Production Weekly – Issue 940 – Thursday, April 2, 2015 / 129 listings – 28 pages

“All The Light We Cannot See”, “Alone In Berlin” (aka “Every Man Dies Alone”), “Apostle Paul”, “Baby Driver”, “Backstage Drama Of Hit 90’s Family Sitcom”, “The Ballad Of Richard Jewell”, “The Beaverton”, “Bed Of The Dead”, “Being Charlie”, “The Belco Experiment”, “Benders” (aka “Uncle Chubby’s”), “The Billionaire's Vinegar”, “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “The Birth Of A Nation”, “Book Of Henry”, “Border Crossing”, “Born Again Virgin”, “The Breaks”, “Camp”, “Captain America: Civil War” (aka “Sputnik”), “The Carmichael Show” (aka “Go Jerrod Go”), “Central Intelligence”, “Christine”, “Christmas In The Smokies”, “City Of Tiny Lights”, “Coach”, “Comedy Playground”, “The Current War”, “Custody”, “The Deaf Kid”, “Dearest Sister”, “Deep Water”, “Detroiters”, “The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Part 1” (aka “Amnesia” / “Element”), “Donny!”, “Dr. Del” (aka “Dr. Don”), “Duellist”, “The Dunes Club” (aka “Club Dunes“), “The Elephanta Suite”, “The Entwined”, “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka “Cobalt”)”, “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “Force Majeure”, “Forever Young”, “Ghostbusters”, “Half Magic”, “Hap And Leonard”, “High Value Target”, “Hot Summer Nights””, “Hurt Village”, “In The Radiant City”, “Island In The Sun”, “IT”, “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “Keanu”, “A Kind Of Magic”, “Ladyworld”, “The Lake”, “The Layover”, “Leatherface”, “Legend Of One”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “A Little Something For Your Birthday”, “Loserville”, “Lost In The West”, “Love”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Mallrats 2”, “Manchester-By-The-Sea”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage”, “Mena”, “Metal Gear Solid”, “Middle Man”, “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “Monty Comes Back”, “The Nightrunner”, “Nine Lives”, “Noel”, “Not Safe For Work”, “Nothing In Common”, “O.K.C.”, “Odious”, “Offer And Compromise”, “Patriots’ Day”, “Peace”, “A Perfect Wedding”, “Permissive Paradise”, “Presto” (aka “Nerve”), “Pretty Little Addict”, “The Remedy”, “Resolute”, “Retribution”, “Run Coyote Run”, “Scent Of Rain And Lightning”, “Septillion To One”, “Shadowhunters” (aka “The Mortal Instruments”), “Silencio”, “The Space Between”, “Stage V”, “Star Trek 3” (aka “Washington”), “Stephanie”, “Story Of Your Life”, “The Suicide Note”, “Suicide Squad” (aka “Bravo 14”), “Swallows And Amazons”, “Swing Away”, “Sylvester And Samantha”, “Take It From Us”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” (aka “Half Shell”), “Tell Me Your Name”, “Tell-Tale Lies”, “Temple”, “Their Finest Hour And A Half”, “Time Toys”, “Twelfth Man”, “Underground”, “Untitled DC Project”, “Untitled Miami Drug-Trafficking Project”, “Untitled O'Shannon & Warren Project”, “Untitled Rock 'N' Roll Project” (aka “The Long Play”), “Untitled Steve McQueen Project”, “WASP 15” (Woody Allen Summer Project), “The Way”, “When We Rise”, “Widows”, “Winners And Losers”, “With This Ring”, “The Wiz Live!”, “The Young Pope”

Production Weekly – Issue 939 – Thursday, March 26, 2015 / 141 listings – 31 pages

