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Production Weekly – Issue 969 – Thursday, October 29, 2015 / 218 listings – 47 pages

“#DoOver”, “24 Hours To Live”, “478”, “Aardvark”, “Above Suspicion”, “Afraid”, “Alien: Paradise Lost” (aka “Prometheus 2”), “All Eyez On Me” (aka “Tupac”), “All Things Valentine”, “Always On My Mind”, “Amateur”, “American Assassin”, “American Express”, “American Gods”, “American Gothic”, “ARQ”, “The Assistant”, “Avalanche”, “Baby Driver”, “The Babysitter”, “Backstabbing For Beginners”, “Bad Santa 2”, “Beat-Up Little Seagull” (aka “Kyra”), “The Beautiful Game”, “Before I Fall”, “Big Little Lies”, “The Biggest Laugh”, “Billionaire Boys Club”, “Blister”, “Braindead”, “Breaking Brooklyn”, “Breathing Water”, “Britney Spears”, “Brother's Blood”, “Bushwick”, “Car 86”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, “Ciudad”, “The Clapper”, “The Coldest City”, “Collared”, “The Collection”, “Come Hell Or High Water”, “The Comedian”, “Compulsion”, “Crashing”, “Crater”, “Croak”, “The Current War”, “Dan Is Dead”, “The Dark Tower” (aka “The Diamond City”), “Day Of The Dead”, “De Niro”, “Death Note”, “Definitely Divorcing”, “Denial”, “Denton Harbor”, “Desired Moments”, “Dirty 30”, “The Discovery”, “Doctor Strange” (aka “Eye See You”), “A Dolphin In Our Lake”, “Downsizing”, “Drunk Parents”, “The Dude”, “Easy Living”, “Eli”, “Emerald City”, “Empress Of Serenity”, “Etruscan Smile”, “Expiration”, “Fam-i-ly”, “Famous In Love”, “Fantasy Girls”, “Ferrari”, “Fifty Shades Darker”, “First They Killed My Father”, “Fortunately, The Milk”, “Freak Show”, “Frontier”, “Gateway 6”, “Ghost In The Shell”, “Gilmore Girls”, “The Girl On The Train”, “Girlfriend's Day”, “The Godmother”, “Good Time”, “Greenleaf”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” (aka “Level Up”), “The Happytime Murders”, “Harley And The Davidsons”, “The Headhunter's Calling”, “Heart, Baby!”, “Henry The Second”, “High Life”, “High Wire Act”, “Holding On”, “Houdini And Doyle”, “How To Survive An Office Uprising”, “Illicit”, “In Harm’s Way”, “In Sand And Blood” (aka “Sufferings In Africa”), “Incarnate”, “Inconceivable”, “Ink”, “The Institute”, “Jackie”, “Jeans Of The Joneses”, “John Wick 2” (aka “Spear”), “Jon Benjamin's 100 Erotic Nights”, “Jon Glaser Loves Gear”, “Joseph And Mary”, “Journey's End”, “King Of North Dakota”, “Labirintus”, “Latin Lover”, “Legend Of Grimrock: After The Fall”, “Let It Fall" (aka “L.A. Riots”), “Let It Snow”, “Life Briefly”, “Live By Night”, “Luna Park”, “Mad Mex”, “Mad To Be Normal” (aka “Metanoia”), “Magic City”, “Mailbox 5” (aka "Name Of A Bullfighter”), “Mascots”, “Max”, “Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment”, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, “Mechanics Of Love”, “A Meyers Christmas”, “The Middle Kingdom”, “Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life” (aka “Skool”), “Mind Blown”, “Mostly Ghostly 3: One Night In Doom House”, “Mother/Daughter”, “MTX!”, “Mum's The Word”, “My Cousin Rachel”, “My Life As A Doormat”, “My So Called Wife”, “New Faith”, “Off The Menu”, “Open House”, “An Ordinary Man”, “Orphan Train”, “Pandora's Box”, “Papillon”, “Parable X”, “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”, “Party Girl”, “Peril On The Sea”, “Phoenix”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “Power Rangers” (aka “Shirt”), “Praying For Rain”, “Primitive State”, “The Public”, “Pussies”, “The Raid”, “Reagan”, “Return To Saturn”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Russ And Roger Go Beyond”, “Sadie” (aka “Compulsion”), “San Bernardino Bound”, “Santeria”, “Shadow Train”, “Shadow World”, “The Shallows” (aka “In The Deep”), “The Shape Of Water”, “Sidney Hall”, “Sing It”, “The Snowman”, “The Solutrean”, “Split”, “A Storm In The Stars”, “The Storm Warning" (aka "Proving Ground"), “Stronger”, “Suburbicon”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “This Is Your Death”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Tiger”, “Tomboy, A Revenger's Tale”, “Totem”, “Touchdown On The Tundra”, “Transformers 5”, “Triple Frontier” (aka “Sleeping Dogs”), “Troublemakers” (aka “Bad Moms”), “True Crimes”, “True Fiction”, “True Memoirs Of An International Assassin”, “True To The Game”, “Truth In Advertising”, “Untitled Blade Runner”, “Untitled Bradley Snyder Biopic”, “Untitled British Boxing Drama”, “Untitled Lizzie Borden Project”, “Untitled World War II Project”, “Valérian And The City Of A Thousand Planets”, “The Void”, “Wakefield”, “The Walk Of Life”, “A Week In London”, “Welcome To Paradise”, “Wet Lands”, “What Josiah Saw”, “Whatever Makes You Happy”, “Why Him?”, “Wish Upon”, “X-Men: Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “Xander Returns” (aka “Triple X”), “The Yellow Birds”

