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Production Weekly – Issue 936 – Thursday, March 5, 2015 / 178 listings – 39 pages

“31”, “The 46 Percenters”, “48 Hours ’Til Monday”, “The Adversaries,”, “All I See Is You”, “Alvin And The Chipmunks: Road Chip”, “American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson”, “Angel From Hell”, “Anthropoid”, “Antibirth”, “Are You George Lopez?”, “Army Of One”, “Badlands”, “Barbie”, “Beauty And The Beast”, “Beyond Deceit”, “The Big Short”, “Blade Runner 2”, “Boom”, “Boom”, “The Brainy Bunch”, “Brave New Jersey”, “Brewster's Millions”, “Broad Squad”, “Buddy Solitaire” (aka “The Comeback”), “Bushwick”, “Buzzy’s”, “Camp”, “Carpe Diem”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Casanova”, “The Catch” (aka “The Long Game”), “Cheerleader Death Squad”, “Chevy” (aka “Chev & Bev”), “Code Black”, “Coming Of Age” (aka “Grandpa”), “Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Your 20's”, “The Correspondence”, “The Crow”, “The Crowded Room”, “Cuckoo”, “Deadly Prank”, “Detour”, “Dispatch”, “The Divide”, “Domain”, “Doubt”, “Dr. Ken”, “Emmett”, “Emmett”, “Family Of The Year”, “Fantasy Life”, “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka “Cobalt”), “The Fits”, “For Justice”, “The Founder”, “Free Fire”, “The Funhouse Massacre”, “Future Shock”, “Ghostbusters”, “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Golem”, “Gran Turismo”, “Graves”, “The Grinder”, “Gringos”, “The Half Of It” (aka “Half Life”), “Heart Matters” (aka “Cutting Edge”), “A History Of Radness”, “Hotel Bleu”, “How To Be Single”, “How We Live”, “Hunter-Killer”, “I Am Wrath”, “In Dubious Battle”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1”, “Invasion”, “It’s What I Do”, “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “The King Of 7B”, “The Kingmakers”, “Krampus”, “LA Crime: The Sunset Strip”, “La La Land”, “Laila B.”, “The Lake”, “LFE”, “Like Me”, “Limitless”, “Live!”, “The Long Play”, “Lost In The Pacific”, “Love Of My Life”, “Lucifer”, “Mad Dogs”, “Madame X”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “A Man In The Dark”, “Manson Girls”, “Mean Moms”, “Message From The King”, “Michael J. Fox Must Die”, “Mile 22”, “Minority Report” (aka “Templeton”), “The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes”, “Mr. Robot”, “MTX!”, “My Soul To Keep”, “Nerve”, “New World”, “Northpole 2”, “November Criminals”, “O’ Lucky Day”, “Of Kings And Prophets”, “Officer Downe”, “Outsiders” (aka “Titans”), “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”, “Problem Child”, “The Purge 3”, “Quantico”, “Red Sonja”, “Rings” (aka “The Ring 3”), “Rio Heat”, “Robin Hood: Origins”, “Rollin' Thunder”, “The Run”, “Rush Hour”, “Russ & Roger Go Beyond”, “Shades Of Blue”, “Shadowhunters” (aka “The Mortal Instruments”), “Sharing”, “Shut In”, “Small Town Prince”, “Sneaky Pete”, “Spectacular Spider-Man”, “Strange Calls”, “Stratton”, “Stuck In The Middle”, “Studio City”, “Summer Forever”, “Super Clyde”, “Supergirl”, “Superstore” (aka “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”), “Swish Master”, “Table 19”, “Take It From Us”, “Tales From The Darkside”, “Tesla Beyond Imagination”, “Tommy's Honor”, “Tourist”, “Trainhopper”, “Travis McGee: The Deep Blue Good-By”, “Uncle Buck”, “Underground”, “Unfiltered”, “Untitled Autopsy Project” (aka “Rosewood”), “Untitled Aziz Ansari Project”, “Untitled Dana Klein Comedy”, “Untitled Gregory Burke Thriller”, “Untitled Jenna Bans Project” (aka “Flesh And Blood”), “Untitled Johnny Knoxville Comedy”, “Untitled Joshua Marston Project”, “Untitled Kelly Reichardt Project” (aka “Helena” / “Montana Story”), “Untitled Monica Potter Comedy”, “Untitled NBA Project”, “Untitled R. Ben Garant Project”, “Untitled Robespierre / Holm Project”, “Untitled Sarah Silverman Project”, “Untitled Tommy Johnagin Comedy”, “Unveiled” (aka “Angel Project”), “Wake”, “Warbirds”, “Warrior”, “Why Him?”, “The Wizard”, “The Woods”, “The Wrong Stuff”, “X Was Here”


Production Weekly – Issue 935 – Thursday, February 26, 2015 / 183 listings – 41 pages

