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Production Weekly – Issue 865 – Thursday, September 26, 2013 / 126 listings – 26 pages

Download Current Issue“The 33”, “9:48”, “The Accountant”, “The After”, “All American”, “American Assassin”, “Anna”, “The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde”, “Barista Wars”, “Battle Creek”, “Beginner’s Greek”, “Ben-Hur”, “Big Stone Gap”, “Bind”, “Blanco”, “Bloody Bobby”, “Bone In The Throat”, “Bosch”, “Boy Scouts Vs. Zombies”, “Branded”, “The Brink”, “Brotherly Love”, “Burial Rites”, “Cell”, “Ciudad”, “The Cobbler”, “Conversion”, “Creedmoria”, “Criminal Justice”, “Crimson Peak”, “Crooked Halos”, “Crossbones”, “Cult Of Thieves”, “Da Blood Of Jesus”, “Dear Viola”, “Deep Tech” (aka “Silicon Valley”), “Deliverance Creek”, “The Dinner”, “Director’s Cut”, “The Divide”, “Dominion”, “East Of Eden”, “ESPN: Those Guys Have All The Fun”, “Eye Candy”, “Fargo”, “The Father, The Son”, “Frankenstein”, “Franny”, “From Dusk To Dawn”, “The Girl Who Invented Kissing”, “The Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce”, “Gods Of Egypt”, “Going In Style”, “H.R.”, “Hindsight”, “Horrible Bosses 2”, “Hot Bath An’ A Stiff Drink 2”, “How To Make Love Like An Englishman”, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1”, “Hybrids”, “If I Stay”, “It Follows”, “John Wick” (aka “Scorn”), “King Of The Kastle”, “Kirby Buckets” (aka “Kirby Gates”), “The Kiss”, “La Vida Robot”, “Land Of Giants”, “The Last Ship”, “The Lifeboat”, “Little Galicia”, “Little Lady, Big Dream”, “Low And Outside: The Jim Brockmire Story”, “Man Of Steel 2” (aka “Superman Vs Batman”), “The Man On Carrion Road”, “The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes”, “Mary Shelley”, “Mercury”, “Midnight Sun”, “Millie And The Lords”, “The Money”, “Mortdecai”, “Murder In The First”, “Murder Mystery”, “My Spy”, “Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List”, “Neckpee Island”, “Night At The Museum 3”, “Nightcrawler”, “November Rule”, “On Your Door Step”, “Paranormal Activity 5”, “Partisan”, “Pawn Sacrifice”, “Phantom Halo”, “Phoenix”, “Preservation”, “The Prince”, “Produce”, “Recycle”, “Rising Triumphant”, “The Search Party”, “She Only Comes At Night”, “Shomer”, “Shoplifter”, “Soaked In Bleach”, “Soul Survivor”, “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie 2”, “Spotlight”, “Stealing Cars”, “Stranded” (aka “Doginson Crusoe”), “Sun Choke”, “Superfast!”, “Three Little Words”, “To Whom It May Concern”, “The Toxic Avenger”, “Trollhunter”, “Tupac”, “Turnover”, “Tusk”, “Warcraft” (aka “Conflagration”), “Wheeler Dealers”, “When The Moon Was Twice As Big”, “Wiener Dog”, “Wrath”, “You’re The Worst”

Production Weekly – Issue 863 – Thursday, September 12, 2013 / 173 listings – 35 pages

