “Extortion”, “The Family Fang”, “Fan Girl”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Fatal Friends”, “The Final Hour”, “The Finest Hours”, “First Response”, “Folk Hero & Funny Guy”, “The Forest”, “Forever”, “Fourth Man Out”, “Freedom Farm”, “G.I. Joe 3”, “Game Brain”, “Gills”, “Gold Coast”, “Grace And Frankie”, “Green Room”, “Gremlins”, “Guidance”, “Guidance”, “Hail, Caesar!”, “Harbinger”, “Hello, My Name Is Doris”, “Henry Danger”,“How To Talk To Girls At Parties”, “I Saw The Light”, “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, “Insidious 3”, “Into The Forest”, “Ithaca”, “Jane The Virgin”, “The Janson Directive”, “Johnny”, “Julie Loves To Gamble”, “K.C. Undercover” (aka “K.C. Confidential”), “Kept Woman”, “Kicks”, “Kill For Me”, “Lady Chatterly’s Lover”, “Lazer Team”, “Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey”, “Look Away”, “Louder Than Bombs”, “Love”, “Mad Dogs”, “Madam Secretary”, “Maggie Black”, “Magic Mike XXL”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Mary Shelley”, “Master Cleanse”, “The McCarthys”, “The Messengers”, “Michael”, “Mission: Impossible 5″ (aka “Fort Sheridan”), “Monumental”, “My Many Sons”, “The Mysteries Of Laura”, “NCIS: New Orleans”, “O.O.B.I.”, “Odysseus”, “The Omen”, “One & Two”, “Operation Avalanche”, “Operator”, “Overnight”, “Pacific Rim 2”, “Paper Angels”, “Paranormal Activity 5” (aka “Triple Threat”), “Pay The Ghost”, “The Perfect Guy”, “The Piano Tuner”, “Powers”, “The Preppie Connection”, “The Priority List”, “Race”, “The Revenant”, “Ride Along 2”, “Rio Heat”, “Scarpa”, “Scorched”, “Sea Of Trees”, “The Secret Life Of Me”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Selfie”, “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”, “Sherman’s March”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Snow White & The Huntsman 2”, “Something Like Summer”, “Spa Night”, “Spectral”, “Stalker”, “Standoff”, “State Of Affairs”, “Stealing Chanel” (aka “Shoplifter”), “Stillwater”, “Stuck”, “Sugar Baby”, “Sympathy For The Devil”, “Table 58”, “The Taliban Shuffle”, “Teachers”, “Three Little Words”, “The Three Lucias”, “Troop Beverly Hills”, “Truth And Duty”, “Un-Real”, “Untitled Armored Car Project” (aka “Loomis Fargo”), “Untitled Deon Taylor Project” (aka “Meet The Blacks”), “Untitled FBI Wedding Comedy”, “Untitled Guillermo Del Toro Project”, “Untitled Richard Pryor Biopic”, “Urban Hymn”, “Valencia”, “Versailles”, “Vincent & Roxxy”, “Wake”, “Wall Pass”, “WASP 14” (Woody Allen Summer Project), “Where’s Little Louie?”, “The Whispers” (aka “The Visitors”), “Windsor”, “Wrecker”, “Yellow Footprints”, “Yoga Hosers”, “Zoo”

Production Weekly – Issue 904 – Thursday, June 26, 2014 / 141 listings – 32 pages

“24: Solitary”, “After Eden”, “Allegiance” (aka “Coercion”), “American Crime”, “American Pastoral”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “Aquarius”, “Arq”, “The Arrangement”, “The Astronaut Wives Club”, “Band Of Robbers”, “Bare”, “Barely Love: A Bear Mauling Love Story Musical”, “Big Driver”, “Black-Ish”, “Blood Shy”, “Bolden!”, “Boonville Redemption”, “The Bridge”, “Brilliance” (aka “Savant”), “The Brink”, “Broken Memories”, “Broken Vows”, “Burning Bodhi”, “Captain Fantastic”, “Chapter And Verse”, “The Choice”, “Correcting Christmas”, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “Crime” (aka “Criminal Justice”), “Cristela”, “CSI: Cyber”, “The