“The 46 Percenters”, “Angel From Hell” (aka “Amy The Drunk Angel”), “Army Of One”, “The Babymoon”, “The Bad Batch”, “Barbershop 3”, “Beyond Deceit”, “Billions”, “Birth Of The Dragon”, “Blueberry Hall”, “The Body Tree”, “Boston Strong”, “Broken Links”, “Captain America: Civil War” (aka “Sputnik”), “Carnival”, “Central Intelligence”, “The Child Remains”, “Codes Of Conduct”, “Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life”, “Cuckoo”, “Dave Made A Maze”, “The Death And Life Of John F. Donovan”, “Defending The Enemy” (aka “A Trial Of Generals”), “Delores & Jermaine”, “Denton Harbor”, “Diamond Soles”, “Dice”, “The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Part 1” (aka “Amnesia”), “The Dunes Club”, “Exit 147”, “Family Fortune”, “Famous In Love”, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, “Florence Foster Jenkins”, “The Founder”, “Friday The 13th”, “The Funhouse Massacre”, “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything”, “The Girl In The Photographs”, “Gold”, “Hap And Leonard”, “Happy Life” (aka “Joe Time”), “The Healer”, “Hello Again”, “Hellstorm”, “Heroes: Reborn”, “A History Of Radness”, “Holy Shit”, “How To Be Single”, “Hunter-Killer”, “The Huntsman”, “I Kill Giants”, “In The Deep”, “In Their Own Hands”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1”, “The Inspectors”, “It”, “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “Josephine”, “Katie Says Goodbye”, “Katie's Story”, “Keanu”, “Kevin From Work”, “The Lake”, “The Layover”, “The Love Witch”, “Lullaby”, “Madero”, “Mallrats 2: Die Hard In The Mall”, “Man At Arms”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Manhunt”, “Me Before You”, “The Meddler”, “Men Of Granite” (aka “The Boys Of Lincoln Place“), “Morningstar”, “Ms. Sloane”, “MTX!”, “The Mummy”, “My Sweet Audrina”, “Narco Sub”, “Night Walk”, “nineteenseventysomething”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “Not Safe For Work”, “Now We Know” (aka “History Of The World”), “Off”, “One Drop”, “Origin Of The Fall”, “Paladin”, “Path Of Redemption”, “People Are Talking”, “Pilgrimage”, “Preacher”, “Radio Hype”, “Ready Player One” (aka “Oasis"), “Recovery Road”, “Reflex Action”, “Rogue One”, “Runt”, “Scream” (aka “Hush”), “Sharing”, “She Who Brings Gifts”, “Shivers”, “Shovel Buddies”, “The Silent Treatment”, “Sniper: Kill Shot”, “Sonata”, “Special Correspondents”, “A Star Is Born”, “Star Trek 3” (aka “Washington”), “A Storm In The Stars”, “Strange But True”, “Stratton: First Into Action”, “Stuck In The Middle”, “Sundown”, “Super Clyde”, “Super Troopers 2”, “Swipe”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”, “They Found Hell”, “Toby's Big Adventure”, “The Trap”, “The Tribes Of Palos Verdes”, “Tucht”, “Undercover”, “Untitled Silverman/Prebble Project”, “Untitled Tommy Johnagin Comedy”, “Vice Principals”, “Violated”, “The Way”, “Wedding Gown”, “Welcome Home”, “Welcome To Willits”, “Westworld”, “What Josiah Saw”, “Winnetou”, “The Wolves At The Door”, “X-Files”, “You Get Me”, “Youth In Oregon”


Production Weekly – Issue 938 – Thursday, March 19, 2015 / 145 listings – 31 pages