Download Current Issue“12 Monkeys”, “22 Jump Street”, “400 Boys”, “The After”, “Alone”, “Amends” (aka “Resentment”), “Angel Investors”, “Ant-Man”, “The Architect”, “Assassination Of A Citizen”, “Atlantis”, “Avenge Me, Bro”, “Barely Lethal”, “Beautiful Jim Key”, “Believe”, “Best Boy”, “Better Call Saul”, “Beyond The Green Inferno”, “Big News From Grand Rock” (aka “Fit To Print”), “Blackbird”, “The Boy Next Door”, “Boys In The Boat”, “Breakdown At 17”, “Broad City”, “Brotherly Love”, “Business Trip”, “Butcher Holler”, “Captain Carew’s Colossal Intergalactic Alien Zoo”, “Chaos Walking”, “Chop Shop”, “Complications”, “Country Crush”, “Cowboy Ninja Viking”, “The Cowboys”, “Crawlspace”, “Crimson Peak”, “Da Blood Of Jesus”, “Daddy’s Home”, “Dak Tandy’s”, “A Daughter’s Nightmare”, “Death Pact”, “The Defining Moment”, “The Dig”, “Divide & Conquer”, “Dominion”, “Enemy Of Man”, “Everest”, “Expiration”, “Face Of An Angel”, “The Fairly Odd Summer”, “The Fall Guy”, “Fatrick”, “Fearless”, “Flash”, “Focus”, “The Forger”, “Franny”, “G”, “The Gabby Douglas Story”, “The Gambler”, “Geostorm”, “Get On Up”, “The Giver”, “The Good Sister”, “The Good Witch’s Wonder”, “H.R.”, “Hacker”, “Halt & Catch Fire”, “Heroes 4 Sale”, “The Holiday Letter”, “Holland, Michigan”, “A Hologram For The King”, “Horrible Bosses 2”, “Hotel 33”, “The Humbling”, “I Am Chippendales”, “I Dream Of Gene”, “Incarnate”, “The Interview”, “Isa”, “June In January”, “Jurassic World“ (aka “Jurassic Park 4”), “Kane”, “The Keys To The Street”, “Kid Around”, “Killer Women”, “King Of Cocaine”, “Kirby Buckets” (aka “Kirby Gates”), “La Apocalypse”, “La Vida Robot”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, “The Last Word”, “Life”, “Life Itself”, “The Listener”, “The Loss Of Nameless Things”, “Love Is Dead”, “Maggie”, “Magnitude 9”, “The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes”, “Manglehorn”, “Matthew 21”, “Max Steel”, “The Mayor Of Mars”, “Men, Women And Children”, “Midnight Sun”, “The Midnight Swim”, “Miss India America”, “Momentum”, “The Money”, “More Than I Know”, “Mozart In The Jungle”, “My Old Lady”, “Mystery Girls”, “Nasty Baby”, “Night At The Museum 3”, “Nightcrawler”, “Oliver, Stoned.”, “Olympia”, “The Origins Of Wit And Humor”, “Ouija”, “Outlaws Inc.”, “Penny Dreadful”, “Phantom Halo”, “Polaris”, “The Porcupine”, “Power”, “Pride”, “The Prince”, “Queen & Country”, “Queen Of The Desert”, “Rake”, “The Reach”, “Remedy”, “Sand Castle”, “The Secret”, “The Sector”, “Self/Less”, “Sensitive Skin”, “The Shadows”, “Shivers”, “Sicario”, “Silver Skies”, “Sleeping With Other People”, “A Slight Trick Of The Mind”, “Slow West”, “Somnia”, “The Sound And The Fury”, “Star Wars Episode VII” (aka “Foodles”), “Step Up 5” (aka “Step 5″), “Strange Blood”, “Student Body”, “Swamp Terror”, “The Swimmer”, “Terminator”, “Tom Of Finland”, “Trouble With Women”, “Unbroken”, “Untitled Benh Zeitlin Project”, “Untitled Cameron Crowe Project” (aka “Deep Tiki”), “Untitled Grammer / Lawrence Project”, “Untitled Holden Layfield Project”, “Untitled Sean Jablonski Project” (aka “Neil, Inc.”), “The Veil”, “Vow Of Violence”, “The Wannabe”, “Weightless”, “While We’re Young”, “Wild”, “Work Mom”, “Wyse Streets”, “Your Voice In My Head”, “Z For Zachariah”

Production Weekly – Issue 861 – Thursday, August 29, 2013 / 104 listings – 22 pages