Danish Girl”, “Deadly Catch”, “Doc Savage”, “Doctor Strange”, “Durant’s Never Closes”, “Empire”, “En Vogue Christmas”, “False Memory Syndrome”, “The Family Fang”, “Family Legacy”, “Five Against A Bullet”, “Folk Hero & Funny Guy”, “Fury” (Reshoots), “Galavant”, “Garagistas”, “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Grace And Frankie”, “Granite Mountain Hotshots”, “Green Dolphin”, “Gridlocked”, “Hail, Caesar!”, “Hank”, “Headlock”, “Hello, My Name Is Doris”, “High-Rise”, “Highwaymen” (aka “Hamer”), “House Of Trammel”, “How To Be Single”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Hyperbaric”, “I Live With Models”, “Impastor”, “In The Event Of A Moon Disaster”, “Insidious 3”, “Ithaca”, “Jane The Virgin”, “Jet Lag”, “Jimmy’s Jungle”, “Johnny”, “The Jungle Book”, “Just Add Magic”, “K.C. Confidential” (aka “Super Awesome Katy”), “Karate Kid 2”, “Killjoys”, “Last Cab Ride”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, “The Light Between Oceans”, “Light Wounds”, “Little Mizz Innocent”, “Looking For Alaska”, “M39”, “The Machine”, “Man Maid”, “Manhattan Love Story” (aka “My Thoughts Exactly”), “Marry Me”, “The Martian”, “Master Class”, “The McCarthys”, “Men Of Granite” (aka “The Boys Of Lincoln Place“), “The Messengers”, “Miles Ahead” (aka “Kill The Trumpet Player”), “The Miracle Shot” (aka “Beyond Belief”), “Natasha”, “The Networker”, “The Nice Guys”, “Octavia: Elegy For A Vampire”, “The Other Side”, “Paid In Full”, “The Parsifal Mosaic”, “Pastoral”, “Phantom”, “Photographs”, “Point Of Honor”, “Predator”, “Ready Player One” (aka “Oasis”), “Repo”, “Resident Advisors”, “Scorpion”, “The Second Coming Of Christ”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Selfie”, “Sense8”, “Show Me A Hero”, “Sinister 2”, “Spotless”, “St. James Place”, “Star Wars: Episode VIII”, “State Of Affairs”, “Stephanie”, “Stereotypically You”, “Straight Outta Compton”, “Supreme Ruler”, “The Tree House”, “Tremors 5”, “Tupac Amaru Shakur” (aka “All Eyes On Me”), “Un-Real”, “Untitled McQueen / Carnahan Project”, “Untitled Milwaukee Collective Project”, “Untouchables”, “Vacation”, “Van Cliburn”, “Visceral”, “The Walls Of The Universe”, “Wargames”, “Warriors Gate”, “The Wedding Invitation”, “The Whole Truth”, “Winter’s Dream”, “Xmas”

Production Weekly – Issue 898 – Thursday, May 15, 2014 / 220 listings – 49 pages

“12 Monkeys”, “2:22”, “A To Z”, “Alien Nation”, “Alien Vs. Alien”, “All Fired Up”, “Allegiance” (aka “Coercion”)”, “Alone In Berlin” (aka “Every Man Dies Alone”), “American Crime”, “American Express”, “American Honey”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “Aquarius”, “Ascension”, “Ashby”, “Ava’s Possessions”, “Backstrom”, “Bad Judge”, “Bark Ranger”, “Bastille Day”, “Battle Creek”, “Big Driver”, “The Bigger Splash” (aka “The Pool”), “The Black Hole Project”, “Black-Ish”, “Blue Goose Hollow”, “The Blunderer”, “Bolden”, “Boys Of Lincoln Place“ (aka “Men Of Granite”), “The Bringing”, “Buzzy’s”, “Caesar”, “Cardinal X”, “Christmas In Fashion”, “The Circle”, “City Of Tiny Lights”, “Civilian”, “Cloudland”, “Constantine”, “A Cookie Cutter Christmas”, “Cop Car”, “Copy Kid”, “Coronado High”, “Cortex”, “Criminal Activities”, “Cristela”, “CSI: Cyber”, “Darwin”, “A Date With Miss Fortune”, “Den Of Thieves”, “Detroit”, “Difficult People”, “Don’t Hang Up”, “The Dressmaker”, “The DUFF”, “Duty”, “Emerald City”, “Empire”, “Escape