“11/22/63”, “The 46 Percenters”, “48 Hours ’Til Monday”, “The 8th Woman”, “Abnormal Attraction”, “The Adversaries”, “The Advocate”, “Aether”, “All Eyes On Me”, “All Stars”, “All The Children Are Insane”, “Alvin And The Chipmunks: Road Chip”, “The Armies Of The Night”, “Army Of One”, “Ash Vs. Evil Dead”, “Backcountry” (aka “Wild Men”), “The Bad Batch”, “Barbershop 3”, “The Bastard Executioner”, “Beard's Creek”, “Best Friends Whenever”, “Beyond Deceit”, “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “Blindspot”, “Blue Angel”, “Boom”, “The Boy” (aka “The Inhabitant”), “The Brainy Bunch”, “Brimstone”, “Brothers In Atlanta”, “Buckshot”, “The Burning Woman”, “The Catch” (aka “The Long Game”), “Cheerleader Death Squad”, “Chev & Bev”, “Chicago Med”, “The Chosen”, “Chronically Metropolitan”, “Clean Shoot”, “Code Black”, “Code Of Honor”, “Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Your 20's”, “Cordon”, “Cuckoo”, “The Curse Of The Fuentes Women”, “Dance Baby Dance”, “The Deep Blue Goodbye”, “Delores & Jermaine”, “Detour”, “The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”, “Doubt”, “Dr. Ken”, “Endgame”, “Eternal”, “Extraction”, “Family Fortune”, “Family Of The Year”, “Fifty Shades Darker”, “The Final Reel”, “Five Minutes To Live”, “Flaked”, “For Justice”, “Forgotten”, “Frankenstein”, “The Free State Of Jones”, “Game Of Silence”, “Ghostbusters”, “Ghostly Matters” (aka “My Invisible Sister”), “The Giant Under The Snow”, “The Grinder”, “The Half Of It” (aka “Half Life”), “The Hard Candy Kid”, “Harriet Houdini”, “Heart Matters” (aka “Cutting Edge”), “The Heart”, “Hellbent”, “The House”, “How We Live”, “Hunter-Killer”, “The Huntsman”, “I Am Wrath”, “Impastor”, “In Dubious Battle”, “Inferno”, “Interrogation”, “Isolation”, “Ivanhoe”, “The Jim Gaffigan Show”, “Keeping Up With The Joneses”, “Knights Of The Roundtable: King Arthur”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “LA Crime: The Sunset Strip”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “LFE”, “Life In Pieces”, “Limitless”, “Living On Video”, “The Long Play”, “Love”, “Love Is A Four Letter Word” (aka “Nick & Julie”), “Lucifer”, “Lucy's Slip”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Mahalia Jackson Story”, “Maigret Sets A Trap”, “Mamma Dallas”, “Manchester-By-The-Sea”, “Manson Girls”, “Medieval”, “Mercy Street” (aka “Mansion House”), “Michelle Darnell”, “Milton's Secret”, “Ms.”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”, “The Neighbor”, “Of Kings And Prophets”, “Officer Downe”, “The One Percent”, “Open”, “Oxford”, “Paladin”, “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”, “People Are Talking”, “The Point”, “Prima”, “Problem Child”, “Quantico”, “Real Murders - An Aurora Teagarden Mystery”, “Residue”, “The Ridiculous Six”, “Road Kill”, “Runner”, “Rush Hour”, “Ruth”, “Scream”, “Scream Queens”, “Sharing”, “Shut In”, “Sneaky Pete”, “Sonata”, “Spa Night”, “Star Trek 3” (aka “Washington”), “Strange Calls”, “Stratton”, “Summertime”, “Super Clyde”, “Superstore”, “Swept Away”, “Table 19”, “Take It From Us”, “Tales From The Darkside”, “Teachers”, “Telenovela”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “This Is Nowhere”, “Tomb Raider”, “Two Old Women”, “Uncle Buck”, “Unless”, “Untitled Aseem Batra Comedy”, “Untitled Autopsy Project” (aka “Rosewood”), “Untitled Aziz Ansari Project”, “Untitled Dana Klein Comedy”, “Untitled Jessie Spinoff”, “Untitled Johnny Knoxville Comedy”, “Untitled Kelly Reichardt Project”, “Untitled Monica Potter Comedy”, “Untitled Nba Project”, “Untitled Richard Pryor Biopic”, “Untitled Suzanne Martin Comedy”, “Unveiled” (aka “Angel Project”), “Vacationland”, “Valley Of The Gods”, “Vice Principals”, “Violated”, “War On Everyone”, “Warbirds”, “Warrior”, “The Whale”, “Where'd You Go Bernadette”, “Winter’s Knight”, “Wonder Woman”, “Young Evil”


Production Weekly – Issue 933 – Thursday, February 12, 2015 / 225 listings – 47 pages