Production Weekly – Issue 966 – Thursday, October 8, 2015 / 134 listings – 30 pages

“22 Chaser”, “55 Steps” (aka “Eleanor And Colette”), “7:19”, “A-Grey”, “The Adventure Club”, “Aloha Santa”, “Arrivals”, “Assholes”, “Bad Family”, “Before I Fall”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “Black Panther”, “Blind”, “The Blue Mauritius”, “Bonds Of Redemption”, “The Boxer” (aka “The Bleeder”), “The Boy Downstairs”, “Broke”, “Brooklyn Animal Control”, “Buster's Mal Heart”, “Center Stage: Dance Camp”, “The Chicago Project” (aka “Chiraq”), “A Christmas Melody” (aka “Melody & Mistletoe”), “Claire”, “Class”, “Cognition”, “Cold November”, “Collateral Beauty”, “Considering Love And Other Magic”, “Crossing The Line”, “Dance Night Obsession”, “Dark Pledge”, “Denial”, “The Deuce”, “Diplomatic Immunity”, “A Dolphin In Our Lake”, “Doubt”, “Downsizing”, “Downward Dog”, “Dr. Strange”, “Famous In Love”, “Fast 8”, “The Feud”, “Finding Your Feet”, “First Round Down”, “The Flash”, “Flatliners”, “Forced Exposure”, “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock”, “Freak Show”, “The Freemason 2”, “Ghost In The Shell”, “The Godmother”, “Gran Turismo”, “Graves”, “Grease: The Live Event”, “Hand In Love”, “Harvest”, “The Homeless World Cup”, “Houdini And Doyle”, “I Shudder”, “Ice Girls”, “Imaginary Friend”, “Inconceivable”, “It Stains The Sands Red”, “John Wick 2” (aka “Spear”), “The Keeping Hours”, “King Saud”, “Kiss And Cry”, “Land Of Giants”, “Lemonade”, “Lodge 49”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Looking Special” (aka “Looking For An Ending”), “Madiba”, “Mallrats 2”, “Marcella”, “Marjorie Prime”, “Mercy”, “Mercy Christmas”, “The Met Gala Heist”, “A Meyers Christmas”, “Middleground”, “Miles”, “Moonlight”, “Mostly Ghostly 3: One Night In Doom House”, “Murder In The First Person”, “My Mom Robs Banks”, “Never Walk Alone”, “Off”, “Okja”, “The Olive Sisters”, “One Hundred Yards”, “Papillon”, “Personal Shopper”, “Phoenix And The Sparrow”, “Plastic”, “Power Rangers” (aka “Shirt”), “Rescue Me”, “Rock In A Hard Place”, “Round Of Your Life”, “Scenes From The Underground”, “Shadow White”, “Shimmer Lake”, “Shot”, “Slasher!”, “Sonadores”, “Star”, “Strange Weather”, “Stranger Things” (aka “Montauk”), “A Street Cat Named Bob”, “The Tale”, “Thomasina”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Three Days In August”, “Tomboy”, “Trial”, “The Tribes Of Palos Verdes”, “Un-Break My Heart”, “Underground”, “Untitled Jody Hill Project” (aka “The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter”), “Untitled Justin Warfield Project”, “Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project”, “Untitled Nicole Byer Comedy”, “Untitled Prince-Bythewood Project” (aka “Indictment”), “Untitled Tammi Terrell Project”, “Valinda”, “Victoria”, “The Weight”, “What Alice Forgot”, “White Boy Rick”, “Wildling”, “Xander Returns” (aka “Triple X”), “The Yellow Birds”

