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Production Weekly – Issue 892 – Thursday, April 3, 2014 / 169 listings – 35 pages

“Adé: A Love Story”, “The Affair”, “The Age Of Miracles”, “All Eyes On Me”, “Amityville” (aka “Locked In”), “Anonymous Vs. Steubenville”, “Aquarius”, “The Associate”, “Astronaut Wives Club”, “B-Roll”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Battlecreek”, “The Beach House”, “Better Call Saul”, “Big Sexy”, “Black Mass”, “Bokeh”, “Borderland”, “A Broken Bridge”, “Brooklyn”, “Bucky Fucking Dent”, “The Bus Driver”, “Buzzy’s” (aka “Clipsters”), “Cake”, “Cannibal”, “Captain Of The Gate”, “Chappie” (Reshoots), “Charlie Chan”, “Chasing Butterflies”, “Chronically Metropolitan”, “Comes The Krampus”, “Complications”, “Condemned”, “Cook”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny”, “The Current War”, “Cuz-Bros”, “The D Movie”, “Dead Of Winter”, “Designated Driver”, “Dinner In America”, “Dream Corp”, “Duty”, “East Texas Trials Project”, “The Edge Of Normal”, “Eleanor & Park”, “Evermoor”, “Fallen Cross”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “Fat Ballerina” (aka “Prima” & “Dance Of The Mirlitons”), “Flesh And Bone”, “Food”, “Galyntine”, “Garden At The End Of The World”, “The Geography Of Hope”, “Ginormous”, “Goliath”, “Grace And Frankie”, “Grand Avenue”, “Gucci”, “Gumball 3000”, “The Heart”, “Henry Danger”, “Hocus Pocus 2”, “Hold On To Me” (aka “Nancy & Danny”), “House Cat”, “How And Why”, “I Am Chippendales”, “The Inherited”, “The Intern”, “Jennifer Falls”, “The Jungle Book”, “Just Drive”, “Kodachrome”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, “Latitude”, “Len & Co.”, “Life Happens”, “Life’s A Pitch”, “Limelight”, “Little House On The Prairie”, “Look Who’s Talking”, “The Lottery”, “Love Sick”, “Magic Mike XXL”, “The Man On Carrion Road”, “Max And Shred”, “Me Before You”, “Medicine Men”, “Merry Ex-Mas”, “The Messenger”, “Mind Puppet”, “Mindless”, “Monster Trucks” (aka “Formula M”), “Mountain Men”, “Narcos”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, “Nostalgia”, “The Odd Couple”, “One Big Happy”, “One Child”, “One Christmas Eve”, “One Drop”, “The Other Way Around”, “Outlaw Prophet” (aka “When Men Become Gods”), “Paper Angels”, “Paper Tiger”, “Park Bench”, “Pink Panther”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Pixels”, “Police Academy”, “The Preacher’s Son”, “Project Y”, “Recovery Road”, “Red Flag”, “Remember”, “Renegade”, “Ricky And The Flash”, “Road Hard”, “Rock The Kasbah”, “A Role To Die For”, “Romeo And Julie”, “Rosaline”, “San Andreas”, “Sandwitched”, “Scream”, “The Second Coming Of Christ”, “Selma”, “Sicario”, “The Sin Seer”, “SLC Punk 2 : Punk’s Dead”, “Slingshot”, “Sons Of Salt”, “Southpaw”, “Splinter Cell”, “Spy” (aka “Susan Cooper”), “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Story Of Your Life”, “Stray”, “Summer Crossing”, “The Supremes At Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat”, “Survivor’s Remorse”, “Take Down”, “Tarzan” (aka “Miss P”), “Teachers”, “Terminator: Genesis” (aka “Vista”), “Terrestrial”, “Texas Rein”, “A Thirst For Freedom”, “This Is Our Year”, “Trafficked”, “Triple Nine”, “Under Milk Wood”, “Untitled Armored Car Project” (aka “Loomis Fargo”), “Untitled DJ Pooh Comedy”, “Untitled Halo Project”, “Untitled WWII Romantic Thriller”, “Virgins America”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “The Walk” (Aka “To Walk The Clouds” & “To Reach The Clouds”), “Weird Loners”, “When The Dust Settles”, “When We First Met”, “Which Brings Me To You”, “The Whole Truth”, “Women Of Mass Destruction”, “Yellow Rose”, “Your Family Or Mine”