“13 Hours” (aka “The Tempest”), “20th Century Women”, “The 46 Percenters”, “48 Hours Till Monday”, “7th Secret”, “The 8th Woman”, “The Abduction Of Jocelyn Shaker”, “The Activity”, “The Adversaries”, “The Advocate”, “After Louise”, “Agent X”, “All Hail The Squash Blossom Queen”, “Alvin And The Chipmunks IV”, “Angel From Hell”, “Asomatous”, “Assassin's Creed”, “Away”, “The Bad Batch”, “Badlands”, “The Bastard Executioner”, “The Beautiful Days Of Aranjuez”, “Being Charlie”, “Beyond Deceit”, “The Big Short”, “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “Birdland”, “Black Panther”, “Blackbird”, “Blindspot”, “Bonjour, Anne”, “Boom”, “Brain On Fire”, “The Brainy Bunch”, “Breed”, “Brilliance” (aka “Savant”), “Brimstone”, “Broad Squad”, “Broken Links”, “Captain Marvel”, “The Carer”, “Carnage Park”, “Carrie Pilby”, “Carter & June”, “Casanova”, “Casual”, “The Catch” (aka “The Long Game”), “Cheerleader Death Squad”, “Chev & Bev”, “The Childhood Of A Leader”, “Christine”, “Close To The Enemy”, “Cold Moon”, “The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist”, “Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Your 20's”, “Cordon”, “Counterpoint”, “Cuckoo”, “Darkest Hour”, “Dead People”, “Deadpool” (aka “Wham!”), “Detour”, “Devil's Gate”, “Divorce”, “Documentary Now!”, “Doubt”, “Dr. Ken”, “Duelo”, “A Dying Art”, “Effa”, “Emeryville”, “Emperor's Children”, “Endgame”, “Entwined”, “Everything Carries Me To You”, “Extortion”, “Family Fortune”, “Fantasy Life”, “The Farm”, “Fifty Shades Darker”, “Five Fat Brothers”, “For Justice”, “Forgotten”, “The Founder”, “Frankenstein”, “Free Fire”, “Full Flood”, “Genies" (aka "Children Of The Lamp"), “Geo Tag”, “The Get Down” (aka “Before Crack”), “Ghostbusters”, “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Goonies Never Say Die”, “Grandpa”, “The Greasy Strangler”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “The Half Of It”, “Halloween”, “The Haunting Of Borley Rectory”, “Heroes: Reborn”, “High Value Target”, “The Hollow”, “How To Catch A Russian Spy”, “How We Live”, “I Feel Fine”, “An Ice Sculpture Christmas”, “In Their Own Hands”, “The Infiltrator”, “The Inhumans”, “Is He The One?” (aka "Altered States"), “Joe Time” (aka “The Good Life”), “Juveniles”, “Kandyland”, “Karma Rockstars”, “Katie Says Goodbye”, “Keanu”, “Kidnapped”, “The King Of 7B”, “Kingmakers”, “La Crime: The Sunset Strip”, “Let Me Make You A Martyr”, “Life In Pieces”, “Limitless”, “Living On Video”, “Love Is A Four Letter Word”, “Love Jacked”, “A Love Of Money”, “Lucifer”, “Luther U.S.”, “Mamma Dallas”, “The Man Who Made It Snow”, “Maudie”, “Mena”, “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “Milton's Secret”, “Mindgate”, “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”, “Mix”, “Mother Of Mist”, “A Movie Life”, “My Big Night”, “My Invisible Sister”, “Natural Born Outlaws”, “Neighbors 2”, “The Neon Demon”, “Noel”, “Numb”, “O’ Lucky Day”, “Of Kings And Prophets”, “Officer Downe”, “The Olive Tree”, “Oppenheimer Strategies”, “Pale Blue Dot”, “Papa”, “Papa”, “Passengers”, “Patient Zero” (aka “Patient Z”), “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”, “Po”, “Polina”, “Preacher”, “Problem Child”, “Quantico”, “Quarry”, “Recovery Road”, “Replicas”, “Rosemary's Maybe”, “Royal Ice”, “Runner”, “The Runner” (aka “Triumph”), “Rush Hour”, “Salt And Fire”, “Satanic”, “The Seven Five”, “Sharing”, “Star Trek 3” (aka “Washington”), “Starfish”, “Steel Renegades”, “Stephanie”, “The Storm”, “Strange Calls”, “The Strangers 2”, “Studio City”, “Suckers”, “Summer Forever”, “Super Sad True Love Story”, “Supergirl”, “Swiss Army Man”, “Take It From Us”, “Tales From The Darkside”, “Telenovela”, “Thanksgiving At Denny’s”, “There Are Monsters”, “Thor: Ragnarok” (aka “Thor 3”), “Tokyo Vice”, “The Tribes Of Palos Verdes”, “The Truth Commissioner”, “U”, “Uncle Buck”, “Underground”, “Unholy”, “Unless”, “Untitled Dan Savage Project”, “Untitled Edward Snowden Project”, “Untitled Jenji Kohan Project” (aka “New World”), “Untitled Jenna Bans Project” (aka “Flesh And Blood”), “Untitled Johnny Knoxville Comedy”, “Untitled Judah Miller Comedy”, “Untitled Monica Potter Comedy”, “Untitled NBA Project”, “Untitled Pitt/Bullock Project”, “Untitled Spider-Man Project”, “Untitled Steven Knight Project”, “USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage”, “Vanish Man”, “Vice Principals”, “Wake”, “Warrior”, “We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew”, “Wild Men”, “The Wizard”, “Work Wife”, “You Can't Have It”, “The Young Karl Marx”, “Zoolander 2”