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Production Weekly – Issue 958 – Thursday, August 13, 2015 / 203 listings – 44 pages

“The 70s”, “Absolutely Fabulous”, “All The Creatures Were Stirring”, “American Fable”, “Andorra”, “Animal Kingdom”, “Annabelle 2”, “Another Day In Paradise”, “The Arrangement”, “As A Friend”, “Assisted Living”, “The Babysitter”, “Bad Boys 3”, “Ballad”, “Bathing Flo”, “Battle New Orleans”, “Baywatch”, “Becoming Santa”, “Better Things”, “The Birches”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “Black Belle”, “Blind”, “Blink”, “Blue Angel”, “Book Of Henry”, “The Boy Downstairs”, “The Bridge”, “Buckout Road”, “Buddy Sharp”, “A Bus Could Run You Over”, “The Bye, Bye Man”, “Chicago Med”, “The Circle”, “City Of Lies”, “Coach”, “Coat Of Many Colors”, “Cold Warriors” (aka “Back In The USSR”), “Come Sunday” (aka “Heretics”), “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist”, “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, “The Crosskiller”, “The Crucifixion”, “Darker Than Blue”, “DC: Legends Of Tomorrow”, “Dead Awake”, “Death House”, “Desired Moments”, “The Deuce”, “The Devil In The White City”, “Dog Eat Dog”, “The Dog’s Purpose”, “Downsizing”, “Emperor's Children”, “The Ex Games” (aka “The Ex Files”), “Exit 147”, “The Family”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Far From The Tree”, “Felt”, “The Feud”, “First They Killed My Father”, “Fishkill”, “Fist Fight”, “Flaked”, “Frontier”, “Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “The Genex”, “Genrx”, “Gifted”, “Gloves Off”, “God Particle”, “Graves”, “Greenleaf”, “The Guide To Surviving Life”, “Guilt”, “Halloween 3D” (aka “Halloween Returns”), “Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters 2”, “The Hard Candy Kid”, “Harley-Davidson”, “High Value Target”, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”, “Hot Summer Nights”, “How To Survive An Office Uprising”, “Hunter Gatherer”, “The Hurting Man”, “I Am Dying Up Here”, “Imperium” (aka “Aryan Nation”), “In Search Of Fellini”, “In The Deep”, “Internet Famous”, “The Irishman" (aka "I Heard You Paint Houses"), “JL Ranch”, “The Kaiser's Last Kiss”, “A Kidnapping”, “The King Of Counterfeit”, “Kingsman 2”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Lady Bird”, “LBJ”, “Like.Share.Follow.”, “Little Bitches”, “Live!”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Lopez” (aka “Are You George Lopez?”), “The Lost City Of Z”, “Lust”, “Marauders”, “Men Of Granite” (aka “The Boys Of Lincoln Place”), “A Meyers Christmas”, “Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life” (aka “Skool”), “Midnight”, “Moon Flower Of Flying Tigers”, “Mortal Kombat”, “The Mummy: Rise Of The Aztecs”, “Mute”, “Narco Sub”, “The Neighbor”, “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”, “Nemesis”, “Never Go Back”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “Noodle Man”, “Norco”, “The Odyssey”, “On The Basis Of Sex”, “Once In A Lifetime: Just Go For It”, “One Small Step For Neil”, “Operation Chromite”, “Orbiting Vigo”, “The Orchard”, “An Ordinary Man”, “Ouija 2”, “Out Of This World”, “Passaic”, “Paterson”, “The Patriot”, “People You May Know”, “Permanent”, “Permission”, “Poor Richard’s Almanack”, “The Portland Condition”, “Power Rangers” (aka ‘Shirt”), “Prison Break”, “Project XX”, “The Promise”, “Pupstar”, “The Purge 3” (aka “The Code”), “Pursuit”, “Queen Of The South”, “Ready Player One”, “Replicas”, “Robin Hood: Origins”, “Rush Hour”, “Seadogs”, “The Sense Of An Ending”, “Sequestered”, “Shimmer Lake”, “Shooter”, “Sidney Hall”, “The Slender Man”, “Snowfall”, “Solo”, “Spider-Man: The New Avenger”, “SS:GB”, “The Stand”, “Star”, “Star Wars: Episode VIII” (aka “Space Bear”), “Stargirl”, “Strange Weather”, “Sully” (aka “Miracle On The Hudson”), “Super Troopers 2”, “Testament”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Three Seconds”, “The Toll”, “The Trials Of White Boy Rick”, “Twin Peaks”, “Underworld: Next Generation” (aka “Underworld 5″), “Unforgettable”, “Untitled Capitol Hill Project”, “Untitled Christopher Guest Project”, “Untitled Greg Whiteley Project”, “Untitled Jackie Chan Project” (aka “The Foreigner”), “Untitled Matt Nix Project”, “Untitled Megan Leavey Project”, “Untitled New Edition Project”, “Untitled Wolverine Sequel”, “Urban Cowboy”, “The Walk Of Life”, “War Machine” (aka “The Operators”), “War Of The Planet Of The Apes” (aka “Hidden Fortress”), “WASP 15” (Woody Allen Summer Project 2015), “The Way”, “Wendy”, “Why Him?”, “Wicked City”, “The Wilding”, “The Winter Of Frankie Machine”, “The Wizard Of Lies”, “Wonder Woman”, “Wynonna Earp”, “Zoe Ever After” (aka “Zoe Moon”)