Of The Living Dead”, “The Exorcism Of Molly Hartley”, “Experimenter, The Stanley Milgram Story”, “Eye In The Sky”, “The Family Fang”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Five Nights In Maine”, “The Flamethrowers”, “The Flash”, “Forever”, “Freeheld”, “Fresh Off The Boat” (aka “Far East Orlando”), “Galavant”, “Galveston”, “Galyntine”, “Gambit”, “A Girl And A Gun”, “The Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce”, “Good Kids”, “Grace And Frankie”, “The Greens Are Gone”, “The Gryphon”, “High-Rise”, “The Hippopotamus”, “The Hollars”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Hysteria”, “Insidious 3”, “Is He The One?” (aka “Altered States”), “Ithaca”, “Izombie”, “Jack Of The Red Hearts”, “Jackpot”, “Jane The Virgin”, “The Joy Womack Story”, “K.C. Confidential” (aka “Super Awesome Katy”), “Kickboxer”, “Kill For Me”, “The Kraken”, “Krampus”, “The Krostons”, “Kyriakides”, “The Lady In The Van”, “The Last Man On Earth”, “Last Train To Memphis”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, “Legend”, “Liberty’s Secret”, “Life At These Speeds”, “The Light Between Oceans”, “The Long Play”, “Loserville”, “The Lottery”, “Madam Secretary”, “Man With Van”, “Manhattan Love Story” (aka “My Thoughts Exactly”), “The Martian”, “Marvel’s Agent Carter”, “The McCarthys”, “Me And Earl And The Dying Girl”, “Mean Moms”, “The Messengers”, “Miles Ahead” (aka “Kill The Trumpet Player”), “Mine”, “Mission Control”, “Money Monster”, “Moonflower”, “Morgan’s Summit”, “Mr. Mercedes”, “The Mysteries Of Laura”, “Naked Fury”, “Natural Selection”, “NCIS: New Orleans”, “The Nest”, “Night Of The Living Deb”, “No Man’s Land”, “Noel”, “Nothing Daunted”, “Now You See Me 2”, “The Nurse”, “The Odd Couple”, “Odyssey”, “On The Wing”, “One Big Happy”, “Outliving Emily”, “The Outskirts” (aka “Cool Girls”), “The Pack”, “A Perfect Man”, “Pete’s Dragon”, “Phoenix”, “Planetoid”, “Point Break”, “The Pool”, “Prima” (aka “Fat Ballerina” & “Dance Of The Mirlitons”), “Prisoner Of War”, “Public Morals”, “Recovery Road”, “Red Band Society”, “Red Squad”, “The Red Tent”, “Release: The Jack Ryan Story”, “Responsible Adults”, “The Returned”, “Reykjavik”, “Ride Along 2”, “Road To Capri”, “Room”, “The Runner”, “Sand Castle”, “SaS: Red Notice”, “Save The Grind”, “Scorpion”, “Scream”, “Scrum Like It Hot”, “Sea Of Trees”, “The Secret In Their Eyes” (aka “Secreto“), “Secret Love”, “The Secret Scripture”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Selfie”, “The Slap”, “Somebody To Love”, “Sonata”, “Southpaw”, “Stalker”, “Stanistan”, “Star Trek 3”, “Stereotypically You”, “Steven”, “Sticky Notes”, “Stitchers”, “Story Of Your Life”, “The Sunday Horse”, “Sweetheart”, “The Tale Of Tales”, “Teen Beach Movie 2”, “Things That Are To Die”, “Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight”, “Tooken”, “The Trade”, “Transparent”, “The Tree House”, “The True American”, “The Trust”, “Tulip Fever”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (aka “Tooken”), “Undaunted Courage”, “Untitled HALO Project”, “Untitled Nick Love Project”, “Untitled Texas Comedy” (aka “Don’t Mess With Texas”), “The Walk” (aka “To Reach The Clouds”), “Weightless”, “The Whispers” (aka “The Visitors”), “The Widow Of The South”, “A Wife’s Nightmare”, “Wild Oats”, “Woman In Gold”, “The Wonder Girls”, “The Woods” (aka “The Good People”), “Xmas”, “The Zombie Underworld”