Download Current Issue“12 Monkeys”, “22 Jump Street” (aka “21 Jump Street 2″), “Abattoir”, “The Affair”, “American Sniper”, “Anguish”, “Babylon”, “Bad Teacher”, “Barely Lethal”, “Basic Math” (aka “Sex Tape”), “The Birds”, “The Black Box”, “Bone Tomahawk”, “Book Of Common Prayer”, “The Book Of Negroes”, “Breakdown At 17”, “Business Trip”, “Chicago PD”, “Chicken”, “The Christmas Spirit”, “Coconut Hero”, “Cook”, “Da Blood Of Jesus”, “Deadbeat”, “Dear Viola”, “Deliverance Creek”, “Desierto”, “Divide & Conquer”, “The Duke Of Burgundy”, “Esio Trot”, “Exodus”, “Faking It”, “Focus”, “For The Dogs”, “The Forger”, “Fury”, “The Gabby Douglas Story”, “Happyland”, “Hoke”, “Hot Wheels”, “The Hungover Games”, “Incarnate”, “The Interview”, “The Joy Division”, “Kensho At The Bedfellow”, “Kirby Buckets” (aka “Kirby Gates”), “Legends”, “Level 16”, “Limo 3D”, “Line Of Sight”, “Listen Up Philip”, “Long Live The Squirrels”, “Looking”, “Lot 451”, “Love Is Dead”, “Maker Shack Agency”, “Man Of Steel 2” (aka “Superman Vs Batman”), “The Masked Saint”, “McFarland”, “Micah The Asshole Ghost”, “Midnight Special”, “Mojave”, “Mortdecai”, “A Murder Foretold”, “Naomi And Ely’s No Kiss List”, “Nightcrawler”, “Nova Scotia”, “Open”, “Outlander”, “Partisan”, “Penny Dreadful”, “Penumbra”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, “Proof Of Innocence”, “Rocky Road”, “The Royals”, “Run Like Hell”, “The Sainthood Of Bethany Wolfe”, “The Sound And The Fury”, “Spawn”, “The Stand”, “Star Wars: Episode VII” (aka “Foodles”), “Step Up 5” (aka “Step 5″), “Stung”, “Ted 2”, “Then There Was”, “Those Who Kill”, “Three Little Words”, “To Be Two”, “Tyrant”, “Unbroken”, “Unfriend”, “Untitled Ballet Project”, “Untitled Bashir & Diallo Project” (aka “The Reporters”), “Untitled James Brown Biopic” (aka “Superbad” & “Star Time”), “Virgins America”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “Warcraft” (aka “Conflagration”), “The Wedding Ringer” (aka “Best Man Inc.”), “When Calls The Heart”, “Wild”, “Working The Engels”, “You’re The Worst”

Production Weekly – Issue 857 – Thursday, August 1, 2013 / 116 listings – 25 pages

Download Current Issue“400 Boys”, “99 Homes”, “Aaron Baby Superfecta”, “Act Of God”, “Alpha”, “American Sniper”, “Anatomy Of Deception”, “Beethoven’s Treasure” (aka “Beethoven’s 8th”), “The Beneath”, “Big Muddy”, “The Black Box”, “Blind Fear”, “Bloodsport”, “Boogeyman”, “The Book Of Negroes”, “Broad City”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Brutal”, “By Way Of Helena”, “Children Of The Gun”, “The Christmas Spirit”, “Cinderella”, “Cold In July”, “Comancheria”, “Come Sundown”, “Continuum”, “Crazy For The Storm”, “Crimson Peak”, “Crossface”, “Cruel Summer”, “Cymbeline”, “Darkness The,”, “The Defector”, “Dolphin Tale 2”, “Dominion”, “The Duff”, “The Dying Of The Light”, “Empire”, “The Empty Glass”, “The Erotic Fire Of The Unattainable”, “The Exes”, “The Expendables 3”, “Explosion”, “Faking It”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “The Fast And The Furious 7”, “The Finest Hours”, “Flowers In The Attic”, “Forsaken“ (aka “Redemption”), “Frankenstein”, “Friends With Better Lives”, “The Fury”, “The Games Maker”, “Gone Girl”, “Halt & Catch Fire”, “Happyland”, “Hats Off To Christmas”, “High Moon”, “Home Invasion”, “Houdini”, “Human”, “Hungry Hearts”, “In The Company Of Lies”, “John Wick”, “The Knick”, “Learning To Drive”, “Legacy”, “Listen Up Philip”, “Live By Night”, “Love Is Strange”, “Maggie”, “Maria Callas”, “The Money”, “The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes”, “The Mortdecai Mustache Mystery”, “The Night”, “Nightcrawler”, “No Blood, No Guts, No Glory”, “Olive Kitteridge”, “Other People’s Love Letters”, “Power”, “Rebecca”, “Resentment”, “Reversal”, “Ride”, “Rio Heat” (aka “Havana Heat”), “Robotech”, “Saint George”, “The Secret Service”, “Self/Less”, “Selling Time”, “Songbyrd”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Susan Cooper”, “Taxi Brooklyn”, “Tell”, “The Third Coast”, “Trending Down”, “The Trials Of The Chicago 7”, “The Truth About The War In Heaven”, “Turn”, “Tyrant”, “The Underground Railroad”, “Unleashed”, “Unreachable By Conventional Means”, “Untitled Lance Armstrong Biopic”, “Untitled Punk Movie”, “Violent Separation Of Flesh And Blood”, “Welcome To Me”, “Welcome To Willits”, “Wichita”, “Wild”, “Working The Engels”, “World’s Most Wanted”, “Yukikaze”