Production Weekly – Issue 956 – Thursday, July 30, 2015 / 138 listings – 29 pages

“2 Lava 2 Lantula!”, “3 Dragons - The Final Fight For Revenge”, “The Acre Beyond The Rye”, “Adam Bloom”, “Adam Ruins Everything”, “Adi Shankar’s Gods And Secrets”, “After Louise”, “All The Bright Places”, “All The Way”, “All We Had”, “Angel From Hell”, “Animal Kingdom”, “Bahamas/Paradise Island”, “Ballers” (aka “Fantasy Basketball Camp”), “Baroness Von Sketch Show”, “Bastards”, “Battling Boy”, “Baywatch”, “Berlin Station”, “Blood Drive”, “Bob The Musical”, “Brackish Water”, “Braindead”, “Broke”, “Brooklyn Animal Control”, “Brothers In Atlanta”, “Burn Your Maps”, “Carnival Row”, “Carrie Pilby”, “The Cartel”, “Chicago Med”, “Chiraq”, “Christmas Inc.”, “Coach”, “The Code”, “Codes Of Conduct”, “Craftique”, “Crowded”, “DC: Legends Of Tomorrow”, “Delirium”, “Dice”, “Don't Think Twice”, “Drone”, “Extinction”, “The Extrovert”, “Eye Digress” (aka “The Special One”), “The Eyes Of My Mother”, “The Family”, “First They Killed My Father”, “Fishes 'N Loaves: Heaven Sent”, “Five Nights At Freddy’s”, “From Here To Infirmity”, “Game Of Silence”, “Ghost Team”, “The Godmother”, “Good Behavior”, “Good Time”, “The Greener Grass”, “The Grinder”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “Heaven Hath No Fury”, “Here Comes Rusty”, “Holding Patterns”, “Home”, “Hot & Bothered” (aka “Telenovela”), “Hot Summer Nights”, “House The,”, “John Cardinal Mysteries”, “Journey Is The Destination”, “Jurassic World 2”, “Just Charlie”, “Just Mercy: A Story Of Justice And Redemption”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Larchmont”, “Looking For Alaska”, “Manhattan Love Story”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (aka “Tiara), “Mauthausen”, “Merry Matrimony”, “Milton's Secret”, “Mission: Impossible 6”, “Moonlight”, “Mother’s Day”, “The Mystery Of Casa Matusita”, “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”, “Nesting Doll”, “Nowhere Ever After”, “Oliver!”, “On Dasher, On Dancer, On Frankie”, “Ouija 2”, “Outcast”, “Paradise Pictures”, “The Parts You Lose”, “Pieces Of Me”, “Poor Richard’s Almanack”, “Ports Of Call”, “Priceless”, “Quest For Truth: Dunkleman”, “R-Naught 15”, “Red Flag”, “Revoc”, “The Rock Pile”, “The Rosie Project”, “Rush Hour”, “Save A Bullet For Me”, “The Scent Of Rain & Lightning”, “The Sentence”, “Shared Rooms”, “Sharknado 4”, “Shoot The Messenger”, “Shoveling Snow”, “Snowfall”, “State Like Sleep”, “Stay”, “Stronger”, “Super Troopers 2”, “The Trial”, “The Tribes Of Palos Verdes”, “Truth Be Told” (aka “People Are Talking”), “Untitled Emmett Till Biopic”, “Untitled Guillermo Arriaga Project”, “Untitled Ira Sachs Project” (aka “The Silent Treatment”), “Untitled Kelly Fremon Craig Project” (aka “Besties”), “Untitled Megan Leavey Project”, “Untitled Tig Notaro Project”, “Urban Cowboy”, “Van Helsing”, “What Would Sal Do”, “Where Are They Now?”, “The Wiz Live!”, “The Wonder Girls”, “Work Horses”, “Wynonna Earp”, “The Year Of Spectacular Men”, “The Young Karl Marx”, “Zelda” (aka “Z”), “Zoe Moon”

Production Weekly – Issue 954 – Thursday, July 16, 2015 / 193 listings – 43 pages