Production Weekly – Issue 963 – Thursday, September 17, 2015 / 158 listings – 35 pages

“The 11th”, “22 Chaser”, “All Hallow's Eve”, “Always On My Mind”, “American Gods”, “The Angel Makers”, “The Arrangement”, “The Babysitter”, “Baywatch”, “Bedeviled”, “Before I Fall”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Berlin Station”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “The Book Of Henry”, “Brain Dead”, “Breakout”, “Breath”, “The Chicago Project” (aka “Chiraq”), “Circus Kids”, “Colossal”, “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist”, “Country Music”, “Crashing”, “Crazy Eyes”, “Cruise”, “Dead Ant”, “The Deuce”, “Dice”, “The Divergent Series: Ascendant”, “Doctor Thorne”, “Dog Eat Dog”, “Dork Diaries”, “Downward Dog”, “Dr. Strange”, “Drunk Parents”, “Evel Knievel”, “Exo” (aka “The Greys”), “Expiration”, “The Faithful”, “A Few Less Men”, “Fist Fight”, “Flatliners”, “Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “Gifted”, “The Girl On The Train”, “Gods Of War”, “Good Behavior”, “Gosnell”, “Great Plains”, “Greenleaf”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” (aka “Level Up”), “The Headhunter's Calling”, “Heart Beats 3D”, “High Maintenance”, “Hollow In The Land”, “Home”, “How To Talk To Girls At Parties”, “Humbug”, “I Kill Giants”, “I See You”, “I Shudder”, “I’m Dying Up Here”, “Imperium” (aka “Aryan Nation”), “In Search Of Fellini”, “The Infamous”, “Inversion”, “Jean Of The Joneses”, “Jeepers Creepers 3”, “The Journey”, “Jungle”, “The Kaiser's Last Kiss”, “Killers Point”, “Kingdom Of Gold”, “Knowing”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “L.A. P.I.”, “The Last Word”, “Laundry”, “LBJ”, “Lewis And Clark”, “Life And Def”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Lost In America”, “Love After Love”, “Love And Coffee” (aka “A Cup Of Love”), “The Mad Genius Project”, “Mad To Be Normal” (aka “Metanoia”), “The Magic Stocking”, “Mallrats 2”, “Marauders”, “Maudie”, “Melody & Mistletoe”, “The Met Gala Heist”, “A Meyers Christmas”, “Midnight Sun”, “Milton's Secret”, “Miss Sloane”, “The Mist”, “Mosaic”, “Mr. Invincible”, “Mr. Write”, “My Only Sunshine”, “The Nemesis”, “The Nest”, “Nine Eleven”, “nineteenseventysomething”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “Nosferatu”, “Numbskull”, “Our Souls At Night”, “Overdrive”, “The Path” (aka “The Way”), “The Pines”, “Pitch Perfect 3”, “Poor Richard’s Almanack”, “Power Rangers” (aka “Shirt”), “The Purge 3” (aka “The Code”), “The Ranch”, “Ready Player One”, “Red Ice”, “Red Sparrow”, “Reg”, “The Revenger”, “Safe Neighborhood”, “The Selected”, “Shambhala”, “Shooter”, “Six Minutes To Freedom”, “The Solutrean”, “The Stand Off” (aka “Braking Point”), “Stargirl”, “Sugarland”, “Tell Me I Love You”, “Temple”, “There's No Such Thing As Vampires”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Three Days In August”, “Tomb Raider”, “Tomboy”, “The Trap”, “Trial”, “Two Is A Family”, “Un-Break My Heart”, “Uncle Buck”, “Untitled Miami Project”, “Untitled Vanessa Del Rio Biopic” (aka “Token Gestures”), “Valérian And The City Of A Thousand Planets”, “Valley Of The Gods”, “The Virginian”, “War Of The Planet Of The Apes” (aka “Hidden Fortress”), “The Wedding Party”, “What Josiah Saw”, “Wonder Woman” (aka “Nightingale”), “The Year Of Spectacular Men”, “The Yellow Birds”, “You Disappear”, “You Me Her”