Production Weekly – Issue 887 – Thursday, February 27, 2014 / 186 listings – 41 pages

“6 Miranda Dr.”, “6ix”, “A To Z”, “Absolutely Anything”, “Agatha”, “The Age Of Adaline”, “Alone For The Holidays”, “America’s Most Hated Woman”, “American Crime”, “American Desperado”, “American Sniper”, “American Ultra”, “Ant-Man” (aka “Big-Foot”), “Astronaut Wives Club”, “Babylon Fields”, “Backstrom”, “Ballers”, “Bambi Cottages”, “Bastille Day”, “Bathing Flo”, “Batman Vs. Superman” (aka “Sage And Milo”), “Black Mass”, “The Book Of Negroes”, “Brilliance”, “Cabot College”, “Candy Land”, “Captain Fantastic”, “Checked Out”, “Christmas Tree Farm”, “Clementine”, “The Club”, “Coercion”, “The Conjuring 2”, “Constantine”, “Cook”, “Creed”, “Criminal Justice”, “Cristela”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny”, “Damaged Goods”, “Daredevil”, “Dead Boss”, “Dial A Prayer”, “Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse”, “Dig”, “Doctor Strange”, “Ecstasy Rising”, “Ellen More Or Less”, “Empire”, “Eternal”, “Eternity”, “Exhume”, “Exposed”, “Fall”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “The Field”, “Fifth Wheel”, “Final Girls”, “Finding Albie Finch”, “Finding Carter”, “Forever”, “Found Footage 3D” (aka “Spectre”), “Fresh Off The Boat”, “Fully Wrecked”, “The Geography Of Hope”, “Geostorm”, “Get Hard”, “Girls Trip”, “The Gnashing”, “Gods Of Egypt”, “Good Kill” (aka “Drones”), “Good Session”, “The Good Witch”, “The Grizzlies”, “Guilt By Association”, “Here’s Your Damn Family”, “Hindsight”, “Holland, Michigan”, “Home”, “Hotel 33”, “How To Be Single”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Hysteria”, “I Am Chippendales”, “I Dream Too Much”, “Identity”, “The Intern”, “Iron Fist”, “Irreversible”, “Jane The Virgin”, “Jessica Jones”, “Jingle All The Way 2”, “Knock Knock”, “Legend”, “Legends”, “The Librarians”, “Lifesaver”, “Listen”, “Love Is Relative”, “Luke Cage”, “Madam Secretary”, “Mall Cop: Blart 2”, “Man Seeking Woman”, “Manhattan Nocturne”, “Masters Of The Universe””, “Matador”, “Max Steel”, “Mean Moms”, “Memory Book”, “The Messengers”, “Midnight Masquerade”, “Mission Control”, “Model Prisoner”, “Moon Dogs”, “More Time With Family”, “Motherless Brooklyn”, “My Boyfriends Dogs”, “My Thoughts Exactly”, “The Mysteries Of Laura”, “Night Circus”, “The Odd Couple”, “Oddball”, “Oh Say Can You See”, “Overnight”, “The Panel”, “Petals On The Wind”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Pixels”, “The Place That Hits The Sun”, “Point Break”, “Prima” (aka “Dance Of The Mirlitons”), “The Pro”, “Proof”, “Prose Before Hoes: The Ballad Of Hemingway & Fitzgerald”, “The Raid”, “The Real Rob”, “Really”, “Red Band Society”, “Red Zone”, “Regression”, “Richie Rich”, “Ride Along 2”, “Robeson”, “Rosaline”, “Rosemont”, “Salvation”, “San Andreas”, “Sandman”, “Section 6”, “Selfie”, “Shades Of Blue”, “The Show”, “The Sin Seer”, “Spy” (aka “Susan Cooper”), “The Stand”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “State Of Affairs”, “Stonewall”, “The Submarine Kid”, “Suffragette” (aka “The Fury”), “The Sunday Horse”, “Supernatural: Tribes”, “Taken 3”, “Taxi 22”, “Ted 2”, “Term Life”, “Texas Rangers” (aka “Texas Rising”), “To Reach The Clouds”, “Tooken”, “Tulip Fever”, “Untitled CSI Spinoff”, “Untitled Jim Loach Project”, “Untitled Kevin Williamson Project”, “Untitled Richard Lagravenese Project”, “Untitled Steve Jobs Project”, “Vamprechaun”, “The Veil”, “Vice”, “The Visitors”, “We Are Here”, “Webcam”, “Weird Loners”, “Winklers”, “Wipe”, “Woman In Gold”, “Your Family Or Mine”