“11/22/63”, “The 46 Percenters”, “55 Steps” (aka “Eleanor And Colette”), “All The Old Knives”, “Almost Perfect”, “American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson”, “American Honey” (aka “Corey + Shaunte”), “American Horror Story: Hotel”, “Angel From Hell” (aka “Amy The Drunk Angel”), “As A Friend”, “Badlands”, “Barbershop 3”, “Barton & Charlie & Checco & Bill”, “Beauty And The Beast”, “Being Charlie”, “Belzebuth”, “Beowulf”, “Beyond The Gates”, “Border Crossing”, “The Breaks”, “Broken: The Musical”, “Brotherhood”, “Buzzy’s”, “Captain America: Civil War” (aka “Sputnik”), “Clerks 3”, “Code Black”, “Confirmation”, “Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life”, “Creative Game”, “The Crow”, “The Curse Of The Fuentes Women”, “Deepwater Horizon” (aka “The Long Night”), “Delirium”, “Devil's Gate”, “Dog & Pony”, “Equity”, “Falling Water”, “Family Fortune”, “Fantastic Four 2”, “Fantasy Life”, “Fear The Walking Dead” (aka “Cobalt”), “Finding Her”, “For Justice”, “Game Of Silence”, “Going In Style”, “Good Humor”, “The Greasy Strangler”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2”, “The Half Of It” (aka “Half Life”), “Heartbreaker” (aka “Heart Matters” / “Cutting Edge”), “Hit Somebody”, “House On Shady Lane”, “The Huntsman”, “In Dubious Battle”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1”, “Into The Mystic”, “Joe Time” (aka “The Good Life”), “Keeping Up With The Joneses”, “Kill Kane”, “King”, “Kong: Skull Island” (aka “Titan”), “Kreep”, “Laid In America”, “The Lake”, “The Last Race”, “The Layover”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “Limitless”, “Lucifer”, “Lullaby”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Mallrats 2”, “A Man In The Dark”, “Maremma” (aka Lost In Florence”), “Miracles From Heaven”, “The Miss OTB Scandal”, “Moose Jaws”, “The Mountains And The Stones”, “Mr. Robot”, “Murder In Mexico”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”, “My Fair Dude”, “Nine Lives”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (aka “Trust No One”), “Not Safe For Work”, “November Criminals”, “Off”, “The One That Got Away” (aka “Beginner's Greek”), “Outsiders” (aka “Titans”), “People Are Talking”, “Play Date”, “Preacher”, “Pretty Little Addict”, “Quarry”, “Retake”, “Rings” (aka “The Ring 3”), “Rogue One”, “Rothchild”, “Runner”, “Rush Hour”, “Scream”, “Shadowhunters” (aka “The Mortal Instruments”), “The Shickles”, “Shining City”, “Shooting The Prodigal”, “Sicilian Vampire”, “Singing With The Angels”, “Sneaky Pete”, “Star Wars: Episode IX”, “Star Wars: Episode VIII”, “The Stars My Destination" (aka “Tiger! Tiger!”), “Stephanie”, “Strange But True”, “Suicide Squad” (aka “Bravo 14”), “Summertime”, “Super Clyde”, “Superstore” (aka “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”), “Survive The Serengeti”, “Table 19”, “Take It From Us”, “Teachers”, “Three Seconds”, “Tiger’s Curse”, “Tim Timmerman - Hope Of America”, “Travis McGee: The Deep Blue Good-By”, “TRON: Ascension”, “Two Lovers And A Bear”, “Underground”, “Untitled Jerrod Carmichael Comedy” (aka “Go Jerrod Go”), “Untitled Jesse Owens Biopic”, “Untitled Johnny Knoxville Comedy”, “Untitled Mike Tyson Biopic”, “Untitled O'Shannon & Warren Project”, “Untitled Richard Pryor Biopic”, “Untitled Tommy Johnagin Comedy”, “Valley Of The Gods”, “Vigilantes”, “War On Everyone”, “Welcome Home”, “Welcome To Willits”, “When Jeff Tried To Save The World”, “While It Lasts”, “With This Ring”, “X-Men: Apocalypse” (aka “Akkaba”)”, “Year By The Sea”


Production Weekly – Issue 937 – Thursday, March 12, 2015 / 184 listings – 40 pages