Download Sample Issue

Download Sample Issue

“6:42”, “The Acre Beyond The Rye”, “Adam Ruins Everything”, “American Dresser”, “American Gods”, “American Horror Story: Hotel”, “American Pastoral”, “Anonymous Killers”, “The Arrangement”, “Atlanta”, “Bastards”, “The Batman”, “Berlin Station”, “Berlin Syndrome”, “Billions”, “Boys In Blue”, “The Bridge”, “The Brits Are Coming”, “Brothers In Atlanta”, “Bruno & Boots Go Jump In The Pool!”, “Burn Your Maps”, “Casanova”, “Chicago Med”, “Civilian”, “Coach”, “Coat Of Many Colors”, “The Code”, “Collateral Beauty”, “The Comedian”, “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist”, “Containment” (aka “Cordon”), “Country Girl”, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, “Crowded”, “The Crucifixion”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “The Dark Tower”, “Dashing Through The Snow”, “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow”, “The Deuce”, “Divorce”, “Don’t Kill It”, “Don’t Knock Twice”, “Dr. Ken”, “Driverx”, “Edge”, “The Elephanta Suite”, “Eliminators”, “Emerald City”, “Fallen Cross”, “Falling Water”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “FFC / Female Fight Club”, “The Fiance Claus”, “Fifty Shades Of Black”, “Fishes 'N Loaves: Heaven Sent”, “Fist Fight”, “Flaked”, “From Here To Infirmity”, “Fuller House”, “Gambit” (aka “Chess”), “Game Day”, “The Girl On The Train”, “Good Behavior”, “The Good Girls Revolt”, “Good Time”, “Gorgeous Morons”, “Gosnell”, “Grandfathered” (aka “Gramps”), “Graves”, “Grease: Live”, “Green Lantern Corps.”, “The Grinder”, “The Group”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”, “Guilt”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “Harry Price: Ghost Hunter”, “Harvest Moon”, “Heartbreaker” (aka “Heart Matters”), “The Hell Within”, “Hidden Figures”, “Highston”, “Hollow In The Land”, “Home”, “Hooligan Squad”, “I Know Where Lizzie Is”, “I Shudder”, “Ice Girls”, “Incorporated”, “The Infamous”, “Internet Famous”, “Jake & Amir”, “Kill Them All”, “Kindergarten Cop: A New Day”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “La La Land”, “The Land”, “Last Seen In Idaho”, “The Legend Of Conan”, “Life In Pieces”, “Limitless”, “Live By Night”, “Looking For Alaska”, “The Lost City Of Z”, “Lucifer”, “The Lucifer Killings”, “Mallbrats”, “Marauders”, “Mid Life”, “Monolith”, “The Muppets”, “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”, “Never Walk Alone”, “North”, “Nowhere Ever After”, “One Of Us”, “The One Percent”, “Other People”, “Out Of This World”, “Outcast”, “The Oxford”, “Pacific Rim 2” (aka “Maelstrom”), “Papa”, “Paradise Pictures”, “Passengers”, “The Patriot”, “People Are Talking”, “Phenomena”, “Pitching Tents”, “The Player” (aka “Endgame”), “Prima”, “Probable Cause” (aka “Sex, Lies And Handwriting”), “The Purge 3” (aka “The Code”), “Queen Of The South”, “Rambo: Last Blood”, “The Ranch”, “The Real O’Neals” (aka “Family Of The Year”), “The Reaper”, “Rebirth”, “The Reckoning”, “Red Sparrow”, “Redeployed”, “Ripped” (aka “Ripped Van Winkles”), “Roadies”, “Roots”, “The Rosie Project”, “Rush Hour”, “Russ & Roger Go Beyond”, “The Sense Of An Ending”, “Shoot The Messenger”, “Shooter”, “Sing It”, “Sister Cities”, “Sleight”, “Snowfall”, “Southside With You”, “The Sparrow”, “Speech & Debate”, “Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One” (aka “Los Alamos”), “Star Wars: Episode IX”, “Stargirl”, “The Stepsister”, “A Storm In The Stars”, “Stratton”, “Superstore”, “Temple”, “This Beautiful Fantastic”, “Trial”, “The Trouble With Angels”, “Tutankhamun”, “Uncle Buck”, “Untitled Duffer Brothers Project” (aka “Montauk”), “Untitled Hawaiian Comedy”, “Untitled Jackie Chan Project” (aka “The Foreigner”), “Untitled Martial Arts Project”, “Untitled Robert F. Kennedy Project”, “Urban Cowboy”, “Utopia”, “Valerian”, “Video Synchronicty”, “Viral”, “The Warrior's Gate”, “When We Rise”, “Wicked City” (aka “L.A. Crime: The Sunset Strip”), “The Wife”, “The Wizard Of Lies”, “The Wonderful Wayneys” (aka “Emmett”), “Wrecked”, “You Me Her”, “Your Own Road”, “Zoe Moon”