Production Weekly – Issue 882 – Thursday, January 23, 2014 / 141 listings – 29 pages

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“#Famous”, “A To Z”, “Aaaaaaaah!”, “The Affair”, “Agent Carter”, “Agent X”, “American Crime”, “An American Education”, “American Sniper”, “Babylon Fields”, “Bang Bang Baby”, “Batman Vs. Superman”, “Bill”, “Black-Ish”, “Blackbird”, “The Boy”, “Brooklyn Bridge”, “Cabot College”, “Celestina”, “Cell”, “The Christmas Secret”, “Chronicle Of A Serial Killer”, “Clementine”, “The Comedians”, “Creed”, “The Cruel Season”, “Cyclops”, “Dancer & The Dame”, “The Dark Tower”, “Deepwater Horizon”, “Defrauded”, “Duty”, “The Eel”, “Emerald City”, “The Fall”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “Fathers And Daughters”, “The Flash”, “A Flower In The Mud”, “Fool’s Game”, “Fresh Tears”, “Gaffigan”, “Galavant”, “The Girl On A Motorcycle”, “Goosebumps”, “Gotham”, “Grimsby”, “Guidance”, “Hangfire”, “Happyish” (aka “Trending Down”), “Hieroglyph”, “Hoke”, “Holiday Vacation”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Humbug”, “I Smile Back”, “In The Shadows Of The Rainbow”, “Inconceivable”, “Infinite Nostalgia”, “Intruders”, “Jake Joins A Cult”, “June”, “Last Cab To Darwin”, “Last Train To Memphis”, “Life”, “Lila & Eve”, “Living The Dream”, “Lost In Austin”, “Manhattan”, “Marry Me”, “The Mason Twins”, “The McCarthys”, “The Mission”, “A Moment To Remember”, “Money Is Money”, “Mother’s Day Off”, “Muck Offed”, “The Murderer Among Us”, “My Country”, “Ned Rifle”, “Night At The Museum 3”, “The Night Comes For Us”, “Northpole”, “Odyssey”, “Old Soul”, “Outcast”, “Perception”, “The Perfect Heist”, “Peste”, “Pound Of Flesh”, “Public Morals”, “Raggs 2 Riches”, “Red Band Society”, “Red Sparrow”, “Resilient 3D”, “Rock The Kasbah”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, “The Rules Don’t Apply”, “Runner” (aka “The End”), “Sacrifice”, “Salvation”, “Scouts Vs. Zombies”, “Sea Of Fire”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Security”, “Selma”, “The Senator’s Wife”, “Senseless Confidential”, “Shangri-La Suite”, “Signed, Sealed & Delivered” (aka “Dead Letters”), “A Sixth Dimension”, “The Slap”, “State Of Affairs”, “Still Alice”, “Story Of Your Life”, “The Tale Of Tales”, “Tarzan”, “Threshold”, “Through The Looking Glass”, “Time Out Of Mind” (aka “Vintage Muscatel”), “To Reach The Clouds”, “Tribeca”, “Tumbledown”, “Turk”, “Tyranny Of Beauty”, “Untitled Amish Project”, “Untitled David O. Russell Project”, “Untitled Jeff Lowell Project”, “Untitled John Belushi Project”, “Untitled Kevin Williamson Project”, “Untitled KZK Series”, “Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project”, “The Unwelcome”, “Veiled Threats”, “Vice”, “A Walk In The Woods”, “Weird Loners”, “The Whole Truth”, “Younger”, “Your Right Mind”, “Z For Zachariah”

Production Weekly – Issue 881 – Thursday, January 16, 2014 / 179 listings – 37 pages