“13 Hours” (aka “The Tempest”), “31”, “Abandoned”, “The Adversaries”, “The Advocate”, “Agent X”, “All I See Is You”, “All The Way”, “American Honey” (aka “Corey + Shaunte”), “Angel From Hell”, “Antibirth”, “Army Of One”, “Audition”, “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”, “Badlands”, “Barbershop 3”, “Beauty Mark”, “Best Friends Whenever”, “Beyond Deceit”, “The BFG" (aka "Big Valley"), “Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”, “Blindspot”, “The Blue Whale”, “Boom”, “The Boy” (aka “The Inhabitant”), “Broad Squad”, “The Bronx Yacht Club”, “Casual”, “The Catch” (aka “The Long Game”), “Central Intelligence”, “Chevy” (aka “Chev & Bev”), “Chicuarotes”, “The Conway Curve”, “Cuckoo”, “Darc”, “Dark Roads ’79”, “Dead Awake”, “Dead People”, “Deepwater Horizon” (aka “The Long Night”), “Delores & Jermaine”, “The Depths”, “The Devil You Know” (aka “New World”), “Devil's Gate”, “Donny!”, “Down And Yonder”, “Down Incognito”, “Dr. Del” (aka “Dr. Don”), “Dreamland”, “Dumbo”, “Emmett”, “The Escape Of Prisoner 061414”, “Family Fortune”, “Fantasy Life”, “Five Minutes To Live”, “Forever, Interrupted”, “Frankenstein”, “Frat Pack”, “Freddie” (aka “Smartass”), “Future Shock”, “Ghostbusters”, “Gifted”, “Gourmet Detective 2”, “Gramps” (aka “Grandpa”), “The Great Wall”, “The Greatest Showman" (aka "Barnum"), “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2”, “Hap And Leonard”, “The History Of Love”, “Honey Jar”, “How To Be Single”, “The Hunted”, “Hunter-Killer”, “The Huntsman”, “I'm In Love With The DJ”, “Idiotsitter”, “Impastor”, “In Dubious Battle”, “Independence Day Forever: Part 1”, “Inferno”, “The Inspectors”, “Intelligent Life” (aka “The Ambassador”), “Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise”, “Joe Time” (aka “The Good Life”), “The Kingmakers”, “LA Crime: The Sunset Strip”, “The Lake”, “Last Days Of Summer”, “Last Resort”, “The Layover”, “Leatherface”, “Lewis And Clark” (aka “Undaunted Courage”), “LFE”, “The Life And Times Of The Stopwatch Gang”, “Life In Pieces”, “The Loner”, “Lost Cat Corona”, “Love Of My Life”, “Lowriders”, “Lush Life”, “Luther U.S.”, “Madame X”, “The Man In The High Castle”, “Manchester-By-The-Sea”, “The Meddler”, “The Mistake”, “Mix”, “Morgan”, “Motorcade”, “Mr. Robot”, “My Blind Brother”, “Natural Born Outlaws”, “A New Song”, “New World”, “The Night Manager”, “Nine Lives”, “Not Safe For Work”, “November Criminals”, “The OA”, “Of Kings And Prophets”, “Officer Downe”, “Outsiders” (aka “Titans”), “Overnight At 42nd Street”, “The Perfect Stanleys” (aka “The Bad Stanleys”), “Playdate”, “Preacher”, “The Promise”, “The Queen Of Katwe”, “The Real O’Neals” (aka “Family Of The Year”), “The Reaper”, “Recovery Road”, “The Remedy”, “Runner”, “Salty”, “Scream Queens”, “The Shack”, “Shooter”, “The Silent Treatment”, “Sneaky Pete”, “Sophie”, “Sophie & The Rising Sun”, “Special Correspondents”, “SPF 18”, “Story Of Your Life”, “Studio City”, “Super Clyde”, “Superstore” (aka “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”), “Table 19”, “Take It From Us”, “Teachers”, “Teen Idol”, “Tell-Tale Lies”, “The Time Convention”, “Tokyo Vice”, “TRON: Ascension”, “Uncle Buck”, “Underground”, “The Unknowns”, “Untitled Alec Baldwin Project”, “Untitled Bowe Bergdahl Project”, “Untitled Dan O’Shannon Comedy”, “Untitled DC Project”, “Untitled Jenna Bans Project” (aka “Flesh And Blood”), “Untitled Jerrod Carmichael Comedy” (aka “Go Jerrod Go”), “Untitled Johnny Knoxville Comedy”, “Untitled Judah Miller Project” (aka “All Stars”), “Untitled Molyneux Project” (aka “The Brainy Bunch”), “Untitled Monica Potter Comedy”, “Untitled Robespierre / Holm Project”, “Untitled Suzanne Martin Comedy”, “Untitled Tennis Project”, “Untitled Todd Harthan Project” (aka “Rosewood”), “Venus”, “Vice Principals”, “Waiting For The Miracle To Come”, “Wake”, “WASP 15” (Woody Allen Summer Project), “Welcome To Peril”, “Why?”, “Wiener-Dog”, “Wolverine 3”, “The Young Pope”, “Zoolander 2”