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“24: Live Another Day”, “A To Z”, “Addicted”, “The Age Of Adaline”, “The Age Of Miracles”, “Agent 47″ (aka “Hitman”), “Agent X”, “Aladdin 3477”, “American Crime”, “An American Education”, “Animus”, “Annabelle”, “Another Period”, “Ant-Man”, “Aron Baby Superfecta”, “Atlas Shrugged 3: Who Is John Galt?”, “Avatar 2”, “Backstrom”, “Bad Hurt”, “Bad Judge”, “Batman Vs. Superman”, “Battle Creek”, “The Best Of Me”, “Big Time In Hollywood, FL”, “Black Mass”, “Blanco”, “Blood Mountain”, “The Bounce Back”, “Boychoir”, “A Boyfriend For My Wife”, “Brooklyn”, “Captive”, “Carver”, “City State”, “Coast”, “Coercion”, “Constantine”, “The Crescent And The Cross” (aka “Cliffs Of Freedom”), “The Cursed Man”, “The D Train”, “The Damned”, “Dear Mister Obama”, “Desierto”, “Despite The Falling Snow”, “Divergent” (aka “Catbird”) (Reshoots), “The Dorm”, “Dr. Strange”, “Duchess”, “The Dying Of The Light”, “Eisenstein In Guanajuato”, “Ellen More Or Less”, “The End Of Eternity”, “Entering The Sea”, “Erase Rewind” (aka “How Soon Is Now?”), “Eternal”, “Everest”, “Extant”, “Fallen”, “Familymoon”, “Fantastic Four” (aka “Henry Street”), “The Field”, “Folk Hero & Funny Guy”, “For The Dogs”, “Fresh Off The Boat”, “The Frontier”, “Gaffigan”, “The Gambler”, “The Geography Of Hope”, “Get Hard”, “Goosebumps”, “Gotham”, “Growing Up And Down”, “Guilt By Association”, “The Gunslinger”, “The Harder They Fall”, “The Hateful Eight”, “He’s Fuckin’ Perfect”, “Hell House”, “Heretics”, “High Strung”, “Hoke”, “Houdini”, “How And Why”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Independence Day 2” (aka “ID Forever Part 1″), “Insurgent”, “Intruders”, “The Intruders”, “Johnson” (aka “None Of Her Business”), “Jurassic World”, “Justice League”, “Kids Vs. Monsters”, “Kiss The Girl Goodbye”, “The Kitchen Boy”, “LAPD African Cops”, “The Leftovers”, “Little Rootie Tootie”, “Live By Night”, “The Longest Ride”, “Lore”, “Love Is Relative”, “M.M. 9”, “Maggie’s Plan”, “Man Up”, “Manhattan”, “Marco Polo”, “Mason Twins”, “Masters Of The Universe”, “Matador”, “Mercy Road”, “Midnight Special”, “Mind Puppet”, “Mission Control”, “Mississippi Grind”, “A Most Violent Year”, “Mother’s Day Off”, “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”, “My Ethereal Girl”, “Mysteries Of Laura”, “Nerve”, “Night At The Museum 3”, “Night Cries”, “The Night Stalker”, “Northern 48”, “Odyssey”, “Open”, “Origami Fox”, “The Other Side Of The Door”, “Over The Wall”, “Painkillers”, “Paranormal Activity 5” (aka “Triple Threat”), “Pimp”, “Pride And Prejudice And Zombies”, “The Prisoner”, “Proof”, “Public Morals”, “The Rules Don’t Apply”, “Sea Isle”, “Sea Of Fire”, “The Secret Place”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Set Fire To The Stars”, “Sex, Guaranteed”, “Sexplorer”, “The Sharp Files”, “Signed, Sealed & Delivered” (aka “Dead Letters”), “Silence”, “Single Moms Club”, “A Sixth Dimension”, “A Speck In The Sea”, “Squirrels”, “Star Wars: Episode VII”, “Taxi-22”, “Ten Commandments”, “Ten Thousand Saints”, “Term Life”, “Terminator: Genesis”, “They Might Be Kennedys”, “Three For The Road”, “The Three Lucias”, “Tin Man”, “Tommy’s Honor”, “Tooken”, “Touchdown”, “Tumbledown”, “Unforgettable” (aka “Hell Hath No Fury”), “Unlocked”, “Untitled Halo Project”, “Untitled Jeff Lowell Project”, “Untitled Louis C.K. / Zach Galifianakis Project”, “Untitled Planet Of The Apes”, “Untitled Richard Pryor Biopic”, “Untitled Shane Dawson Comedy”, “Uptown Saturday Night”, “Violent Talent”, “Visions”, “White Girl”, “Wild Oats”, “Zipper”